Bali Sports & Outdoors

  • Sports & Outdoors
    by machomikemd
  • Sports & Outdoors
    by machomikemd
  • Sports & Outdoors
    by machomikemd

Bali Sports & Outdoors


    If you were in Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua - Bali and looking for the place to watch LIVE SPORTS EVENT such as AFL, NRL, SUPER RUGBY etc. MEADS BEACH BAR & GRILL is the place that you have to visit, and also for all the schedules of the sports event is on their Twitter @meadsinbali.You will greet at the gate (outside the door and on the road) by 2...

  • Treewalk in Bali Zoo

    Upon taking the children to zoo, we make and attempt to go on the treewalk and flying fox. Actually we didn't... our kids only. As our timing is right, there were having animal show and children are able to hold them and take pictures. Right after that our tour guide took us to ride horses by the beach.

  • Marine Sport in Bali

    On our second day, we Took a boat to turtle island, parasailing and jet sky. The whole family travel to turtle island but only my son and daughter go on the parasailing and jet ski. This cost us R1,800 000.00. I guest everything here is stiff since mostly every activity is charge in USD. Make sure to bring along your sunblock, swimming attire and...

  • Beach activities at Kuta, Bali-II

    Ride on a Glass Bottom Boat:Here the water is so clear that you can see depth up to 5'-6' feet with your naked eye. They take you to a place where you can see live Corals, various fishes , Sea weeds. If you have an Under Water Camera , it's a feast for your eyes. Even if you don't have then they put bread crumbs in your hand to attract the fishes,...

  • Beach activities at Kuta, Bali

    You have various beach activities available at all the beaches of Bali, such as Surfing, Boating, Sailing, Water Skiing, Banana Boat, Scuba Diving, Speed Boat riding, Para Sailing and so on. We took Speed Boat riding besides some more small activities. Munu wanted to experiment with Para Sailing, but the height of Para-Sailing perhaps scared her a...

  • Surfing with a kite

    At certain times of the year,the weather conditions are favorablefor the ruthless sports person with strong arm muscles.There are plenty of places that rent the equipment in Sanurand they also can organize toursto chase the best places and conditions,One business that can assist you isBali Kite Surfing School in Sanur.

  • Diving and snorkling at Menjangan Island

    Menjangan Island is a small island located in the northwest of Bali island. I've not been there myself, but my friends who like diving & have dived in Menjangan Island told me that this island is a good place for diving or snorkling. I hope this information is useful for you and give you more options to consider.The pic of the fish here was taken...

  • Retreating to Yoga and Reiki

    Bali is branded as a mystical placeand some of us need just that.There are various retreats performed during the year.But not always easy to find.I have listed one,so that you can practice your Tree Pose!

  • White Water rafting

    Bali offers white water rafting opportunity on the Sungai Ayung River near Ubud. The rapids are only class II so it's suitable for children and beginners. The trip takes about 2 hours and also includes lunch.

  • When & Where to Surf

    Trying to catch that perfect wavetakes more than just the physical effort,but also it take knowing what time of the day.In several surf shops in Kutayou can ask for your free copy of a Tide Chartwhich lists the daily tides for every day of the monthand the best places to surf.You can also check out the web-site below.TideChartFor a full surf...

  • ParaSailing...n everything else!

    Many activities such as parasailing,banana boat,jet ski, wakeboarding,water ski, Turtle Island Tour, Sunset Fishing and even diving.I did parasailing and snorkelling here at Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua.Price advertised in the brochure was $15USD for Parasailing & $25USD for a snorkelling tour ( 1hr )...(Btw, price in the website for parasailing is only...

  • Learning to Surf

    Kuta is a great place to learn how to surf. This is clear from the many surf schools lining the beach. The surf is just right for beginners. I went to one of the largest schools, Odyssey, which was very well run. They have all types of courses to suit all your needs. half day, full day and multiple day courses. The instrcutors are local but can all...

  • Surfing with the Big Kahuna

    Since I am not a surfer girl,I asked a my friend Kahalato do a write up on one of the surf schools here in Bali.Thanks for the write up Kahala!!!'What’s yellow and blue, filled with fun and energetic people, and conveniently located at the end of Poppie’s One in Kuta? The answer is Big Kahuna Surf School.Guaranteed to “Have You Up and Surfing in...

  • Sweaty Yoga

    For those who want to keep up the work out routine while visiting Bali,then maybe Bikram Yoga can be an option.Located within the Istana Kuta Gallery,you will find this studio that offers morning and afternoon options for their courses Monday through Sunday.At the time of my visit,2 different classes were offered 7 days a week.Classes at that time...

  • Water Sports at Nusa Dua

    There's lots of water sports you can do at Nusa Dua, to name some:Banana boatsFlying fishParaglidingParasailingJetskietc.Just drive around the area, there are lots of places in the roadside that have signs offering their wide range of services.During my trip there we were approaced by Policemen!I thought we got into some trouble or what, but...


    well, everyone knws it n loves it :)Bali island is known as well as 'Paradise Island', just come and enjoy the sjore and the waves when you ride on your surfing board, awsome ya know!!!!!!! just take a walk to the beach and saw the paradise is

  • Bali Hai Aristocat Catamaran tour

    The Aristocat is a 64ft luxury sailing catamaran that sails from Benoa harbour in Bali to Lembongan island most days.The trip takes about an hour or so each way and on the way back the wind was good so they turned off the engines and we sailed home.The Bali Hai Aristocat departs Benoa harbor in Bali at 9am and returns again at around 6pm.The price...

  • Want to see the real Bali???

    Bali has a wonderful scenary and some times the only way you can get to those spots are by walking or cycling.Bali has wonderful rice paddies, waterfalls, nature walks plus cycling paths for any age and fitness level.Bali majority of great scenary is situated up south around the mountain areas more inwards of Bali around the mountains where the...

  • Safety Guidelines For Diving

    When you do a sport which includes you whole body you have to take precautions just incase something did happen.When diving just keep in mind some of these useful tips to make your diving go alot more smoother.1. Try and see if they have a current diving certificate from a recognised diving school so you can tell they are a well known and excellent...

  • Can we golf in Bali???

    Yes you can golf in bali there is a few golfing resorts, hotels and country clubs around. Most of them are set in 5 star places or golf places.Bali has a few golf courses around but here are 5 main ones:Bali Golf & Country ClubNusa DuaTelephone: 771 791Bali Handara Country ClubPancasari, BendugulTelephone: 288 944Bali HiltonNusa DuaTelephone: 771...

  • Jumping From The Air, Not Really Just...

    If your up for an extreme challange then this is for you, Bali Bungy Jumping, I will never ever do it im way to scared, but for you guys who love a thrill then go right ahead.The is a number of bungy jumping agencies but the best would be Bungy Jump A.J. Hackett Bungy or Bungy Jump Bali Bungy Co.At Bungy Jump A.J. Hackett you price will include Air...

  • Water Sports At Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua

    Tanjung Benoa has the best water sports they have everything here from banana boat rides to parasailing also bottom glas boat rides, kitesurfing, jet skiing also wakeboarding and some more activities.You can either go on this trip with a private guide or you can actually book it up with your hotel, as most hotels recommend with trip, its a very...

  • Playing Pool (or snooker as some people...

    Now Balinese guys love playing pool every where you go either along the streets in shops or clubs or restaurants there is a pool table.It is a popular relaxing sport for them and they love it when forigners come to play against them for a challenge or to be in a team with them.There pool tables are really not that good pretty worn tables and cubes...

  • Diving and Snorkling

    Bali has beautiful fishes under the water gorgeous colourful things they are, bright one, dark ones, pretty ones all the ones u can think of.At Bali Scuba they combine local knowledge of diving in Bali with personal attention & the highest levels of professional PADI diving instruction, to ensure that each of there divers get what they payed...

  • White Water Rafting

    Bali Adventure Rafting (Called Adventure House) is the only Bali rafting company that offers '5 star' service from the start to finish.It is the safest family rafting company, only Bali Adventure Tours offers a fully computerized reception centre coupled with fast walk-through equipment outfitting and easy access to the river via safe, engineered...

  • Learning To Surf in Bali

    Surfing to me seems hard but i have always wanted to learn but just have never gotten round to it.Now Bali Learn To Surf has fully qualified instructers also.Surf courses are as followed:2.5 Hour Beginner Course Here's what you'll learn -Surf Awareness -Safety precautions -Paddling and catching waves -Riding waves & standing up.3 Day Beginner...

  • Surfing

    Now Bali is a surfing haven for surfers all arond the world, some people even just come here for a surfing holiday which is non stop surfing. Bali has surfing spots every where the main places people go are Kuta Beach, Kuta Reef, Legain Beach and Uluwatu, there are other places like Nusa Dua, Padang padang, Medewi, Sanuar Reef and also G-Land which...


    Diving and snorkelling. At Sanur or Tanjung benoa Beach you can hire the necessary equipment, either right on the beach front, at beach club or at one of the hotel-run dive concern. While most of the centres do offer International (PADI) approval, be sure to check their PADI RESORT CODE., as well as insurance and medical facilities.Surfing & body...

  • Jogging or Brief Walking Along The Beach

    The Long Stretch Of Beach In Sanur Area Are Good For Jogging Or Brief Walking Especially In The Morning. You Can Jog Peacefully Along The Beach Without Having To Worry About Getting Hit By The Car. Breathe The Fresh Air And Not The Car Fumes!

  • learn to surf

    bali beaches (we went to kuta and dreamland) are fun for surfing.. especially for beginners.. not too big waves (well, it was good when i was there..).. and lots of surf schools who will guarantee that you will be able to stand on the board by the end of the day.. ;) anyway, after a few tumble in the water, u'll be ok.. surfboards are available...

  • The Darwin – Bali – Langkawi Yacht Rally

    Every year when the winds pick up,the Darwin – Bali – Langkawi Yacht Rallytakes place.As indicated by the name,the rally begins in Darwin,usually sometime in July.This Yacht rally is the 2nd largest in South East Asia,following the Kings Cup in Thailand.For more details on schedules and eventsvisit their web-site.

  • Training with Made

    Sometimes we need a little bit of motivation;a slight correction on our posturea little push, push to work out at the gym.A great and economical trainer is Made.He usually trains at the Lotus Gym located in Padma but for an extra fee, he can go to you if you are in another locationor work out at another gym.1 - 2 -3 and GO!

  • Staying fit in Bali

    The body building or gym craze in Baliis nothing to be compared to the one seen in South Beach.And eating the fried food in the local warung,is probably not the best ingredient to pursue the South Beach Diet.But, if you are one that wants to keep in shape,there are a few options out there.The most favorite one amongst the men isThe Hammerhead Gym...

  • Climbing the Agung Volcano, Home of the...

    The Balinese say this volcanois sacred and spiritual.The climb:You arrive at the base of the volcano at 2 am,near the Temple.We met the guide,grabbed our backpacksand began the climb.The climb up took roughly 4 hoursat a steady speed.Tip: Bring lots of layers,as you climb above the clouds you will feel chilly.Also bring flashlights.Preferably ones...

  • Surfing at Kuta / Legian Beach

    Surfing has really gained popularity in today's Bali. As the sun approaches the horizon, you can see line of young Balinese men approaching the beach on their surfboards, controlling them with the same gracefullness as in their traditional dances, mastering the waves and penetrating the tubes. Bali is popular for surfers all year round, so you will...

  • place to surfing

    As you know, Bali is the best place to surf all year round. Not only Kuta but, some of other points like, Sanur and Uluwatu have a fantastic wave to surf.People from all around the whole come to Bali and enjoy surfing. Not to mention, the traditional and culture bring more excellent on the hospitality. Your surf board and surf short

  • Hiking up volcano (Mt. Batur)

    In the central of the island there is a small city with some volcanoes and a lake, which can be hiked relatively easy beginning from dawn and ending mid-afternoon. Local guides will show you the way - they would try to attract prospective clients by showing a guestbook written by previously guided tourists, who jotted their experience about the...

  • Learn to surf

    A lot of people learn to surf while in Bali. There are surfboards for hire all along Kuta Beach as well as instructors. Everything is negotiable. Don't forget to bargain.

  • Rafting the Telaga Waja river

    This is a great full days activity that you can arrange from anywhere in Bali.You get picked up and transported to the rafting plus given a full buffet lunch all for about $40 Australian.They have been doing the rafting on this river and the Agung river for some years now so the river guides are professional and the rafting is quite safe.There are...

  • Bali Surfing Tours

    Like some adventure in your life?In full speed?While in Bali?Leo at Bali Surfing Tours,can help you with just that.They specialize in surfing by speed boatand also do land tours to areas such as:Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossible,Bingin, Dreamland, Balangan, etc., etc.They'll take you there in full speed !

  • Fire at Mont Agung

    A few will a have the courage to take the hike up of Bali’s holiest mountain.In 1963, Hindu priests were preparingfor a very important ceremony, the Eka Dasa Rudra, that only occurs every 100 years.The volcano has already showed some activity during February of that year.This caused some dispute amongst the priest regarding the timing of the event....


    Kuta Legian Beach is famous for its super waves, with a coral reef (from the Southern end of Bali) and beach breaks. It is the best place to learn surfing. For the more experienced surfers, there are great surf breaks around Ulu Watu, and Tanjung Bukit.Surfing Bali Most fellows bring their own surfboard what offers a phantastic seaview with...

  • Surfs Up

    Surfing here is great! If your at Kutu Beach then get surfing! Dolla is a great surf instuctor for anyone who wants to give it a shot.

  • Bike Ride Down From Danau Bratan Area

    Highly recommend riding bikes down from the lakes/volcano with Sobek. This was not a cheap day, but it was well worth the expense. You get to really go off the beaten path and see the "real Bali". They take you to breakfast overlooking Lake Bratan, and nearby you start your ride. The trip ends in Ubud for a tasty late lunch. Shorts and shoes to...

  • White Water Rafting

    Rafting is a nice way to view another aspect of Bali. The trips are not cheap (~$65), but it is a great way to spend a day. The rapids are not seriously hard core- maybe class 2 and 3, but there are enough of them that the trip is not boring. We went with Sobek. I think that Sobek gives a decent discount for those who have Singapore Airline flight...


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  • Jun 25, 2013 at 11:23 PM

    Experience canyoning tours in Bali! If you are looking for fun and adrenaline-filled adventure, it is for you. It's ridiculously fun and extremely safe provided you go with an experienced instructor.
    This activity is an ultimate outdoor adventure and sport using a variety of techniques that may include walking, abseiling, jumping, sliding down natural slopes and swimming in white water for aquatic canyons. And of course discover beautiful and hidden place at the heart of Balinese nature!
    For me it is #1 activity to do in Bali

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