Uluwatu Warnings and Dangers

    by DennyP
  • A group of Balinese Macaques
    A group of Balinese Macaques "grooming"...
    by DennyP
    by DennyP

Most Recent Warnings and Dangers in Uluwatu

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    Trained monkeys at Uluwatu!

    by RAVINDRAN72 Updated Nov 13, 2012

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    On our last trip to uluwatu , the guide told us to leave behind non essentials as they were likely to be taken by the monkeys . But since there were many tour buses and since not everybody was informed , our monkey friends had a field day by grabbing various items and seemed eager for an exchange for peanuts/fruits/edibles but now the surprise........a local comes and starts shoooooing away the monkey even further away until it jumps off the wall into the forest below.

    Certainly this was not needed as many tourist had some success exchanging their belongings back .....this all bring us to the crucial question.......are these monkeys trained to steal?.....and why prevent them from returning the stolen items unless they have a vested interest .....you have been warned!

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    by DennyP Updated Mar 29, 2012

    When visiting Uluwatu carry a strong Mosquito repellant with you..due to the tropical heat and humidity mosquitos are prevelant..The viruses of Dengue fever and encephylitis are extremely dangerous and precaution should be taken so as not to get bitten.
    Early mornings and evenings are the bad times and loose clothing with long sleeves and long pants should be worn especially at these times.
    Cover ALL bare skin with a good mosquito repellant. Don't forget your ears.!!! I always carry mine everywhere here with me in South East asia.. Never be without it!!!.

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    by DennyP Updated Mar 9, 2012

    .. When out and about here or anywhere in Bali be extremely careful of the the animal population especially Monkeys and Dogs. The majority of these animals have rabies and are extremely dangerous. The best thing is to give them lots of room for if you get bitten you must seek immediate medical attention.

    Of Note here in Uluwatu the monkey problem of Balinese Macaques is extreme and your guide around the Temple complex will have a "shanghai" to shoot small stones near them if they get too close..Just Be aware as the monkeys will quickly run at you and steal anything they can grab...sunglasses, watches, earings ,Thongs, (shoes) caps etc...of course when you try to retreive these items you may be bitten. The dogs are dangerous except for the ones with RED collars as these dogs have been treated for rabies and are safe...The local animal welfare agency (BAWA) does a fantastic job trying to help alleviate the rabies problem here with little if any funding!!.They are located in the city of Ubud.% cb

    SOMEONE HAS LOST A THONG TO A RASCAL MONKEY!! He's looking for an opportunity!! any opportunity! The Bhudhist Temple at Uluwatu A group of Balinese Macaques
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    by DennyP Updated Mar 9, 2012

    .. Whenever going out for the day here in Bali or anywhere really, in Indonesia or South East Asia make sure that you carry with you sufficient fresh bottled water for the day.
    Due to the oppressive heat here along with energy draining humidity it is imperrative to replace lost body fluids. Always be aware of dehydration in the extreme heat of the day. I always carry more fresh bottled water than I need for the day.. I usually purchase my bottles of water in the supermarket and keep them in my hotel fridge. This way when I go out my water is cold at least for a short time... When out and about and you buy bottled water. Make sure that the "cap seal" on the bottle is not broken and the bottle is a refill with local tapwater..This can cause you untold problems if you get caught out..

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    by black_mimi99 Written Mar 6, 2012

    watch out your step and becareful when walking along this cliff side bcos there is no fence or protection, and especially when you want take yourself photo with the ocean background, it happened to one couple who want to took their own self photo, without looked carefully behind them, then..... fall to the ocean!


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    by black_mimi99 Written Mar 6, 2012

    watch out your step and becareful when walking along this cliff side, and especially when you want take yourself photo with the ocean background, if not then will free fall to the ocean, it happened to one couple who want to took their own self photo, without looked carefully behind them, then..... fall to the ocean!


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    by DennyP Written Jan 8, 2012

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    Whenever I am formulating my next travel journey I try and have everything organised that will not create any problems while I am on the road. Along with finances and visas I make sure that I have the neccesary Travel Insurance for my needs. Nobody wants to think of the chance of some form of accident while travelling, but the facts are that anywhere ...anytime..a simple accident can happen which can throw all of our travel plans into turmoil. I always make sure that I have all medical , accident and hospital contingencies covered and I also add repatriation to my travel Insurance aggreement as this is the most important one for me. After what happened in Kuta Beach.most travellers there had to be transported back to OZ. Hospital care (if its there!!) can have tremendous costs. My daughter had a friend in Bali that was bitten by a monkey...it just ran out and bit her leg....simple as that!!! and of course most animals especially monkeys have rabies in Bali.. anywhere!...anytime!!. Remember what they say:

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    Part 1: Breaking a leg in Bali

    by balisunshine Written Aug 10, 2009

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    Lets face it,
    with the ruthless way
    that driving is conducted here;
    the amount of motorbikes
    used as a way of transportation;
    the poor infrastructure of roads
    and even the so-called sidewalks
    that one uses to walk on,
    makes breaking a bone or two
    as common as catching Dengue Fever,
    or even getting Bali Belly.

    (…not to mention the possible surfing accidents.)

    And even though these incidents are common,
    we may get caught at a moment of surprise
    and in a position in not really knowing what to do.

    So, it eventually happened to me.
    After my 5th year in Bali,
    I had a motorbike accident.

    First things first…..do you have insurance?

    If so, then go directly to BIMC
    or S.O.S.
    These are private clinics in Bali
    with a better reputation than most others.
    And one does wind up getting charged for it.
    So, either be insured or have a fat wallet.

    It is most probable that they may not have
    the equipment to treat a serious fracture,
    but they’ll prepare you for flying out of the country
    to seek an alternative health care provider if needed.

    If you don’t have insurance,
    then first go to a local hospital to get an x-ray,
    a first diagnosis to identify the seriousness of the fracture
    and get wrapped up for the possible next step.

    Two local hospitals are Sanglah Denpasar
    which has an International Department.
    The address:
    JI., Diponegoro, Denpasar, Tel: 62-361-227911

    and Kasih Ibu.

    For a list of hospitals in Bali, click on:
    Hospitals in Bali
    (visit at your own risk)

    I myself, winded up at Kasih Ibu,
    where they took 2 x-rays of the fracture.
    The doctor, who treated me at the time,
    spoke a very basic English.

    He quickly explained to me that
    I had a fracture at the top of my tibia,
    and would wind up having arthritis in the future.

    In the emergency room
    he took out the blood from the area,
    and he then put on a very tight cast
    from my foot to my upper thigh,
    and told me to come back at another time.

    I myself, being familiar to the limitations
    of the health care service here,
    and after being advised from fellow expats,
    I started seeking other opinions.

    Note By this time, my leg was extremely swollen,
    causing a lot of discomfort and causing lack of sleep.
    There are expats with injuries that do opt to have surgery here,
    but in some cases, stories of improper healing
    and then needing to re-do an operation
    to re-fix the damage is heard of.
    Consider your options carefully.

    I sent my diagnosis to contacts overseas,
    and we also seeked a second opinion
    from another local, orthopedic doctor.

    Now here’s another tip to take into consideration:
    many doctors in Bali work with several
    health care facilities or have their own private office.

    We were recommended to Dr.Bramantya
    who happened to also be
    a part time doctor at BIMC and at Sanglah.
    Instead of making an appointment with him at BIMC,
    where the charge would have been $150,
    we went to where he does consultations
    between 7-8 pm for 200,000 rp
    at the less equipped hospital:

    RS Dharma Yadnya
    Jl. WR. Supratman No 256

    His contact is:

    Tel. 0361-244 330
    E-mail: bramantyakarna@yahoo.com

    There he reviewed my x-rays
    and suggested that we do additional CT scans
    to review the damage done to my tibia.
    Since the hospital where we visited him,
    does not have the equipment for this,
    we needed to visit him the following day at Sanglah.

    There a CT scan was performed.
    It was suggested to us that we seek
    outside medical assistance for an operation.
    The consultation ran around 450,000 Rp,
    and the CT scan was about $100-$150.

    Now…most expats living in Bali,
    would automatically consider going to Singapore.
    With a recent trip to Singapore,
    I was reminded how expensive Singapore can be.
    (…and remember, I didn’t have insurance.)
    I already had the experience
    of visiting Bangkok for my yearly medical check ups.
    So, Bangkok became my choice.

    Next was finding a way to get there.

    Via Thai Air we were finding rates from $400-$800 R/T
    and via AirAsia we were finding prices of 1,600,000 O/W.
    So Air Asia we flew!

    Now comes the flying out part.
    Bali is definitely not on the top of the list
    of being wheelchair accessible.
    And eventhough my mother
    had gone to the airport the day before,
    to reserve a wheel chair for me,
    when we arrived, nothing was immediately available.
    My mother needed to leave me stationed
    on one of the benches at the entrance of the airport,
    while she went in to the Air Asia counter
    to request a wheel chair.
    The wheel chairs provided at the airport,
    are a bit run down,
    but one has to do with what is offered.

    From there on,
    a wheelchair assistant was offered to us,
    which ran pretty smoothly.
    We were taken up an elevator,
    directly to immigration,
    and wheeled through any lines.

    We were first to board on the plane,
    which allowed me to find comfortable seating.
    (I needed 3 seats to stretch out on,
    since my cast was so long)

    During my 4 hour + flight,
    I read an article in the
    Air Asia in-flight magazine,
    from a passenger praising the
    wheel chair assistance provided by Air Asia.
    I became hopeful!

    Until I got to Bangkok……

    Chapter 2: Getting an operation in Bangkok


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    Beware of the Uluwatu-monkeys !!

    by WStat Written Jun 20, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Uluwatu, on the southernmost tip of bali is renowned for its beautiful, famous temple.(Pura Uluwatu) is one of Bali's six directional temples;the structure was significantly expanded by a Javanese sage, Empu Kuturan in the 11th Century. More remarkable than the temple itself is its location, perched on a steep cliff 70 meters above the ocean.

    The temple is inhabited by large number of monkeys, who are extremely adept at snatching visitors' belonging, including bags, cameras and eyeglasses. Keep a very close grip on all your belongings especially on your camera, and stow away your eyeglasses if at all possible. If you do have something taken, the monkeys can usually be induced to exchange it for some fruit !

    Uluwatu, Bali Uluwatu surf Monkeys
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    Dirty Monkeys

    by tiamsanit Written May 12, 2008

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The monkeys at Uluwatu Temple are very dangerous. In fact, they are trained to steal valuable things such as eyeglasses, camera pouch, earing, etc... (they won't steal your hat or sarong or scarf, because they're cheap) from tourist when they are busy taking picture. After you lost your thing, in my case, eyeglasses, suddenly the old man behind said "chuu!!!" and throw a bag of food to the monkey. The monkey drop my eyeglasses and grab the food. The old man climb the wall to pick the eyeglasses for me but not found, and pretending to look around the cliff, sound like they were thrown away down to the cliff. In fact, the monkey just drop my eyeglasses right near to the wall. (All these were for making you very worried and incresing price for the picking!) Finally he found it and bring it back to me in badly shape. That damn creature bite my eyeglasses and scratch the lens. I was very angry and even outraged when he beg for money. DO NOT HAND THEM ANY PENNY! They are trained the monkeys to do this dirty tricks and when they found their victim, they signaled the monkey to do the job. This was confirmed by local peoples and my friend who experienced the same.

    If you get into the temple and saw old man, old women or any suspicious guys, stay away from them! They are family and work together. And be very careful at the monkeys, try not to go on the left side (when enter the temple), there are a lot of them on that side and for sure the dirty guy always sits there!

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    Dreamland no longer a Dream

    by balisunshine Updated Apr 14, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As of December 1st, 2007
    the warungs at Dreamland are
    to be dismantle to make way for
    the new ’17 Hole’ real estate project.

    Bye Bye to the Dreamland
    that once upon a time
    was a beach visited by only a few,
    where surfers chased that perfect wave,
    a Dreamland that offered cheap rooms to stay,
    where only a few would come and spend their day.

    Fortunate are those,
    that were able to live the experience
    what was once considered a dream.

    Bye Bye Dreamland!

    Dreamland beach Too tempting for developers

    Dreamland to become New Kuta Beach

    Bye Bye! Warungs to come down!!! Introducing..the New Dreamland! $$$$$
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    The Pipeline

    by balisunshine Updated Apr 14, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Another new feature at Dreamland
    since the new construction commenced,
    is the water tube that they have installed
    from the constructed area into the sea.

    Some surfers say that it altered the swell.

    It definately did not pretty the beach.

    The Pipeline
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    The New Warung at Dreamland

    by balisunshine Written Apr 14, 2008

    For those surfers or beach lovers
    who have not been to
    Dreamland since Dec. 2007,
    may be in for a surprise.

    All the local warungs were pulled down.
    A new cement construction,
    with restaurants, shops, a walkway
    for the buses of tourist to load off at,
    is soon to come!

    The New Cement Warung
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    The Coral Reef of Uluwatu

    by balisunshine Written Oct 30, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If your first arrival to surf
    at Uluwatu happens to be at high tide,
    be aware that there is a very large reef
    surrounding the whole of Uluwatu.

    The best way to understand
    and see the coral reef,
    if to see it at low tide.

    I have included some pictures
    of these treacherous reefs,
    to indicate the size.

    If you’re surfing at Ulu’s for the first time,
    use extra caution.

    Click on more photos
    at the upper right hand side,
    to see images of the coral reef
    at different surf spots.

    Coral Reef at Low Tide Low Tide at Uluwatu/Suluban Beach Low Tide at Bingin
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    When it rains…..

    by balisunshine Written Oct 30, 2007

    On several occasions,
    when it’s rainy season,
    you can watch the clouds of rain
    float past and above Seminyak,
    while at the Bukit,
    in mot cases,
    it doesn’t have visiting rain clouds
    unless the are arriving from the south.

    But on those occasions when
    it does rain,
    surfers be aware that,
    after a heavy downpour,
    eventually from the hills on the inner land
    the rain will create a flowing river of
    pieces of wood, branches, thorns, garbage, etc .
    This wash creeps down from
    higher land into the sea,
    right where you might just be surfing,
    excited about the waves that
    after the storm brings.

    If you have sensitive skin, allergies or skin reactions,
    it may be wise to stay out of the water or
    wear a wet suit.

    Don’t believe at first that,
    there’s nothing there,
    eventually the rain water
    full of chips and pieces
    will head your way, pouring
    and surrounding your little body in the sea.

    The first signs Muck flowing into the sea
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