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  • General A. YANI  Park
    General A. YANI Park
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  • Purworejo Train Station
    Purworejo Train Station
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    Prambanan Express Train
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Purworejo Things to Do

  • The regent's tiger.

    The regent's residence or kabupaten is an example of the Javanese concept of government. Meant to impress and to entertain guests.Yet it is also open and accessable. Just walk into the porch, greet the watchman, and you are free to walk the grounds.It is the privilege of a king to keep a caged tiger, even today when the Sumatran tiger is an...

  • Curug Muncar waterfall

    Curug Muncar is one of two important waterfalls in Purworejo regency, the one least visited. It lies in the north of the regency, you have to travel a secundary road and then still walk an hour.We liked the route to get there, but were somewhat disappointed by the site itself. In the first place the waterfall comes down amid big boulders, no pool...

  • Go all 750 m in Seplawan Cave

    Caves abound in the hills on Java's south coast. Fairly close to Yogya is Goa Kiskendo, nice but not much of an adventure. Halfway between Purworejo and Cilacap is Goa Jatijajar, where on holidays you walk in rows along fenced walkways.Seplawan Cave is not visited so much and to tell the truth not impressive as stalagmite and stalactite formations...

  • Geger Menjangan lookout

    The southern part of Purworejo regency consists of a coastal plain about 25 km wide. North of Purworejo town you get into hilly terrain. The first hilltop you reach going north features a lookout popular among joggers and young couples. One has to negotiate about 300 steps of partly broken stairs to get up there. When the skies are clear it is...

  • Historic mosque of Bagelen

    Built in 1618 this mosque, named Masjid Santren, is the oldest in Bagelen. However it did not strike us as old, so throughly has it been renovated in 2003.It might have been different if we had been students of mosque architecture. The mosque was built on the order of Sultan Agung of Mataram as a reward for the religious leader Kyai Baidlowi who...

  • The Buried Fort of Bagelen district

    They call it Benteng Pendem, which means Buried Fort. Actually there are several buried forts in the region, all called benteng pendem, and all built with the purpose of heading off invasions of enemies on the south coast. E.g. there is another - quite different - one at Cilacap which was built by the Dutch. This Benteng Pendem at Bagelen south of...

  • Pendowo Drum, the biggest

    Purworejo's main mosque boasts the biggest bedug or drum in the world. It is used to call for Friday prayers.The bedug was built in 1834. At the front it measures 194 cm in diameter, at the back 180 cm.It is 292 cm long and the striking surface is made of wild ox skin.

  • Javanese daggers at Tosan Aji Museum

    In literal translation the High Javanese name Tosan Aji of the museum means: ‘valuable iron’. The term refers to the Javanese daggers or keris which constitute the main collection if the museum. Keris have always been in high regard, and the more ancient they are, the more mystical power they are supposed to possess.Tosan Aji Museum was founded...

  • Adventure In Cave Seplawan

    Well, Seplawan is one of famous cave in Purworejo. It's located in Menoreh mountains, about 20 kms from city center. We can get there in two ways. From Jogja, coz it's near Jogja boundary or trough Purworejo itself. But i recomend the 1st one. It has good road and beautiful scenery. If u reach it from Purworejo u'll find that the road is bumpy that...


Purworejo Restaurants

  • Recommended

    The friend who recommended Hotel Ganesha also recommended Suka restaurant. In fact we also tried one other of the eight restaurants in the tourist folder (Soto Semarang), but were disappointed. So we conclude that our friend's advice was sound.Rumah Makan Suka is a Chinese restaurant that does not look impressive, but the food is good. Big portions...

  • Steak! Once more...don't miss it...

    Wanna try different menus? Just visit Palm Steak n Resto, u'll find various menus u can choose. Here, we could have both local or foreign kinda foods such as chicken/beef steak, spaghetti, mies, fried rice in many variant, and also drinks. The steaks're served on a hot plates with vegetable stews and several sauce like black pepper or mayonaise....

  • Meatball! Who wanna try?

    Bakso Pak Sukar. Hmm...i think no one at Purworejo doesn't know 'bout it. It's true men. The meatball is so tender hmm...unspeakably delicious (in my mind....again). Well if u have come to Purworejo, there's no reason not to try it. Meatball of course (It has no other menu.....)


Purworejo Nightlife

  • HellCrush's Profile Photo

    Various Foods at Purworejo Square: Nightlife in the heart of city

    by HellCrush Written Jul 31, 2007

    Get bored by the day activity here? Don't worry. Just try to come here at Purworejo square at night. U'll find different nuance of life. Starts at about 4.00 pm at the afternoon, people are gathering near Purworejo square waiting for the night's coming. Like what they're doing, u can also do this kinda activity. While u're enjoying the afternoon u can also have various foods as dinner. Here u can find from locals till fried chicken a la kentucky, or if u get lucky u can also find turkish kebab, hmmm.....
    Getting bothered by the cold temperature? Try Bajigur, or wedang ronde. This good to make ur body kept warm. Well, have a try...

    Dress Code: Everything but nothing to wear hahaha.....

    A piece of night at Purworejo Jalan Oerip Sumohardjo, one afternoon
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Purworejo Transportation


    A Prambanan Express Train from Yogyakarta would take about one hour to reach Kutoarjo Train Station, then from Kutoarjo train station, take an angkot sharing taxi to Purworejo city

  • Yogya-Purworejo v.v by Damri bus

    The Damri bus company offers an executive class bus service from Yogya airport to Purworejo. The bus shelter is conveniently located at the parking across the railway, where all passengers arriving at Yogya have to proceed through the tunnel, in order to catch a train, bus, taxi or private car.The Damri bus station of Purworejo lies at Jalan Gajah...

  • Andong, Horse carried cart

    If u just want to take a trip around the town, u can try this one. It's so cheap. With only Rp.2000,00 ( about USD 0,2) u can make a single trip. People called it Dokar/ Andong


Purworejo Off The Beaten Path

  • Spot some old Dutch buildings!

    Get some amusement of finding withstood centuries Dutch buildings which can be found around the town.

  • The Black Dutchmen Lived Here

    The Black Dutchmen, or Londo Ireng as they were called in Javanese, were African soldiers serving in the Royal Dutch East Indies Army (KNIL). Between 1831 and 1872 over 3000 of them were recruited from Africa's Gold Coast (now Ghana). A large part of them were garrisoned in Purworejo. After their tour of duty many returned to Africa, but others...

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