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  • Rong Hill - overlooking Rawa Pening
    Rong Hill - overlooking Rawa Pening
    by theo1006
  • Kampoeng Bali on steep hillside
    Kampoeng Bali on steep hillside
    by theo1006
  • Rong Hill - Merbabu, Telomoyo, Sumbing, Sindoro
    Rong Hill - Merbabu, Telomoyo, Sumbing,...
    by theo1006

Salatiga Things to Do


    Located near the main road from Semarang to Yogyakarta, just outside the village of Ambarawa is the old Dutch fortress 'Willem II'. However since Indonesian independence it has become a military complex and prison, it has a past of serving as a fortress during the Dutch coloial time and a prison during the Japanese occupation and revolution...


    Located near the main road from Semarang to Yogyakarta, just outside the village of Ambarawa is the old Dutch fortress 'Willem II'. However since Indonesian independence it has become a military complex and prison, it has a past of serving as a fortress during the Dutch coloial time and a prison during the Japanese occupation and revolution...

  • AMBARAWA a Dutch Colonial City

    Ambarawa was a military city during the Dutch Colonial Government.King Willem I ordered the construction of a new railway station to enable the government to transport its troops to Semarang.On May 21, 1873 the Ambarawa railway station was built on a 127,500 m² land.This was known back then as Willem I Station.The Ambarawa railway museum was...


    Fifty km south of Semarang, Ambarawa has locomotives of various types and ages, and it is still possible to ride on a cog railway between Ambarawa and Bedono, a village nearby. Ambarawa Railway Museum 50 km south of Semarang, Ambarawa is the home of Java's antique locomotives, housed in a museum.The museum was established in the 1970s primarily to...

  • Rong Hill Lookout

    Tlogo Plantation Resort has acquired another attraction. That is to say, the attraction has alway been there, i.e. a hill with magificent view of five mountains in the neighbourhood. But now they have built a pavilion and restaurant on the top.Whether you stay in the resort or not, you can always make the 30 minutes hike uphill. Or if you prefer,...

  • Scenic drive around Merbabu mountain

    This favourite road tour leads around Merbabu mountain, with close views of Merapi volcano. We made the tour several times, both before and after the October-November 2010 eruptions. The tour can be made by car or by motorcycle, clockwise or anti-clockwise. Best start by day-break for cloudless views, although that is no guarantee.The itinerary...

  • UKSW Department of Performing Arts

    When you happen to be in the neighbourhood it may be worthwhile to inquire about a performance by students of the Department of Performing arts of Salatiga's Satya Wacana University.There are about ten musical performances a year on the campus and they are all free! They range from pop music to Indonesian song to opera duets. The department is...

  • A tour on horseback

    What about learning to ride a horse during your Java travels? Or, if you have already some experience riding, you can make a tour on horseback in the environment of Salatiga. We met the owners of 'Havana Horses' by coincidence. They happened to be on the same flight as us returning to Salatiga. The Indonesian-Dutch couple have developed their...

  • Scenic drive around Telomoyo Mountain.

    Telomoyo Mountain is our favourite mountain near Salatiga. With 1894 m it is not as high as better-known Merbabu (3142 m), but with its lush vegetation, steep ridges and deep ravines, streams which do not run dry, it is more interesting to go on discovery walks. And if you do not like hiking, you can drive all the way to the top as well as drive...

  • To the Summit of Mount Telomoyo

    If a 6 to 8 hours hike to the top of Merbabu mountain is not your idea of fun, what about Telomoyo mountain? In the seventies a telecommunication relay station was built on the top of this 1894 m mountain, and to reach it a 7 km road was carved in its side all to the top. So you can drive there, although the road is narrow and in some places in...

  • Jelok, hydropower for Salatiga

    The Dutch built Jelok power station in 1912, and it has long been the main provider of electrical power for Salatiga. Of course nowadays it is connected into a larger grid.Jelok gets its water from Tuntang river, which flows out of Rawa Pening lake, which in turn receives its water from Telemoyo mountain.An interesting feature is that the power...

  • To the summit of Mount Merapi

    When friends invited us to join them to the Merapi, we decided to accept the invitation. Last time Theo stood on the top he was 30 years old, now he is 66. But we still managed it, actually the descent was harder than the climb.If you are young and in good shape, you can get to the top in 4 hours. That is how Theo did it in 1972, starting out at...


Salatiga Hotels

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Salatiga Restaurants

  • New on the ring road

    Along the new ring road new restaurants have appeared too, hoping to attract passers-by who avoid Salatiga town centre. Most impressive of these is Bale Raos, featuring a wealth of Javanese woodcarving. Seeing the impressive building one would expect prices to match, but actually the food and the prices are middle-of-the road, comparable to Bu...

  • Original home cooking

    Restaurants in Salatiga are proliferating, everyone wants to cash in on the students who don't cook for themselves. So most of them offer the same menu with small student prices.Manna is different, specializing in home-made pizza and pasta. We did not appreciate the pasta; still looking for a place in Salatiga where they know how to prepare pasta....

  • Great garden, poor food

    Cafeole has been open for a couple of years now (July 2013). It was establised in a precolonial house in a lot still the original size right in the centre of town. They made good use of the sizeable plot, the green garden is gorgeous! One has the choice of a table in the converted house, one of several pavilions in the garden, a lesehan pavilion...

  • Nice food and ambiance

    New restaurants appear like mushrooms in Salatiga, Most are mediocre and cater for a student's purse.Lotus Coffee and Resto newly opened on the road to Kopeng is different. The menu is varied and complete, the card for drinks is as long as the one for food. One can sit in the garden when the weather is fine, or in a veranda open to the garden when...

  • Best value for little money

    If you are on a budget or just want to try street-side food, go to Bakmi Progo. Here you can still eat your fill starting from one US dollar, and the taste is surprisingly good. Unlike many places where the prices are small, the portions are quite generous.It's a family run business and has been around for a long time. Your food may be prepared by...

  • Cheap Dining Out

    Another restaurant popular for a family dine-out. Also on our list when we don't want to do cooking at home. Koloke (chicken meat in sweet-sour sauce) Rp 21,000. Sapi lada hitam (black pepper cow's meat) Rp 22,000. Gurame (fish) starting at Rp 40,000.

  • Good food, good ambiance, and cheap

    The usual modest prices and modest portions of a Javanese warung. But the food is tasty and good value for money. And you do not pay for the ambiance: within the town borders yet among paddy fields looking out on Merbabu mountain.On weekdays people have their little business meetings here, during weekends bu Rini's is a favourite for a family...

  • Expats' favourite

    It's in the neighbourhood of the International school, run by Americans, and a favourite of the local expat community. They have the usual Indonesian food, but above that international dishes of better quality than the Indonesians make. Pizza, spaghetti, taco, salads, and a choice of delicious coffees.Directions: From Osa Maliki bypass take the...

  • More than just a coffeehouse

    On weekdays Kampoeng Kopi Banaran is a favourite rest stop for a cup of coffee and a snack. But is is much more than that. They have about every recreation facility on can think of: swimming pool, tennis court, camp ground, kids' play ground, outbound sports, fruit garden... So on weekends the place is rather crowded with local recreants. And of...


Salatiga Nightlife

  • Ronde..ronde..

    by widhibrata Written Apr 30, 2008

    Ronde is a warm drink served in a small bowl. Mainly warm ginger juice with various wheat-product mixed in. Sweet and often mixed with milk. There are lots of sellers on the side of the main road - Jalan Jendral Sudirman. Have a ronde and watch the buzz of the small town at night. They are available up to early morning about 1:00am. Ridiculously cheap, the best are around Hotel Beringin area, up at the end of the road.

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Salatiga Transportation

  • From Salatiga to Bali

    Should you wish to travel to Bali from Salatiga, there are two bus companies to choose from. Both operate a very similar daily service:(1) Gunung Harta leaves around noon, ETA Denpasar the next day by 8am.(2) Pahala Kencana leaves around 3pm, ETA Denpasar the next day by 11am.The bus stops only once, for a late dinner. There is a toilet on board....

  • Taksi Galaksi metered taxi service

    Until recently there were no metered taxi's in Salatiga. One had to hire a rental car, not practical for a local ride. But now there is Taksi Galaksi, all new cars and not expensive. We paid less for a ride with Taksi Galaksi to Semarang airport, than with the fixed-price taxi service from the airport to Salatiga. Of course the fare with a metered...

  • Cipaganti shuttle bus

    Taxi or rental car may be the most comfy way to get to and from Salatiga, but it is also the most expensive way. There is ample choice of cheaper public transport:(1) Economy bus; very cheap, but not recommended because slow (stops everywhere), dirty, crowded and no AC.(2) PATAS bus; airconditioned, with reserved seats and limited stops on the way....


Salatiga Shopping

  • Toys and household items

    They are lining the road in a long row on both sides, perhaps half a km long. Nameless stalls with much the same merchandise in all of them: toys, in particular wooden truck models; aluminium pots and pans, in particular the Chinese wok type; vases, kitchenware of wood and rattan. Everything is hand made.In a few years they have increased from a...

  • Rattan and more

    Actually there are two neighbouring shops, specialising in artistic handicraft made of rattan and other natural materials. One of them bears a sign "Koen Saleri", the other has no name.Here you can find lampshades, chairs, baskets and all kinds of accessories for in your home. Shipping can be arranged.At the back of the shops you can visit the...

  • Enceng gondok products

    Google for "enceng gondok" and you will find several suppliers of enceng gondok products. What are they made of and where does the material come from?These products are made of water hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes) stalks, and a main source of the material is Rawa Pening lake north of Salatiga. Eichornia crassipes is a water plant native to South...


Salatiga Local Customs

  • Monkey on a chain

    Having a wild animal in your front yard enhances your status. (See The regent's tiger!) In a village it may be a monkey (a beruk or a lutung). The juveniles are caught by killing the mother, no wonder not many remain in the wild on Java.This example is a beruk or Javanese macaque (macacus nemestrinus), kept on a chain in the front yard of a house...

  • Village alarm code

    In the countryside people will try to put you at ease: Disini aman, bu (It's safe here, ma'am). And indeed, Indonesia is generally very safe. In the cities this may be due to the safety wardens you find everywhere: in shopping malls, at banks, parkings and restaurants, as well as to the night watches in residential areas. Villages have their own...

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Salatiga Off The Beaten Path

  • The road to nowhere

    Heavy through traffic is a nuisance in Salatiga. Buses and trucks from Semarang to Yogya, Solo and farther east all go through the town.In the early nineties construction was started on a 13 km bypass west of town. The ringroad was to connect Tapen on the nortern border of town with the bus terminal in the south. However due to the Asian financial...

  • Rock slide blocks road

    Seen on the western slope of Telomoyo mountain. A big rock had slid down from the roadside and blocked the entrance to Mulungan hamlet (see Scenic drive around Telomoyo mountain, km 31.1). Two men were taking turns in trying to break the rock up using only a sledge hammer. We do not know how long it took them, but when we passed by days later the...

  • Logging on Telomoyo mountain

    Who said the Javanese are lazy?Do the walk from Pagergedog village to Sepakung Nature Reserve on Telomoyo mountain (see Scenic drive around Telomoyo mountain) and you will meet them on their daily business: tending vergetable gardens, carrying fodder for their cows and carrying logs to sell.The logs are cut from pine trees and weigh 100 kg to over...


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