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  • Labuan Bajo-Komodo Airport
    Labuan Bajo-Komodo Airport
    by meiyergani
  • Pede beach Labuan Bajo
    Pede beach Labuan Bajo
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  • A hotel pool view Pede beach
    A hotel pool view Pede beach
    by meiyergani

Pulau Rinca Things to Do


    Flores islands is fascinating with its green mountain and hills, from a boat on the way to Pulau Rinca, everyone would find this gorgeous view of its geographic condition, the shoreline with green mangroves, mountains and hills with green and dry savannah


    Our Boat was tied at LOH BUAYA Pier, the attendants going down the wood bridge were guide by a boat crew entering the entrance gate of Pulau Rinca. A guard house made from woods located just at the edge of the hill side. A good view of the bay was one of a picturesque site you should'nt miss. As we were stepping in to the gate, we could see a pair...


    After two hours boating, a tranQuil Loh Buaya Bay was the first site greeting the attendants, located between hills side of Pulau Rinca, boat running and split a clear blue water of Loh Buaya.Mangroves woods along the beach line in combination with the brown color of mountain hills was also a fascinating view. All boats were stranded along Loh...


    During two hours sailing from Labuan Bajo Pier to Pulau Rinca, Flores island's Mountain Range is an amazing scenery, the peaks and the sloves with dry savannah and a clear blue ocean was make up a beautiful composition of a real nature art painting.The islands and the beach with mangrove trees along the coastal line were also a great moment to...

  • BOAT TRIP: Labuan Bajo-Pulau Rinca

    It take two hours boating from Labuan Bajo to Pulau Rinca, the tour operator or travel agent at Labuan Bajo collect the attendants in a groups of 3 to 4 peoples for a small boat and 8 to 10 peoples for A large boat....of course there is also a large boat which load up to 15 peoples,All boats enter Pulau Rinca via Loh Buaya, a bay with crystal clear...

  • LabuanBajo West Manggarai, Flores island

    Labuan Bajo is the Capital City of Manggarai District, Located at the most north western tips of Flores island. The center of Government administrative and the gateway To another small town of Flores island: Ruteng, Ende, Maumere and Larantuka. Here there were a Komodo Airport, Government offices, so many Hotels from 5* to Budget Accommodation,...


    Once the Komodo dragon was more dangerous, bigger, larger and aggressive, like the Australian sea-crocodile. Discovered in 1911 the Komodo dragon was unknown to Western people for a long time.And for now the Indonesians do know the Komodo dragon is a very special creature, so they want to save the endangered Komodo Dragon and to learn more about...

  • Amazing Views

    When going for a walk on the Rinca Island you may climb the high hills South of Kampung Rinca. Because it is not allowed to go on your own you will be guided by someone of the Rinca Camp ...It really is worth a while although you need some of good condition! And water ... always bring water with you !!!

  • Trekking

    In order to make the most of your wildlife spotting opportunities, you need to walk around the island. We took a three hour walk, accompanied by experienced rangers who were able to lead us along the best paths for seeing the animals and views. They also have gerat knowledge about the animals and carry a large stick for 'steering' any Komodo Dragon...

  • Other wildlife 3

    Again very timid, the macaque monkey can be seen in or near trees, and are usually found in small family groups called troups. They are very agile and very quick and will keep their distance from you.

  • Other wildlife 2

    Also found on the island are spotted deer. Being one of the Komodo Dragon's favourite food, the deer are naturally timid and will scarper if you get too close. We did see a few of them, resting under trees, keeping their eyes open for predators.

  • Other wildlife 1

    Although the primary reason for visiting Rinca would be the amazing Komodo Dragons, other wildlife acn be found on the island too, including many beautiful birds.During our walks we spotted a water buffaly under the trees, chewing away on the grass. These creatures can be very aggressive, so it is best not to approach too closely - keep a sensible...

  • Rangers

    Rinca is a national park and you are not allowed to walk around the island unguided. You need to report to the parks office on arrival and a ranger will accompany you on your trek. Not only do they know the best routes for spotting Komodo Dragons, they will also tell you about the flora and fauna you see along the way. They do of course expect a...

  • Stunning views

    From the top of Rinca Island the views out across the bay are absolutely stunning! It really is worth the effort to get up there. Make sure you carry water with you, and go with a ranger. The path is not too ardous and can be undertaken by most people who are reasonably fit.

  • Komodo Dragon spotting

    The main reason you would visit Rinca Island, would be to see the Komodo Dragons. The Komodo Dragon is the world's largest lizard ( a member of the monitor lizard family) and can grow up to three metres long and weigh in excess of 100kg. The can run very quickly (up to 20kms an hour) for short distances, and even climb trees, but are generally...


Pulau Rinca Restaurants

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    by meiyergani Written Jul 9, 2012

    Strolling along Labuan Bajo, in particular at Soekarno Hatta street, the street which paralel to Labuan Bajo shorelines, there are so many Restaurants and Cafe which offer anykinds of Seafood, one of a decents Restaurant is Matahari Hotel and Restaurant, or you could also find this kind of Restaurant and Cafe at Hotel Gardena located at Hillside with Ocean view of Labuan Bajo

    Favorite Dish: Everyone could enjoy seafood at one restaurant just in front of Labuan Bajo Pier, its serve Indonesian cuisines and they offer grilled fish, squid barbeque, chicken soup,

    Fish Barbeque, Soup and Chah Kangkung
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Pulau Rinca Nightlife

  • Sssttt For The Komodo

    What a perfect party-time for these dragons is the Pulau Rinca all over ...During day time the Komodo dragon hunts for its food, well, just wait at a particular place for its food. That is just walking by ...So at night they sleep just like humans. Be aware ... they donot sleep like us and always on the alert for food, that is just walking by...

  • Drinking

    Without any organised or arranged entertainment, the main option for your evening is drinking! MSY Katharina has a well stocked bar which worked on an honour system. In the fridge was a selection of local and international beers which were chargable and soft drinks which were included in the price. Wine (a rather rough local rosé wine) was included...

  • Watching the sunset

    There isn't a great deal to do in the evening when you are based on a boat. You are rather limited on your choices!Everey evening we were on the boat, the sunset was spectacular. The sun goes down some time around 18:30 and disappears very quickly as you are very near the equator. Photography hints: Try and include some mountains or foreground...


Pulau Rinca Transportation

  • an Air Line Trip

    Traveling to Pulau Rinca by indirect flight.... via Bali Ngurah Ray Air Port to Labuan Bajo Komodo Airport would take about one hour, it is more convenience compare by land transportation which would take two to three days.There are a few Airline which connect Bali and Labuan Bajo, AVIASTAR Trans Nusa Airline and Merpati Nusantara AirLine were fly...


    The easy way to get to Pulau Rinca is by boating from Labuan Bajo Pier, it takes about two hours sailing a blue ocean with its beautiful panorama of mountain hills.If you are in LaBUAN bAJO, just head on to the pier where you could see so many boats commonly in white color stranded along the pier and offer a one day trip to Pulau Rinca or you could...

  • Get your own charter boat

    To visit Rinca it is quite difficult to get there. There is no plane flying to Rinca and, no regular ferries sail for Rinca. So the best to get there is to hire your own charter boat.I heard there are some sea trek-, cruise- and travel-ships that sail for Rinca, and we just hired our own sailing ship at Labuhan Bajo.Usually a trip will cost about...


Pulau Rinca Warnings and Dangers

  • Looking For A Charter Ship

    Some advice:* ask for a ship owner who knows his way on the ocean ...* make it clear where you want to go...* get you a guide if you donot speak Bahasa Indonesian ...* make sure your price is a fixed one for to go there and back ...* in most cases it depends on your knowingness of tawar (bargain) ...* don't argue on the boat trip, you'll loose...

  • Look behind you!

    There was one very anxious moment near the beginning of the trek, where we were all admiring and photographing a couple of Komodo Dragons on a slight hillside, when we spotted a third dragon coming in from the left. The two originals did not take very kindly to the newcomer and a skirmish ensued. We were naturally rather concerned that we may get...

  • Treat with respect!

    Although the Komodo Dragons don't generally pose a throat to humans, it is always best to treat them with the utmost respect. Attacks, which almost always result in death, have been recorded. A young boy from the village was killed last year, and a ranger was bitten a while back and is still recovering. The dragon's bite in itself is not venomous,...


Pulau Rinca Off The Beaten Path

  • Many Animal Species

    When entering Rinca it is hard to imagine there is much more abundant wildlife than on the Komodo island. A walk to the high hills South of Kampung Rinca can be unforgettable. We got so lucky a guide of the PHKA camp would guide us to some spots where the dragons take a sun bath.There are several monkey colonies. And wild horses, wild water...

  • Sabalon

    As there isn't a destination on VT for Sabalon, I have decided to put the tip here as we visited both on the same day.Sabalon is a famous reef with a huge variety of live coral and beautiful fish. It's a great place to snorkel or scuba dive. We thoroughly enjoyed the snorkelling excursion and saw a lot of various colourful marine species, including...

  • Dragon's nest

    About half way through our trek we came across this little mount where a female dragon was guarding her eggs. The curious thing about Komodo Dragons is the female will closely and fiercly guard her eggs, but once the eggs are hatched, she will at best abandon her babies, at worse eat them!As we were standing around discussing the phenonenon and...


Pulau Rinca Sports & Outdoors

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    Swim and Snorkell

    by meiyergani Written Jan 29, 2013

    on the way from Pulau Rinca to one site of Komodo bay, a swimming or snorkelling at Pulau Kambing is one of tour package service...

    Equipment: swimming and snorkelling eQuipment was generally prepare by boat captain...or you could also bring your eQuipment

    snorkelling at Pulau Kambing
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Pulau Rinca Favorites


    A Tour Operator at Labuan Bajo Offer one day boat trips to Pulau Rinca, minimum 2 passengers in the rate of IDR 475,000/person, if you are 3 persons the rate is IDR 357000/person and if you are 4 persons the rate is IDR 332,000/personIf you are joint a boats which loads up to 10 persons, the rate may be cheaper, The trip start from 08.00-09.00 and...

  • Komodo Legendary Animal

    The Varanus Komodoensis (Komodo lizard) to me is one of the most legendary creatures walking on Earth planet. Together with the "duyung cow" (lamantine) we may remember a creature which maybe has created the myth of the dragon.It is believed these creatures were used for the legendary myths of the Chinese dragon, so that was a long time ago....

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