Bali Tourist Traps

  • Tourist Traps
    by machomikemd
  • Tourist Traps
    by machomikemd
  • Tourist Traps
    by machomikemd

Bali Tourist Traps

  • Money Exhange Shops at Ngurah Rai...

    at the Arrival area after customs inpection, upon exiting the gate, there are 2 money exhange shops at the left and at the right of the arrival area, although these money exchange shops are legal and accredited, they offer lower exchange rates for your currency that you want to change into Indonesian Rupiah.That is why i have included this in my...

  • Oleh Oleh (souvenir shops)

    if you see the sign Oleh Oleh in the front of the store, it means souvenir shop and although not all souvenir shops sell outrageous prices, some really do, so it is better to do some canvassing of the price of the souvenir items you would want to buy in a souvenir shop before you actually buy them as the souvenir shops have fixed prices, unlike the...

  • At the airport

    As soon as you get off the plane and grab your luggage the moment you grab your bags porters come from everywhere and offer to take your bags to a taxi before you can say no they are 10 metres in front of you. As soon as you grab your luggage hold on tight and when they go to push past you say no I'm fine straight away I got caught out first visit...

  • "Sari Wisata Budaya (Barong & Kris...

    Barong DanceHere's my opinion about that ridiculous charade!It was 2 hours of pure torture! The music was so loud and annoying, it was a freak show nothing cultural or educational about it, not even amusing! No wonder most of the people left after 15 min and I can't blame them, in fact I was envying them as I wished to leave but I was forced by my...

  • Free and easy is the best!!

    We followed a tour package for day one of the trip. The activities and restuarant marked up their price so much to cover the guide. We went to the same place to again and the prices only a fraction!Beware of those resturant by the beach, food are normal but prices are ridiculous. Ask for the price first! Tell them you come back later. Check with...

  • haggling a way of life in bali

    Hi there i am a beginner too. have travelled some of australia and bali.was cheap compared to australia spent half of what i took enjoyed haggling especially the taxi and buses the people we came across always said 150,000 rupiah for everything t shirts, taxi, buses, etc but always go a third as we were told by many books 50,000 which is about...

  • Much Ado About Nothing

    I am talking about the tour to "Kintamani" to see the volcano "Mt Batur"This is all too often touted by so called tour operators, as a visit to see the still active volcano "MT Batur", with promises of views of the crater, steam and some sort of volcanic activity. where as in reality, you arrive at the village of "Kintamani", where they park you in...

  • USD Currency

    I could not understand why some stores, the airport and hotels use USD currency other then to confuse you.I bought a mosiac plate from the airport and it was in usd and when the girl converted it to indonesia rupiah the price was double. Unfortuantely my plane was boarding so i wasnt sharp enough. I was very 'peed' off when i realised.

  • Money Changer

    Please be careful when you change your money in Bali.I just came back from Bali two days ago and was staying at Kuta, Legian area.Went to several money changer near my hotel and was nearly cheated twice.The trick they used was, some of the money changer indicated a high exchange rate on their white board to lure people. The changer will then...

  • It would be excellent if not because of...

    Peddlers touting their wares or services to you everywhere.Lake Batur, Kintamani, Tegallang Rice Terrace and many more places in Bali would be a great experience if not because of them.They will watch you from just before you park your car, rush to your doors and just after you open your doors/windows they will have all their wares ready in plastic...

  • Selling today.

    I don´t know whether this applies as a tourist trap or a danger.Basically be prepared to say NO! about a thousand times, even on the beach. You could ber stark naked and they would still try and sell you something. I am not kidding. You do not have to go to this tourist trap, it is everywhere you walk. Even the rice paddies where you stop to take...

  • Beach traders

    Location: Kuta BeachWe have been warned by our tour guide NOT TO take any massage / mani-pedicure service from the traders along the beach.My friends, C & S got tempted when one of the trader said she only charge RPH30000 per person for manicure then nail polish with simple flowers design. Note : Manicure = Nail clipping + Buffing + nail...

  • bogus driver

    when we touched down in Bali, the hotel pickup driver asked if we had made plans for tours. he recommended his brother in law to bring us around for a fix amount including petrol. the next morning, we waited at the hotel lobby and a guy who was waiting and observing us approached. We asked if he's the brother in law and he said yes. When we are in...

  • ~Don't go shopping for the 1st couple of...

    Bali is beautiful, but prepare yourselves for the mental stress of aggressive vendors. There will be plenty of walking, shopping and sight seeing. All in all a beautiful vacation. My experiences are:1) PACK LIGHTLY. We spent most of our 3 weeks there in a bathing suit, sarong and flipflops. Plenty of shopping opportunities forced us to have to buy...

  • Booking Tours

    We joined a volcano Batur & Sunrise Trekking Tour through an agent. The guide who went with us wanted to charge us extra $800 000 Indonesian RP for descend down to other craters. I have already forgotten what my tour package include. The other Swiss couple who went with us bargained to $100 000 Indonesian RP. My hubby said we'll join but pay later....

  • Laundry

    As most of us know hotels charge a fortune to do your laundry. Just look for a little sign that says laundry usually near some side street take you washing there to be done. Fast and very cheap about the same price for a small bundle as you would pay for one item at your hotel, and these poor ladies really need the money more than some rich hotel...

  • Count your money after changing

    When you wish to change your cash at the money changer, go to authorized and licensed money changers. They will give you the correct change at the latest Bankers exchange rates, and they will not try to cheat you out of a few thousands of Indonesian rupiahs. In any case, you still have to count your changed notes in front of the money changers.I...

  • Time Share

    Keep an eye on those time share locals selling shares, they will not stop at anything to get your attention or to get you to buy. Never Ever say "YES" maybe they are giving a holiday away with it but still dont take it. Just walk past and say "NO THANKS", its really not worth it. If some one comes up to you selling them just walk past and say...

  • TAXI!!!!!!!

    Taxi's are the best way to get around anywhere, but always catch a Taxi with a meter in it, mostly taxi's now days in Bali have meters but some dont. If you get into a taxi that doesnt have a meter or a Bemo (bus/privately) always bargain with a price before taking off as they can get alot of money out of you.I always catch a Blue taxi company...

  • "You Buy, You Buy. You Want Massage?"

    Kuta beach is a well known tourist trap on the beach. You walk past many people asking "Do You Want Massage" etc, All you have to say is NO but if you want to get a massage or buy somthing like watches, rings, ciggies, lighters etc from walkin men, do so, but pay a cheap price dont get ripped of they always want double of what you want. As stated...


    Visitor should be aware that these monkeys are attracted to shiny object, so cameras and jewelry should be left behind or well hidden under clothes or in a bag before setting off to explore. The main attraction here are the hordes of Balinese monkeys that inhabit both the trees and the temple. Sangeh & Ubud Monkey forests

  • Advertisement…Advertisement….

    I love Bali in overall. I agree with million people that come here and like this beautiful island. One thing that I found myself a bit exhausted is everything for sale. I should not complain since I met wonderful people along my journey. But true, you see all size of signboards, selling this and that, people approaching you to offer this and that,...

  • Local Traders

    Don’t expect too much peace when you enter tourism spot. Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by traders trying to sell you something. In some places, I found the price they offered is cheaper than in a shop. But, they can be annoying sometimes. Last time, I took a look for small crafts from one lady, but bought it from another lady, because it...

  • watch they don't charge you extra!!!

    we went to ubud from Sanur in a bluebird taxi and the taxi driver tried to charge us a surcharge as we weren't going back but we told him that he new we were only going one way and didn't say that there would be a surcharge so told him that we were paying him what the meter said and that was it gave him the money and got out of the car....he cursed...

  • Pump up the $$$$

    Prices of petrol are a lot cheaperthan other parts of the world.But it is still costly to the Indonesianliving off of the local wages.At the gas pump,it is a good spot to be cheated a few thousand Rupiahs if you are a foreigner.If you don’t fix your eyes on the hose and pump,it’s very possible that they will over charge you.

  • Money changers - scams

    Be careful of selected money changers especially those along legian where they charge high commission rates.Better rates (no additional charges) are found around Kuta square, nearby the Matahari department stores.

  • Time Share Heaven/Scam?

    At street corners and at shopping malls, you might be stopped by someone asking you to participate in a survey, or trying to hand you a scratch & match coupon. You will probably win a t-shirt or a free tour, and you will then be asked to collect your gift from another place, with a free taxi ride and snacks included. No obligations, simply hear...

  • Beware of the 'ibu" on the beach of Kuta

    Ibu or auntie will be following you every step you go on the beach of kuta trying to convince you to give you a manicure or pedicure, braid your hair or even give you a massage for the price of Rp 100.000. You go " yeah why not, its not that expensive but! once you sit down and agree to her, suddenly..out of nowhere a flock of the other ibu-ibu and...

  • Always Bargain!

    Yeah in this touristy paradise called Bali, you HAVE to try to bargain for everything, even when they have all the prices fixed on a board.There's no harm trying anyway.If they insist on their price, try acting uninterested and leave, see if they call you back for re-offer :DAlso check their neighbor shops and competitors.They also have at least 3...

  • Shoo hawker! You're bothering me!

    People say that Kuta is the nicest beach on Bali, but it's not really worth it when you've got beach hawkers constantly pestering you. I took my daughter out to the beach and found an empty plot of sand. It wasn't more than a few minutes before I was swarmed by a group of women wanting to braid my daughter's hair and paint her nails. My daughter...

  • The Usual Tricks

    Always count your money after you have changed it no matter where you change it... This is MANDATORY. On a previous visit (many years earlier) I was going to be ripped off about AU$40 when I changed my travellers chqs. Because of the amount of notes you get when you change money its easy to mis-count the notes. After all the insistance that I had...

  • Dolphins

    The dolphin tour was supposed to be riding in a boat and seeing the dolphins frolick in their natural environment. It ended up being 50 small little motorized boats chasing the dolphins around at 6am. Once they are spotted the dolphins they try to wrangle them in and crowd them while hords of tourists snap pictures from the boats. I was embarassed...

  • Going South - Going Mystic?

    In a way I regret the ULU WATU place which has a small, remarkable temple, though closed to tourists. Still travel-agencies do promise the contrary however, you are not allowed entering the famous temple built on top of a high cliff ... So just enjoy the great ocean-views, the beautiful Ulu Watu Sunset, the traditional Kecak-dance or the many...

  • tanahlot

    many young children trying to sell postcards can get annoying .tourist buses everywhere at sunset nothing special just another temple.expensive here in bali terms but worth just one visit . go to the resturant up the steps near the beach , no hawkers there. go to bedugul in the north , it is quiet , beautiful on the edge of a mountain lake , no...

  • Sleazy traders by the beach in...

    I was fleeced of 40,000 rupiah on the beach. Thanks to a lady who wanted to give me a free menicure! Then she asked for 100,000 rupiah for the menicure. (For your information, 100,000 is quite a lotta money in Bali, though not too much in KL. You can get a lotta stuff with 100,000 rupiah. Was told the average Balinese only make about 600,000 rupiah...

  • Booking excursions

    If you plan to go somewhere, don't book excursions in your hotel, but shop around. Especially in Kuta there's loads of vendors who offer big discounts on everything you would want to do in Bali. This goes for rafting, trips to temples etc etc. My tip is to find yourself a friendly driver for your trip and get him to drive you there, unless the...

  • Turtle Island

    Just don't. Don't visit this awful place! Snakes have their mouths tied down, eagles in small cages and bats who can't fly because their wings are cut. Sounds nice huh? Just skip this awful place. The only positive thing I can say is that the turtles are relatively well off with their big pond. I regret visiting this place! Don't buy anything! Go...

  • Local women who sells souvenior

    Do not get any stuff from these local women along the main road of KINTAMALI as they will sell you stuff which may be 30% more expensive than any other shops in BALI

  • Touts around Kuta area

    There're touts around kuta beach area. They will approach you for all kinds of services from cab, prostitute and imitation stuff. Do not follow these touts as you may get cheated in the end.

  • just business strategy

    here, the smart move "ask the price before you purchase" won't work. they will persuade you to take FIRST and count LATER. all in all, they are merely making their living and some really make their ends meet. so, no big deal. if you willing to pay the price, what the heck.. you know they will charged you higher price. if your package come with...

  • Taxis at any price

    Everywhere you go in Bali, people will be offering you transport. Most of the time, except in metered taxis, the fare is negotiable. Agree on a price before getting in. The thing is, unless you're in a remote area, or an area run by a taxi 'gang', you're going to have lots of rides to choose from, so you can afford to shop around and find someone...

  • Beware those friendly Kuta Street...

    These shop assistants especially near the Benesari Lane vicinity would prey on first time and unguided travellers and would continue to harass them for services such as hair beading, removal tattoos, nail polishing and etc. My advice give a firm No! and leave however they may try the sympathy vote especially towards male travellers but again the...

  • Latest time share scam

    We had a lovely time in Bali and the only annoying event was a call to our hotel room from a woman called "Joyce" with a rather plummy English accent (which occasionally faltered) telling us that because of the downturn in tourism blah blah blah the Peninsula Hotel group were selecting visitors to Bali at random to receive a week's free...

  • Going1,going 2,...SOLD

    If you shopping around ,start bargain when your eyes catch that really interest you.The Local will normally double up the price even triple!!.Its sound cheap but actually, save your money alot. Just bargain accordingly to your budget but with a smile at least. Remember....polite is the best policy! You can survey the price around at several shop...

  • Monkey Forest

    Monkey Forest is just a sanctuary for the monkeys and so its not exactly a tourist attraction. The entrance fee for this attraction is so high that its definitely not value for money. This place is an area where monkeys generally roam free as its a sanctuary for them, however, there is not really anything to do except watch them for a few minutes....


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