Bali What to Pack

  • What to Pack
    by machomikemd
  • What to Pack
    by machomikemd
  • What to Pack
    by machomikemd

Bali What to Pack

  • Bring Waterproof Camera

    You will need a good and tough waterproof camera to take pictures and videos of your activities and there are many good waterproof all weather cameras like the panasonic lumix, the olympus tough, the canon d20 or if you have the dough, get a GO PRO sports camera and video.they are many water sports activities to picture and video in Bali like...

  • Bring A Poweful Optical Zoom Camera, USB...

    If you are the intrepid shooter of lots of films and videos on your travels, then you must have a powerful optical zoom camera like a canon sx50 (which has a 50x optical zoom) or a nikon coolpix 510 (42x optical zoom). They are less bulky than the DSLR cameras and the zoom capacity lets you view and shoot objects and pretty girls from far away....

  • Bring Large Luggage and extra hand carry...

    So if you are the shopping type like us, have a big lightweight luggage and then the foldable stroller type hand carry luggage as extra that can fit in your big luggage as when you are going to bali, prepare for one big shopping extravaganza as you will be spoiled for choices on what to buy like assorted local arts and crafts, food, souvenirs,...

  • Bring Sun Block Lotion

    well, most people go to bali not only to experience balinese culture but mostly to surf, sand and shop and being such, buying sun block lotion is handy specially if you are swimming, sun bathing and doing beach activities and on long walks during tours as not to get sun burn. if you forgot to bring sunblock lotion, you can buy these stuffs and...

  • Bring Lite Colored Shirts, Flip Flops,...

    When visting the Bali, you must bring light colored shirts so as to deflect the rays of the sun as it can get really humid as Bali is still a tropical Island After all. you can use your walking shorts or board shorts instead of jeans and slacks as the atmoshphere in the major tourist area like Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua are can also...

  • Bring Sunglasses and Cap

    Going to Bali even in December is still hot as the country lies south of the equator and though it has only dry and wet seasons, December is still hot as temperatures lies from 31 to 33 degrees celsius (87-92 degrees fahrenheit). December and January see Bali at its most humid, with relative humidity averaging 85% which makes the weather somewhat...

  • General 2

    You can't take any liquids over 100mls. So I suggest that when doing your packing just put all your toiletries etc in zip lock bags and put in your cargo luggage. Make sure your nail clippers etc go in there too. Mosquites have never bothered me, but if you're one of those people that they love to eat bring your DEET. Bring your reef...

  • General

    Lock your bags Comfy shoes that you can wear all day without getting sore. Tampax cannot be found. So if that is your brand, bring your own. I always photocopy my passport, licence and itinerary and leave a copy with a family member. I also take a copy of my passport with me.

  • Ask your friends/family if they have...

    I always ask around at home for old prescription glasses to take to Bali as they are an expense a lot of Balinese people can't afford.I also like to take writing paper (I buy at the Start of School Term specials for 1-5cents per exercise book), pencil, pens and so forth.*

  • Bring what you want...

    I would suggest a suitcase with a fold up bag inside for extras... When you come to Bali or any place like Bali remember it is stinkin hot... there is no inbetween... it is not cool or pleasant.. you need to remember the heat hits you in the face the moment you walk out so be prepared... bring cool clothes... dont think because it is cheap there...

  • Lock your luggage

    Make sure you purchase locks for your bags whilst travelling to Bali. Since the arrest of Australian woman Schapelle Corby, I believe that if we all lock up all our luggage and bags we will have less chances of someone trying to smuggle drugs into them. Casual T shirts and shorts are fine and a good pair of sneakers and jandles. This can all be...

  • Mosquito Repellent or Suffer!

    1 small backpack Shorts, sandals, light shirts. Mosquito repellant Digital camera with a large enough memory card. You can buy everything else from the local shops but you will have to haggle. A good tip is to knock 60% off the price and stick to it.

  • sunglasses

    sunglasses is a must if you go around the beach area. if you don't have one, you can buy one. they're everywhere...

  • Bring open mind, leave only footprints

    What to say here? Definately put your things into some sort of luggage. Clothing is mostly casual, it is hot most of the time (around 30 all year), so pack light clothing. the coastal areas can get quite windy especilally on an evening also the centre of Bali Ubud/Kintamani etc) can be a little cooler, especially on an evening and night, so maybe...

  • Beach Wear in Bali

    If you are planning to get souvenirs, get an extra empty bag. Things are relatively cheap if you know how to bargain. You won't even realize that you have bought too much stuff until your trip is nearly over. Beach sandals is a must if you are going to the beach. For sight seeing, I recommend that you wear shoes. Pack light clothing. It is really...

  • Yourself, Your Passport and Some Money

    Bali is easily one of those places that one could literally fly to with nothing in tow except your passport, the clothes on your back, and of course, some money! In fact, it makes perfect sense to come to Bali with little or no other packed clothes and shop here, as Indonesia in general is regarded as a major textile production center and all the...

  • General Every Day Stuff.

    If your a shopaholic like me then you dont want to take much in your luggage. I usually just take some clothes with me as i will buy some there so i will need room for that, also i leave some room for toiletries etc and shoes. But if you like to stock up on stuff then dont take much and take a BIG suitcase!! :)What i usually do when im leaving bali...

  • Part II

    Basic equipment you need such as personal medicine, sunscreen, tan lotion for sun tanner (I carried traditional herb mask to overcome my skin after sun burnt), small bottle of hand sanitizer that come in handy when you need it, wet tissue (it’s very useful, since in some places it is needed when you go to toilet, I usually carry a small bottle of...

  • What to pack when you go to Bali?

    Packing is an art, at least for me. I usually stuffed my bag only to find that I need more space for my shopping activity. Sometimes I carry too much, but many times I pack so few …and it’s a good reason to shop : )Dear fellow, a good suggestion for you, although you are not into shopping, and although I vowed that I would not shop, just simply...

  • Underwear and Deodrant!

    A big suitcase to put all your purchases in.Usual hand luggage.A money belt type bag to use in Bali. Light weight clothing.We take very little as clothes are so cheap in Bali we buy as we go.Underwear is not great --fiit -so take your own. Best to bring any prescription medications.Deodrant is expensive in bali and often not antiperspirant.Approx...

  • Sex, Condoms & the Balinese

    Ok, Ok,some of you may crave that romance while traveling abroad.Being Latina & into the Latinos myself,and not convinced of the Indonesians as lovers,I write as a witness only,on this subject matter.If you are a woman,you will find many male Indonesianswilling to go for the ride of having everything paid for, and maybe a free plane ticket out,or...

  • a simple smile will bright you day :-)

    light small haversack bag should be fine. Slipper, short and shirt. The weather can be very hot Mineral water is a must.. Camera and thats for sure..!! Where ever you go around Bali, its nice to put up your smile coz the people there are very friendly and nice :-)

  • Pack Light

    Bring a secure bag that can be locked. Casual, beach wear, jacket. Personal medications, if you're staying in a hotel toiletries should not be a problem, unless Bali is a developed tourist spot. You can practically find almost everything here, so if you have money, just bring lots of money or credit card, that should do.For everything else, let...

  • Pack Light!

    In light of recent events you can choose to have your bag shrink wrapped at the airport before you leave. If you do so be patient when you get to the carousel to collect them they all look the same! Most feet swell in the humidity so pack very loose fitting shoes. Shoes are a dime a dozen over there usually costing around the $5.00 mark, so don;t...

  • Autun!!!!

    Pack light! Half of what you think you will need. Pack for very warm weather and pack light!!! Just bring good walking sandals. Autun, Autun, Autun. I'm mosquito food through and through. This is the best stuff in the world and they sell it for sooo cheap in Bali. Buy it if you get biten at all!

  • Sun Sun Sun And More Sun!

    Pack Minimal... You can buy most stuff there... Light weight clothes... Slippers for the Beach... Trekking shoes/sandals if you are going trekking... SWIM WEAR! SUN BLOCK!!! Aloe Vera Gel, Moisturizer. Charcoal if you have a weak stomach. Camera! Tripod. SWIM WEAR! Beach Wear! Sunglasses! HAT/ CAP!

  • Sunblock and medical supplies

    Don't bring a lot of clothes, as I did and regreted afterwards. You will probably spend most of the time on the beach, and it is so warm and humid there most of the time that all you'll need are a few sundresses, T-shirts and skirts or shorts.In addition, you can buy a lot of cheap but local and very nice clothes there, so you should have some...

  • The least you take the better!

    A friend of mine said take one summer outfit, a pair of bathers and thongs (flip flops). Anything else you need buy there. I did not believe him, but he was right. Anything you need you can get really cheap and bring back with you. take some imodium and gastrolite in case the bali belly hits you!

  • Nothing is hard to find on Bali

    Tropical, summer clothing. Some girls do get decked out for the bar/club scene (but these outfits still tend to be casual- high heels, jeans or mini skirts, fancy tank tops, etc.). You can get almost anything that you need. Except there are some newer prescription medications that are not yet available on Bali. Also, they don't seem to have a...

  • Mosquito Repellent

    We brought soft luggage bags, no point lugging huge Samsonite suitcases around! Swimwear! Cotton clothing! T-shirts! Sandals and track shoes! basically, just casual wear... If you plan to visit the temples, do remember to bring your sarong (or wear pants/skirts that cover your legs). Mosquito Repellent - A MUST!!!!! We made the mistake of not...

  • Wall Outlet Adaptor Plug

    You will need this to charge your western devices (digital camera battery, iPod, etc.) The picture below shows you what to look for. My advice is to get it before you leave home.

  • What NOT to pack in your hand carry...

    I’m sure any travelers to Bali know what to pack in their bags – minimally sunscreen and sunglasses. Here’s a tip on what NOT to pack into your hand-carry luggage.Aerosol spray (hair-spray, insect repellent, perfume) and sharp objects (scissors, penknife, forks, knitting needles) are not permitted into the cabin. If in doubt, ask the airlines...

  • Old Clothing

    Before you fly to Bali, maybe you should consider filling up your half-empty suitcases with your old clothes and shoes. You can also pack toys that your kids don't want anymore. The less fortunate locals would sure appreciate them. =)

  • Sunblock and more sunblock!

    Make sure you only pack half a luggage worth of clothes. You must do some serious shopping in Bali and you wouldn't want to run out of space when you return to your own country. Bring light clothes as it gets very hot and humid during daytime but it will be a little cooler at night. Don't forget the sandals for the beach and of course swim gear is...

  • Pack lightly!!!

    Since youll probably buy loads of cheap goodies, it may be a good idea to take another bag with you. Saves buying one over there. Pack light, all summer gear is so cheap. Warm clothes not needed. Make sure you have plenty of mosquito repellant and maybe take a few mosquito coils, as the pests are EVERYWHERE!!! If you forget, they can be purchased...

  • Definitely Bring Things to Give Away!

    The Balinese people are extremely friendly and generous....and they love to trade! They also love "American" paraphenalia, for instance t-shirts with your city's name on them or well-known sports teams or landmarks. That kind of stuff. Also other 'American style' items are of interest. Someone shared this tip with me before I went. Being from...

  • Mosquito

    Mosquito repellent a must,sunblock,sun tan lotion. Get a water proof camera if you going for water sports. Get a small carry or bag easy to move about, best if its water proof. If you have 2 pins round head adaptor, bring along to charge your batteries or you can ask from hotel staff.

  • Whitening that Fabulous tan away......

    If you use body lotion to dehydrate dry skin,or that fancy French facial creme,you better off bringing plenty of your own.Because of the Indonesians seekingto appear to be of a higher social statusby avoiding the sun,so not to look 'dirty',you'll find the selection of natural productsand of normal body lotionslimited to the Skin Whitener that...

  • Lock it!

    After traveling from border to border,I can not recommend enough timethat you buy a small combination lock for all your suitcases.Even if there are security measurementson the flight you are taking,you can open it and lock it again.It will help avoid the temptation of the many handsthat your suitcase goes through while flying,the staff of the...

  • So many things to do, yet so little...

    You don't really have to bring huge luggages. It's not like you're traveling to Paris for a shopping spree. For some, a backpack (big ones, not school-sized ones) is enough. Bring light clothing. Tees, tank tops, and shorts are essentials! And you might wanna bring your fave sarong (tho there're huge numbers of small shops that sell beautiful but...

  • What to bring ?

    Just bring little coz you will probably want to buy the colourful shirts / sarong there ...get additional empty ones just in case buy more than you expect ! But again be careful whn you buy becoz you will end up buying many unneceesary things ! Bring a raincoat during the raining season Nov till Feb , slipper ( coz you will need them ) when you go...

  • You don't need much to pack

    When packing, keep in mind that you will be in the tropics, but that it can get cold in the mountains. Generally, you will want to dress light and wear natural fibers that absorb perspiration. A medium-weight sweater or wind breaker is also a must as is a sturdy pair of shoes. Suits and ties are almost never worn.Don't bring too much, as you will...

  • Things you dont need!

    You really dont need much in Bali as far as clothing goes, so pack a suitcase full of toiletries and clothes you no longer need, and distribute these through out the community.They will be greatly appreciated

  • Packing List

    Big 'soft pack' bags. Duffel type bags are good. Bring EMPTY bags too. You will buy much stuff. If you don't buy, you will regret it. I'm not a shopper. 11 years ago, on my first trip (when I WAS a poor backpacker) I didn't buy anything. I made up for it on this trip, big grin!!! Sneakers (tennies) and cotton socks & tevas/birks... That's about...

  • Bare Neccessities Only!

    Take the largest bag that you could comfortably carry when it's full. It will be almost empty when you depart for Bali but if your as hopeless at resisting your shopping urges as I am then it will be overflowing on your return! A pair of sensible shoes for any hiking or bike riding etc you might want to do and a pair of sandals or thongs. Bring...


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