Uluwatu Things to Do

  • kecak dance with the sunset background
    kecak dance with the sunset background
    by black_mimi99
  • kecak dance
    kecak dance
    by black_mimi99
  • Pura Uluwatu on the Cliff
    Pura Uluwatu on the Cliff
    by meiyergani

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    Kecak Dance

    by black_mimi99 Written Mar 6, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    when sun almost down, we can see the kecak dance show...
    The Kecak Dance while look this sunset is every night performed and very popular.
    About 50 male choruses like "Cak Cak Cak..." are rhythmical. In addition, demon king Rahwana or white monkey Hanoman are approach the seat and shake hands with a spectator, take a photograph pose... very interesting.
    The fire dance by Hanoman is performed at the end of dance,too.

    kecak dance kecak dance with the sunset background

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    Visit Uluwatu temple

    by austarman Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This temple is one of the oldest and most sacred temples in Bali with an absolutely fantastic view out over the Indian ocean from the top of some huge cliffs.
    It's a great cultural experiance to walk through this old temple with a local person who can explain the layout and significance of the various sections of it.
    Local dances are held here most nights too.
    There are lots of cheeky monkeys here running around so be very careful with your stuff like glasses, cameras, and hats... etc

    Temple on the edge of the cliff Temple walls... Uluwatu More cliff walls..Uluwatu temple A couple of tourists (me in red) Uluwatu Temple Top Rock viewpoint

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    Calyx-The Upscale Spa

    by balisunshine Written Apr 17, 2008

    If you’re stationed at the Bukit
    while visiting Bali,
    and desire a luxurious pampering,
    but don’t want to drive down
    to the Bali downtown,
    then opt a spa session at the Calyx.

    Prices are not cheap here,
    but if you have the cash
    or that special occasion,
    then this spa may be a treat.

    This venue composed of several villas,
    restaurant and bar, and spa, also offers a hair salon.

    Massage rooms are facing the sea,
    perched on the cliff with a relaxing terrace
    to sip your ginger tea.

    The adjacent bathtub,
    makes it a perfect romantic experience!

    The Ingredients A Romantic Massage for 2? The View Hair Salon and Foot Massage
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    Exotic Animals

    by June.b Written Apr 15, 2008

    I can't remember exactly the name of the place, but I know it's on our way from Uluwatu to Bedugul. There is this highway that has a lot of endangered species of animals.

    They are extra huge and I never dared touch it as I have this serious fear of exotic animals - huge snakes, bats, monitor lizards, iguanas, and anything slimy.

    For a small fee, they let you hold or play with it and take photos.

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    Healing in Bali

    by balisunshine Written Oct 30, 2007

    With Bali’s mystical powers,
    you might just get the urge
    to do a little good for yourself.

    A cleanse?
    Or a DETOX
    to refresh yourself internally?
    Why not?

    After a few consultations,
    and following the advice
    on holistic remedies
    of a local nutritionist,
    I myself am so thankful
    for the wonderful improvements
    that I feel and see in my health
    and on my body.

    Not only have I witness and lived
    a major weight loss, glowing skin,
    and an improvement on my health issues,
    but I have also witnessed a friend of mine,
    cure herself of a tumor of which
    the western doctors had advised her to operate on.

    A large part of the treatment is based on nutrition
    and another part on holistic remedies.

    Despite on how intense you want to go for it,
    you will definitely walk out of the consultation
    learning and understanding a lot more
    about how your body relies on good nutrition.

    You will also learn how to replace
    the bad habits with good ones.

    Consultations at the time of my visit
    cost 600,000 Rp and last 2-3 hours.

    Liat Solomon


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    Surfer Dude Watching

    by balisunshine Written Oct 30, 2007

    Ladies,….around Uluwatu
    you’ll find great beaches,
    amazing landscapes,
    temples to visit,
    monkies to observe
    AND Surfer Dude Watching.

    Bring your binoculars if
    your into the macro view.

    Some of the best looking guys
    from various parts of the world
    come and visit Bali, just to surf.

    You most probably will not find them
    in the common tourist attraction,
    since their attraction are THE WAVES!

    Yes Ladies, these guys come to the Bukit
    to work out there 6 packs, abs,
    triceps’s, back muscles, etc. etc.

    But don’t expect too much
    hanky panky action either.

    Not only do these addicted surfers
    spend a large part of the day,
    hypnotized looking at the waves,
    but with their early to bed
    and early to rise schedule
    is also accompanied by:

    1) Extreme physical workout through out the days.
    Leaving them with the NO Libido effect.

    In fact, in many cases, they loose the ability
    to recognize what a woman is,
    even in a tiny winy bikini,
    when in full trance observing
    the waves or riding them.

    2) They acquire the loss of interest
    to shave and smell good.

    3) They have the tendency to lodge
    them selves as cheaply as they can.
    Low extravagances.

    This may include squat toilets,
    sharing the room with 5 other Surfer Dudes
    no hot shower, bug bites from the bed, etc.

    4) A hefty appetite, which may come along
    with natural gas leaks (LOL!) that emerge
    from getting the common Bali Beli.

    5) And let’s not forget,
    but also, usually on a very tight budget.

    But other wise,
    a little bit of Surfer Dude Watching
    is definitely a delightful option of ‘Things to do.’

    Sufer Dude in the horizon Babe! I'm beat! Not tonight, tommorow or after!
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    Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

    by balisunshine Written Oct 8, 2007

    One of the great pleasures of Bali,
    is getting a massage.

    The cheapest ones are
    usually the local women on the beach,
    but they usually offer more of
    a soft touchy massage.

    For the sporty athlete looking for
    a Deep Tissue Massage,
    there is Mr. Tendon that
    works in the Bukit area.

    His services include;
    pressure point, reflexology,
    posture adjustment, and lymphatic drainage.

    If you need a serious adjustment,
    it maybe wiser to visit a
    certified chiropractor located in Kuta.

    If not, for a bit of relief
    after a long days of surf,
    Mr. Tendon may just be the answer.

    At the time of my meeting him,
    his price was 150,000 Rp for
    a 1 hour session

    It's all in the touch

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  • meiyergani's Profile Photo


    by meiyergani Written Aug 6, 2007

    Don't miss two kinds of PERFORMANCES at Uluwatu, the first performance is a play by NATURE, it was perform when the sun is going down, a SUNSET which is created by the GOD, the Almighty who arrange the planet in this huge of Universe.
    The second Performance is play by the group of Balinese artist, KECHAK DANCE, or FIRE DANCE, which is perform at the same time when the SUNSET. Don't miss to see this very nice drama where the dancers dance on a fire and the others dancer are shouting with ...
    CHAK...CHAK...CHAK.... this why the dance name by KECHAK DANCE

    take a picture after Kechak dance at Pura Uluwatu Take a picture after Kechak Dance
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  • meiyergani's Profile Photo

    The main Temple of Pura Luhur Uluwatuf

    by meiyergani Updated Aug 5, 2007

    The main temple of Pura Uluwatu can be reached by go up steep hill until we find the entrance gate to the main temple, the visitors not allowed to stepping inside, its just allowed for the Balinese peoples who do the prayer.

    an Entrance to main Temple of Pura Uluwatu The main terrace in front of the main Temple
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  • meiyergani's Profile Photo

    Left side end Cliff

    by meiyergani Written Aug 2, 2007

    I just going to follow any other visitors walking to the Left side temple directions, passing a balcony theatre for Kecak Dance performance, continue to the far left up to the cliff with white rocky wall, the scenery is an absolutely stunning beauty blue ocean and a greenery top hill of the cliff, not so many visitors come up to this point

    White Rocky wall Cliff walking down to the left end cliff
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    ULUWATU TEMPLE on the Cliff

    by meiyergani Updated Aug 2, 2007

    ULUWATU TEMPLE is the temple hang on the Cliff, the scenery from the cliff is an awesome, you can see a wide range of Blue ocean, a forest on the rock hill and a number of monkey inhabited around the temple

    Pura Uluwatu on the Cliff Pura Uluwatu on the Cliif Pura Uluwatu on the Cliff
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  • balisunshine's Profile Photo

    Holistic Healing with Jason

    by balisunshine Written Apr 27, 2007

    Amongst this magnificent beauty
    that the Uluwatu area has to offer,
    Mother Nature may awaken in you
    the desire to get in touch with yourself,
    and heal in a holistic way.

    A session with Jason may,
    open your eyes to an internal healing method,
    or through natural herbs and remedies.

    It's time to heal
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  • balisunshine's Profile Photo

    Surfing Ethics

    by balisunshine Written Apr 22, 2007

    I have often heard complaints
    from the local surfers here,
    about how certain nationalities
    can be darn right rude
    when amongst each other in the water.

    I’m not going to name
    any particular nationality,
    but, you should know who you are.

    Remember…you’re not at home.
    You are a guest.
    And even though you think
    that you are the only one,
    you’re actually building
    a reputation of your own country,
    and then people here
    will classified you
    as one of those
    and not as welcomed.

    Be nice and considerate.
    Make surfing an enjoyable
    and fun sport and leave
    the macho testosterone attitude
    back at home.


    Leave the testostorone behind It's written in the walls!!
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  • balisunshine's Profile Photo

    Cooling down at Blue Point

    by balisunshine Written Apr 22, 2007

    If the heat is getting you down,
    and where you are staying
    does not have a pool,
    an option to help you cool down
    is spending the day at the pool at Blue Point.

    The swimming pool has an amazing view
    of one of the best surf spots in Bali.

    For 150,000 Rp,
    you can spend the day there
    and use some of there facilities.

    This price includes 1 meal,
    a towel and a drink.

    As said inthe brochure The pool
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  • black_mimi99's Profile Photo

    Dreamland Beach

    by black_mimi99 Written Feb 7, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On the south of Bali, Pecatu Village, 20 mins from Uluwatu where the Dreamland located. its unspoil beach, white sandy beaches, clean water, and blue sea. To come to this beach is not as easy as other beach in Bali... cos we must go down from the hill to the beach, trhought the cliff, houses and hostels.... but when arrived this beach, you never regret it.


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