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    Chill out time
    by balisunshine
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    The map
    by balisunshine
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    Where is Balangan
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    Clicking Away

    by balisunshine Written Jun 27, 2008
    Dude! Bali is SO amazing!!!

    Favorite thing: There are already plenty of sources,
    that inform you about the waves and surf at
    Dreamland, Balungan, Padang Padang and Uluwatu Beach.

    Just click away on sites such as:



    Wanna Surf


    Surf The Earth

    Bali Waves

    Surf on Line

    Indo Surf

    Plenty of Bali's surf shops
    offer the free surf "magic wave" magazine,
    with surf talk,
    along with tide charts
    to help you make your choice.

    Happy surfing Guys!!!

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    The New Warung at Dreamland

    by balisunshine Updated Apr 14, 2008
    The New Cement Warung

    Favorite thing: For those surfers or beach lovers
    who have not been to
    Dreamland since Dec. 2007,
    may be in for a surprise.

    All the local warungs were pulled down.
    A new cement construction,
    with restaurants, shops, a walkway
    for the buses of tourist to load off at,
    will soon to come!

    More About

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    High Tides

    by balisunshine Written Apr 14, 2008
    No Swimming here!

    Favorite thing: If you plan to visit the Bukit at high tide,
    and you’re not going for surfing,
    but to enjoy a the beach and a swim,
    then visiting tide chart web-sites
    can be a helpful source.

    Because of the extensive coral that
    surrounds the Bukit,
    swimming can be dangerous
    when the swell is up and kicking.

    The best in this case is to
    visit Padang Padang Beach.

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    Money Matters

    by balisunshine Written Dec 9, 2007

    Favorite thing: If you’re the kind that
    gets addicted to the laid back
    life style that one can
    currently find in Uluwatu,
    you may not want to have to
    go down into town.

    But then you need to plan ahead concerning cash.
    There are no money exchangers in Uluwatu.

    There is one ATM in this area
    and that is located at the Nirmala grocery store

    Usually in the ATMs,
    you can only withdraw 3,000,000 Rp
    and according to you bank,
    you can only withdraw 9,000,000 in a day,
    and then there may be a limitation
    as far as how much you can
    withdraw in a week.

    Most venues in Uluwatu,
    with the exception of
    places like the Bvlgari Hotel,
    you can not pay with a credit card
    or traveler’s checks.

    So, keep this in mind,
    because money matters
    when paying the bill.

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    The laws of cause and effect

    by balisunshine Written Nov 17, 2007
    Building, building and more building

    Favorite thing: In the recent years,
    with the population growth,
    real estate has gone through
    a major boom in different parts of the world

    With more and more people
    feeling crowded and dragged down,
    there has been more more of those
    who seek a piece of so-called paradise.

    Ever since the new ‘Freehold’ trend
    of buying property came into effect,
    more and more foreigners
    have come here to invest in Bali.

    With this,
    prices go up and up,
    leaving local expats who live here,
    refusing to pay these commercial prices.

    So, the new trend is
    to partner up with the
    local Balinese of the area
    who claim they own sectors on the beach.

    Even though the government says
    it is against the law to
    own a piece of land on the beach,
    several expats come to a verbal,
    business agreement with these locals
    who claim they own these sectors,
    and start to construct on the beach.
    under the hope to be protected by them.

    What is concerning here,
    is when you look at the cliff,
    you can see with erosion and time,
    pieces of the cliff can easily
    come tumbling down,
    not to mention that we are on
    a Fire Ring where earth quakes occur often,
    possibly leading to tsunamis.

    But it is typical of humans to
    underestimate Mother Nature.

    Then, there is the poor coast
    of one of the most beautiful parts of Bali,
    taking the beating of the construction.

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    Another Internet

    by balisunshine Written Oct 8, 2007
    Another Internet Shop

    Favorite thing: If the internet at Java Juice Bar
    is full or running a bit slow,
    there is another option at
    Internet Padang Padang Inn.

    Since both internet cafes
    use a different provider,
    if one is running slow
    you can always hop to the other.

    Jl Melasti No, 432
    Tel. 361-847 0682
    E-mail: padangpadang_inn@yahoo.com

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    Doing Dreamland like the Expats Do

    by balisunshine Written Oct 8, 2007
    At Warung del Mar
    2 more images

    Favorite thing: When you approach Dreamland for the first time,
    the first impression that you might get
    from the amazing colors of the sea
    is one of total awe.

    After going there a few times,
    you start understanding the
    layout of the beach.

    On the far southern end,
    is where most people who don’t
    want to walk all the way across
    towards the northern end,
    stop and stay.

    This includes the tour buses
    loaded with Indonesians visiting
    the beach while they are fully dressed.

    So don’t be surprised if
    at one point while you are sun bathing
    in your tiny winy bathing suit,
    if a swarm of clothed Indonesian
    surround you in a crowd
    taking photos of each other,
    like if a beach was a national monument.

    Towards the middle,
    you get more of a mixed crowd
    including plenty of Auzies that run the show.

    Towards the northern end,
    you get a lot of the European expats
    hanging around in front of Warung Del Mar.

    There are also great occasional beach parties
    held there at sunset time,
    especially during the month of August.

    Further north,
    there are no more warungs,
    but plenty of coral reef with
    a little natural pool here and there
    and the occasional stroller heading
    towards Balangan at low tide.

    Have great beach day!

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    Chillin’ in Uluwatu

    by balisunshine Written Jul 16, 2007
    Chill out time

    Favorite thing: Like in any place in the world,
    there are up beat places to chillin’ out places.

    If you are not into surfing,
    but just enjoy beautiful sunsets,
    white sandy beaches,
    clear water, and gorgeous scenery
    and want to relax to the rhythm of the beach life,
    then this area can be an option.

    While staying in this area,
    not much is needed.

    Hanging out in a sarong and
    bathing suite all day is the norm.
    No formalities here.

    Just kick back a relax!

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    by balisunshine Updated May 2, 2007
    Another beautiful sunset in Bali

    Favorite thing: Some web-site links that may be of help,
    if surfing is your fancy.

    Nomad Surfer

    You Tube

    Bali Surf Photos

    Surf Line

    Tiger Surf

    Bali Surf Connection

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    by balisunshine Written May 2, 2007
    A wartel

    Favorite thing: In may cases,
    people come over with
    their hand phones,
    buy a chip to connect it
    with a local phone provider
    and find that it just doesn’t work.

    The cause of this is,
    usually the monopoly of
    the phone providers back at home.

    Buying a phone here,
    is not cheap.
    Even 2nd hand.

    So, if you don’t want to deal with the cost,
    there are Wartels that
    you can make local and long distant calls.

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    Plenty of Surfers at Bingin Beach

    by balisunshine Updated Apr 26, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Plenty of Bungalows at Bingin
    2 more images

    Favorite thing: Traveling a bit more south on Jalan Uluwatu,
    and then taking a right at the corner where a wartel is
    and some other shops,
    follow the signs that lead to a dirt road to Bingin Beach.

    You can not ride a motor bike or car all the way down.
    But they did pave the once upon a time,
    very dusty and rocky road!!

    There is a small so-called parking lot,
    and from there on
    it’s a journey of numerous steps down.

    At different levels,
    there is an abundance choice of places to stay.
    This attracts a large amount of surfers
    to sojourn here while waiting for that perfect wave.

    Just make sure you ask
    wheather the room has a squat or sit down toilet.

    The beach is pretty rocky,
    so definitely bring the rubber shoes
    if you plan to stay here.

    Sometimes there may be strong currents,
    but the beach is a bit more protected by a neighboring cliff
    than at Dreamland.
    But definitely the beach is not as nice.

    You can see Dreamland Beach in the near distance.
    So if it’s just for the accommodation or surfers
    that you plan to stay here,
    you can always hop on the motorbike
    and enjoy the beauty just a few minutes away.

    (Click on more pics to see where it is on the map)

    For more on Bingin, click on: Bali Blog
    and for more: More

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    Peace and Beauty at Balangan Beach

    by balisunshine Updated Apr 26, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beauty at Balangan
    4 more images

    Favorite thing: With the popular Dreamland Beach next door,
    Balangan Beach is easily over looked.
    Which I guess you can say,
    helps keep the beauty, serenity
    and peace you can find here.

    Once you drivedown the new road
    that was made recently,
    you can actually ride all the way up
    to the few thatched warungs located on beach
    offering simple meals and cold drinks.

    At low tide you can see the
    expansive reef that protects this oasis,
    offering hours of idling
    while seeking shells, sea urchins, crabs,
    or just floating in one of it's natural pools.

    Carry a pair of rubber shoes
    to avoid any sharp rocks.

    But at high tide,
    some amazing swells are to be seen,
    along with plenty of devoted,
    surf lovers riding the waves.

    Atop the cliff with breathtaking views,
    are 3 properties offering a assortment of accommodations,
    along with plenty of basic and inexpensive warungs
    located right on this white sandy beach.

    For a girl who is infatuated with natural beauty,
    clean accommodations and Zen,
    Balangan Beach is my first choice.

    (Please click on more pics to see the map)

    For more on Balangan,click on:
    Bali Blog

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    Nunggala Surfing Beach

    by balisunshine Written Apr 23, 2007
    The Sign
    4 more images

    Favorite thing: Another surfing spot,
    further down south on the Bukit,
    is Nunggala Beach.

    Not too many people
    make it over here,
    because of it’s isolated location
    and hefty way down the cliff,
    and its serious cardio work out.

    Some of these surfer dudes lately,
    are just eating the wrong kind of stuff
    and are getting a bit chubby these days.

    But anyway,
    there are signs along the road
    that indicate the entrance to the beach.

    At high tide,
    there isn’t much of a shore line.

    Make sure you are with someone
    since it is pretty isolated here.

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    Beaches around the Temple

    by balisunshine Written Apr 23, 2007
    Mother Nature's Carvings
    3 more images

    Favorite thing: Because this area
    is the part of the Bukit
    that sticks out the most,
    receiving all the currents,
    there is some severe corrosion
    into the shore line and
    very little sandy beaches.

    Not to mention that,
    the access from the cliff
    is not always easy.

    At low tide,
    you can do quite a bit
    of walking around with
    the right pair of shoes.

    But if you are able
    to make it down there,
    you’ll find exquisite little coves
    and very private beaches.

    But make sure you know
    what time the tide will be coming back in
    or you may just never go back home!

    (Click on more photos to see map)

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    Nyang Nyang Beach

    by balisunshine Written Apr 23, 2007
    Nyang Nyang Beach
    1 more image

    Favorite thing: Once you past the Uluwatu temple,
    the drop from the cliff gets hefty.
    But there are some dirt roads
    that will lead you to hikes
    down to shore below.

    No warungs or commercial activities
    really going on here
    with the exception that
    more and more real estate projects
    are beginning to mushroom in this area.

    The best time
    to visit these beaches
    is when the tide is low,
    or you won’t have much of a shore line.

    But if isolation and
    a good cardio workout is
    what you seek,
    Then this definitely a place to go.

    Breath taking.

    (Click on more photos to see map)

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