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  • Raung volcano of the Ijen mountain range
    Raung volcano of the Ijen mountain range
    by theo1006
  • ijen crater
    ijen crater
    by meiyergani
  • Ijen Mountain Range
    Ijen Mountain Range
    by meiyergani

Kawah Ijen Things to Do


    PALTUDING BASE CAMP is a base camp and meeting point for all traveler before hiking up to the rim or down to Ijen crater lake...all motorbike and car would park at this point ... there are many food stall around the base camp, you could have coffee time or take a supper at one of this food stall before a hard job climbing up to the crater...there...


    As I visited Ijen via Banyuwangi ...a small town which located at the most eastern par of East Java which can be reached by overland trip from Purabaya/Bunguraish bus terminal at Surabaya downtown driving economic bus or executive air conditioned bus, tracking a boring long road 285 KM in distance and hip hop a few stop over by which would take...

  • Hike to Ijen crater

    It seems like a short distance, only 3 km to the crater's edge. On level ground one could walk the distance in half an hour. But one also has to gain 536 m in altitude. About 1 km of the path is almost level, therefore it must be steep indeed where it rises! It took us - seniors - five quarters of an hour to reach the crater's edge.Actually the...

  • Paltuding trekking base

    The PHKA (Forest Protection and Nature Conservation) post at Paltuding is the starting point for your hike to Ijen crater. Near here also the sulfur collectors bring their load to be packed and shipped.There is a small office where one has to register and pay the entrance fee (a few dollars). Also there are a few warung where one can buy water if...

  • The sulfur packing shed

    A few paces east of the Paltuding post we found a shed where the sulfur collectors bring their loads.Here the sulfur is sorted - dirty pieces are not allowed - and packed in bags.Trucks will collect the bags and take them by the mountain road to Banyuwangi.As far as we know most of this sulfur will be used as sulfur dioxide in the sugar refinery...

  • Meet the sulfur carriers

    All the while one hikes up the path to Ijen crater, one meets sulfur carriers coming down with their load. They ask for a cigarette or let themselves be photographed for a small tip. And they try to sell a particularly nice piece of frozen sulfur, a "sulfur flower".Where the path is narrow, give them right of way! They need all the strength they...

  • Ijen crater lake

    With luck when you are staying on the crater rim, the fumes clear temporarily and you get a full view of the turquoise crater lake. They say the best chances for that are early in the morning.We were not that early (had already risen early the day before at Bromo), so we show only some pictures with a partial view of the lake.

  • The boiling sulfur vents

    And this it what you did it all for: the boiling sulfur vents.There is some risk the sulfur may take fire, rendering it useless. That's why a basin has been created nearby in which water is pumped from the lake. In case of need the water will be used to extinguish the fire.

  • Down into the crater

    It is difficult to judge how deep the crater is. But from the time it took Theo to go down and back up again (20 minutes each way), we estimate that it is about 150 m.Most tourists prefer to stay on the crater rim as soon as they smell a whiff of the stinging sulfur fumes. Yet the path is not too difficult, especially as a helpful sulfur carrier...


Kawah Ijen Hotels

  • Arabica Homestay

    They call it a home stay, actually it is the Kalisat Coffee Plantation's guest house. In our opinion...


Kawah Ijen Nightlife

  • Aan_Anugrah's Profile Photo

    Workers at night: When The Sun Goes down

    by Aan_Anugrah Written Jun 8, 2008

    Quiet and freezing, this would be the best definition to describe the night on Paltuding. But there are few people start working on the quietness. Yes, those are working for collectig sulfur. They start to go after dusk and even in the middle of night. Bring only a lantern to light the only worn path they follow to the rim of the crater.

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Kawah Ijen Transportation

  • Fly Garuda Indonesia

    There were many flights from Malaysia, Singapore, Jakarta, Bali which landed at Surabaya Juanda airport,....then from Juanda airport take a flight to Banyuwangi Blimbingsari airport....or if you are from Bali, take a direct flight to Banyuwangi Blimbingsari Airport....My trip to Ijen is via Surabaya Juanda airport by Garuda Indonesia (fly once a...

  • The road from Ijen to Banyuwangi

    The usual road to Ijen is from Bondowoso, but it is possible to get to Ijen from Banyuwangi.We took this road leaving, wanting to proceed to Bali.Most of the road is in good repair, but a few stretches go through virgin forest and are badly maintained. Going down it is not too difficult to negotiate the steep rocky parts with a sedan car. But...

  • Rare pubic transportion to Sempol

    We took Bus from Surabaya (Purabaya/Bungurasih) to get Bondowoso. We reached Bondowoso at 4 PM, and shocked that the last public transportation to Sempol has been said already departed by 1PM.We luckily have some locals connections. And he found us a driver to bring us to direcly the Paltuding (not just Sempol, like public transp does). I found Mr....


Kawah Ijen Warnings and Dangers

  • uuth's Profile Photo

    slippery sand on the rim

    by uuth Written May 12, 2011

    In Ijen it's been more less 5 sulphur miner died because they slipped when they walk up from the crater.

    Not to point one group of tourists, but since most tourists who go there are French, the worse tourists is French. Some French don't wanna listen to explanation that standing or taking photos too close with the ed of crater rim is so dangerous.

    There are lots of small rocks that are really slippery when your shoes aren't so good (with pull like in football shoes).

    Once, there was a French fell in to the crater and hit the rocks, he died.

    Last time I was there with a friend from France. She warned three old French not to stand too close to the crater. They were NOT LISTENING!!! Even she said it in French!!

    I think French should learn from what already happened to their partner.

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Kawah Ijen Off The Beaten Path

  • The bitter-water-river

    The sulphurous Ijen crater lake drains through a small river aptly named Kali Banyu Pahit, bitter-water-river. At 2 km direction Sempol from the Paltuding base the river crosses the road. Here you find a gazebo siutable for a picnic, but most passers-by just climb the rocks and taste the water. It is terribly acrid.The river flows on all the way to...

  • Blawan Waterfall

    I, Theo, saw Ijen crater for the first time in December 1969. With three students in my VW beetle we had ventured onto the Ijen plateau and got lost. We were 'rescued' by the manager of Kalisat coffee plantation. We stayed the night at his place and the next morning he arranged for us to ride with him on horseback to the crater. Forty years later,...

  • Blawan Hot Spring

    The last attraction we visited near Catimor Homestay was the Hot Spring. Actually it is the first attraction one encounters after leaving the plantation village, but we reserved it for our way back. All three attractions lie in an area that has been designated as a nature reserve since 1920!You do not actually see the spring, because they have...


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