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    Helen's "masterpiece"
    by theo1006
  • Mangkunegaran reception hall
    Mangkunegaran reception hall
    by theo1006
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    Signs of the zodiac
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Solo Things to Do

  • An intensive batik course

    Helen fulfilled a long-standing wish by taking a three-day intensive batik course at Batik Mahkota Laweyan. There are many batik techniques, traditional ones taking weeks to finish one cloth, because it must be drenched in successive color baths and dried and prepared in between. In the course one learns the modern technique that many artists use,...

  • 'MAN 2' or 'Eks Pengadilan Tinggi Agama'...

    Browsing the internet in search of colonial buildings to visit in Solo, we encountered the Gedung Eks Pengadilan Tinggi Agama (Former Religious High Court Building). So it seems to be known, although originally it was not a religious court, nor is it nowadays.According to our source, the buildings were originally the residence of a rich merchant...

  • The Kraton Surakarta Hadiningrat

    Our Lonely Planet guide states that the Mangkunegaran Palace is in better condition and more rewarding to visit than the Surakarta Kraton. That may be so, but the kraton is historically and culturally of much more interest. This is where the susuhunan or sunan resided and resides, from Pakubuwono II who had the palace built to the present...

  • Danar Hadi Batik Museum

    The batik collection of Danar Hadi Museum is considered the finest in Java, comprising the styles of Solo, Yogya, Pekalongan, and elsewhere. It is the private property of the founder of the Danar Hadi Batik House. Unfortunately we can't show any pics, because photographing is not allowed. As reason they say that the flash may affect the batiks, but...

  • The Mangkunegaran Palace

    Why are there two palaces in Solo?As said on our intro page, by 1745 the VOC had obtained the overlordship of the Mataram kingdom, Susuhunan Pakubuwono II being their puppet. But his position was still attractive, as the VOC left the administration mainly to him. So at his demise in 1749 there were competitors for the succession.His younger...

  • A former European School

    On the south side of Mayor Sunaryo street, facing Vastenburg fort we saw three evidently colonial buildings being restored. The restoration was none too early, some walls already having collapsed. Billboards showed that lately the buildings had been in use as government offices, but what was their original function? We asked a supervisor and an...


Solo Hotels

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  • The Sunan Hotel Solo

    Ji Ahmad Yani 40, (Formerly "Quality Hotel"), Solo, Java, 57143, Indonesia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Ibis Solo

    Jl. Gajah Mada no. 23, Solo, 57131, Indonesia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Novotel Solo

    I have enjoyed myself very much during my stay at Novotel Solo. The staff there are very friendly...


Solo Restaurants

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  • Going local

    Much is made of this road-side foodcourt, which was established at the initiative of former mayor Jokowi, who now (March 2014) is governor of Jakarta Special Region. You find it along a traffic-free road when you head straight east for Jalan Slamet Riyadi or turn right coming from the entrance to Alun-alun. The iron roofing on first sight makes one...

  • A nice attempt

    We found this little restaurant in passing by; it had just opened its doors two weeks earlier. Was it because of this newness that they had not yet understood that, when a guest orders an appetizer and a main course, they have to serve the appetizer first and the main course after the guest has finished the appetizer?They offer various Chinese and...

  • Fast Food

    After having our Sate in the car, we still feel hungry, of course hungry, I only had 3 sticks of Sate. Round and round looking for food in Solo..eating at nearest warong or rumah makan, a NO NO for my friends who had experienced stomach upset eating roadside food in Hanoi. I am having a lot of fast food in Jogja and Solo. Come to McDonalds then...

  • Gule Kambing

    Mr Obama (our driver) took us here for Sate Kambing, well, he knows the best where to eat in Solo. While waiting for the Sate kambing to barbeque, he had Gule Kambing with white rice. Smell delicious!!

  • Sate Kambing

    Must be the best Sate Kambing in Solo because I ate it and its very good (for someone who don't eat Goat, haha) No awful smell of goat on the meat and the sate is served with kicap manis with cut onions, cabbage and tomatoes. Simply lovely..

  • Dim Sum

    Normal prices from 15,000rp till 25,000rpIf you stay in Diamond Hotel, you can choose three trays with your breakfast voucher.


Solo Nightlife

  • Goldenboy's Profile Photo

    Mbok SRI Keprabon: Super supper: Nasi Liwet

    by Goldenboy Written Dec 14, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After a night out dancing or wandering around, just have some meal here. Its a local kind of serving rice actually. But Mbok SRI have it almost perfect! Rice served with egg, tempe bacem, krecek etc, etc, ...
    People will have hot dark coffee, or sweet tea.

    Dress Code: Whatever your preference is, but not naked.

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Solo Transportation

  • Hire a Car

    To Solo from Yogjakarta only takes 1.5 hours drive, so we hired a car with driver and petrol included, all for 550,000 rupiah for 10hours. We started our journey to Solo at 8am and was pretty excited to visit Solo. A toyota Avanza, just nice for 5 persons to sit, I enjoyed sitting behind and take pictures.

  • Yogya-Solo v.v. by train

    As per March 2010 the so-called Prameks train runs fifteen times daily between Yogyakarta and Solo. Although Prameks is short for Prambanan Ekspres, only two of these trips make a stop at Prambanan; these are called the Prameks Wisata (Tourist Prameks). Most of the trains are of the economy type, but three daily have executive class.With this...


    Take a train from Yogykarta to Solo vv is more convenient than by Bus, it takes about one hour with the fare of IDR, 9,000,- ( nine thousand rupiah). Along the journey, One can see a beautiful panorama at the both side of the train, a paddy/rice field and a wonderful view twin mountains "MERAPI" and active volcano and MERBABU in a faraway distance...


Solo Shopping

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  • Solo's antique market

    From the Mangkunegaran Palace it is only a few steps to Pasar Triwindu, the antique market. They sell both Javanese antiques, like masks and wayang puppets, and western bric-a-brac, like chandeliers and coffee pots.Having lived so long in Java, we already have enough of this stuff, so we just had a look around. But if this is your first visit, this...

  • Buy batik from the makers

    You may buy all your batik at the Keris or Danarhadi shops in Solo, or cheaper at pasar Klewer.But you get the best deal in a village that supplies these shops. Just driving through you may see women batik-ing on the verandah. Drop in to Sadewa shop to see the dying process. Head to Dewi Arum for the finest stuff.A complicated sarung design may...

  • Batik Paradise

    This is a haven for batik lovers. Beteng is a market place that is mainly consist of batik trader,they sale all kind of batik clothes and other thing made of batik with a cheap price compared to other place, especialy if you buy more than one. This is a good place to find something for your loved one or your friends. For sure you should have buy...


Solo Local Customs

  • Javanese Wedding Customs

    It's interesting to note there are more than 300 cultures and languages over here in Indonesia and needless to say, this has an enormous impact on marriage ceremonies. There are different types of wedding ceremonies in Indonesia and you can learn a great deal about the details in a Javanese wedding in Kasunanan Kraton since each custom is showcased...

  • Wedding Statuettes

    Now, I was nosing around the market that sells junk ( Pasar Triwindu ) when I came across these kneeling wooden dolls. At first glance, I thought these were Tau Tau or wooden funerary effigies. But I was mistaken, apparently, these dolls were wedding statuettes or "loro blonyo" ( which means 'two together') and no self-respecting Javanese home was...

  • Of Road Signs and Javanese Scripts

    If you look at the road signs in Solo carefully, you'll notice that it's written in Indonesian (Roman alphabet) and what appears to be a curly, hindu-like scipt. I found out later that it wasn't Sanskrit at all but 'hanacaraka', a Javanese script that could only be deciphered by a few locals.


Solo Warnings and Dangers

  • Beware the mosquitoes!

    Solo is a very nice place to visit. The food is good and the people are friendly. The streets are safe to walk in even at night. :)My only gripe is that there are millions of mosquitoes just waiting to suck you dry! The bites are painful and leave a big mark... :( Better not scrimp on application of repellent and be sure to reapply as frequently as...

  • Not a warning but a reminder :)

    It is best to dress modestly when going around Solo and its environs. The whole time I was there, I did not see a single individual wearing short shorts or tank tops. Maybe you can wear your shorts and tank tops inside your room and hotel but not on the streets and in the tourist attractions you're going to be visiting. Most locals dress modestly...

  • Suicidal Street Musicians (Pengamen)

    There are many Pengamen who have no qualms singing and begging on the roads of Solo. Just look out for them if you're driving. And give them the aluminium rupiah coins if you wish. Just don't hit them with your vehicle, you might destroy a potential Indonesian Idol in the making;p


Solo Tourist Traps

  • bpacker's Profile Photo

    Museum Radjapustoko

    by bpacker Updated Mar 23, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Radjapustoko Museum is located next to the Sriwedari amusement park in Solo and has a miscellaneous by interesting collection of art objects and mementoes from Java's past.

    JI. Slamet Riyadi 234 Solo, Central Java

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Solo Off The Beaten Path

  • The Village Alarm System

    Despite its modern facade, Solo is still a quaint little place by heart. Just opposite of the Novotel Hotel, lies a little village with quaint alarm. The system is erm, quaint to say the least. It's a wooden trunk with a clapper. Hit it twice for a robbery, thrice for floods, four times for a fire.Where: Solo, Indonesia, in a street opposite...

  • The Jamu Lady

    Everywhere in the streets of Solo, you'll see ladies peddling Jamu, traditional herbal drinks that practically cures everything. She's recognised by her bottles of brightly colored liquids in a a huge basket. Normally the medicinal drinks are prepared at the sellers home, and are sold house to house, so this means that her customers don't know the...

  • Goodies from a Jamu Store

    Traditional herbal medicine known as Jamu spills out a shop in Kota Gede. You'll find a cure for everything and anything over here that is made from leaves, fruits, roots, flowers and bark, etc. The yellow packet that you see below contains sulphur that is mined from volcanic mountains nearby. It's rumoured to cure acne! Where: Pasar GedeWhat: Run...


Solo Favorites

  • edwardongtc's Profile Photo

    air tickets

    by edwardongtc Updated Jan 28, 2007

    Favorite thing: guess it will be time saving to fly then to take the train.

    price one way from jakarta is about RP400,000. you can buy by bookig and paying thru the local ATM with a code provided or thru the agents. international traveller can 1. book lion air ricket online, and ask your friend to pay thru ATM pretty quickly, 2. buy from Garuda using the economy promo rates from your just any of your agents.

    do not buy at the airport from the resellers as teh name of the ticket belong to someone else. and you have to py with mark-ups. buying from ticket office on the day of travel will be silly as the chance of getting is about 30%. so you may have wasted your trip to the airport.

    traveling from abroad to solo : get the airasia ticket. the flights are from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. book and pruchase your tickets thru the budget airline . you can buy one way , and amongst the cheapest in the region.

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