Local traditions and culture in Indonesia

  • Cooking in the village, masakan enaak di dapur...
    Cooking in the village, masakan enaak di...
    by ullfri49
  • Local Customs
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  • Local Customs
    by machomikemd

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    Jakarta is history and art all around

    by gwened Written Oct 19, 2013

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    Coming to TMI park is an eye opener for those visiting Jakarta, many times overlook by tourists but it has its charms.

    The TMI complex of park Inside having several muséums, zoo, lakes, rides and walk trails is just Worth it along.

    I love to walk to seeing wonderful history with the opportunity to be outdoors is a great 1-2 punch I will always remember Jakarta by it.

    You should try it.

    arriving main entrance TMI park complex Cable car station at TMI park getting into the park main entrance passing by Indonesia oldest airplane on display the entrance to Bukthi museum in TMI
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    Bogor Botanical Gardens

    by lmkluque Updated Nov 25, 2012

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    Opened 18 May 1817 this Botanical Garden has survived two world wars and a revolution.

    When Indonesia gained full independence, they took charge of the Garden and renamed it 'Kebun Raya' (Great Garden).

    In 1962, the Garden became part of the Lembaga Biologi Nasional (LBN) (National Biological Institute) and has been an important source of research since.

    Drive through this Great Garden and enjoy the exotic beauty. I did and found it interesting and peaceful. Also it was cool. Guess all the foliage blocked out the heat and drank up the humidity. I loved it here.

    West Java Jl. Ir. H Juanda 13

    Entrance to Kebun Raya
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    by davidjo Written Jun 21, 2012

    When invited as a guest to someone's house remove your shoes upon entering. Normally there may be forks and spoons provided (knives are not normally supplied). Should there be no utensils then you must be careful to use your right hand only to eat with.

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    by davidjo Written Jun 21, 2012

    Never use your left hand for eating, passing food etc as it is considered unclean in a Moslem country, same as pointing your feet in someone's direction as the feet are considered the lowest part of the body. It is also considered very rude to point to somebody, should you want to call attention use your hand in a downward position as if scratching on a table.

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  • davidjo's Profile Photo

    ADAT- The Unwritten Rules

    by davidjo Written Jun 21, 2012

    In Indonesia there is such a thing as Adat which basically is unwritten rules on how you should behave, such as hiding their negative feelings to avoid confrontation, keep smiling and avoid arguments. Try to restrain yourself when you are annoyed , if not it is considered to be disrespectful.

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    what gift to bring for friend in indonesia

    by snailmail Written Sep 16, 2011

    unless you know what your friend's is like to (read, travel, cook, techy) everything uniquely represent where you are coming from will definitely accepted. small to medium size gifts are usually more favorable. indonesians are like to have good memories and often happily show it by placing mementos around the house. food will be a difficult choice. if your friend is a moslem, halal food is a must so unless you are sure about the ingredients it will make your friend uncomfortable. quite different from the west, personal things (perfume, earrings) are also well accepted as gifts. books are not favorable for many indonesians though there are indonesians that crazy for books. have a nice trip to the beautiful country.

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    by DAO Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Greetings can be a slightly complicated affair. ‘Selamat’ is the greeting word, but you must specify the time.

    • Selamat pagi = Good Morning
    • Selamat tengah hari = Good Afternoon (from noon to about 2pm)
    • Selamat petang = Good Afternoon/Good Evening
    • Selamat malam = Good Night

    I did have a grumpy policeman on a train just say ‘Pagi’ to me one morning.

    Some other greetings:

    • Terima Kasih = Thank You – this is an important phrase to memorise.
    • Sama = You are welcome. Sometimes they will say Sama Sama as a way of saying Thank You very much. They do not have the word for ‘very’ so they repeat a word to indicate this.
    • Selamat datang = Welcome
    • Apa khabar? = How are you?
    • Khabar baik, terima kasih.= I'm fine, thank you.
    • Selamat tinggal =Goodbye. Said by the person leaving
    • Selamat jalan =Goodbye. Said by the person staying

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    Nasi Kuning-yellow rice, special dish in Indonesia

    by ullfri49 Updated Dec 15, 2010

    If there is some like birthday,
    special in Jakarta people like Nasi Kuning -
    it means yellow rice with spices and so on.

    So usually even in a office at noon at someones birthday there will come this.

    If you happend to be there as guest and they offer You the top of the yellow rice cone, it is a very special honour for the guest-
    see the photo!

    Makanan khusus Indonesia: Nasi Kuning- Yellow Rice
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  • ullfri49's Profile Photo

    Traditional javanese sweet cake

    by ullfri49 Written May 21, 2010

    In every good restaurant-
    and even in the markets from the street sellers and in good malls you find it-
    and if a friend invites you to a cup of tea with shure he will offer it too-

    the traditional sweet javanese or indonesian cakes.

    Very nice, and it is recommend to probe- but of course- very sweet.

    Here in the photo it is just served after meal in a greater restaurant in Jakarta.

    Traditionel sweet cakes, in a Jakarta restaurant
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  • Chezal's Profile Photo

    Modest Dress for Women

    by Chezal Updated Mar 7, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Due to Indonesia being a largely Muslim country dress should remain modest outside of Bali. Many female travellers come straight from Thailand and continue to wear revealing clothing and then wonder why they are being stared at by men.

    To avoid unwanted attention, particularly in remote areas women should have their shoulders covered. Simple t-shirt will do, avoid strappy tops and tops that show off cleavage. Moreover, just show that you respect the local culture by covering up a bit.

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  • Chezal's Profile Photo

    Give and recieve things with your right hand.

    by Chezal Written Mar 7, 2009

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    In Indonesia and many other parts of Asia it is impolite to take or give things with your left hand. This is due to the left hand begining used to wipe when going to the toilet.

    You will also get strange looks for eatting with your left hand. When eatting with your hands you should always wash your right hand before you eat as well as after. There is usually a small hand washing bowl provided.

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  • Deng249's Profile Photo

    Ancient musical experience

    by Deng249 Written Jan 12, 2008

    Gamelan has a very old tradition. Gamelan in Indonesia differs from the one in Malaysia, being that of 7 notes to the octave, or Pelog. While the one in Malaysia, it's slendro which is 5 notes to the octave. Gamelan is normally played to accompany traditional dances.

    Gamelan set. Bonang is in the foreground.
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    by pangtidor Written Dec 19, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Every country has their own way to respect others accordingly, depend on their own culture. When you travel to Indonesia, knowing the ethics of local people could be helpful to enjoy your time more. The most important thing is RESPECT THE ELDERS. When somebody is much older than you (like your parents’ ages), you should not call him/her by their name. Call him with PAK (pack) or BAPAK (bah-pack) before his name. For a lady, call her BU (boo) or IBU (ee-boo) before her name. A bow, a smile, raising your hand, or saying hi/hello will be appropriate when somebody greets you. Shaking hands will be ok in all the places. For the relatives or close friends, a hug is ok. Kissing each other cheeks will be accepted among the female. Male don’t suppose to do to the female when you don’t know each other. In the big cities, it will be ok. In most of areas, for the casual occasion you may address the female as MBAK (mm-bag) and male as MAS (mass), or you may call them by their own name. Use your right hand for giving/getting something to/from others and for shaking hands. In most of the areas, touching somebody’s head (the stranger) is considered as disrespectful. Always say thank you for your appreciation. It is TERIMA KASIH (tah-ree-ma kah-seeh) in INDONESIA.

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    by pangtidor Written Oct 8, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The guest will be the king for the host in Indonesia. The travel warnings and terrorists' attacks may lead you to the misinterpretation on how the Indonesians will react toward the Westerners. In fact, you will see many Indonesians welcome you with their generousity. Domestic tourists and the tourists from surrounding countries could be seen as local people here. The 'White and Black' people could be seen as circus comes to town when you visit a smaller cities in Indonesia. You will be greeted all along the way, so just smile and say hello. The White/Caucasians will be called as BULE (boo-lay) and the Black/Africans will be called as NEGRO or AFRICA. DON'T BE OFFENDED !!! That is the way of local people to address you, dont misinterpret it as an intimidation. By seeing their face full of smile by saying your 'pet name', you will know that it is not the way to intimidate you.:-)

    Smile..The Circus Comes to Town
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  • balisunshine's Profile Photo

    Adopting in Bali

    by balisunshine Written Aug 31, 2007

    With several orphanages in Indonesia
    one would think that
    the government would make it
    accessible for children in need
    to be adopted by foreigners
    and be given a second chance
    of happiness in life in a foreign country.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.
    Adoption in Indonesia can be pretty difficult.

    Well, here are some of the regulations:

    The Legal Method

    You must be a resident of Indonesia
    and of course, have the financial
    backup necessary to complete
    the application process.

    Contact the Yayasan Sayap Ibu Foundation
    on Jalan Barito II no. 55
    Tel. 62 21 722 1763

    the only association elected by
    the Minister of Social Affairs
    to help foreigners eager to adopt
    from the city of Jakarta.

    The ‘Angelina Method’:

    You must hold a high
    ranking position or be
    politically connected,
    this will help you
    ‘sail through’ the process….

    The Local Method:

    To meet an unmarried girl
    in a delicate situation and
    to declare yourself the father
    of the child at birth.
    Qualifications of adoptive parents:
    be between the ages of 30 and 45.

    Have been married for at least
    5 years unless presentation of
    a doctor’s letter stipulating the impossibility
    of having natural children.
    Have been legally working and
    living in Indonesia for
    at least 3 consecutive years.
    Have no more than one child.
    Be of sound financial, physical
    and spiritual condition.

    Provide a statement of good behavior
    by the Indonesian Police.
    Provide a written letter stating adoption
    is conducted for the child’s well-being.
    Provide a written agreement from
    your government of citizenship.
    Be of the same religion as the child.
    The child may not be older than 5 years old.

    I want to be adopted!

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