Bali Transportation

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  • Transportation
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  • Transportation
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Bali Transportation

  • Travel around Bali

    Top travel around Bali is at best with a good driver. Ask at hotel or homestay or at gallery next.I strong recommend not to rent a car! It is special driving in Indonesia and in Bali too: The practical rule of the strongest - and so the trucks are at first. The other - transport cars are sometimes overload to much, und very unshure - see the...

  • All around Bali, include return pick up...

    For those who want to travel to Bali with family or in a group, i recommend you to hire Pak Isme. He is very nice person and i guess this is the cheapest one! Tho im already back to my country he still sending me a souvenir all the way from Indonesia. :)

  • Recommended Export-Import cargo Company...

    Testimonial from Mike Bell“I was very fortunate to be introduced to the professional and knowledgeable staff of Adhi Darma Cargo when we 1st started our export business in Bali 19 ½ years ago. Over the years our business has grown, and Adhi Darma Cargo has always kept up with our and our client’s demands. I would highly recommend Adhi Darma Cargo...

  • Horse Carriage Ride

    along the main JI Pantai Kuta Street facing kuta beach (the main beach road) are rows of horse drawn carriage that catered primarily to adventurous tourists and the horse carriage ride is offered by the locals for about 60,000 Rupiah per hour for willing tourists who want to go around the kuta and seminyak area around the horse carriage and the...

  • Walking In Kuta Area

    If you are staying in the Kuta Area and is physically fit, it is best to just walk around the area as Kuta is relatively safe, even at night and the major attractions like shops, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, lounges, discotehques and the major shopping malls like discovery and beach walk are not that far away from each other. the major...

  • Private Tour Vans

    the best way to do a day tour around bali island is via a private van! as prices here are cheap since gasoline prices are subsidized. there are two kinds of private van tours, the first one is via a tour company private van tour of which the entrance fees of the attractions and lunch and dinner is inlcuded (if you booked a whole day tour, which is...

  • Bali Taxis

    taxis are numerous in bali as they don't have the tricycles (tuk tuks) plying destinations in other south east asian beach destinations. most of the taxis are colored blue in Bali and ride only the ones with meters as there are unscrupulous taxis without taxi meters and be sure to tell the driver to start the meter upon riding the taxi. flag down...

  • Airport Vans

    if you are on a tour package and don't want to ride a taxi in the wee hours as you are arriving in bali via a red eye flight (midnight to near dawn) like us, airport shuttle vans are the way to go as they fetch you to and from the airport and to your hotel and prices in indonesia is way cheaper than in other countries as gasoline here is very cheap...

  • Motorbikes

    unlike in other asian beach destinations like phuket or langkawi or boracay, Bali has no Tricycles (Tuk tuks) plying around the major areas like Kuta or Seminyak, but there are taxis and also motorbikes and the most numerous are the motorbikes which you can rent anywhere as their are lots of motorbike rental shops around the Kuta and Tanjung Benoa...

  • Tour Buses

    Bali has it's share of Tour Companies and Tour Buses and the tour buses here mostly use the large coaster type of Bus rather than the big passenger type of buses for the daily tours as the roads in kuta and areas outside of Denpasar are narrow. A Bus Tour around Bali is not great way to truly experience the island and get to see some of the sights...

  • Philippine Airlines

    PAL, what philippine airlines is called is older than cathay pacific making it Asia's Oldest Airline (and trivia-only PAL and Other Philippine Carriers are not subsidized by the Governent, bucking the trend in the rest of asia wherein other National carriers are heavily subsidiez by their Governments like Singapore Airlines, Thai Air, Malaysian...

  • Ngurah Rai International Airport...

    this will be my tips on the international departure area of the new terminal.there is a new terminal that was just inaugurated last september and this now houses the international departures and arrivals of the Ngurah Rai International Airport and the old area is now the Domestic Terminal. on the third floor if the new terminal is the International...

  • Ngurah Rai International Airport Arrival...

    there is a new terminal that was just inaugurated last september and this now houses the international departures and arrivals of the Ngurah Rai International Airport and the old area is now the Domestic Terminal. Upon arrival at the Ngurah Rai International Airport, you can walk to immigration and there are International ATM Machines which you can...

  • Hiring Bali driver guide

    In my opinion hiring an English speaking driver/ guide with a car is cheaper than car rental, for me hiring a Bali driver all day service was the only way to explore Bali. Flagging down a taxi every time I want to go somewhere is not wise, especially if I want to go somewhere far.Our driver was also our local guide, he has his own Toyota van, I was...

  • Driver in Bali

    I just came back from a ten day trip in Bali and it wouldn't have been as wonderful as it was had it not been for our driver and guide. He was always on time and had many suggestions for things to do. His name is Ketut Pica and his email address is He speaks perfect English as he lived abroad for ten years.His rates are also...

  • Car rent in Bali

    I think having a driver in Bali is a "should" because idk about public transportation there, besides if you wanna go from one area to another it'll be pretty hard not to have a driver esp for a long trip. It's pretty much safer to rent car from the hotel, but it doesn't mean rent car outside the hotel is not safe it's just you have to make sure...

  • Blue Bird Taxi

    Take Bluebird taxis because these taxis are relatively new, reliable and fully air-conditioned. you can ask your hotel to call one for you but in that case the minimum fare will be 25,000 Rp. even if the meter was 18,000 but still better than any other taxi services. or you can flag down one but be careful 'cause some Taxi companies try to copy the...

  • Bram Sadia - Fantastic Bali Driver

    Bram is absolutely the best driver/guide in Bali! Super helpful in fixing our itinerary a month before the trip, even going so far as to recommend places for spa and white water rafting where we got very good value for money! He really cares for his clients, and wants them to have a fantastic time in Bali. Very reliable, trustworthy, and honest -...

  • Rent Car

    When my stay in Bali, I rent a car with the driver.... Pak Ketut, he is really good man and can be trust.... all information can ask him and all direction he know.... he never complain.Almost everyday we traveling around Bali with him... And most of all, when my son sleep in the car, he will look after him.... The price more cheap compare other,...

  • The best driver guide in Bali

    If you want to see Bali's hidden treasures, it's best to get a driver guide. Traffic in Bali is pretty hectic at most places so a local guide will know how to swerve around traffic and take shortcuts.When I reached the airport, the first thing I did was grab as much free travel brochures and maps I could get my hands on. That was a bad mistake. We...

  • Motorbike: do as Balinese do

    Now I am about to share how we managed to roam around the isalnd for about a week for just USD 5! Yes, we spent only five bucks, or less, for transportation. And we traveled as far as Uluwatu temple in the South, Ubud in the center, Jimbaran beach on the west coast on Sanur in the esat!So, feel lucky if you know how to ride a motorbike. And feel...

  • Flying to Bali on low budget

    If you are coming to Bali from South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) or from Middle East (or from other destinations for that matter) then you may not find a direct flight to the island easily. So, one tested method is to make a route through Singapore/Kuala Lumpur which are well connected to the isalnd on one hand and to the outside world on the...

  • Bali Kadek

    During our trip to Bali in may 2011 we had Bali Kadek as driver and guide. He picked us up from the airport and drove us several days safely around the Island and proved to be a reliable and valuable guide on and off the beaten track. He was as good as, or maybe better than, the comments on the various fora on the internet. We had a great time on...

  • Recommended Bali Ground Tour Guide

    I have my airport return transport and ground tour arranged by a guy named Kadek. English medium speaking tour guide, and will always brought a smiley face to you! He will bring you anywhere you like to go in Bali. A very good driver indeed flexible timing arrangement for your tour. The price for a single day tour is about 400k rupiahs, and the...

  • Recommended Bali driver and tour guide

    Our Australian family use Aaron Michael every time holidaying in Bali - most recently was in February 2010. AARON PUTU MICHAEL - DRIVERReliable, punctual and provides travel all over Bali. Airconditioned 7 seater Kijang van. Speaks good English. Explore Bali at your own pace with an English speaking driver. Fully flexible touring - design your own...

  • Best tours and tour driver

    There are two things you should decide on when touring Bali. If you want specific tours, you cannot go wrong with Floressa Tours. They have some set tours and will also take you where ever you want to go. We have used them twice and found them to be reasonable and very knowledgeable about the area. They are a local tour agency. If you are just...



  • Bali to Yogyakarta on land

    Hi,You can go to Yogya from Bali by bus. One bus company I know serve that route is Safari Dharma Raya, you can find it at Ubung bus station or buy the ticket at Jalan Diponegoro and Jalan Puputan. Its fare is including ferry trip from Gilimanuk (Bali) to Banyuwangi (East Java). Off course there are other bus company do that route as well, but I...

  • Fantastic Driver in Bali

    We just had a girls shopping weekend in Bali. While we were there we used a fantastic driver named Sila (pronounced Cee-la). On our first meeting with him we told him all of the places that we wanted to visit and what we were looking to purchase. He came up with several additional places that we should also visit. He never took us to "tourist"...

  • English speaking driver in Bali

    I know a good driver. He understands and speaks good english. We use his services a few days ago and we are very satisfied. He has a license. You can have is services for a 1 day trip or more. If you are interested, he cheks his emails every 2 or 3 days. This is his name and email adress: Made Darma...

  • Ngurah Rai Airport

    The Airport is situated in southern Bali, pretty near to Kuta and Legian area (around 15 minutes by Taxi).They have a cab service just outside the building and there is a fix pricing for the fare from airport to different places in Bali.The rate from Airport to Sanur (as of Jan 30, 2006) by Cab was Rp 85,000 (journey about 30-40 mins). However you...

  • Getting from Singapore to Bali

    There are quite a few airlines flying this sector.Singapore Airlines, Garuda Indonesia and Australian Airlines fly this sector.A budget airline, Valuair, will fly this sector from Jan 2006.An Indonesian airline, Adam Air, too has intention to introduce this sector as well in the near future.

  • Car Rental cum Personal Driver

    Ngurah was my personal driver while I was in Bali. He is friendly, trustworthy, sincere and highly recommended for anyone who wants to rent a vehicle cum driver.Take a look at the places he brought us to in my Bali Photo Album at

  • Garuda Seating

    Want to make sure you got the best seat on the plane?The link below has the airplane seating for Garuda Indonesia's Airbus A330-300

  • IDP= International Driving Permit

    If you would like to do it your own way and drive either a motercyle or car in Bali go ahead but just make sure you have an IDP= International Driving Permit (plus you are suppose to carry your real drivers licence from your own country) .Driving in the busy parts of Bali is dangerous like in Kuta, Legian etc but quieter part are not so dangerous...

  • Package Deals to Bali with Airfare&...

    A great link to check out if you plan to visit Bali is include hotel, flight & sometimes a bit more for about the price of just the airfare.You can also sign up to their e-mail list and get great deals delivered right to your mail box.

  • Private travelling : Barong and...

    If you don't like crowded tourist busses as you can find them all over the world, stopping at different souvenir shops, make a private tour with driver and guide in french, dutch or english in a mini-van or 4 x 4. You can count on the good and friendly services of Steven, a very kind (belgian) person living in Bali since several on the...

  • Bali Tours and Drivers

    Our driver when we were in Bali. His name is Subaru, he is Balinese, speaks good english and Japanese, very knowledgeable, reasonable rates, most importantly he is a nice guy.

  • Taxi - Blue Bird

    Catch Bluebird taxi while you are in Bali they are the best and the safest. They are company own. The only metered taxi in Bali as far I know and not that expensive. If any problem you can ring the company.

  • Ojek - Motorbike taxi

    You can hire or use ojek while you are in Bali. If you want to hire you need a international licence. The cost is negotiable and you can hire as long as you want. Makes sure you have insurance for damages. There are everywhere in Bali. Remember riding motorbike in Bali are dangerous especially if you are not familiar with the chaotic traffic (not...


    WOLLY, This guy who was recommended to me and I have now used, turned out to be the best driver and tour guide I have experienced.For those of you from Australia you will appreciate an ice cold beer after a hot day of sightseeing, Wolly carries a small esky in his vehicle with cold water, soft drinks and beers for you enjoyment.His knowledge of...

  • Private Tour Driver in Bali

    Thanks Pak Nyoman Abbe for the great services while we were in Bali. We are Malaysian tourists and stayed in Bali for 3 days. We were so grateful to have Pak Nyoman as our driver + tourist guide + photographer. Pak Nyoman is flexible, knowledgeable about Bali history and has sense of humor. It?s like we have known him for a year! Thanks again. We...

  • Bali driving tips

    Bali driving tips – Take note of several important points while driving in Bali . It is not unusual for cars and bikes to swerve into your lane without indication. A system of “sharing lane” has developed because there are often obstacles on the sides of the road, such as parked cars or the frequent procession of food trolleys and paraphernalia...

  • Best Driver in Bali

    If you are visiting Bali, the most economical way to get around is to hire a driver for a half-day or a full-day excursion so you can go wherever you want for a set price. And the bonus is that you get to learn about the culture! You will see drivers everywhere you go...and they are all clamoring for business. We weren't sure which ones were...

  • Experiencing Drivers With Distinction

    We've just returned to Kuala Lumpur and had a really fantastic time touring Bali with Webee from “Drivers With Distinction”. Dean from Bali along with Webee and other fellow drivers have formed a group of drivers called “Drivers With Distinction” to brand and position themselves.We experienced Drivers With Distinction through Webee who picked us up...


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