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  • Kelimutu crater lakes
    Kelimutu crater lakes
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  • Ende IPI Harbor
    Ende IPI Harbor
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Ende Things to Do


    Pantai Ria is just in walking distance from Ende City Center (Ende Ground Zero)....located at the west side of Ende Harbor...this is one of a favorite place for hang out for Endeness.....everybody would not miss a very stunning beauty of sunset....in a faraway the visitors could see a remote island Pulau Ende ...everybody said one could find a...

  • ENDE Ground ZERO-City CENTER

    The city center of ENDE is ENDE Ground Zero, was a wide Landscape of ENDE City where one could find a sQuare as a football playground ... this is the place where someone would find a beautiful scenery of Gunung Meja and Gunung IYA from the west side of the sQuare.


    Gunung IYA is one of majestic scenery in ENDE, stand side by side with Gunung Meja.If you are strolling along Pantai Ria ( Ria Beach) not far from ENDE Harbor, you can sea the majestic view of Gunung Iya just behind the Harbor.Gunung IYA is one of an active volcano in Flores island


    Gunung Meja (Gunung means mount...and Meja means table) is one of a beautiful scenery which is greeted every attendants to Ende when they arrive at Ende Airport, this green mountain stand elegantly in front of the Airport

  • ENDE-A Little Town Blue

    ENDE is one of a beautiful small town on the island of FLORES....geographically the town was located at the southern beach line of Flores island...surrounded by beautiful scenery of bluish green mountain range.....Gunung Meja and Gunung IYA is two mountain which furnished the Landscape of this small City


    Ende is a beautiful Small Town in Flores island, H. HASAN AROEBOESMAN is one of entry point for visitors who come from Bali Denpasar-Ngurah Rai Airport or from Kupang-East Nusa Tenggara El Tari Airport.This is an Airport which located at Ende City Center, behind the green of Gunung (mount) MEJA and the attendants would see the beautiful of Ende...

  • Bung Karno Museum

    A virtually sacred place, this house where freedom activist and Indonesia's first president Soekarno lived from 1934 to 1938 when he was banished from Java by the Dutch colonial authorities. Yet it does not seem to receive the care and attention proper to that status.We passed by twice and found the site closed. The third time we talked to some...

  • The Kelimutu coloured crater lakes

    Second only to the komodo dragons, the coloured crater lakes of Kelimutu are among the most popular attractions of Flores island. So there is no lack of tips about them on VT and elsewhere. We just add our own accents.The meaning of Kelimutu is 'boiling (mutu) mountain (keli)'. That name may refer to the last times the volcano erupted. A massive...


    While in Moni you will be able to enter a villager's home and see how they live, but don't be surprised if they ask for a donation!


    Wolowaru is 12 kms south of Moni and it is quite a nice walk (2-3hrs) through the tree lined road or you can catch the local transport. Good quality Ikat is made here and you will see it displayed around the village. If you are staying with the villagers you may be invited to eat dog if there is a special occasion to celebrate.


    Take a trip to Moni, check in to a suitable guest house and get up 6am the next morning for the 4 hour hike to Keli Mutu and see the sunrise and the three coloured lakes that are the craters of the volcano. Alternatively lie in bed a little longer and go to the top in a jeep. We went three times before we had a good view( the cloud cover can be...

  • Mbongawani market

    Mbongawani, Ende's main market, is located between the two jetty's of Ende harbour. It has an important fish division where we saw everything from small dried fry to big chunks of enormous fish. Other merchandise includes live chickens, vegetables, rice and beans, cooking oil and spices.Although we did not want to buy anything, is was worthwhile to...

  • Wolotopo traditional village

    Wolotopo is the traditional village closest to Ende. But perhaps because of this closeness modern ways of life have changed Wolotopo in recent years.The village used to be isolated and all dwellings were built of wood with thatched roofs, see travelogue Wolotopo revisited. But a road has been cut through the cliffs isolating Wolotopo, the...

  • The Ende - Moni road

    The road from Ende to Moni is part of the Trans-Flores highway which runs all the length of the island. Most tourists 'doing' Kelimutu will travel the Ende to Moni section at least once, and indeed it is an adventure by itself. About half of the distance the road follows the Wolowona river valley, endlessly winding with a deep ravine on one hand...

  • Saga traditional village

    It was not on the tourist map yet, but we were directed to Saga village by an employee of the Tourist Office. The village is better preserved than more popular Wolotopo and as easily accessed. Our guide reported to the village head, by name of Melchior Maksi, who then took his time to show us around.The people living in Saga belong to the Lio...

  • Ende, Not That Horrible

    Once that important port, and the domain of a true raja/king, it is said Ende-today is a miserable place. Well, that's not all true, the people are so friendly, the food is good, and getting a bemo is easy peanuts.Visit the house where late President Sukarno lived when he was exiled to Flores by the Dutch in 1933. This house is on Jalan K.H....

  • Beach Paradise Nanganesa

    Tourist from the Rich West love the beach, wherever on the world that may be. You should know local people in these islands do live right next to the beach. Besides the Indian Ocean is a dangerous one the locals do not want to sit in the sun and do prefer to go for a pick-nick in the shadow of a tree ...So when you want to go to the beach you...

  • d'memoar of my 1st president

    Ende contains the 'home in-exile' of former and first Indonesian president, Soekarno, while in banishment during the early period of nationalist movements in 1936. The house has been repaired and is today a museum

  • spirit gathering lakes

    Local people belived that souls & spirits come together @ kelimutu. When a person dies, their soul or “mae” leaves their village and comes here, to eternity. Soul must first pass through ratu the spirit gatekeeper. As if the three deep crater lake were dyed or painted, their water colors changes without warning. Dissolving minerals in the water and...

  • Komodo Dragons

    The Komodo monitor genus has a considerable, evolutionary history. In the prehistoric past, the creature pobably lived throughout the entire region from Australia, Timor, Sumba, Flores and other Indonesian islands. A truly spectecular creature... it can run swiftly, jump, walk on 2 feet, is a splendid climber, swimmer, diver, and digger. It can...

  • Kelimutu - Three Coloured Lakes

    The phenomenon of the coloured lakes of Gunung Kelimutu has challenged scientists for years and it is still not known exactly what elements cause the vivid colours, nor how they change ...The red lake, called "Ti Wu Ata Polo", has turned into dark-green, and represented blood, believed by the locals. The adjacent green lake, called "Ti Wu Nua Fooh...


Ende Restaurants

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    Pangan lokal: The ultimate in eco-food

    by theo1006 Updated Aug 26, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The ultimate in eco-food! This new restaurant specializes in traditional Ende food. All ingredients are produced locally, in a hamlet close to Wologai. No fertilizer or pesticides used, instead the ceremonies for planting and harvest are performed as required by the adat. The cutlery, cups and plates, are also made of local materials: bamboo, wood, coconut shells, and earthenware

    The restaurant can serve you from 8am to 10pm, but you have to order in advance as preparation takes time and they only serve freshly prepared food.

    Favorite Dish: Do not expect items on the menu that you find in most Indonesian restaurants. We were offered a surprise dinner as follows:
    4 teh kemangi (lemon basil tea) @ 5000
    1 ubi jalar (sweet potatoes) @ 5000
    1 ubi hitam (black potatoes) @ 5000
    Main course
    2 nasi merah (red rice) @ 5000
    1 ikan bakar (kakap) (grilled fish) @ 30,000
    2 ikan juah (another fresh water fish dish) @ 7500
    1 ngela/urap (pepaya leaves) @ 5000
    1 sayur paria (kind of gourd) @ 5000
    1 sambal (chilli condiment) @ 2000
    Total bill for two: Rp 97,000 (about USD 11).

    Local food: main course Restaurant Local food: tea and appetizers
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Ende Transportation

  • Ojek

    Ojek is a motorcycle for hire and it is a way to travel around here.Was charged IDR15,000 (USD1 = IDR 10,000) for a short trip because the concrete road was being repaired.


    ENDE is only one of Flores small town ...ANGKOT is one of the most usefull and cheap ENDE city Transportation means ...you could take a trip from one corner of ENDE to another corner of the city by using Angkot with the fare starting from IDR 2,000 and not more than IDR 5,000 ...depend on how far your destination....

  • fly fr0m Kupang to Ende

    ENDE could be reached by Air...wether from DENPASAR Bali or from Kupang East Nusa Tenggara....there are two flight from Denpasar Ngurah Rai Airport to ENDE-H. HASAN AROEBOESMAN AIRPort vise verse on the daily basis and would take an hour...one by Wings or Lion AIr, another airline is by Aviastar TRANS NUSA...Those two Airline also connected Kupang...


Ende Shopping

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    Local Market Place: Beautiful Ikat

    by RoyJava Updated Apr 12, 2007

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    Almost every tourist knows you can buy on Flores Island the most beautiful, famous Ikats (see link). Actually I had never seen Ikat fabrics before, just heard about. Watching at all those hand-weaven Ikat clothes you cannot imagine these Ikats are so wanted! So if you are on Flores find yourself some of the ikat places (mostly a market place at specific days, so ask around) ad spoil yourself for an Ikat.

    What to buy: The name of "Ikat" is a Malaysian one. Though the ikat-method is well-known all over the world when hand-weaving. In Guatamala the name is "Jaspe", in Japan "Kasuri" and Thailand knows the "Matmee/Mudmee". I bought several Ikat's (size of a big shawl) in Ende at pasar-location (included the black one out of Sumba), and some in Labuhan Bajo ...

    Labuhan Bajo - Sumbawa Ikat

    What to pay: The black one was about 10$, keep bargain!

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Ende Off The Beaten Path

  • Po'o Ceremony

    Po'o is a holy and sacred pre-planting ceremony of the Lio tribe in Ende, Central Flores Island, Nusa Tenggara Tengah Province, Indonesia. It is a whole day affair performed on a Sunday in September (it was held September 21 in 2014) to serve as ground fertility or purification rites for the land. It is a cultural tradition mixed with religion and...

  • Ipi harbour revisited

    Lying on the neck of a peninsula, Ende has two harbours: Ende harbour on the west, and Ipi (or Ippi) harbour on the east. Where a ship was allowed to moor used to depend on the season. When Theo arrived here in December 1971 the ship Stella Maris had to round the peninsula to approach Ipi beach; that was where the surf was calmer.Nowadays, since...

  • The Mari Longa statue

    You can hardly miss it on your way from Ende to Moni or Wolotopo, this more than life-size, and we think rather ugly, statue of freedom fighter Mari Longa.We looked up information about the man on the internet. Unfortunately accounts are not consistent. Wikitravel and related sites state that 'Wars of Watu Api and Mari Longa decurred [sic!] here in...


Ende Favorites

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  • Call in at the Tourist Office

    We strongly advise that you call in at the Ende Tourist Office. The least you can get there is a good map of Ende town.We wanted advice on which traditional village to visit, Wologai or Wolojita. As a result we were accompanied by an employee of the office, mr. Hermanto Dee, to his native village Saga!The office is located close to Ende's...

  • Pantai Nanganesa

    The Endenese are the people gathered in South central Flores in and around the port town of Ende. You'll notice the mix of Malay and Melanesian features. The aristocratic families of Ende link to their ancestors, through mythical exploits and magic events it is said, with the Hindu Majapahit Kingdom of Java. Today most of the 60.000 people living...

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