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  • Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung
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  • Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung
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Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung Things to Do

  • The museum

    The local museum is an eye opener into the current situation. First it presents an interesting exercise in dealing with the red tape. The museum has funny work hours and it is easy to miss but if you are inquisitive enough this might be appreciated by the employees, considering that you are white, and they will open the museum just for you for mere...

  • Muslim Buddhist mish-mash

    People interested in the Muslim background of Indonesia may find it strange but here the cannon are treated differently in many ways, the most obvious in the architecture of the mosques. There is the common thread of structures with at least double roof very reminiscent of the pagodas. Nevertheless the roofs are topped with specially made tin domes...

  • Krakatau legacy

    What Bandar is most famous for is its proximity to one of the many volcanoes that lace the Indonesian archipelago or namely the Krakatau. Once upon a time, this particular estate of fine underwater world blew up with such a force that a new cone shoed up from the sea and the ensuing tsunami obliterated what are now the low-lying areas of Bandar...


Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung Restaurants

  • by dinibanowati Updated Apr 4, 2006

    Delectable delights of Indonesian cuisins are served in this little family home restaurant with bamboo decore setting of seating place.

    In WAROENG DJAKARTA you will experience more flavours and good taste of the Indonesian cuisine in affortable price,
    relaxed environment, friendly and modern service given by the staffs, and worth visit by any age of their customer from students to business people.

    Favorite Dish: This upcoming new popular local eating place serves all time favorite and the first in town such nasi uduk ( coconut rice ) with it new presentation and new taste in pandan leave flavor, but the fried chicken in kalasan style is also best selling.

    To all who soup-lover this restaurant serves the variety of Indonesian soup called chicken soto, beef soto in creamy coconut broth or soto of beef knuckles. As the dessert you may try ´es teler´ ( with jack fruit, alvocado, young coconut meat serves with crush ices with coconut cream and vanilla´s syrup.

    Waroeng Djakarta in the evening Waroeng Djakarta at day time Favorite dish : NASI UDUK PANDAN COMPLIT Favorite dish : Fried chicken in Kalasan style soto betawi ( beef meat in coconut cremy soup )
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Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung Transportation

  • City Bus

    Trans Bandar Lampung is a city circle Bus, is a convenient transportation for travel around Bandar Lampung, is an air conditioned bus with the fare IDR 3,500 .Bandar Lampung is a small town in radius of ten kilometers, so it is possible to get around Bandar Lampung down town in only one day tour.

  • Boat or Ferry from Merak to Lampung

    A Boat or Ship is convenience transportation if someone make trip to Lampung from Jakarta, you can choice Ferry, a big ship that service from Lampung to Merak vise versa, service in 24 hours or by speedy jet foil which service from 08.00 in the morning till 05.00 in the afternoon.

  • Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung Hotels

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Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung Local Customs

  • Running water, literally

    For a creature raised in well-developed city context a visit to Bandar can be a window to another era. The posh and poor areas of this typical Indonesian town are intertwined democratically and peacefully. This lets some special vantage points to be taken advantage of and watch how for example laundry is done in the area of the “have-nots” that...

  • Take it with two hands

    Dealing with the locals is a challenge because most probably they will not speak any European language. The Malay specialists aside this is a hurdle that is in the way of communicating your desires properly and effectively. The problem solver in this case on the Indonesian side is to gather at least six people, there must be a magic about the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung Off The Beaten Path

  • Assenczo's Profile Photo

    by Assenczo Updated Sep 13, 2011

    There are not very many options for entertainment outside of pool lounging in Bandar Lampung area. The three things to do (that is all) include surfing (100km away), Krakatau climbing (150km away) and a safari (100km away). The distances do not sound like much but they are time consuming and expensive because of the road conditions and their private character due to the lack of foreigners visitors. I will let the surf junkies go on about the best surf in the world as the local one apparently comes straight from Antarctica. The safari is actually an extra to the visit of the elephant center where you are exposed to some elephant show – not exactly what safari means. The catch is that if you want you will be granted the permission for extra moneys to go on the real thing chasing some wild elephants and other fauna but you have to be lucky in order to see anything!? After a safari in Africa where the word comes from and the animals are abundant and you have to be very unlucky not to see multitudes of them, this is a misunderstanding to say the least. The third option is the infamous Krakatau itself but again involves at least 12 hours of travel on rickety roads with the added thrill of being on a boat that most probably is hard to be called sea-worthy. That is why you get to pay insurance but guess what; the insured people are the transport guys, not the passengers, ha-ha. So if you want adventure and an expensive one embark on one of the three described above and there will be no room for disappointment.

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