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  • Komodo Dragon in the NP
    Komodo Dragon in the NP
    by danishtraveller
  • Pulau Komodo
    by Astene
  • Orangutan Crab (Achaeus japonicus)
    Orangutan Crab (Achaeus japonicus)
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Pulau Komodo Highlights

  • Pro
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    RoyJava says…

     Dragon-watch, adventure, jungle-rest, ocean-drive, wildlife 

  • Con
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    DidiBeachBum says…

     no matter how cute they look, y'aint wanna mess with them :D 

  • In a nutshell
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     Fast and large, they're out to get you 

Pulau Komodo Things to Do


    Enjoy sailing from Labuan Bajo pier towards Komodo National Parks, please take a very nice moments seeing a green savannah and the blue ocean along the trip. so many small island also a geat landscape worth a visit


    Long ago one could go to the Komodo National Park by a Ferry, nowadays the only transportation means to explore Komodo is using a hire boat which depart from Labuan Bajo Pier, West Manggarai.There were many Tour Operator which arrange the trip to Komodo National Parks and small island around this Unesco World heritages. A big wooden made schooner...


    A place where so many boats were stranded and the exploration to Komodo National Parks is begin, a Traveler might be use a small boat which loads two to five peoples, a middle boat which loads seven to ten peoples or a large boat which loads up to fifteen peoples.Just go to the so many tour operators at Labuan Bajo Jalan Sukarno Hatta or head on to...


Pulau Komodo Restaurants

  • fish bbq

    everything is natural. you have to collect woods to build the fire. dont worry it's easy. everything is simple and natural hehehe :D

  • Fresh & Healthy Seafood

    some fish that we bought from a fisherman. Fish Barbecue. make sure you bring hot sauce and ketchup ^__^

  • right out of the ocean

    Ofcourse there is no such a thing as a restaurant in and around Komodo National Park. But the good thing is you have big chance in bumping into fishermen bringing plenty of fish / calamari. So you can easily throw barbecue party by the beach ^__^ BBQ Calamari and Grouper Fish are the best


Pulau Komodo Nightlife

  • *S*U*N*S*E*T*

    Wo does not know the sunset on any island can be just spectacular. When in Indonesia time flies and the evening is a sudden moment of going out of the light. That is the same on an island and even more sudden when facing the western direction.On the Komodo Island it is even strictly forbidden to leave the houses on poles. So the guards watch you...

  • Silence For The Komodo

    36 km long by 16 km at its wides, 500 km E of Bali, Pulau Komodo lies in one of the driest regions in Indonesia. Volcanic in origin, the island is composed of pyrolastic-like ash which has solidified into arid tuffstone hillsides. The whole E coast is an eroded cliff that plunges straight into the sea, with alluvial fans, occasional coastal...

  • Pulau Komodo Hotels

    0 Hotels in Pulau Komodo

Pulau Komodo Transportation


    To get to Komodo island is fly via BALI Ngurah 'Ray' airport to Labuan Bajo West Manggarai 'Komodo Airport' by AVIA STAR "TRANSNUSA" airline or by "MERPATI" airline.TRANSNUSA is more reliable schedule with the fare from IDR 600 K up to IDR 1000 K and would take about one hourTake a morning or an afternoon flight and Don't miss a beautiful scenery...


    one of a convenience way to reach Komodo island is sailing by boat, there were many tour operators at Soekarno Hatta street in Labuan Bajo offers atrip to Komodo National Parks, they offer one day trip to Rinca island, one day trip to Komodo island, two days one night package tour to Komodo and Rinca island and four days three nights package tour...

  • Sailing Fun At Pulau Komodo

    Most tourists on Komodo just arrived to watch the Komodo lizard. You can't do anything without a guide, though they are willing to lead you anywhere. When you got a captain of your own, and a boat, ... heehee ..., try to get to Pulau Kalung. Its fame refers to the flying bats (kalung). See the goats swimming to Pulau Kalung from neighbouring...


Pulau Komodo Shopping

  • A Very Special Book About Komodo

    It was Nicole Viloteau who caught my eye immediately when heard about her. She is a French photographer and has explored some secrets of the world's remaining jungles, included the lizard and Komodo. She is used to play with king-cobras, poisened snakes and ... the Komodo! At the beginning of the 90's she explored the Komodo island, did some...

  • Komodo Chips, Too Funny To Leave

    Krupuk is so famous in Indonesia, the popular tasty shrimp chips from Indonesia. Mainly known as "krupuk", you can get these everywhere. Try "krupuk" (deep fried shrimps crackers) with spicy recipes, of just enjoy it as a snack. I found these Komodo Krupuk and couldn't leave it. It is so funny to buy Komodo Krupuk even not from the Komodo Island...

  • Komodo Stamps

    When visiting the Komodo Island you want to buy something special of the Komodo, do you? At the island itself there is no shop to buy anything, then some curiosities (included t-shirts). You could look around at Labuhanbajo. The Komodo manifestation is found on paintings, wood arts, sculptures, statues, t-shirts, and stamps.Komodo Dragon Wood...


Pulau Komodo Local Customs

  • Legend Komodo Dragon Princess

    Long, long ago, a mythical princess lived on Komodo, whom people called Putri Naga or Dragon Princess. She married a man named Najo and bore him twins: one was a baby boy, and the other a baby dragon. Her son, named Si Gerong, was raised amongst men; the dragon she called Orah, and reared it in the forest. Neither knew anything of the other...


    The natives call the Komodo-varan ORA (=snake) or BUAYA DARAT (=land-crocodile) and do pay great respect to this reptile-animal that could surprise you by a tremendous sprint. The muscular legs do support the heavy body and show the fierced lizard as a truly spectacular creature. It can run swiftly, jump, walk on 2 feet, climb a tree, swim, dive...

  • Western Tourists, Eastern Culture

    When Western tourists have holiday most of them don't stop at the thought that the customs and habits could be very different from their home place.So along the beach you'll see the Western girls, blond and sunburned, and a lot of them walk around ... topless. We got used to that picture and don't bother the "problem".It is a problem when you are...


Pulau Komodo Warnings and Dangers

  • Komodo Island Is No Fake!

    Getting to Pulau Komodo is no easy task. Getting around neither !!! And not only because of the lizard itself ...Walking along the beaches please, do wear sand-shoes. You would not be the first stinged by a thornback. These little rays hide in the sand close to the "pinggir", ocean water's edge.Always bring a bottle of water with you!!!

  • Endangered Specie

    Although only the Flores islands of Indonesia house these mighty reptiles, they use to be present in Australia not too long ago. Here the dragon was more dangerous, and much larger (in mind the still alive sea-crocodiles!).It still is an odd idea the leviathan lizard was discovered only in 1911. So Komodo Dragons were unknown to the Western world...

  • Bring Bottle Of Water!!!

    You cannot tell enough ... always bring a bottle of water!The water ("air", pronounced "a-yer") in Indonesia is not good at all, because of bad treatment. You'll find a bunch of bacteria and viruses in it. Be sure you only drink bottled water (air putih)! Ask to boil the water when staying with families, or use sterilized water. No problem to get...


Pulau Komodo Tourist Traps

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    by RoyJava Updated Jul 6, 2005

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    Crossing the island of Komodo you may visit the Kampung Komodo. It's possible the local inhabitants offer you a sail back to Loho Liang Bay. They'll ask a price twice, threefold as much (like 100.000 Rp) ...
    (normally a prahu/canoe costs about 30.000 Rp and is about 1-hour's punting from Kampung Komodo)

    Unique Suggestions: Maybe a real rip-off, and if you think that's too much for a i-hour boat ride, just remember that it's the only time Komodo villagers make any money at all out of you, unless you're gonna buy a goat from them ...
    It concerns the guides of the kampung too. Be nice to them... they get abused from tourists all the time.

    Fun Alternatives: When lucky, try to get the PHKA staff boat. Otherwise ... relax and pay attention around the area you're in ...
    Princess Of Komodo Island
    aquarel 16,5 - 24 cm.
    Roy James Dohne 2003

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Pulau Komodo What to Pack

  • No Hospital Around!

    A backpack and a rucksack small size. You have to hang your luggage in the middle of the sleepingroom, because of the rats! Trekking around take as little as possible ... and bring a bottle of water! It is dry and hot! Lightweight clothing will be more comfortable to wear. Shorts/t-shirts for places to be (a sarong is great), but you need long...

  • Dont forget to bring a map

    Backpack and daypack. I brought a 75 lt backpack and a small daypack. You can leave your backpack on the boat and carry only the necessary stuffs in your daypack while you're trekking around Komodo Island. Shorts & shirts. Trekking shoes, sandals. It can get a bit cold at nite. light jacket is needed. Toilet paper, personal medical...

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Pulau Komodo Off The Beaten Path

  • First time liveaboard experience, you...

    I had no idea how lovely a cruise could be until i was taken -by my wife- to Indonesia for a trip aboard the WAOW.This boat was made using ancient carving techniques and all I can say is 'WOW' this vessel is stunning. I spent 10 days cruising the indonesian archipelago and tried my first scuba dive. What a rush! I saw a moonfish the size of a Mini...

  • To Poreng Valley

    The Poreng Valley place is at the old dry riverbed side. A wonderful morning we left the kampung and marched into the jungle. Nope, no feeding with a goat. The 8 of us didnot want to watch how the lizards devour the goats. Even without food they are quite active, not lethargic as they are in zoos.Maybe it was our loud speaking, or our nervy doings,...

  • Komodo's Forked Tongue

    The best remark of the Komodo dragons is its acute sense of smell. This sense-organ houses in the nose where the nerves get helped by a special organ in its mouth, named Jacobson organ. It is activated by the tips of its forked tonue ...Now you know why the Komodo constantly flickers its long tongue, like a yellow/orange thunderbolt into the air,...


Pulau Komodo Sports & Outdoors

  • More Scuba Diving

    Diving from the Queen Scuba was great!My whole trip was perfectly organised by Gekko Scuba Divers.Thanks Marcia, it was incredible!

  • Liveaboard on Queen Scuba

    Diving from the Queen Scuba was great!My whole trip was perfectly organised by Gekko Scuba Divers.Thanks Marcia, it was incredible!

  • Snorkling from the Queen Scuba

    Diving from the Queen Scuba was great!But one day it all ends, because of the upcoming flight, we had to snorkel on the last day, and wow, it was awesome, sswimming with the Manta's!My whole trip was perfectly organised by Gekko Scuba Divers.Thanks Marcia, it was incredible!


Pulau Komodo Favorites

  • Introducing the beast.... Komodo Dragon

    Pulau Komodo, or in a bigger scale, Komodo National Park, is the only place in the world where you can see the infamous Komodo Dragons living and moving around freely in their natural habitat.Being in this island, looking at the giant lizards makes you feel like you go back to the past to the era when the dinosaurus still exist.The islands in this...

  • Dragon's Alive

    Watching a Komodo walking, moving and running around is an upmost experience. This is something different from Zoo and, reading some about this animal grants amazing insight into its life. I heard about the "forked tongue" and its extraordinary ability to smell. So I concentrated my eyes as well the camera-lens on its tongue. Like snakes the...

  • Pulau Kalung & The Dragon Princess

    With supervisor of Pak Jozef (from the PHKA) we sailed for the Pulau Kalung. Just a small island covered with trees, and surrounded by dangerous coral-rifs, the boat got quite close to Pulau Kalung. The name derived of the bat (actually "flying dog") living up in the trees. With sunset these kalungs fly away to get food (fruits) on land. While...


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