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  • Low Tide at Ohoidertawun, Kei Kecil
    Low Tide at Ohoidertawun, Kei Kecil
    by Daihappydai
  • With some local boys at Evu, Kei Kecil
    With some local boys at Evu, Kei Kecil
    by Daihappydai
  • Streets lined with flags, Debut, Kei Kecil
    Streets lined with flags, Debut, Kei...
    by Daihappydai

Kei Kecil Things to Do

  • Take a trip to southern Kei Kecil

    Hire a motor bike and take a day trip to the great beaches in south Kei Kecil. Thevillage of Ohoidertulu and Madwaer village, slightly north west around the cove, have picture-perfect beaches. The locals are ready for a chat and photo shoot. When I arrived with a fellow traveller, a young man promptly climbed a coconut tree, cut two down, sliced...

  • Streets lined with flags

    Take a trip to the picturesque village of Debut. Here the streets were lined with flags and the locals ready to have a chat. It is at Debut where you can cross by ferry, by motorbike or by foot to the narrow western arm of Kei Kecil - cars cannot yet get across because the bridge is not finished. It is the short way down to the southern villages of...

  • Gua Lian Hawan - Caves with ice-blue...

    About 4km south of Debut and just before you reach the village of Letvuan, an unmarked track leads you to Gua Lian Hawan, a pair of caves with ice-blue water. The track is not easy to spot - travelling south it is on the right hand side of the road adjacent to one of the few houses on this section of the road. The track is easy to walk, although...

  • Swimming in fresh water

    Hire a motorbike or organise an ojek or bemo to take you to Evu where you can swim in clear fresh water. There is a large pool where some washing of clothes, bicycles and motor bikes, not to mention brushing of teeth, occurs. But the water flow from the mountain is constant so the pool is very clean. On weekdays a couple of stalls are open selling...

  • Great views from Bukit Masbait

    The Christian pilgramage site of Bukit Masbait offers an insight to Christianity in the area. A sprawling series of monuments to important moments in the life of Jesus begins at the base of the hill just outside Kelanit village. It is possible to walk from Ohoidertawun to the site. Take the beach or jungle track towards Ohoideratas. Climb the steps...

  • Viewing Petroglyphs at...

    At low tide, you can walk across the sand flats at Ohoidertawun to the cliffs at the base of Ohoideratas. The cliffs give a good indication of the different water levels over the years. There are some interesting petroglyphs - rock carvings/paintings - many depicting the sun, eyes, and warriors. It takes about 20 minutes to walk diagonally across...


Kei Kecil Transportation

  • Travelling around Kei Kecil

    If arriving by plane, the airport is on the Langgur side of Kei Kecil. Bemos can be hired to take you to Ohoidertawun for Savana Cottages or Ohoililir for Coaster Cottages. Price is between 100,000 and 125,000 rupiah (January 2011) but if arranging for yourself from the airport, the driver will ask for more. Ojeks are much cheaper (25,000 - 40,000)...

  • airplanes

    there're only 2 airlines operating the ambon-kei kecil route now. wings fly on mon, wed, fri & sun, while trigana flies on sun, mon, tues, fri (not too sure about trigana schedule but they don't fly daily). there's no flight on thurs for both airlines. wings is more expensive at the rate of almost 900 000rp at the time when i was there (sept 2007)...

  • flight

    flight from ambon to langgur is on every tues, thurs, sat and sun at 2.45p.m. it is about 600000+ rp. flight from langgur to ambon is on every mon, wed and fri at 6a.m. there are about 2 or 3 airlines which fly to kei island from ambon but all depart on the same days.


Kei Kecil Local Customs

  • Daihappydai's Profile Photo

    by Daihappydai Updated Feb 13, 2011

    Probably not something that tourists are going to do, but rather than go to the authorities, the heads of villages in the Ohoidertawun and Ohoililur area sit under a 'sacred' tree to resolve disputes. It is said that the tree provides the villagers with the wisdom to think through conflicts logically and come up with a resolution to suit all. Perhaps westerners should try it...

    Sacred tree in Ohoidertawun for resolving disputes

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