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  • Postal worker stamping our postcards
    Postal worker stamping our postcards
    by Jeanling

Magelang Things to Do

  • Send a postcard home!

    There is a post office just beside Terminal Borobudur. It's a brand new building - we can still smell the paint work, LOL! We get to witness the postal worker stamping our postcards and dropping them into the post box.

  • Diponegoro Museum

    Prince Diponegoro (1785-1855) was the elder son of sultan Hamengku Buwana III (ruled 1810-1814) of Yogyakarta. He is revered as an independence hero because of his early revolt against Dutch colonial rule, which lasted from 1825 to 1830. The meddling of the Dutch rulers had gone to the extent that the Dutch had made his younger brother heir to the...

  • Jl. A. YANI, a main street

    A. YANI street is a Magelang main thotoroughfare, along the street we can see old buildings with the Dutch Architecture, a shopping Department store, a Post office, a movie theatre and shop houses stranded as long as the street

  • Magelang City Center

    Alun Alun Magelang is a sQuare located at the city center, you can see a big statue of prince Diponegoro at the east side, a water tower at the borth side, a church just behind the water towr, a great mosQue at the west side and a red clor chinese temple at the south east corner of Alun Alun.

  • Prince Diponegoro Statue

    Prince Diponegor is one of an Indonesian Hero who fights against the colonialisation. To Respect his efforts, then the government of Magelang was built a big statue of Paneran Diponegoro which situated at Magelang Square.

  • Whatever u want to do

    Coming to Magelang is about hunting for many interesting things to do after all doing lots of activities in big city which can make u crazy. Here we can do culinary trip, favourite.

  • Lil' Trip to Kyai Langgeng, Relaxing n...

    Try to take a trip to taman Kyai langgeng, a mini botanical garden likes Kebun Raya Bogor. It's located in the middle of Magelang. So easy to find. The view is very good looking, nice to take photo there well, at least u can get some landscape of magelang from heights. It's near Progo river too.

  • MountMerapi view closely from Magelang

    Its Fascinating experience watching the peak of Mount Merapi closely at the foot of the Mountain, everything is go greeen, it was a good breathtaking, even we can see the volcano expel the lava from closely walking distance


    KETEP PASS VOLCANO Theatre is a Movie Cinema playing Volcanic Mountain which tell the audiences about the story of Mount Merapi, the film with the duration of 20 minutes


    At WONO LELO there is a rest Area built by Magelang District Administration to encourage the attendance Watching an eruption of Mount Merapi, it was about 5 KM from Ketep Pass on the way head on to Boyolali

  • Magelang - Borobudur Temple

    I drove from Semanang to the ancient Boroburdur Temple, outside of Magelang. It is a 8th century Buddhist Temple, square in form, built on the top of a large hill, thereby magnifying its pyramid-like height and allowing for a nice view of the mountain ridge and tropical valley.

  • Army houses

    At the end of Jalan Pahlawan, you will see many houses like this one showing in pic. As a base and training area of colonial army, they built houses for themself here. Nowadays, it was take over and become houses of local army and the family on their duty in Magelang. As i notice, those will painted in white, combined with gray, black, dark green...

  • School will be school, still

    Used to be a MULO, school in colonial era. This building complex is being keep in original, unless some addition that is not bothering the real design. It is a junior high school building, one of the best in Magelang.

  • Pink Plengkung

    There are two plengkung (viaduct) in Magelang. Some kind of irrigation system that passing over the street, with another colonial touch. This is one of it, which is built on 1920 as dated.

  • Typical old houses

    Most of old houses in Magelang will have such detail. It is colonial house building, and there are many more in Magelang. Strong thick wall construction with the front wall, ceiling, and border line details. This fence with flower detail is new though.


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Magelang Restaurants

  • Indonesian Foods, want to try a bit?

    Getting hungry when u're taking a trip around Magelang. Don't be that worry... Magelang offers many kinda foods u can try. Here's one, Rumah Makan Eny, u can choose various kinds of locals foods like Fried Rice, and so on...RM Eny also offers various driks too. RM Eny is easy to find cos it's located in city center. Near Magelang...

  • Capcay(Vegetable), FishBarbeque etc,

    Enjoy Indonesian food and chinese food from fresh vegetable, like Capcay(Fried Vegetable), Fish Barbeque, Noodle, Hot Drink with Ginger There are many choices, Fish, vegetable, etc

  • Creamy satay banana

    It is just common cafe, i said. Feels plain and old surroundings. Well known for 'wedang ronde' or say it ginger cocktail. Great to enjoy when raining at night. I like the satay banana. It is banana in satay form, coverd with coconut sauce. Mmm creamy...


Magelang Transportation

  • Yogya-Magelang v.v by Damri bus

    The Damri bus company offers a frequent executive class bus service from Yogya airport to Magelang. The bus shelter is conveniently located at the parking across the railway, where all passengers arriving at Yogya have to proceed through the tunnel, in order to catch a train, bus, taxi or private car.Arrival at Magelang is near Hotel Wisata, south...

  • Road conditions around Magelang

    We can use many ways to take trips aroud Magelang. But using cars or motorcycles can give u more thing to do rather than using mass transport cos we could have only small minibus used as mass transport here. The residents're used to call it Angkot. It's not effective, coz it only serve short trip that means we have to continue our trip using other...

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Magelang Warnings and Dangers


    BOROBODUR ..When visiting this amazing site of Borobodur whether it be for a sunrise or a sunset viewing, ALWAYS carry and use a strong Mosquito repellant.. Due to the adverse heat and its tropical location the mosquito problems are prevelant. Always use a good repellant..Early mornings and evenings are the worst time for mosquitos and when most...


    WARNING When travelling in these tropical or equatorial states it is so important to carry sufficient fresh water for the day. Due to the constant heat and humidity it is sometimes amazing at just how much water you will drink just replacing body fluid losses due to the extreme heat. I ALWAYS make sure that before setting out for the day as it...

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