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  • Speed Boat commuters at BA'A seaport, Pulau Rote-N
    Speed Boat commuters at BA'A seaport,...
    by meiyergani
  • A beach view of BA'A Town Hill, ROTE-NDAO island
    A beach view of BA'A Town Hill,...
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  • Batu Termanu beach, Pulau Rote-Ndao
    Batu Termanu beach, Pulau Rote-Ndao
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Pulau Roti Things to Do

  • The palace of the raja of Ba'a

    'Palace' may me be too grand a title for the house, but no doubt it is the most attractive colonial building in Ba'a. Moreover it is well maintained and so is its garden.We paid a courtesy visit to the residing descendant of the raja family, mr Johan Wilson Kedoh, born November 4th, 1939. His father Joel Simon Kedoh was the last reigning raja;...

  • Rote Ndao Regency government building

    Rote Ndao Regency was established as recently as June 2nd, 2002. Which explains why the government office building is brand new. The roof, shaped like the traditional Rote hat ti'i langga, makes the building a landmark.

  • The palace of raja Ti'i

    Formerly Rote was divided in 18 regions each with its own raja. The palace of raja Ti'i is located in Rote Barat Daya, on the road to Nemberala. As is clear from the picture it is a traditional building.When we wanted to visit, two young boys handed us a guest book on which was written the entrance fee of Rp 50,000 per person. But... rather...

  • The Dutch Cemetery of Ba'a

    The Dutch Cemetery at Ba'a is an even sorrier sight than the one in Kupang. Full of litter and pigs roaming between the tombstones. Perhaps a descendant of those buried here could visit and push for better maintenance? Here are a few names:mr Jacob Valk, deceased in 1936mrs M.N. Velberg, deceased in 1921mrs E.M. Haning-Saubaki, deceased in 1928

  • The ancient church of Ba'a

    The Rotinese adopted early the religion of their Dutch colonizers, which is one reason why many of them now belong to the elite of Nusa Tenggara Timur province. The oldest church building still standing in Ba'a dates from 1880 and is similar in style to the one in Kupang. Like the latter the church in Ba'a became too small for the growing GMIT...


    Rumah Raja ROTE or ROTE King house is one of fascinating architecture at Pulau Rote, it was designed with European architecture, an old house with a quite different than any other houses on the island and was built since the Dutch colonize in Indonesia in the early of 19th Century

  • Street Market at BA'A town

    As you go out from BA'A seaport, a street market was an interesting view where you could see local peoples do their routine buying and selling activities for the daily needs such as vegetables, spices, fruits, fish,.... etc etc which were offers by the seller who stranded along the edge of the Jalan(street) Pabean

  • A nice Harbor at BA'A, a gateway to...

    BA'A was one of Pulau Rote Ndao Entrance Gate, a speedy jet foil come from Kupang Tenau sea port in the morning at about 11.00 am and go from BA'A harbor in the afternoon at about 01.00 pm once in an every single day, but there were also schooners come and go from the island nearby like Ndao island and Savu island.Down from the speed boat where we...

  • Ba'a, a small town at Pulau Rote-Ndao

    One of an attractive tourist spot at Pulau Rote-Ndao is a small town of BA'A, the beach just close to the seaport and one could see the daily activities of the people along Jalan Pabean, where we could see a pedestrian market. Ba'a was also the capital small town of Pulau Rote Ndao District with the governmental district offices located at the up...


Pulau Roti Transportation


    It was a convenient way to explore the touristic places on this small island of ROTE, as you get down the fast ferry at BA'A seaport, some motor ojek offer you to take you to your destination please do a bargaining for the fee and ask the motor driver to take you around, the fare was in the range of Rp 50, 000,- to Rp 100,000,- to go around the...

  • Hiring a motorbike

    Standard fee for an ojeg (piggyback motorbike) for a day is Rp 75,000 (August 2009). Anyone may volunteer to drive you around. We went around with guide pak Adie and a friend he called up.But you can also self-drive around Rote, if you find someone eager to rent out his bike. And unlike on Bali, you don't need to bring an international driving...

  • Pak Adie, English speaking guide

    Having good experience with mr Ony Meda of Lavalon B&B in Kupang, we followed up on his recommendation, and let his friend Albert Ballo know when we would arrive in Ba'a. And there he was on the quay, with a colleague and two moterbikes at our service.Mr Ballo, pak Adie for friends, is a teacher of English at a local secondary school. He would like...


Pulau Roti Off The Beaten Path

  • Japanese caves at Bebalain

    Also near Bebalain hamlet on the south coast one can visit the caves the Japanese army dug here in defense of a possible attack from the direction of Australia. When we indicated we wanted to see them, villagers were eager to lead the way with little oil lamps. The caves are dug in rocky soil and surprisingly clean, we could not ascertain their...

  • The Zacharias cemetery

    As said elsewhere, Rote used to be governed by 18 raja's, each with their own domain. Not much seems to remain to show for most of them. Apart from the Ba'a and Ti'i palaces we were shown the cemetery of the Zacharias dynasty of the Lole tribe in Bebalain hamlet. Pak Adie, our guide, did not know the exact location, so he chartered colleagues from...

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Pulau Roti Sports & Outdoors

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    NEMBRALLA is a popular place between all surfer around the world, it was one of surfing destination if one traveling to Pulau Roti, world surfing competition was also held here where the enthusiastic surfers all around the world gather here to participate in a competition

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