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  • Patria Garden Hotel, exterior of room
    Patria Garden Hotel, exterior of room
    by theo1006
  • Patria Garden Hotel, savouring the welcome drink
    Patria Garden Hotel, savouring the...
    by theo1006
  • Patria Garden Hotel, interior of room
    Patria Garden Hotel, interior of room
    by theo1006

Blitar Things to Do

  • Candi Penataran V, the Kolam Berangka

    The andesit walls of this bathing place were built around a source of crystal clear water, still flowing since 1415 AD. The builders added some endearing reliefs just above the water level for the edification of the bathers.(1) The deceived hunter.A hunter was on his way home with his catch, a turtle. A deer - which is known to befriend turtles -...

  • Penataran Museum II

    Many of the displays at the museum refer to the Siwaist branch of Hindu religion, which precedes the Majapahit era. The entrance of a Siwaist temple always faces west, and furthermore a Siwaist temple is recognizable by the placing of the statues (see main photograph).Mahakala, left (north) of the stairs, one of two statues guarding them. Mahakala...

  • Penataran Museum I

    After seeing the Penataran temple complex it is well worth to also visit the nearby museum. Or perhaps you should go there first in view of the opening hours (below). We were too late on our first attempt.The museum has a very fine collection of statues, lovingly arranged and provided with explanatory texts by the curator (unfortunately in...

  • Candi Penataran II, the Pendopo Teras...

    The walls of the pendopo teras carry pictures of at least three different stories.There is the tale of Sang Setyawan in 18 panels. Sang Setiawan and his wife, the princess Suwistri, became one with Sang Hyang Wenang through good deeds, meditation and study.Then there is the story of the beautiful Sri Tanjung, wife of Sidapaksa, who was wanted by...

  • Embultuk cave

    Having done Seplawan cave and Pancur cave we thought we knew what to expect. But no, this was the biggest underground river yet. About 1.5 km long with several rapids, wide vaults, deep pools. No wonder that before leaving the guide asks whether one can swim.Fortunately we brought swim-wear and beach shoes. Walking barefoot on the rock bottom...

  • Istana Gebang, Soekarno' s parental home

    Before or after a visit to Soekarno's grave, every Indonesian should also make a pilgrimage to his parental home. But few actually do, exept for the Haul memorial ceremony on his birthday, June 6th.The house is still owned by the family, were were shown around by a cousin who lives in the service buildings at the back. The main house is full of...

  • Candi Penataran III, the Main Temple

    What remains of the main temple or Candi Induk is a base consisting ot three terraces. The bottom one is 30 m square, the next ones are consecutively smaller, so that it is possible to walk around them. The temple body should stand on top of the third terrace, but not enough parts of it have been recovered. A partial reconstruction can be seen at...

  • Tambakrejo Beach

    There are several good sandy beaches south of Blitar, some popular, some only recently accessable. The best known is at Tambakrejo village. When you arrive you face a wide bay lined by villagers' dwellings at some 50 m distance from the waterline. Turning east the road ends after 500 m at the mouth of a small river. About 300 m to the west is a...

  • Candi Penataran IV, the Prasasti

    Standing somewhat aside from the main temple is the oldest artefact of the site: a prasasti or engraved stone. It was found here and has been put upright again. The text in ancient Javanese is an edict by king Srengga of Kediri. It affirms that the status of perdikan (exemption of taxes) was granted to Sira Paduka Batara Palah in the year 1119 Saka...

  • Candi Penataran I, overview

    Candi Penataran is a former Hindu temple complex and the largest in East-Java, situated south of Kelud volcano at 450 m elevation. On the 1.3 ha grounds the remains of a score large and small structures have been found. It is fortunate that many of them are dated. Thereby it is known that site was already in use at the time of the Kediri kingdom...

  • Makam Bung Karno (Soekarno's tomb)

    The first president of Indonesia, who is also honoured as the "proclamator of independence", was born in Blitar on June 6, 1901. Here he has also been buried after his demise on June 21, 1970. At the time his successor Soeharto did not want the people to rally against his New Order around the memory of bung Karno, as was the pet name of Ir...

  • PANATARAN Hindu Temples

    See the largest and most imposing complex of ruins in East-Java, situated on the South Western slope of Kelud Volcano, about 12 km from Blitar. It is the beautiful Panataran/Penataran Temple, a huge complex famous for Singosari Kingdom rituals and ceremonies around 1197 (building took about 250 years!). The Majapahit Kingdom was related with this...

  • nature trails

    as the "home" of mountain kelud, blitar can be used as basecamp for mountaineering. in my latest visit, me and my mum did trekking to see lava lines in the outskirt of blitar. the chocolate-brown path still remains in the bank of a river and surrounded by padi fields.

  • candi panataran

    beside the heroic side of the first president of indonesia that made visitors comes to blitar, there's a famous archaeological site in the outskirt of the city.the name of this gorgeous hindu temple complex is candi panataran or sometimes spelled as "penataran". the bas-relief telling the story about legend of gagak aking. and the rest of the...

  • the house of soekarno

    how sad, as the first person of the republic of indonesia, the first president soekarno didn't have a house! and he passed away in exile, within a mansion called "wisma yaso" in the heart of jakarta which now changed into a museum called 'satria mandala'.and what remains in blitar is a house of the president's parents! lots of memorabilia displayed...

  • the library and monument of the first...

    apart of the tombstone of first president of indonesia, mr soekarno a.k.a bung karno, the visitors can visit the library [camera and luggage must be kept at the front desk, not allowed to bring inside] and the monument about bung karno's life. he's addressed as "putra sang fajar" or son of the sunrise. reflected how he brings the nations to a new...

  • soekarno's tombstone

    the main destination of indonesians in visiting blitar is kinda pilgrimage to visit the first president of the republic of indonesia. ir soekarno a.k.a bung karno [june 6th 1901 - june 21th 1970]. his charisma, his way of deliver speech, his patriotic towards motherland is somewhat enchanting to be remembered by the wonder, the...


    Actually the Sukarno Mausoleum lies in Bendogerit near Sentul, a few km outside Blitar on the road to Panataran. The very first President of Indonesia, coming from originally Javanese people, is looked on by them as the "Father of his country". As leader of Indonesia from 1949 to 1965, he had been worshipped by the Javanese (almost a God), but with...


Blitar Hotels

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Blitar Restaurants

  • Classic and fanciful

    Waroeng Mak Nyak was brand new when Helen spotted it, only a few months in business. But already the locals are flocking here. There is an indoor space furnished with old wooden tables and historic pictures on the walls. And there are outdoor lesehan booths if you want more intimacy.The kitchen is clean and spacious, one can see one's food being...

  • Allround Chinese-Indonesian

    If you - like us - prefer not always to have your meals in your hotel, you have few choices in Blitar.A few paces from Hotel Tugu there is Depot Pacific, a middle-of-the-road Chinese restauarant with the usual menu of Indonesian and Chinese dishes. The ambiance is not attractive, but the food good and the prices low.If you want something more...

  • the colonial sense within modern hotel

    the resto is quite spacious and it's open lounge with live music in the evening on weekend. all of the furnitures there are ready to send you to the colonial era. with pattern tiles, rattans chairs, red and white tablecloth. what we like here is .. can be found european, chinese and local eateries. and the glasswares are made-in centuries ago,...


Blitar Nightlife

  • ukirsari's Profile Photo

    aloon aloon blitar: open air "lounge"

    by ukirsari Updated Feb 20, 2008

    alun alun blitar [they write down as 'aloon aloon'] or blitar square is the only one open spacious place for hang out at the night. from motorbikes communities, locals with tehir families, food stalls and pedestrian sellers are gathering in this square. and as small town habit, even in the saturday night, the crowd will be finished before midnight :)

    Dress Code: casual and relaxing.

    blitar square (c) ukirsari
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Blitar Transportation

  • Train from Yogya to Blitar

    There is one train daily from Yogyakarta to Blitar, leaving after midnight and arriving in the morning.As per April 2010 the schedule is:GAJAYANA, dep. 01:30, arr. 06:57, executive Rp 150,000Schedule and prices may be different on holidays. You can check for yourself on: . The site is in Indonesian, but you need only to...

  • from plane to bus

    the closest entry points to reach blitar by air are from surabaya and malang. then from these points continued with train or bus or car service called "travel" which have door-to-door service.long time ago, before the tragedy of hot muds of lapindo brantas co., that flooding onto more than 20 villages at porong on the way to malang and sidoarjo,...

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Blitar Local Customs

  • RoyJava's Profile Photo

    Direction To Mekka

    by RoyJava Written May 3, 2008

    Muslims are not cremated and usually buried lying on the right side, with the face toward Mecca. Mecca is the capital of Saudi Arabia and considered a holy city in the desert. There is the Grand Mosque and a pilgrimage is a must to become "hajj" (5th pillar of the Islam).

    Islam is a religion which explains about death in full detail. So it includes what is happening, and how to do when a Muslim died,... before, during and after the death.

    All presents will sprinkle a handfull of earth in the grave with 3 prayers. It is not allowed to sit down during the ceremony and when leaving the grave people will walk down the same path where the body has been carried to the grave.

    A tomb like the Makam Bung Karno Mausoleum at Blitar is worth a while to pay a visit and, when speaking a bit Bahasa, ask for information. People love to tell more about their costumes and traditions here ...

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Blitar Off The Beaten Path

  • Wediombo or "White Sand" beach

    There are several good sandy beaches south of Blitar, some popular, some only recently accessable. We set out to visit another one, Serang beach. But on the way we saw a small sign "Pantai Pasir Putih" (White Sand Beach) and decided to try and go there.It turned out that the last 5 km of the road to the beach had only recently been improved. Two...

  • The Trisula Monument

    Trisula means 'trident'. The Trisula Monument at Bakung commemorates the "cooperation between Brawijaya units and other army forces, the civil government and the people resulting in the eradication of attempts of the G.30.S/PKI to recompose its forces opposing the Republic of Indonesia". The text refers to an army operation in the early years of...

  • Historic site Rambut Monte

    It is the longer route from Blitar to Malang, but very scenic: the route north from Wlingi between Kelud volcano and Kawi and Butak mountains.At one point - near Semen - we saw a long check dam, built to stop lahar streams down from the mountain side.The historic site Rambut Monte lies at about 16 km along this road. There is a candi not much more...


Blitar Favorites

  • house of soekarno

    blitar is simply known as house of soekarno, first president of the republic of indonesia and also known as putra sang fajar or the son of the sunrise. an iconic or symbolize salutation or affectionately address for his achievement in building indonesia as a nations.apart of like and dislike, i take his condition from alive until passed away in...

  • The Tomb

    See me here at the Makam Bung Karno Mausoleum. As always interested in the way how people got rich and famous, beloved and hated. Getting to the "Father of his country", President Sukarno's nickname (besides the one of the "Independence"), I got surprised the tomb of Sukarno was not placed in the direction West-East, the usual way Muslims are...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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