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  • Komodo Dragon in the NP
    Komodo Dragon in the NP
    by danishtraveller
  • Pulau Komodo
    by Astene
  • Orangutan Crab (Achaeus japonicus)
    Orangutan Crab (Achaeus japonicus)
    by loisl
Map of East Nusa Tenggara Province

Pulau Komodo



Pulau Flores















Pulau Alor



Pulau Roti



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Pulau Komodo

See all 69 Pulau Komodo Tips
  • Enjoy Swimming and Snorkeling

    Pulau Komodo Favorites

    Labuan Bajo, was one of popular tourist site to travel to Komodo National Park, I was taken 2 days one night package tour to Komodo National Parks from one of tour operator in Labuan Bajo.We were 3 peoples, me and a couple from GermanDeparture from Labuan Bajo pier at 09.00 AM, sailing 2 hours to reach Rinca island, pay an entrance fee then...

  • Phantasy Dragons?

    Pulau Komodo Off The Beaten Path

    The largest Komodo on record was more then 10 ft (3.5 m.) long. Through the years there have been absurd, unsubstantiated reports by downed airmen and fishermen of dragons up to 14,5 m. long.Komodo dragons have long necks and, its tails are longer than the body in youngsters and shorter in adults. The teeth curve back and are s e r r a t e d! The...

  • First time liveaboard experience, you...

    Pulau Komodo Off The Beaten Path

    I had no idea how lovely a cruise could be until i was taken -by my wife- to Indonesia for a trip aboard the WAOW.This boat was made using ancient carving techniques and all I can say is 'WOW' this vessel is stunning. I spent 10 days cruising the indonesian archipelago and tried my first scuba dive. What a rush! I saw a moonfish the size of a Mini...


Pulau Flores

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  • Swimming and Snorkeling

    Pulau Flores Favorites

    When I was traveling to Labuan Bajo, one of popular tourist site at the most western part of Flores island, I was taken 2 days one night package tour to Komodo National Parks from one of tour operator in Labuan Bajo.We were 3 peoples, me and a couple from GermanDeparture from Labuan Bajo pier at 09.00 AM, sailing 2 hours to reach Rinca island, pay...

  • Golo Hilltop Hotel & Restaurant

    Pulau Flores Hotels

    What a wonderful place to stay. Loved our 3 nights here. It is certainly not a 5 star hotel, but the...


    Pulau Flores Things to Do

    Komodo National Park was established in 1980 and was declared a World Heritage Site and a Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1986. The park was initially established to conserve the unique Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), first discovered by the scientific world in 1911 by J.K.H. Van Steyn. Since then conservation goals have expanded to...



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  • Batik Air

    Kupang Transportation

    For our Kupang-Jakarta flight we took a local Batik Air,and get to charge my wall-hugger in the plane.

  • Swiss-Belinn Kristal Kupang

    Kupang Hotels

    A three star hotel overlooking the sea. Around 15 minutes from El Tari Airport. Took a long walk...

  • Harvesting coral

    Kupang Local Customs

    Also seen at Tablolong village: a shed where people were unloading corals newly harvested from 10 m depth in Kupang Bay. They were put in basins with seawater to be later sold to Jakarta.We wonder whether this is a legal trade, and if it is we think it should not be. Yet the workers at the shed seemed not to be aware that they were doing something...



See all 39 Ende Tips

    Ende Things to Do

    While hiking through Wolowaru i saw a couple of guys carrying a dog on a pole. Apparently man's best friend was going in the pot to be eaten later. Normally the dog is eaten at special occasions.


    Ende Things to Do

    Wolowaru is 12 kms south of Moni and it is quite a nice walk (2-3hrs) through the tree lined road or you can catch the local transport. Good quality Ikat is made here and you will see it displayed around the village.

  • Ojek

    Ende Transportation

    Ojek is a motorcycle for hire and it is a way to travel around here.Was charged IDR15,000 (USD1 = IDR 10,000) for a short trip because the concrete road was being repaired.



See all 19 Maumere Tips
  • Grilled Fish & Chicken

    Maumere Restaurants

    Ikan Bakar Jakarta serves grilled fish/chicken like their sign says - Javanese wayNoodlesTry the rest of their menuFree wifi while waiting for your order Ayam bakar (grilled chicken) is good with sambal terasi (Javanese chili sauce).You can request for traditional terasi.Fresh seafood catch.

  • 1992 Earthquake

    Maumere Warnings and Dangers

    The 1992 tragedy bringing earthquake and tidal wave (tsunami) still bears bitter memory for the people of Maumere.Evacuation signs can be seen around the city especially near Maumere Bay..

  • Mary, Mother of All Nations

    Maumere Things to Do

    Visit the statue of Mary, Mother of All Nations (Maria, Bunda Segala Bangsa), an 18 meter statue in Nilo Hill.The road is good but snaking upwards.This is a religious pilgrimage site full of pilgrims during Holy Week celebration.There is a way of the cross from the statue area going about a kilometer more uphill..



See all 65 Labuhanbajo Tips
  • Sunsets - Puestas de Sol

    Labuhanbajo Things to Do

    Sunsets in Labuan Bajo are spectaculars and you may see them from the boat.clouds and sun are spectaculars Las puestas de sol en Labuan Bajo son espectaculares y al final de la tarde las puedes ver desde el barco.Las nubes y el sol son espectaculares

  • Luwansa Beach Hotel

    Labuhanbajo Hotels

    Jl Pantai Pede, Komodo, Labuan Bajo, 86554

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Big and Small - Grandes y pequeños

    Labuhanbajo Favorites

    Not only we saw in Komodo the world's largest lizard, but also we saw a flying lizard, very small, with "wings", some people call dragon and it has in the abdomen a sort of wings No sólo vimos en Komodo al lagarto más grande del mundo, sino que también vimos a un lagarto volador, muy pequeño con "alas", algunos le llaman dragón, que tiene en el...


Pulau Alor

See all 5 Pulau Alor Tips
  • Getting by plane to Kalabahi, Pulau Alor

    Pulau Alor Transportation

    From Kupang and TransNusa allmost every day 450 000 up to 750 000 Rp.Kupang to Denpasar, Surabaya, Jakarta, Makassar, Rote, Sumba, Maumere, Ende by Lion Air, Garuda, TransNusa....http://www.lionair.co.id/

  • Diving

    Pulau Alor Sports & Outdoors

    Diving is excelent, but probably not for beginners, there are strong and changing courents.http://www.alor-divers.com/http://www.divealor.com/index.html

  • Getting by boat to Kalbahi, Pulau Alor

    Pulau Alor Transportation

    From Kupang by ferry tuesday and saturday around 12.00, arriving in Alor early in the morning.Every monday from Larantuka around 12:00, every tuesday and saturday morning from Lewoleba. The journey takes about 20 hours.Pelni:Two Pelni ships, the AWU and the SIRIMAU, stop in Kalabahi. The time very elastic, has to be checked one or two days before....


Pulau Roti

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  • The palace of the raja of Ba'a

    Pulau Roti Things to Do

    'Palace' may me be too grand a title for the house, but no doubt it is the most attractive colonial building in Ba'a. Moreover it is well maintained and so is its garden.We paid a courtesy visit to the residing descendant of the raja family, mr Johan Wilson Kedoh, born November 4th, 1939. His father Joel Simon Kedoh was the last reigning raja;...


    Pulau Roti Sports & Outdoors

    NEMBRALLA is a popular place between all surfer around the world, it was one of surfing destination if one traveling to Pulau Roti, world surfing competition was also held here where the enthusiastic surfers all around the world gather here to participate in a competition All surfing equipments


    Pulau Roti Transportation

    It was a convenient way to explore the touristic places on this small island of ROTE, as you get down the fast ferry at BA'A seaport, some motor ojek offer you to take you to your destination please do a bargaining for the fee and ask the motor driver to take you around, the fare was in the range of Rp 50, 000,- to Rp 100,000,- to go around the...


Pulau Rinca

See all 33 Pulau Rinca Tips

    Pulau Rinca Favorites

    A Tour Operator at Labuan Bajo Offer one day boat trips to Pulau Rinca, minimum 2 passengers in the rate of IDR 475,000/person, if you are 3 persons the rate is IDR 357000/person and if you are 4 persons the rate is IDR 332,000/personIf you are joint a boats which loads up to 10 persons, the rate may be cheaper, The trip start from 08.00-09.00 and...

  • Swim and Snorkell

    Pulau Rinca Sports & Outdoors

    on the way from Pulau Rinca to one site of Komodo bay, a swimming or snorkelling at Pulau Kambing is one of tour package service... swimming and snorkelling eQuipment was generally prepare by boat captain...or you could also bring your eQuipment


    Pulau Rinca Things to Do

    Flores islands is fascinating with its green mountain and hills, from a boat on the way to Pulau Rinca, everyone would find this gorgeous view of its geographic condition, the shoreline with green mangroves, mountains and hills with green and dry savannah



See all 12 Kefamenanu Tips
  • Sonaf Tamkesi, ritual centre (2)

    Kefamenanu Things to Do

    While the Biboki people profess to be Roman Catholics, they also maintain their traditional political system. The sacred objects Taninu Fienabas are kept in a traditional building, a square ume, which remained closed for us. It may only be opened with due ceremony on certain occasions, so we cannot tell what is in there. We were shown into the...

  • The Taolin palace

    Kefamenanu Things to Do

    The Insana kingdom counted four ruling families, one of them by the name of Taolin. One of the sights to be visited from Kefa is the palace of the Taolin kings. It is located in Oelolok, only a litte sidetrip when one returns from Tamkesi.In the grounds there are three buildings, all in good repair. The actual palace looks like a Dutch country...

  • Building a 'lopo' at Tamkesi

    Kefamenanu Things to Do

    We were fortunate seeing the people at work building a new of lopo or round house, a job in which all men take part. Good use is made of bamboo and other natural materials. A bamboo pole on which offshootshad been left serves as a ladder.They were tying up a ring of branches to connect the bamboos for the conical roof. The floor under the thatched...



See all 12 Bajawa Tips
  • A kampung founding ceremony

    Bajawa Local Customs

    Mrs Maria who guided us through New and Old Wogo, then inquired whether we would be interested attending a ceremony for the founding a new kampung (living compound). Of course we were. So we drove with her about 25 km direction Maubawa where the new kampung was to be established - the old one having become too small for the growing population.At...


    Bajawa Things to Do

    While in Bajawa ask around if there are any festivals taking place in the area where there are a few Ngada villages. Ngada people came around 200 years ago from Java and settled the area south of Bajawa. They are hunters and farmers, very skilful horse riders too. Your guest house will know this and arrange a tour for you. The villagers are...

  • New and Old Wogo traditional villages

    Bajawa Things to Do

    Wogo is another traditional Ngada village, one of the largest, with nine ngadhu and bhaga which is to say that there live nine family groups in the compound. A ngadhu is a conical thatched roof on a pole representing a male ancestor, and a bhaga is a miniature thatched-roof house representing a female ancestor.When we arrived here, the place looked...


Pulau Semau

See all 2 Pulau Semau Tips
  • the only way to cross

    Pulau Semau Transportation

    Public boat will bring u to Semau island from Kupang and to go back, from 6/7 am to 6/7 pm [sometimes later]. Depend on the weather , and wait for other customers. There will be each our boat to go from each sites.Tt costs IDR 5,000 per person or IDR 25,000 per motorbike. That's the fix price whether passengers carry heavy things or not. Just my...

  • Fishing Time!!!

    Pulau Semau Things to Do

    I joined the fisherman from 7pm to 9am, it was really nice experience! They were looking for squids, so i just needed to prepare my own fishing equipment, and could use their squids as my bait. I didnt pay anything to join them. When i asked how much if i want to rent it [?].... "just need to buy them petrol [solar] for their boat - in one...

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See all 9 Riung Tips
  • Wai Waru waterfall

    Riung Things to Do

    We went to this waterfall in Waru river by boat after seeing the so-called Riung komodo (previous tip). But it is cheaper to go there by ojek, just 10 km to the west on a well-paved road. The road leads to Damu village. In the village, just across the Waru river bridge, a sign points upstream to the waterfall, 3 km.At this point we paid an entrance...

  • Bat Island

    Riung Things to Do

    A half hour's boat trip takes you to Pulau Onteloe, better known as Bat Island, and by far the largest around Riung Bay. Your boat will approach the shore where hundreds of flying foxes roost in the mangroves during day-time. Here a small boat like Pak Duking's (see tip Hiring a Local Boat) is an advantage, because it can come in closer. But if you...

  • The 'komodo's' of Riung

    Riung Things to Do

    As the Lonely Planet Guide states that there are komodo dragons in the Riung area, we asked about them. Yes, said Pak Duking (see tip Hire a Local Boat), there are buaya darat ('land gators') kept in captivity in a village west of Riung. But he made a phone call to make sure they were there, as he had never been there yet.It was a full two hour's...



See all 5 Soi Tips
  • Market was a Nice place to meet local...

    Soi Things to Do

    In every occasion if I went traveling to one site, I took the opportunity to see the peoples gathering and the peoples doing the same activities, buying and selling in the market, ya......it was an interesting place to see the peoples like what the beatles sing in a song OBLADI OBALADA.....happy ever after in the market place ..........So, a...

  • Mini Bus Kupang-Soe vise versa

    Soi Transportation

    The Bus was play a significant role for peoples transportation from Kupang to some destination at West Timor island, you could take a morning or an afternoon bus from Kupang to Soe vise versa, the bus would take about three hours to reach Soe trough a 110 km long and winding road and cost about Rp 20,000 (USD. 2), the last bus from Kupang or from...

  • Pasar SOE, a wet market

    Soi Things to Do

    Pasar SOE is situated at Soe Town Center, it was a nice place to see the peoples activities, communicate with local peoples was also an exciting, event we were not bought something, just made some questions which concern to how much the price of the commodities, the peoples would pleasently answer our Question


Pulau Sumba

See all 1 Pulau Sumba Tips
  • go_AIR's Profile Photo

    Let the hidden and pristine white beach...

    by go_AIR Written May 10, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On the way from Waingapu to Waikabubak, back in college years in 1995, our excursion group stopped over by a beach. No name but it was one of the best beaches I've seen in Indonesia. It was a white-pepper sized- sandy beach, clean and bluish water. Most importantly no sign of any tourists along the beach..There was only one young coconut stall there and each of us bought one. At that time and place, one big young coconut cost us only Rp 500 (about USD 5-10cents). Hot weather was cooled down by the delicious coconut drink and meat, it was truly a moment I still remember. Unfortunately we stayed only for a while and continued our journey after a while.

    Wonder if I can find that beach again......sighh...

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