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  • View from Mount Penanjakan
    View from Mount Penanjakan
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  • Happy smiling faces outside Cheng Hoo Mosque
    Happy smiling faces outside Cheng Hoo...
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  • Things to Do
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Surabaya Things to Do

  • Bird view of Surabaya

    Take a flight from somewhere else to Surabaya....please arrange when you are checking in... book a seat just behind the window ....from above is fantastic view of Surabaya downtown with its highrise building of Offices and Hotels....houses and industrial compound....long and winding Kalimas River which split Surabaya downtown into west bank and...


    Situated in “old Surabaya”‚ this stately Dutch colonial-style compound was built in 1862 and is now a preserved historical site. Previously used as an orphanage managed by the Dutch‚ it was purchased in 1932 by Liem Seeng Tee‚ the founder of Sampoerna‚ with the intent of it being used as Sampoerna’s first major cigarette production facility.The...


    Take an afternoon flight is a nice experiences....from above we would see a wide landscape of Surabaya downtown if we are in a conducive weather, clear blue sky, not cloudy happened when get out from arrival lounge of Juanda Airport Terminal 1,....I was saw a golden sky which give sign that the sun almost to going down....Just walking a...


Surabaya Hotels

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Surabaya Restaurants


    HALLO SURABAYA is located at the town center of Surabaya, one of popular restaurant in town with a very unique old time building....a Dutch architecture building which established since the Dutch time in 16 Century and still exist up to air lounge...terrace cafe....backyard for children playground.... water fountain ....and thatched...

  • Junk Food

    McDonald Surabaya was located at main street, just in walking distance from Tunjungan Plaza with a nice outlet at the edge of the street where one could see a big guitar at the top roof of this restaurant Mc Donald's restaurant provides a wide range of fast food menu such as fried chicken, french fries, and burgers. In addition Mc Donald also...

  • Small local restaurants

    I have been to Surabaya many times and lived here for awhile. On the way home i would always pass this steak house. It attracted me by its lights and color of the walls. The front was open and you can see right in. Well finally i decided to try it out. Of course i ordered the sirloin steak which was only Rp18,000. It came on a hot plate. I was...


Surabaya Nightlife

  • Western Style Pub and Sports Bar

    One of the best places in town to meet other Expats, to enjoy a beer while watching the English Premier League Live, have the best Burgers this town has to offer and have a game of pool or darts. 15 Palms is also the official pub of the Surabaya Hash House Harriers. Naked people will be asked to cover themselves with banana leaves. No other dress...

  • Going to pub

    The pub has a mexican theme - the decoration and food served are of Mexican style. Visitors can enjoy live music.This pub is popular among expatriates living in Surabaya. I have been there a few times for some celebrations with colleagues and friends.


    Live music (local) but no dance floor. The longest bar in town. I love their Long Island Iced Tea, strong enough to make me giggle all night! They have pool table and serves quite good food, I like their nasi goreng (fried rice). Frequented by locals. Casual but no shorts nor sandals.


Surabaya Transportation

  • Garuda Indonesia

    Garuda Indonesia Airways fly from Jakarta, Bali, Makassar, Banjarmasin, Kupang to Juanda Airport Surabaya in the daily basis .... there were also airline from LION, SRIWIJAYA, AIR ASIA

  • Tips to Get Off Public Bus Surabaya...

    For travelers, beware of being squeezed inside a public bus in Surabaya. The general condition of most buses there are non-air conditioned, corroded (at least from the outside) with passengers twice its original capacity who resignedly sway following the bus’ movement as it dodges cars, vans and motorcycles that come across its way. A fun and...

  • Juanda International Airport

    Juanda International Airport is about 30-45 minutes from downtown. Airport code: SUB.Many domestic and international airlines fly to Surabaya. From airport you can take a taxi to reach places around the city. To go to the bus station "Bungurasih" where you can catch intercity buses, there is a bus line which you can easily find at the airport.The...


Surabaya Shopping

  • Surabaya Business Center

    City of Tomorrow is one of Surabaya popular shopping compound, located at Jalan Ahmad Yani-Surabaya main thoroughfare Electronic Goods, Private Gadget, Fashionable dress, shoes, and there were so many cuisines with local dish or local and International franchise Everything is just oke, you could pay by cash or by deebit or credit card local or...

  • surabaya great expo

    visit the grand exhibition on may 11th-13th,2011 at gramedia will find avariety of high quality products of SMEs that have penetrated the domistic market and abroad for example hand made batik,desain and interior mebel,hand made shoes leather and bag batik and interior mebel for batik about 200.000 RP and for mebel beetwen 50.000 until 5...

  • Carpet Heaven

    Aneka Warna provides full service for any carpet needs for individual or businesses such as hotels.Their connection with the suppliers apparently gives them an edge to sell at reasonable prices.Situated in the Town's famous street for Carpets, Textiles & Plastic- 'Kramat Gantung' in alun alun contong area, it is a good place for your to...


Surabaya Local Customs

  • Rawon - the black soup

    Indonesia is rich of great cuisine as well as interesting herbs and spices. Some of them may look strange for foreigners such as ox tail soup, black shrimp paste, etc. One of those strange things which you may encouter is this black soup or known as "rawon" in Indonesian. This food is popular in Java island, especially. It's made of meat and cooked...

  • if you go by 'bemo' (public...

    if you go by 'bemo' (public transports in surabaya), you can tell the driver to drop you off by saying 'kiri, Pak' ('kiri' literally means 'left', while 'Pak' means ' Sir'.) why this expression is used, i think, because we indonesian drive on the left side of the road. if we want to stop our cars, therefore, we should move our car to left side.

  • Surabaya Hotels

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Surabaya Warnings and Dangers

  • Safety is not an issue

    Despite traveling through the not-so-nice neighborhoods on the way to my job sites, I saw lots of poor neighborhoods and people living very meager lives, however, I was treated very well and always felt safe in Indonesia.I made a few local friends that helped my several months there pass by nicely. They, their friends, the establishments we went to...

  • Corrupt people at the Juanda Airport

    This is relatively a small airport but trust me when I say alot of corrupt officials. I went to check in my luggage at the checkin counter and because my luggage was over weight the guy who took my bag quickly rested his arms over the bag making the bag heavier and so that the lady behind the counter don`t take the reading. This one guy came with a...

  • Personal Safety

    This tip actually applies to most developing cities in Asia, but for the benefits of those who seldom travel to the region, i'll just highlight it. While travelling, please be aware of your surrounding/ people around you. Surabaya is comparatively much safer than Jakarta, but crime DOES exist, and violent crimes (involving harm done to the victim)...


Surabaya Tourist Traps

  • Going to Mt Bromo (Bromo-Tengger-Semeru...

    If you go to Mt. Bromo from Surabaya by bus, you will need to stop at the bus station in the city of Probolinggo before you take other local transportation to Ngadisari, where Mt. Bromo is.However, I recently heard an unpleasant story from VTers who went to Mt. Bromo. Instead of waiting until the bus arrives at the bus station, the bus conductor...

  • you r in 3rd world country what do u...

    tourist are easy prey for local criminals, and local careful of knock off items, overpricing, and your own safety travel with friends, preferably male(s)wear something comfortable for at daytime the zoo and the museums are fun for tourists. i think. for night life just visit the pubs at the hotels, its safer and more...

  • Plan your journey to arrive...

    Plan your journey to arrive at SURABAYA Airport in a day time. If possible ,early in the morning.Coming out from airport ....ha ..ha...alot of Private cab operators offer their services to BROMO. Don't take how cheap the fare is.....'The AXE is behind you ' . The best thing go to the taxi/cab counter,located next to enterance,pay the fix fare. This...


Surabaya What to Pack

  • Things You Wouldn't Want to Leave at...

    Bring medium-sized luggage, since most cars in the city is relatively medium in size (unless you intend to take bus/private airport transfer service/hotel's MPV to travel to and from the airport). If you get around by taxi, traveling light would save you headache and the hassles. Short sleeves, shorts, sandals, running shoes or sneakers are...

  • Bring your jacket to see Bromo

    Travel light with t-shirts as Surabaya is hot all year round. Your jacket and two layers of t-shirt should survive the early morning cold breeze at Gunung Penanjakan. Once the sun is up a t-shirt will do. Bring along plenty of films or memory cards when you visit Mt Bromo.

  • Hot!!!

    I would say where light clothes as its hot in Surabaya but I would say take warm clothes with if you plan on going to Mt Bromo as its really cool up there especially if you plan to go and see the sunrise.


Surabaya Off The Beaten Path

  • Visit Bromo National Park

    Mount Bromo (2,329 m) is easily recognized as the entire top has been blown off and the crater inside constantly belches white sulfurous smoke. It sits inside the massive Tengger caldera (diameter approximately 10 km), surrounded by the Laut Pasir (Sea of Sand) of fine volcanic sand, and inactive of Mount Batok with rather brown in color which...

  • Beggars

    I would say not to give kids who is begging money as I have seen small kids probably about 6 years old or so buying and smoking cigarettes with the money that they got from begging. If you do want to give them something I would say rather give them food as they can be really persistant.

  • Taman Safari

    Having one free day in Surabaya, but not having time to make any plans for far off places, I decided to take about an hour’s drive from Surabaya, to Taman Safari. It is actually a well maintained and populated drive-thru zoo, or Mc Zoo as a friend got me hooked on. From hippos to lions to monkeys to ostriches, they all came up within a few feet of...


Surabaya Sports & Outdoors

  • GOLF paradise

    Golfing is becoming more and more popular in Indonesia, including in Surabaya.There are some golf courses in town, as well as two golf courses in Pandaan, a small town about an hour driving from Surabaya.Taman Dayu Golf course in Pandaan was designed by the world golfer Jack Nicklaus.The site areas is about 597-hectare.The golf course has 18 holes;...

  • Bukit Darmo Golf

    Bukit Darmo Golf is a 18-holes championship golf course located about 20 mins drive from downtown Surabaya... It is situated in a high class residential area... The majestic Mediterranean-style clubhouse is built on a hill overlooking a beautiful lake... The course plays to 5,809m from the regular tee... Designed by Jack Nicklaus, you would expect...

  • Finna Golf & Country Club Resort

    The Finna's 18-holes course was designed by Peter Thomson, Michael Wolveridge and Ross Perret... Playing to 6,345m from the regular tee, the course was built to blend into the natural, existing terrain and rolling foothills of this mountain resort... The resort is about 45 mins drive from Surabaya using the toll road... Elevated at a height of...


Surabaya Favorites

  • VISA

    Visitors from ASEAN countries usually do not need a visa. Visitors from other countries can get a visa on arrival. There is a visa counter on the arrival terminal, and the process is very easy. Visa for up to 7 days of visit costs US$10Visa for 30 days of visit costs US$25

  • Tourist Brochures

    As Surabaya is not a tourist destination but a transit city for tourists going to Mt Bromo and Bali, there is limited brochures on the city... The Surabaya Tourism Promotion Board publishes a Surabaya Map incorporating other towns in East Java such as Malang, Tretes and Bromo... PT Infomedia Nusantara also published a Surabaya Freemap semi-annually...

  • Drinking Water

    When you are on the road in Surabaya, and in Indonesia for that matter, avoid drinking water from the tap... Always drink bottled water or boiled water... "Cheers" brand is the bottled drinking water provided by the hotel we Stayed ~ the Majapahit Hotel...


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