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  • Family Hike - At the top of mt. Kaba volcano
    Family Hike - At the top of mt. Kaba...
    by adriansyah
  • Kaba offers some awe-inspiring treks
    Kaba offers some awe-inspiring treks
    by adriansyah
  • Mt. Kaba volcano trekking
    Mt. Kaba volcano trekking
    by adriansyah

Curup Things to Do

  • Gunung Kaba, a Beutiful Volcanic Crater

    Kaba volcano (locally known as Bukit Kaba), a beautiful and natural panorama with moderate temperature, offers some of very inspiring mountain experiences for those who love trekking or mountain climbing to catch a view of a unique and spectacular sulfuric crater. The area covers 13.490 hectares as it is proposed for tourism development.At the...

  • Suban Hot Springs and Waterfall

    Suban is located in the village of Talang Ulu, Curup. It has nice cool air with a nice view. It is good for bathing of the source of natural hot water. The hot springs bubble out at some simple public bathing pools and also in many other spots mixed with the cool water which comes from the stream. The hot springs and waterfall at Suban are popular...

  • BUKIT KABA curup

    Located at about 19 KM from Curup, Bukit means Hill, BUKIT KABA is a Volcanic Crater, there are three craters in which one is still active and hot water spring are found in the vicinity


    When one going to Suban Hot Spring, At first one can visit BIO EMBUN water fall just before reaching the Suban PArk, it was on the right side, stepping down is with little difficulties because there are, as local peoples said " thousnds step".with its 70 meters height. BIO in local labguages means WATER, Embun means DEWs

  • DANAU MAS a HILL side Resort

    It was a Holiday resort at Rejang Lebong District, there are many hill side Hotel, Motel, Vilaas, Cafetaria, Camping ground and a recreation spot in week end

  • A Crying Stone at Suban

    Suban is one of Curup Recreation Site, therre are hot and cold swimming pool, Suban Waterfalls and jungle tracking


    SUBAN is one of a recreation spot at Rejang Lebong District, Herre one can swimming at hot and cold water in a separated pools, a 90 meters high water fall in one compound of swimming pools, a jungle tracking and a play ground for children

  • DANAU MAS HASAN BESTARI, a lonesome lake

    Don't you think that this is a lake with abundant of Gold, even the peoples call it as DANAU MAS in bahasa, means Lake of Gold, i just still looking for how can the people give the name. Any way, this was a nice place for recreation as local peoples do in the week end or in public holiday or school holiday, one can go swimming at the pool, boating...

  • Curup: Capital city of...

    CURUP is a small town, a capital city of Rejang Lebong District, the area of about 10 Km in radius, with Pasar BANG MEGO, PASAR ATAS, PASAR TENGAH as a center of peoples activities in meet their daily needs, here we can find a few good hotel to stay, it was a stop over when we travel from Bengkulu to Palembang vise versa


Curup Restaurants

  • The most popular restaurant in town

    The cleanest and most popular restaurant in town. It’s also home to a small karaoke. The long wooden tables are often crowded with families and couples for deep-fried fish and chicken lalapan style served with sambal (chili sauce) and fragrant raw kemangi leaves, a taste like very strong basil. You’ll find something tasty. Be warned, it gets quite...

  • The Nicest Bakso In Town

    Travelers with a taste for tasty Javanese bakso (meatball soup) should head to Bakso Arema Cak Brewok Curup. It does excellent eastern Javanese bakso very cheply. A bowl of bakso cost Rp. 9,000. According to many serious bakso fans, bakso Cak Brewok is considered the best bakso in town. Come and have some!! I love the bakso with crispy fried...

  • Curup Hotels

    0 Hotels in Curup

Curup Transportation

  • Getting to Kaba Volcano from Villa Hijau

    To get to Bukit Kaba, you can start from Villa Hijau by an angkot (public city transport). Cross the street and catch an angkot, tell driver “Simpang Pasar Bukit Kaba”. After you get to Simpang Pasar Bukit Kaba then find the “Ojek” (motorcycle riders who take passengers) at the corner of the intersection. Tell them “Puncak Bukit Kaba” if you want...


    The common Indonesian means of transport such as angkot (public city transport), ojek (motorcycle riders who take passengers), and becak (pedicab) are available in many places in Curup. Most angkots serve a standard route, picking up and dropping off people anywhere along the route, angkot fare is Rp. 2,500 per person. You can find Ojeks at Curup...

  • ANGKOT a Taxi for getting around

    Angkot is a small bus which can load up to 10 passengers, one at the side of the driver and the rest are at the back seats, it was convenient models of Curup's transportation, no schedule, you just stand at the edge of the street and just point your hand to stop them.The payment system is an easy way, just prepare a small value paper money in...


Curup Local Customs

  • Personal Space

    If you are a white foreigner (locally known as bule) you tend to get stared at in places where few white foreigners go, but overall, Indonesians stand back and look, rather than gather around you. Those who do come right up to you are usually kids. The other habit which altogether ordinary to Indonesians is touching between those of the same...

  • “Hello Mister” Fatigue

    This is the universal greeting given to white foreigners regardless of whether the person who is addressed is male or female. The less advanced English students know only “Mister” and “how are you”, which they will enthusiastically yell at white foreigners many times.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Curup Warnings and Dangers

  • Scorpion Sting

    In Rejang Lebong district, scorpions usually like natural attraction to cool moist areas. They frequently live in lumber or brick piles, and they may be found hiding in dark areas and near mountains. Scorpions use its venomous sting primarily to subdue insect prey. They also use the sting defensively, readily stinging a predator or the mistakenly...

  • High levels of smoking around other...

    It’s difficult to get a smoke-free shuttle bus or mini bus in Curup. High levels of smoking around other people and high levels of butt littering at the bus stops in Curup are really annoying. People who light up while waiting for the bus usually smoke close to other people who are also waiting there. Bus companies like ST, PR and BK, claim to have...

  • Watch Out For

    Use common sense to keep safe. Do not flash valuables or walk around alone at night. Locals suggest avoiding the area of Binduriang especially the village of Kepala Curup, as it is unsafe at night.


Curup What to Pack

  • New backpackers need to know

    Backpacking and camping can get difficult sometimes. The two most important things to know are how to dress comfortably and how to pack your equipment well. People need to understand the purpose of outdoor clothing. Clothes need to keep you warm in the cold, block the wind, and keep you dry in the rain. In hot environments, clothes should also...

  • Additional Items To Pack Between Oct &...

    Locks for your luggage – it’s better to be safe than sorry. In Curup and most parts of Rejang Lebong region, the rainy season falls between October and April. Rain tends to come in sudden tropical downpours for a few hours, but it can also rain all day (peaking from January to February). You should bring your lightweight, lower-ankle length hiking...

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