Bali Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by machomikemd
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by machomikemd
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by machomikemd

Bali Warnings and Dangers

  • Buying Magic Mushroom

    Magic Mushrooms is a kind of mushroom with a scientific name of Psilocybin mushrooms and locals say that it grows from cow dung. this mushroom is a hallucinegenic and is among the list of banned substances in many countries even in Indonesia if you enter via the airport. but here around the tourists areas of bali, they sell assorted drinks spiked...

  • Bad food hygiene

    I suffered from a food poisoning at the first day in Bali after I had A&W meal and another time from Burger King, every time I eat something I end up getting sick with painful Stomachache! I was surprised as I am from Cairo and I thought I have been exposed to everything but I was wrong! Maybe not yetI also met an Australian tourist who told me...

  • /

    “ komodo / ”today, 10:13WARNING do not use they are also known as cita travel services run by a Peter Paca i booked a komodo island tour with them . my son is autistic and i needed to have atour organised to accomadate his needs to be able to cope with travel this peter gave us a holiday plan 4 days 3 nights he took...

  • Nyepi Day

    Balinese celeberate the first day of their lunar calander as a Day of Silence, Nyepi, after a crazy Ogoh-Ogoh festival last evening. All businesses, shops, traffic, schools, and even the airport remains closed the whole day. No one is even allowed to go out of their homes, or hotels, for that matter. This is taken seriously, and any adventurism may...

  • Alcohol - Part 2, not as bad as part...

    The ow so ever main drink in Bali,The Bintang Beer.This beer is drunk by locals drunk by tourist and every drunk by monkeys, as i heard hehe haha.This beer you can find any where from restaurants to supermarkets to night clubs to petrol stations to corner store.Bintang beer to me has a very bitter taste i dont drink beer at all in australia i love...

  • Alcohol - Part 1.

    The most lethal alcohol in Bali.The Arak.If your an aussie and you think passion pop is bad wait till you try Arak, go on i dare you.This drink is best served with either juice or coke, but if you want to get really really drunk very quick just do it how the locals do it, STRAIGHT!!!!Just be careful where you by it from and either who you get to...

  • Toilets, loos and squat toilets

    A Balinese ‘squat toilet’ is a western traveller’s worst nightmare – and the worst of the worst is probably one you’ll be asked to pay for! Don’t think for one minute thatnice shops, department stores, or even hotels at times, will have anything other than Squat Toilets! Above all, don’t expect toilet paper. ALWAYS take your own for emergencies....

  • Where did it go wrong???

    Bali, the beautiful island with the slogan "More Than You Dream ... For Less Than You Think" got attacked by increasing tourism in Bali and abundant vendors promoting various wares. The peace and quiet of the so famous Island of the Gods got disturbed at first at Kuta by the rich and famous of Australia, USA and Europe. The artists went to Ubud,...

  • Bali Denpasar airport. BEWARE of luggage...

    The porters who ask to carry your bags are fake porters. They will not return your bag to you until you pay them a minimum of $25 PER BAG!!!!Just refuse them when they ask you, so a firm "no" and keep hold of your luggage.They look legitimate, they have name tags with photographs and a uniform. This scam is tolerated and supported by the airport...

  • Exit Card

    I got this very good tip from a colleague today. Upon entry to Indonesia you will complete an entry card. The small portion of the card will be stamped and should be retained in your passport for your exit. If you lose this card you can be fined.My colleague had his card in his passport and handed it and his boarding pass to the immigration agent...

  • Bali No Jewelery

    Being a traveller to Bali i would warn people to wear as little jewelery as possible, the least of your worries would be the monkeys ripping it from your body, but the 2 legged kind (humans), is just an open invitation to be robbed, take it from someone who knows don't advertise your wealth!

  • Money Money Money

    Bali is an amazing place, with amazing people.Still it’s sad to see that people that have more contact with tourists seem to have a “money fever”. Sometimes you get the feeling that everything they do has the sole purpose of getting cash.We noticed that in many different occasions. Sad thing. NOT ALL PEOPLE! But enough...

  • Stray dogs

    Bali is swamped with stray (or not stray) dogs. They can get annoying and sometimes (very rarely) aggressive. You don’t need to worry about the ones wearing a red collar - these have the rabbies shot. Rabbies is becoming an increasing problem in Bali, so beware of the non-red-collared dogs. If they do get to close, just pick up a stone and show an...

  • Very Horrible Traffic & Poor Road Signs

    If you are taking any form of transport, the best way (but dangerous) is to go by motorcycle. We rented a car and drove ourselves - which was pretty ok, but road signs were really lacking and there were many one way streets that scooters and motorbikes went through in the wrong direction, which cars cannot follow - if you missed the no entry sign...

  • Police or Not : Don't Leave Valuables on...

    Recently there have been a number of incidents regarding a local posing as a policeman.This person, has short cropped hair in the style of a policeman, dresses in the uniform, badge and all, but has 3 earings in one ear (which is a giveaway).He targets visitors on the beaches in South Bali (Kuta, Legian and Gerger Beach near Nusa Dua)He offers to...

  • Those tricky money exchangers!!

    I once accompanied a friendto one of those local money exchangers that you find along the street.It was my first time to one of these so-called establishments.In the first one that we visited, they were asking a 35% commission!I told them it was a rip off and they just scuffled.We drove further down the street to a money changer that was also a...

  • Stealing a motorbike

    An interesting experience occurred to me recently.While taking picture of 2 hectares of land,I lost my motorbike keys.Thanks to my Balinese friend,within a while,he came to my rescue.He brought a guy who,brought a soft, unfiled Honda key.He first stuck it in the back,where you place things inside,and from there he figured outwhere it was needed to...

  • NO wheelchair friendly here!!!

    Just a fore warning to those,who are handicapped or wheel chair bound.This is NOT a wheel chair friendly country!!In fact, it is extremely difficult to just walk on a normal sidewalk,since there are not many of them around.If you want to absolutely come to Bali anyway,then consider staying at Nusa Dua or Sanurwhere you might find ita bit more...

  • Watch Out There Is A Thief About.

    More and more reports are being made to the police regarding money being stolen from visitors who have withdrawn money from ATM machines.BEWAREThere are elements of criminals (and not only Indonesian) who are watching for tourists withdrawing money from ATM machines. They are particularly targeting tourists who place the money in handbags, then get...

  • Bali Police Announce Crime Hot Lines

    List of Police Numbers for Sending SMS Crime Leads to Local Police Precincts. (11/29/2008) As part of a nation wide crackdown on premanisme which is comprised of gang activity, thuggery and extortion activities ¨C the Bali Police Department have invited the public to lend their support by sending SMS leads and information relating to premanisme to...

  • HIV Statistics:

    AIDS/HIV are at declared concentrated epidemic levels(Kuta Conference 2004) in Indonesia, and Bali is a part of Indonesia with a high level of comparatively wealthy travelers and consequently a high level of sex workers and incidental sexual activity. The 2004 conference detailed 90-130,000 known cases of infected people. Evidence suggests that...

  • Bali in the Dark

    With all the constructionwithout the development of infrastructure, the need of electricity is on the rise.Not that Bali has the capacity to do this,but the need along with the waste if there.Many villas leave several lights on,many villas construct swimming pools which need high consuming energy pumps, etc.Bali’s main power supply comes from the...

  • Part 1: Breaking a leg in Bali

    Lets face it,with the ruthless way that driving is conducted here;the amount of motorbikes used as a way of transportation;the poor infrastructure of roads and even the so-called sidewalks that one uses to walk on,makes breaking a bone or two as common as catching Dengue Fever,or even getting Bali Belly. (…not to mention the possible surfing...

  • methanol in liquor killing people

    In the last week 21 people have died and 51 and been made ill by ingesting liquor that has been laced with methanol. This is a common practice in Bali to raise the alchohol content cheaply. It just killed a wonderful American artist named Rose Johnson, only 48 years old.If you value your life, don't drink any liquor produced in Bali.

  • A dollar! A dollar!

    As you exit tourist sites, hawkers will offer you fantastic handmade gifts for a dollar. Beware. Often times what you are shown is not what you will get and prices will suddenly rise when you try to buy.

  • Safety

    Well I witnessed a boy try to cross a busy Sydney Street and get hit by a taxi.....Backpacking in Dubrovnik s deemed 'safe'Is it safe?....If you buy into Terrorist's propaganda then they have won, however ultimately any unpredicted thing can happen at any given moment so isn't the best advice to enjoy every last moment from here on in as your last?

  • The Bali Tattoo / The Bali Kiss

    If you happen to catch a glimpse of someone with a mark which is similar to a birth mark on there legs,it is most probably that it is the scar of a burn caused by a motorbike.Sometimes when the motorbikes are parked too closely together,you just might be parked next to a motorbike that has the exhaust pipe still very hot.And as you slip between the...

  • Say No To Drugs

    Sounds obvious doesn't it, Indonesia has very strict laws about drugs, both traffiking and possession, and there are quite a few visitors here who take the attitude"to be honest what harm can be done with a coupe of recreational smokes!!!"Well without wanting to appear a killjoy or anything, the risks taken can be quite severe, there are quite a...

  • Don't take the bait!

    After leaving Paddy's Reloaded on our first night in Kuta we were offered every drug under the sun from some shonky looking guys outside the club.Keep your head down & say a loud NO. Don't ever be tempted to even entertain the thought. These guys will get you the gear will and tell the police and you'll be living it up with Shapelle Corby & the...

  • Drug Raids

    For those who have fond memoriesof a Bali when one was carefree,and here to have fun, well, things have changed at a certain level.Those fun villa parties,have been reduced by fearcaused by the clamp downby the police force and their raids.But these raids don’t stop here!They are conducted in public venues too!No matter how chic they are!The police...

  • On the lookout for Monkeys!!

    If you are visiting any forests where there are monkeys make sure to hang onto your bags, drinks, cameras, sunnies etc as the monkeys have a habit of running up and grabbing them when you least expect it.*

  • Dang That Dengue Fever Part 2

    The time you are mostly likely to get bitten is, 2 hours before sunrise and 2 hours before sunset. So, between those times, take precautions.If you start havingfever like 30 or 40 C,along with headaches,throwing up and stomach aches,these maybe symptoms, you should get doubled checkedin a hospital.There isn’t a cure, should you be unfortunate...

  • Monkey business...

    They steal from you (be it: specs, umbrellas, cameras, etc) and trade it for food.That's how they make business.Monkeys are everywhere in Bali, to name some are: Uluwatu, Ubud, etc.My advise is to keep all your loose items in a bag and hold it tight and wear contact lenses instead of specs hahaha...And if they ever managed to grab something from...

  • respect the sacred areas

    When you want to enter the area of temples you have to be appropriate dressed : clothes that cover the lengs.Usually in temples entrance you can rent clothes and they give you also a cloth belt in bright colors.

  • give attention to the sea flags

    Before you decide to swim give attention to the flags.If there is a red flag that means there is a danger and you can swim on your own risk.Dont underestimate the not too big waves, when you get closer you will feel that is not a joke and it takes no more than a min for a accident to happen.

  • Taxi

    Hiring a taxi for a day...Even with a pre-negotiated price, the driver we had for one day was trying to add excess airport charge of 16,000 per person for drop off at the airport (entrance fee) the end of our journey...conflicting- refused to pay without asking other drivers or airport official-then he suddenly backed off and left without a...

  • The water looks great!! Is It Safe To...

    You know the feeling, it's hot, it's humid, you are relaxing on the beach, and you fancy a dip in the azure blue waters that look so inviting and refreshing. The waves look a little big, and there are plenty of surfers out there so it seems ok, you are a strong swimmer so off you go.Most of the time it's goint to be ok, as long as you are careful!!...


    We do know the v e n d o r s of the beaches area all over the world. Mostly poor locals who try to sell their belts, massages, hats, sunglasses, funny toys, towels, bonbons, bracelets necklaces, bikinis, earrings, paintings, gems, fake Rolex's, ice cream and so on!Nowadays these people are not anymore the poor locals and even Bali got overrun by...

  • Bird Flu:

    I get many many people asking me about "Bird Flu" and is it safe to come to Bali.My flippant answer is always "Are you coming to Bali to relax,on the beach, or by the pool, go sightseeing or some shopping; OR; are you coming to stay on a chicken farm in the remote parts of Bali."Seriously, Bali has had "Bird Flu" within it's population of domestic...

  • Aggressive monkeys

    Uluwatu is a beautiful place but be careful of the monkeys loitering around the area. My hunch is that the monkeys could be 'working' with some of the local touts there. The monkeys would make a grab for your glasses, and one of the locals would retrieve it from the monkey. The local will then 'reward' the monkey with some food. The local there...

  • Money Changers too many zero's

    I know there are many other tips and warnings about changing your money from fellow VT'rs, but thought I would just add and reinforce the dangers.There are hundreds of places through out Bali, especially in the touristy areas (obvious statement), as you leave the arrivals area in the airport you can be sure that they are ok, and will not try to...

  • $100 USD bills

    When bringing over cash,Make sure that your $100 dollars billsare not ripped, written on, scotched taped,and date from at least from 1996.In other words,that they are in good shape.Because of the traffic of counterfeit dollars around the world,certain requirements are asked of;when exchanging $100, $50, etc. USD Bills.

  • Passport Up To Date

    One of the requirements for entry into Indonesia is that your passport must have 6 months minimum validity, from the date you arrive in Indonesia. If it doesn't they won't let you in, and they will put you back onto the next available flight.It happenned recently to an Australian Couple, where the lady only had 5 Months and 2 Weeks left (in other...

  • Is she or isn't she?

    Take extra care with your luggage while in Bali. Many people have been caught with illegal drugs found in their suitcases, handbags, and even Boogy bags. Schapelle Corby, a pretty Australian woman was caught up with 4.2 kgs and now faces the next 20 years in prison for an offence that she strongly says that she did not commit. Whether she is...

  • Dont get cheated for money changer in...

    There are quite numbers of money changer you might see in town but ... most of the money changer, they might not honest when doing the business with you. It was happen to my friends and i was the one of the victims. So, i would advise that try to change your money in bank or big shopping mall.


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Bali Warnings and Dangers

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