Tengger Caldera Travel Guide

  • Tengger Caldera
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Tengger Caldera
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Tengger Caldera
    by jorgejuansanchez

Tengger Caldera Highlights

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     Awesome, gorgeous, and lovely place.... 

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     MUST SEE IT if you go to EAST JAVA 

Tengger Caldera Things to Do

  • The Hindu Temple

    There is a small Hindu Temple located around this National Park. The religion of people living in this area is mostly Hindu. One of the traditional customs that these Tenggeresse people still practice is the Kasada Ceremony.More story about Tenggeresse people and the Hindu Temple, visit the website below

  • Gunung Bromo

    The steaming cone of Bromo rises from the Tengger caldera, set in a sea of ashen, volcanic sand. Nearby is Gunung Semeru (3,676m), Java's highest peak and one of it's most active volcanoes.Whilst watching the sunrise ove Bromo, Semeru welcomed the new dawn with a small puff of volcanic smoke as if to herald the beginning of a new day and to remind...

  • Bromo crater

    Bromo volcano is frequently active, lastly in 2004. But the eruptions have been minor, therefore the crater has not changed much between 1973 and 2009, compare our pictures. It is hard to say how deep the crater is, but rest assured that it is deeper than it seems.What has changed is the number of visitors. In 1973 Theo and his students were there...


Tengger Caldera Hotels

Tengger Caldera Restaurants

  • Don't miss the view

    The food was fine but i prefer the view. While you having your breakfast and hot tea, the view of Mount bromo really stunt me. Its really amazed how beauty nature could be very massive...!!! Banana pancake. Its like Malay version of pancake..??

  • Hot soup keep me warm in freezing Bromo...

    The place is cozy and friendly. With wooden furniture; from tables to chairs. Hot tea and corn soup. Nice smell added with pepper make me fresh again after got freezing air :)

  • Instant fried noodle

    After trekking and hiking around Tengger Massif, we go to off-the-beaten-path Madakaripura waterfall [see my off the ebaten path section :)]. There are several hawker stalls along the track to the waterfall. They're selling tea, coffee, soft drink with ice cubes and instant noodles and fried banana. I like it :) Not about yummy or not, but the...


Tengger Caldera Nightlife

  • Nightlife in the mountains

    Go out and see the stars - you can actually see the milky way!!My daughter remarked - we can see more stars because we are closer to them!!After that - sleep early and have a good night's rest....

  • twinkle-twinkle little stars ...

    It's truely freezing condition when I decided to have a seat in outdoor lounge of Cemara Indah Cafe in the night. But look at the sky. Thousand stars are glittering and seems so near upon my head, made me sing 'twinkle-twinkle little stars'. And I find a palemoon there too. Nice. And the scenery still beautiful 'till dawn. Anything that keep you...

  • Tengger Caldera Hotels

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Tengger Caldera Transportation

  • Riding Horse

    We can riding horse to the stairways of mount Bromo from the car stop near bromo feet. Or to around riding horse is great too....

  • Jeep

    To go to Mount Penajakan pointview, we can rent this jeep, cos the road to Penanjakan is reallyyyy so narrow, and damage and can npt use other type of car...

  • Car or jeep

    My transportation is include in the package. This is the only way you could reach on top of Tengger Caldera and Mount Bromo. Unleast, you trek all the way up there. Othet then that, you could rent a jeep but it adviseable to have a guide that knows well around the area.


Tengger Caldera Shopping

  • Tenggerese Ikat

    IKAT weaving is a warp-faced fabric and, in Indonesia the word for an ancient technique known in many parts of Asia which became, through wide usage, the generic term for all weavings of this type.The art of weaving is highly developed, including the famous ikat method tourists love. The Tenggerese has developed a method of unique beautiful...

  • Fresh veggie and fruit

    Along the way home from Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, you can pay a visit the hawker stalls which sell many kind of fresh veggie. From carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and many many more. Meanwhile the mangoes can be found in national road Probolinggo to Surabaya. Cool! Tomatoes and mangoes [well, children and teenagers also selling edelweiss,...

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Tengger Caldera Local Customs

  • Boiled water

    This is on the feet of mount Bromo, where the local people boiled water use this ketel, mean kettle ... Cos water is hard to find here....all you can see here just flat sea sand, and mount ....

  • Rest....

    If their horse not rent by tourist, then the owner will take a rest just laying on the sand...under the blisteringly sun.

  • Vegetables

    When travelling up Mt Penanjakan I saw all these vegetables been grown on the lower slopes by the locals there. They also seem to be transporting the vegetables by bike. Its amazing to see how they farming on these steep slopes so high in the mountains.


Tengger Caldera Warnings and Dangers

  • Fake Negative

    so many negative saller will offer the negative for camera....plsss don't buy from them... cos my friend buy negative from them but it second negative had been use... look like new but had been use....

  • Dangerous Roads

    Please take care if you hiring a 4x4 and plan on driving to Mt Penanjakan as the road is very narrow ,steep and winding ad there is no barriers alone the side of the road. The drop down is very high so please becareful.

  • Mt Bromo is an active volcano!!

    If you plan to ascent Mt Bromo, please remember that it is still an active volcano. Its activity is unpredictable and in recent years, people have been injured or killed by spewing hot larva and volcanic rocks. A Singaporean boy was killed in 2004 when volcanic rocks spewed from the caldera and hit him. Also, please do not climb down into the...


Tengger Caldera Tourist Traps

  • ukirsari's Profile Photo
    Mahapatih Gadjah Mada at Madakaripura (c) ukirsari

    by ukirsari Updated Sep 16, 2004

    Well, if you bring your own car and trekking to the waterfall [about 1 km from this parking area] of Madakaripura [see my off the beaten path section], 1 or 2 person will awaiting when you're back, asking tip for washing the car and actually they do nothing!!!!

    Fun Alternatives: Do not bargain, check the car and ask further more "which part did you already wash or clean up, since I see nothing?" yes, it will be lots of hassle but I did :)
    Just go to the car and give small money. Smile but leave them!

    PS: the picture here is a monument of Mahapatih Gadjah Mada in meditation position. I adore this guy :)

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Tengger Caldera What to Pack

  • Warm clothing in Jawa

    The temperature gets below 10 degree celcius at dawn. To those who intends to view Bromo at sunrise, it would be good to do layers or wear a good winter jacket, with gloves and beanie. For those who do not want to pack a lots of stuffs, the winter jacket is also available for rent at Mount Penanjakan at Rp 10,000. Layers should be sufficient for...

  • Bring more...!

    Wear more warm coat, Handcoat, cos it so cold on the Penanjakan mount early morning, sometimes hand feel nothing cos to cold. And bring bandana to cover face when in Bromo cos of sand, and also on Bromo crater cos of sulphur smoke. Bring more memory card, Baterry, and film.

  • Cool Weather High Up in the Mountains

    I would recommend you wear warm clothes as its quiet cool up there and also make sure you wearing comfortable shoes as well. Take Lots of Film and empty memort cards as the scenary is very beautiful.


Tengger Caldera Off The Beaten Path

  • Madakaripura Waterfall

    Near the village of Sapeh, district of Lumbang, about 33 km to the north east of Probolinggo, there is a spectacular waterfall known as Madakaripura. This waterfall is believed to be the sacred waterfall since it was right here that the Great Prime Minister of Majapahit, Gajah Mada, spent the rest of his life and practiced asceticism by meditating...

  • Madakaripura Waterfall 1st

    And here is the 1st of Madakaripura waterfall. I can feel the roar as the water falls from a height of 200 m creating an awe-inspiring waterfall. And under the waterfall here we can find a lake where we can swim there.

  • A quiet walk along the ridge in the dry...

    If you are looking for a great walk near Cemoro Lawang village, go past the entrance booth or boomgate marking the start of the Bromo-Tengger National Park and turn left towards the Lava View Hotel. (This left turn is almost immediately after the national park entrance booth)Keep walking towards Lava View Hotel. Stop outside Lava View, to admire...


Tengger Caldera Sports & Outdoors

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    Horse riding of Bromo (c) ukirsari

    by ukirsari Written Sep 21, 2004

    Horse riding is one of cool sport activity in this national park, after trekking or climbing Mount Semeru. The horseman will lead his horse while we're sitting on the top.

    Equipment: Bandana to cover your mouth and nose, prevention from sandy atmosphere at the sea of lava sand.

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Tengger Caldera Favorites

  • guide visit to bromo

    I suggestion you to bring leather jacket or parasit jacket make it double because in the night very cold.about december month thera are ceremony kasodo the sun set and sun rise are the beautiful shine.air fresh and ride the horse in the savana

  • Marble info map

    Be sure to check out this marble information map when you at Mt Penanjakan as it depicts the drawing of the volcanic mountains below and the height of each mountain. Its very informative and deifinitely worth checking out.

  • Riding Horse toward to Mt. Bromo

    The kind guy on Mt. Bromo is aboriginal who walked long road to guide me through the dessert arriving the top of volcano. He was patient to lead me and often smiled. The local horses are mini style, tame and mild. You should never be afraid. Behind him is the stairs up to the mount of volcano. He was waiting for me there till I went downstairs....


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