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  • Kupang Bay seen from Bolok Hill side
    Kupang Bay seen from Bolok Hill side
    by meiyergani
  • Sunset off Jl. Sumba
    Sunset off Jl. Sumba
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  • TENAU Sea Port at KUPANG BAY East Nusa Tenggara
    TENAU Sea Port at KUPANG BAY East Nusa...
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Kupang Things to Do

  • The Dutch Cemetery

    A relict of colonial times is the Dutch Cemetery. The tombs are falling apart and overgrown with weeds. There must be decendants of those buried here living in the Netherlands or elsewhere – are they aware of the neglect of the cemetery?The weeds around one tomb had recently been cleared when we visited, the tomb of Th. F. Drysdale, Koopman en...

  • Sasando

    When my trip here, I was so enjoy the music of sasando, the traditional music from Nusa tenggara Timur. The main part of sasando is a bamboo tube that served as the frame of the instrument. Surrounded the tube is several wooden pieces served as wedges where the strings are stretched from the top to the bottom. The wedges function is to hold the...

  • Beaches

    So many beaches in kupang, and one of the beauty is Lasiana beach. Lasiana Beach is located in Central Kupang, Kupang, NTT. And also many beach where we can see the local fisherman and the activity of the fisherman's life.


    Governor office was located right at the heart of Kupang city with a wide landscape and the statue of 'EL TARI' , a former and the first Governor of East Nusa Tenggara Province was stand in front of its buildings.Situated at a magnificent landscape of Kupang down town and was designated by Timorese architecture, side by side with other government...


    EL TARI Airport is located at a hill side of Oesapa region, some 20 km away northeast of Kupang City Center. As an entrance gate for all of domestic flight from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar (Bali) and foreign flight from Australia to East Nusa Tenggara Province or Propinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT)The road to Kupang city center was...

  • Kupang Old Harbor

    Kupang Old Harbor was still in use by small boat which will deliver the peoples from Kupang city to the island Nearby-Semau Island. Located just at the edge of Kupang bus terminal and Kupang Central Market where we could enjoy a beatiful scenery of the harbor furnished by a few small fishing canoe and small boat floating on the sea. Every afternoon...

  • The Dutch Cemetery

    Kupang was also one of colonial site city in 18 Century, one of the Dutch colonize witness was a cluster of the Dutch Cemetery located on the way between Kupang City bus terminal and Tenau Seaport. Unlike the Dutch Graves at other site in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung or Banda Aceh where the graveyards were maintained well and donated by the Dutch...

  • Monkey Forest Park

    Located eastward just ten minutes walking from Tenau Seaport, flocks of monkey forest was stranded along both side road, at the hill rocks on the right side of the road there were many caves where it was home of the monkeys, don't forget to feeding them from your hand, unlike the other wild one in Bali island, here the monkeys were waiting for your...

  • BLUE SKY at Oesapa beach

    OESAPA beach is a touristy by a few reasons, the beach was not so clean but it is a good place to take some beach view pictures, the blue sky and stranded fishermen boat is a good scenery, along the beach you could see a green of growing lontar palm trees and in the faraway beyond the sea, you could sea a bluish mountain range of Timor island

  • OESAPA fishing village

    Oesapa is a fishing village 10 km away from Kupang City, strolling the beach in the morning was very fascinating, some fisherman offer you to buy their fish but they didn't show any regret if you just sight seeing and didn't buy anymore. If you try to take a picture, they would show you their smiling faces


    If you travel to Kupang, one thing that should not missed was visiting ROTE island for touring to a fascinating virgin island or it was a popular place among the peoples who enjoy a big sea wave surfing at NEMBRALA

  • Enjoy a beautiful sunset

    Sunset was very fascinating view for the peoples who enjoy photography, a view good place for sunset view were: Lasiana beach, Tenau Seaport, the road at the hilltop between Tenau Seaport and Bolok Ferry Port


Kupang Hotels

Kupang Restaurants

  • After nightfall

    Every day by nightfall part of Siliwangi road in Kupang is closed and converted into a food market. Come here to enjoy a cheap meal in the open.We asked them 'What do you do when it rains?' - 'Oh, we put up a tarpaulin!' Especially the roasted fish is excellent.

  • Kupang Night's Life Food Vaganza

    This is an Outdoor open air Foodvaganza at Kupang night market was popular place to visit, begin in the afternoon from 05.00 pm till late in to the night, it was some kind of street vendor restaurants where you could see tens of food counters side by side along 500 meters JALAN (street) GARUDA which offers various kinds of cuisine and drinks, just...

  • Dine out near the beach

    A good place to dine out is Restoran Nelayan. They have nice gazebo's where one can take advantage of a little sea breeze.Restoran Nelayan serves seafood as well as other Indonesian dishes.

  • lots of seafood

    oh, don't ask what kind of seafood i prefer more in kupang. i like almost all of them. so delicious, well-prepared and cooked and not too expensive.my fave goes to: chili [or black pepper] crabs, fried king prawn in butter, grilled red snapper and fried calamari.served with steam rice and veggies and many kind of sauces.

  • delicious timorese smoked beef

    se'i is the traditional smoked beef and pork a'la timorese and well-known throughout east nusa tenggara. such as flores, rote and sabu islands. the resto sell se'i beef per kilogram and you just need to mentioned how many kgs you want to have it. normally, for 4 person 1 kg is enough. and the price is included steam rice, veggies and...

  • Chinese or is it Indonesian?

    All the restaurants we saw looked very basic. The decor shabby, and the dim lighting probably hidding even scarier things.When looking for this place we walked past it, not realising it was the chinese restaurant we were searching for. The waitresses were very friendly, and attentive.The food was a mixture between Chinese and Indonesian, and was...


Kupang Nightlife

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    by meiyergani Written Sep 1, 2009

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    Occupying one street lane of PASAR (market) KUPANG, as long as 500 meters Jalan Garuda was a popular place for enjoying foods and drinks in the night. The street was close for all kinds of vehicles which begin from 05.00 o'clock in the afternoon until late at the nights, the foods and drinks stall as well as a sharing tables were stranded side by side in an open air along the street

    Dress Code: No need to wear special dress, just put your casual dress

    Kupang Night Life, Food Vaganza
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Kupang Transportation

  • Batik Air

    For our Kupang-Jakarta flight we took a local Batik Air,and get to charge my wall-hugger in the plane.

  • ANGKOT or BEMO, a sharing taxi

    BEMO or ANGKOT is a very useful and cheapest transportation means for peoples or tourist, with a flat tariffs IDR 2,500 near or far from one point to another in one route. It was some kind of minivan with various colors: white, green, yellow, blue with full of western English music from Rock, pops, country.

  • Boat or Ferry from KUPANG to ROTE

    A ferry or Speed boat run everyday from KUPANG to ROTE island vise versa, ferry would take four or five hours from Bolok seaport at Kupang to Pantai Baru seaport at Rote island, while speed boat would take two hours from Tenau seaport at Kupang to BA'A seaport at ROTE island. At this moment, Ferry cost was Rp. 36,000,- per-passenger while speed...


Kupang Shopping

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  • Sea salt

    Rp 10,000 for 4 kg of sea salt, a good deal?Straight from the makers on the roadside 10 km east of Kupang.We think sea salt is more healthy than the regular refined rock salt, so we brought home a bag. If you come from abroad 4 kg may be much to carry home, but of you are with a group you might divide the salt among you.Sorry, no pictures of the...

  • Fish Market

    At the fish market on the beach road one gets perhaps the freshest fish. At least in the morning when they have just been brought in. During the day the sellers spray them with iced water.We were especially attracted by the bright blue ones.

  • Kupang Hotels

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Kupang Local Customs

  • Harvesting coral

    Also seen at Tablolong village: a shed where people were unloading corals newly harvested from 10 m depth in Kupang Bay. They were put in basins with seawater to be later sold to Jakarta.We wonder whether this is a legal trade, and if it is we think it should not be. Yet the workers at the shed seemed not to be aware that they were doing something...

  • Cultivating sea weed

    All over Kupang Bay where the water is shallow - at Semau island and at Tablolong beach - people are cultivating rumput laut (sea weed). We were told is earns them Rp 30,000 for one kg dried weed.The trick is to tie pieces of weed to a long plastic rope and let this float in the sea with the aid of plastic bottles. After a month the weed has grown...

  • Building a boat

    At the beach of Tablolong village we saw three villagers working on a small boat, for use in harvesting rumput laut ('sea grass').It's amazing how they work with only hand tools, making boards from branches and fitting them on the sides of the boat. Yet they also use modern technology: the seams between the boards they fill with epoxy glue,


Kupang Off The Beaten Path

  • Kupang's oldest church building

    The Dutch who landed in West Timor brought their protestant religion with them. There already was a congregation in 1614 (see "Grave of the Unknown Minister"), but the oldest church building - which now serves the Timorese faithful - dates back to 1882 and is designated as a cultural heritage. The tablet reads: "This church building was constructed...

  • Airmata Mosque

    Kupang's oldest mosque would have been older than the oldest church, if they had not rebuilt it recently. The original mosque dates from 1806, and an old photograph shows what it looked like. Unfortunately the building did not have the status of cultural heritage, and because of the growing number of believers it has been replaced by a bigger...

  • Grave of the unknown minister

    Inside the church on Soekarno Street are listed the ministers of the protestant church of Kupang, starting with Van den Broek in 1614. Not all of them are known, there are gaps in the list. So much do the Timorese hold their ministers in high esteem, that they have a grave for "a minister whose name is not yet known".


Kupang Favorites

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    Internet access

    by theo1006 Written Mar 10, 2010

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    Favorite thing: There are lots of places in Kupang with internet access.
    Edwin Lerrick of the Lavalon bar (Jalan Sumatra on the beachfront) will let you use his pc for free.
    A favourite internet café is Teddy's at Jalan Ikan Tongol near the old harbour.

    Teddy's internet caf��
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