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  • Balikpapan
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Balikpapan
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Balikpapan
    by jorgejuansanchez

Balikpapan Things to Do

  • Kemala Beach

    This beach is close to the downtown Balikpapan, and there are cafeeterias to eat or have coffee. It is very popular with locals.

  • visit crocodile farm

    For I never imagined that I went to Crocodile Farm, then my friends took me to one of the farm in Balikpapan, OMG!! I was freaked out to see hundred of crocodiles running around..argghhbut it was a great experience though.They sell crocodile meat too to grill and make satay :)but I didn't brave enough to try one :(

  • Tarzan

    Chris wanna try to be Tarzan, hanging and swing...... luckily he not say Ahooaaaaaa.... wonder where is Jane????

  • Canopy Bridge

    When your step on this bridge, the great experience you will have.... See the forest under your feet.

  • Local Port

    Almost evening when I reach this local port for traditional boat. And also where the local house located on the beach.... Nice people and friendly smile.

  • Tourist Office

    I tried to get map or brochure about Balikpapan from the hotel we stayed (Hotel Pacific) and also a bookstore in Plaza Balikpapan but both don't have any. So we visited the Tourist Office a.k.a in Indonesian, 'Kantor Pariwisata Kota Balikpapan' on their brochure or 'Dinas Pariwisata' on their building signboard.The guys there were very helpful and...


Balikpapan Hotels

  • Le Grandeur

    An ageing hotel with fairly poor food. Beware cockroaches in the rooms. There are better hotels in...

  • Novotel Balikpapan

    Excellent service. Spacious, light and modern airy rooms with good internet connections. Very good...

  • Adika Hotel Bahtera

    Nice stay here, for the location is closed to the malls and offices in the city. Warm welcome by...


Balikpapan Restaurants

  • Beachside cafe..

    This is a nice spot to relax.Enjoy Mexican and western food with family, friend or just by yourself.There are also many cocktails selection.Free poll table.Open daily: 11 am - midnightYou can bring your notebook (laptop) and using free hotspot internet here during certain hours. (Monday-Saturday2 pm-6 pm,9 pm-12 pm,Sunday all day).

  • Places NOT to eat

    MacDonalds does not exist in Balikpapan and I am thankful. There is an abundance of Crab restaurants that litter the town and each one adds their own special sauce to the cooked crabs. I love crabs but find the amount of effort one puts into retrieving the succulent meat often outweighs the overall enjoyment of eating it. Nevertheless, you get an...

  • Nice view and good food

    I think this is the most representative restaurant in Balikpapan (besides those ones in hotels). It's located right on the beach where u got the nice view. U can dine in the verandah or if it's too hot get inside the aircon resto. The service is good, the food is excellent. Fried Crabs!


Balikpapan Nightlife

  • Rip-off

    Please avoid Ozone Bar in Balikpapan. From my experience I will not advice to visit it. The ambience is ok but the management is local mafia who is looking for opportunity to shoot-up your bill, specially with tourists. If you dont trust me .. go there u ll find out...

  • Balikpapan bars

    We spent a long time on the internet researching Balikpapan for bars and restaurants. A few websites pop up with references to Sid's Bar and Petrosea, but none of them bother to provide directions so we still don't know where they are!We stayed in the Gran Senyiur Hotel which is not far from the Novotel. The first night we walked along the main...

  • Good promotion

    Buy 1 get 1 free of any beverage! Nice! :-)U'll see lost of foreigners who works in oil rigs, with...of course, lost of 'chicken' (excuse my language).However, it was a nice live band! No sandals allowed


Balikpapan Transportation

  • Motor bike rental in Balikpapan

    Taking a bike seems to be a convenient choice if you stay for a while here in Balikpapan. You may come and see this web site to have a look at the motors choice. I recommend it to you. The guy in the site says that he usualy rent it to some young French expatriat. You might be interested in it. Check it

  • Using 'angkot' to get around Balikpapan

    One thing I really like about Balikpapan is that it's easy to get around. And the few days I was there, I did not feel that I was cheated on the fare because I'm not local; there are slight variation on the fare each time I got into the 'angkot' but it's quite negligible. Oh, as far as I know (and being first time short visit there), there are two...

  • Balikpapan Hotels

    4 Hotels in Balikpapan

    1 Reviews

Balikpapan Shopping

  • Shopping for Western food and hand tools

    Central Supermarket is located beside Blue Sky Hotel at Jln Letjend Suprapto (Kebun Sayur).The store has two floors. The second floor has variety of foods, drinks and baking supplies. I was impressed by the amount of variety of westerner's foods that they sell. The store layout made it easy to navigate and the staff were friendly to help you. If...

  • Sarong, Clothes etc.

    Hot & stuffy inside, I think locals would shop here. Out of a few shops/pasar listed in, our hotel reception suggested Pasar Klandasan for clothing & Pasar Kebun Sayur for souvenirs; so we did not go to other places and can't compare them (we did not have much time either).After browsing the place, we stayed at a shop we...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Balikpapan Off The Beaten Path

  • priVaTeer115's Profile Photo

    by priVaTeer115 Written Jul 25, 2012

    Good day Felix,
    Go for the road trip.. I highly recommend it. I have been driving/riding for years from Singapore to Thailand, Cambodia, Burma.. Now want to explore Borneo with my bike next year. Since you live in Balikpapan you should ask around your mechanics and 4x4 clubs. Even motorcycle shops will know this.
    From the info I gather for my trip. You should drive to Kalimantan/Kuching border IDN Entikong checpoint. From there you can drive all the way to brunei and Kinabalu. Potholes, puncture tires are basic part of driving. have fun..

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