Indonesia Favorites

  • Dreamland beach
    Dreamland beach
    by Strikinsmile
  • Pandawa beach Bali
    Pandawa beach Bali
    by kecakbali
  • Musical instruments at the cremation
    Musical instruments at the cremation
    by Daihappydai

Indonesia Favorites

  • Thamrin Street

    Jakarta Favorites

    Exploring the three main roads in the downtown to see Jakarta in modern side. Their names are; Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jalan Mohammad Husni Thamrin and Jalan Gatot Subroto. Many new skycrapers as trade-mark of the city are situated there. Gedung (gedung means building) Danamon at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Deutsche Bank at Jalan Diponegoro (close to...

  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

    Jakarta Favorites

    During sunny day under the bright and hot sun, wearing a hat and apply sunblock cream is needed. While we are happy posting for a good picture, strong wind might blow at that time. The hat is on the little girl, suddenly, it was on the water, we can not get it back. We always need to pay attention, as we travellers, we go to new places, do new...

  • Jakartans

    Jakarta Favorites Block M batek crafts and others well..i went there to attend a close friends' wedding ceremony which was very much done in traditional ways of royal jawa style....(raden). It is very interesting and full of rituals and custom and so colourful. other than that we went to so many shopping malls and some sightseeing.

  • National Monument (Monas)

    Jakarta Favorites

    The national monument, built in the middle of the new Jakarta city, deserves a visit for at least 2 reasons, the great view you can have from the top and because I guess the area around the monument is the only one in Jakarta!

  • Museums

    Jakarta Favorites

    My friend and I learned a lot about the rich value of Indonesian culture through the various displays of wayang (puppets) with the guidance of Daniel, the owner of the Musuem Wayang. These shadow puppets were used by Daniel when he performed a show in South Africa through an invitation of the United Nations. I remember the time when he shared this...

  • Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

    Jakarta Favorites

    Hi mate, Welcome to Jakarta and believe me you will get a lot of fun.If you're looking for a cheap good hotel,you can book hotel Bintang Griya wisata > the room rates include continental breakfast will be arround USD 32.00/room/night; do you need a private car/van at dispossal with an experience schauffer? you can have it with only USD 60.00/Day...

  • Istiqlal Mosque

    Jakarta Favorites

    The main Mosque and the not far catholic church seen from the top of the national monument.The view from the top of the monument was not that great if i think to the long que to enter, I guess going there after sunset, when Jakarta turn on its lights is much better.

  • Bogor/Puncak

    Jakarta Favorites

    Bogors hub houses the huge botanical gardens, world famous as KEBUN RAYA. It is still a major centre for botanical research. A visit is a must to enjoy the more than 15.000 species of trees and plants, includes the magnificent palms and ... oldest waringin (Banyan tree). Did you know there is also a cemetry near the palace with Dutch headstones....

  • Old Jakarta

    Jakarta Favorites

    Exploring Menteng, Kota and Pasar Baru to feel the old Jakarta. Many old buildings are located on these districts. Nassaukerk, Kunstkringgebouw, Bouwploeg and Vrijmetselaarsloge in Menteng. Then Museum Fatahillah (Faletehan), Museum Wayang and Gedung Arsip Nasional (de Klerk Huis) in Kota plus Gedung Kesenian Jakarta at Pasar Baru, etc.

  • The Indonesian Holiday Calendar

    Java and Bali are densely populated. On public holidays the popular tourist destinations may be crowded with local tourists. The traffic jams near Puncak Pass on these days are notorious. If you prefer not being part of a crowd, consult this list of 'bank' holidays. These official holidays are decreed by the government, but the decree does not...


    Very good people helps when you need any assistance, but face difficulty in speaking English. However the hotel staff is fluent in English. You can have what ever you want there and so many places to visit. Not expensive but has to be careful when exchanging money. Go to reputed places and you are safe. Batic shirts and ladies dress are plenty and...

  • Indonesian Rupiah (INR)

    the main currency of Batam Island and the whole of the Indonesian Archipelago. Although many tourist areas of Batam Island accept Singapore Dollars, You Still Need Indonesian Rupiah, the local Currency to buy stuff at local areas like the Batam City Mall or Megamall or Lucky Plaza. The Indonesian Rupiah is the legal tender in all of Indonesia and...

  • walk Jakarta

    well walking once in the city is my beat, and nowhere is better use than at Jakarta. The huge traffic jams the lack of metro/subway rides is inminent. so walk the Streets it is safe never a problem to tourists and you will see more. I went around the Kemang district ,very chic,and where the night life is sublime. Just around the corner from my...

  • street scenes of Jakarta/Surabaya

    walking is great anywhere and Jakarta or Surabaya are no exception. However, when this cannot be done, then its the car. Quick more sure, and allows us to come closest to the people with the most coverage possible.I always try to drive and walk, walk is first ,then the car is second in any city. don't want to be underground where nothing is...

  • See the jungle along side the roads

    The big cities, the villages and the countryside, which in this case is a gorgeous jungle. Near a large city this area was set-aside for blind people. Cars have no access to these streets, but they lead to every house in the kampung through their back doors. This is just one of the reasons I was impressed by the care, the people I met, took of...

  • sim card Indonesia

    agree with above can buy SIMPATI-TELKOMSEL.. it has the largest coverage.for calling, it's quite expensive though. however, for international call you can put 01017 followed by phone code and the phone number.. it's much cheaper than using your country's sim card.happy traveling!uuth still some remote area can't be reach.

  • A week to travel in Indonesia

    Indonesia is huge. I've been travelling a few times there & still have not managed to cover it. :)Anyway, with 7 - 10 days, you really need to be selective. I would suggest, skip Jakarta & travel directly to Jogjakarta. Stay about 2 days there, and cover the Kraton, Taman Sari, Borubudur & Prambanan. The last 2 are UNESCO world heritage sites. They...

  • Learn A Few Bahasa Words

    ..Going to another country, it is important for a visitor to know a few local words and phrases.Learning simple words In Bahasa such as "thank you" and "hello" goes a long way. The locals appreciate you more for trying. They become more friendly and helpful too. Try these simple words and have fun!GREETINGS/ CIVILITIES:Selamat datang / WelcomeApa...

  • Cruising Eastern Island of Indonesia

    Starting from Bali island, take a morning 07.00 am flight from Bali Ngurah Rai Airport to Komodo Airport at Labuan Bajo by 'trans nusa', cost in the range IDR 800 K to 1100 K and would take about 55 minutes, then take an Ojek (motorcycle) from Komodo Airport to Labuan Bajo downtown in 10 to 15 minutes(no taxi, don't imagine Labuan Bajo as Bali...

  • Holiday in Bali

    Hi,I suggest you to make your trip to Bali.Take budget flight such as airasia (, jet star ( or tiger ( a room at Kuta, Seminyak or Legian. Tons of cheap accomodation there. Plenty travel agent so u can book your tour. But you also can make a DIY your trip there. Rent motor cycle only 50...

  • terrorist issue

    Hi,About terrorism issue, I make sure to you that you will travel very safe. Just go on your plan to Indonesia. For Medan trip, you can take flight from Kuala Lumpur to Medan or from Jakarta to Medan. And then from Medan, you can go to Toba Lake.Happy traveling

  • Makasaar, Sulawesi

    Celebes or Sulawesi as it is now known is the center for maritime trade going to China for many years. Today it is still supplying lots of sea food, fresh fishes and dried sea cucumbers.Hardy travelers plan for the strenuous trip through the center of this southern arms to Rantepao to witness funeral rites and the Torajans tradition of the...

  • Beaches and nudity

    There are many wonderful beaches in Bali - one of my favorites is White Sands beach in Bug Bug village about 5 km from the more touristy area of Candi Dasa (which has no decent beaches).If you are going to Bali to find a nudist beach - you are going to the wrong place. Balinese people are quite conservative and while tourists' dress is accepted in...

  • AN excursion fROM aCEH TO pADANG

    SUMATRA TRIP: Please Fly to the most northern place of Indonedia, Banda Aceh, then from Ulee Lheue harbor take a Fast Ferry 45 minutes to WEH island with its Sabang town and visit IBOIH, GAPANG and Pulau (island) Rubiah where you could swim snorkell and diving, then by land trip to a beautiful Lake: DANAU LAUT TAWAR (Central Aceh), then to Bukit...

  • Watch where you are walking! Beware...

    The beauty and danger. Upfront and personal. Beauty and danger roam parallel dimensions where you could witness both. How green everything was.Food. Massage (no happy ending expected or wanted) after playing golf.Cleanliness of the places that I visited.

  • British Passport don't do extra pages :(

    Like others have said you need a page for the VOA to Indonesia and also another page for entry and exit stamps. Note on the extra pages you can't get them in the British Passports you'll need to get another passport. When I was living in Asia I had to get a new one every 2/3 years - very expensive! If you frequently travel you can get a new British...

  • Visa On Arrival

    For those who have questions on the tourist Visa On Arrival for Indonesia, the most complete information can be found on the website of the Indonesian Embassy in the USA. Here are listed the countries of which the nationals can get a VOA, as well as the seaports and airports where it can be issued, as below. The quoted information was correct on...

  • Try to be an "early bird" in Indonesia

    In holiday it is very comfortable to have and take time-...but for Indonesia, special in the lower regions and near beach,are good reasons to use the fresh early morning.As the sun cames up like in the photo, very quick it will become very hot. If the sun is risen like this, and than let time to make breakfast - maybe same like at home in far...

  • Peoples of the world were Welcome to...

    Indonesia is a country with a big muslim population (about 90%), but Indonesia is not muslim country, no diplomatic connection government to governmet between Indonesia and Israel but peoples to peoples were not always problem, which I means a half of Indonesian also accepted the democratic thinking, and of course there are others who were a blind...

  • Exploring some islands of Indonesia

    November is in a rainy season in Indonesia, but it was happened not in all Indonesian region and the rain is not an entire day, some places the sky was bright in the morning and rain in the afternoon, or it is rain in the morning but clear in the afternoon, even though in Eastern parts of Indonesia, like East Nusa Tenggara, an arid region, it was...

  • Pencak Silat

    Pencak Silat ('Silat') is the generic term for the indigenous martial arts of the Indonesian/Malay archipelago, which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Silat has played an important role in the history and culture of Indonesian and Malay peoples. Traditionally, Silat formed part of the education of all young men, and was an...

  • Angklung

    Angklung is a musical instrument made out of two bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. The tubes are carved so that they have a resonant pitch when struck. The two tubes are tuned to octaves. The base of the frame is held with one hand while the other hand shakes the instrument rapidly from side to side. This causes a rapidly repeating note to...

  • Batik - World Heritage

    Batik originates from the royal courts of Java. For the Javaness, beautiful hand painted batiks are not merely pieces of cloth but carry much more significance that symbolizes life itself.Different regions have their own unique style. Batik from North Java has bright colors, including the batik Pekalongan which had Chinese influence in the design...

  • Wayang

    Wayang (puppet) known since pre-history. Wayang is the Indonesian traditional arts, especially developed in Java and Bali. Wayang show has been considered by UNESCO on November 7, 2003, as a work of astonishing cultural stories in narrative and a wonderful heritage, very valuable. Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.There are...

  • bohorok this is the place to see orang utans

  • Food

    Once reach here in Bandung must drink is their TEH BOTOL and try their manggo juice (worth trying). And make sure buy their AMANDA BROWNIE BAKAR wont regret trust me. Shopping at the factory outlets. Make sure go to Jalan Dago and don't miss rumah mode. Other tips must try eat at kampung daun or sapu lidi cafe.

  • get arround the Jakarta City

    Hi,U can stay in Central Jakarta (near Sarinah Mall). There r plenty hotel such as Ibis.Jakarta is big city. Only mall and mall.. but u can go to one area. We call it old town. If u like doing photograph, i suggest you to go there. Take bus Transjakarta (Busway) to Kota (end of station). Then take a walk to the old town. you can hire taxi bicycle...

  • Bali alcohol shortage!!!!!!

    I know !!!! ..... Can you believe it ?????The indonesian government has recently raised the luxury goods tax on alcohol to 30%. When we visited Bali last week, we found many places to be running low or out of stock of many spirit brands. This has not affected local brands like "Bintang" etc. Our hotel, the Intercontinental was actually trying to...

  • Ride from Jogja to Dieng Plateau

    If you are a nature lover, I would rather suggest spending a full day and stopping overnight at Dieng (although the stay options at Dieng are very limited and very basic). Please have a look at my Dieng page in VT. Dieng is a beautiful place and is a 3 hrs drive from Jogja, if u drive leisurely. There are lot of things to see in Dieng. There are...

  • The Holidays in Indonesia

    Like most of the countries in the world, the weekend in Indonesia will be on Saturday and Sunday. Indonesia’s national days will be on August 17 (Independence Day) and it will be public holiday. Some national days like Sumpah Pemuda (October 28) and National Heroes’ Day (November 10) are not considered as public holiday, but national ceremony will...

  • A cultural experience

    If I have to choose only ONE place in Indonesia, then it just had to be Bali. Simply an awesome place...Can't get enough of its culture, people, art and craft. The things I miss about Indonesia would be the food, culture and music...The most unforgetable thing that I had encountered was to go on a bajai (a local transport, like a tuk tuk)...


    As it lies along the equator, Indonesia has a tropical climate, with two seasons : dry season (February to August) and rainy season (September to January). The sunshine is expected almost throughout the year, a good choice for the winter getaway. The rainy season which is happened from September to January may ruin your travel plan. The heaviest...


    There is no one emergency dial numbers for emergency in Indonesia. Every department will have their own numbers. It will be free of cost, even from the public telephone. Police 110, ambulance/emergency medical service 118, and fire department 113. For asking the telephone directory by the names or institutions, you can call 108. It is not free and...


    No matter how much you love travel, the loved ones at home will be still in your heart and mind during the travel time. Telephone call is one of the ways to communicate with them. As usual, telephone call from the mobile phone will be much more expensive than the one from the land line. Furthermore, the call from the hotel will be 2-3 times more...


    My friends from other Asian countries were proudly saying to me, ‘Oh, we have wonder of the world in our country, the rice terraces.’ It was the first time for me to appreciate the rice terraces when I go home, though it was common scenery for me before. Indonesians like other Asians consume more rice daily. Since the Indonesia’s landscape is...


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