Pulau Saparua Travel Guide

  • Garden tree belt around the village, Ihamahu
    Garden tree belt around the village,...
    by ullfri49
  • Jembatan Ihamahu malam, blue Seram evening sea
    Jembatan Ihamahu malam, blue Seram...
    by ullfri49
  • Green Mangrove beach and coast wall north Saparua
    Green Mangrove beach and coast wall...
    by ullfri49

Pulau Saparua Things to Do

  • Wandering in the tropical Garden

    In Saparua around the village is easy to make a little tour under the tropical trees,- so coconut, durian bananas, cocoa, kanari.....so much diffent - very nice to hear it from the villagers while walking around. Like here around village Ihamahu it is easy to go, take sandals come into talk with the people. Dont forget the umbrella, the weather...

  • See green Mangroves "Pohon Bakau", north...

    The special in the north coast of Saparua Island are some Mangrove woods the "Pohon Bakau" at flat beach.It is a well known fact how important Mangroves are as costal gard - and here you can see it.Simply walk at village Ihamahu bach wall to south - (with a little luck you can use the wall as good way)- Other way is at island street direction of...

  • Beach side in Ouw

    In the village Ouw at south east of Pulau Saparua -here at good weather a good view- see over the bay to the mountain of village Booi right in front - and the blue Pulau Haruku in the background. Behind it - and the diffuse cloud over the islands shows it - are the higher mountains of Ambon- the "Gunung Nona" maybe.The Ouw beachside we all see here...

  • "Trap trap" in Booi -up an down the...

    Coming to the nice village Booi in south west Saparua is one side easy - on the other hand not so easy: The direct island street ends at first staircase down: Going down staircase there is little bridge (jembatan) - and than the way goes up again (see the photo). After a little walk up in Booi we come to the great staircase, the " Trap trap" for...

  • Fort Benteng Duurstede in Saparua -view...

    At south part of small town Saparua, beneath the today sportsground is situated the ancient Fort Duurstede.A place too meet the history of the Maluku and Lease Islands.The place and the fort is connected with the story of national hero Thomas Matulessy and the battle of Saparua in the year 1817.The fort Duurstede is not so great - but the past...

  • Saparua inland sea: View from Waisisil...

    Of course it is not real "Inland Sea", but from Waisisil beach the light blue far Nusa Laut is at horizont- and so it comes to this quite unusal view.The street is running direct near beach so it is easy to stop. The walls show, that the sea in monsum time must be much stronger than at May when the Photo was made.In view are the fishermens just...

  • Take a break at Pasar in Kota Saparua

    Here you find a good place to sit and have a quiet time on a shadow desk with a good view at the bay of Saparua. (Left over at far at coast see the mangroves line south the beach of Waisisil).To find the Pasar - don´t hesitate to ask to find the small way in from main street! In siesta time no problem- then the Pasar is over.But in our "nice new...

  • Snorkelling off the north-east

    A pleasant 25 minute ojek ride from Kota Saparua through some delightful scenery and villages to the north-east village of Itawaka with a beautiful tree lined street waiting and a short walk to a tiny beach from which snorkelling is possible. To get to the drop off, booties are recommended especially if visibility is not at its best. But if the...

  • Great snorkelling off Pulau Nusa Laut

    If you haven't got time to stay there, make sure you take a day trip to snorkel off Pulau Nusa Laut. Boats with driver can be hired for 400,000 rupiah for the day which is reasonable if you can share costs with some other travellers. A morning start may mean you will be lucky enough to see some large pods of dolphins as you approach the islands....

  • Pottery the old way

    When on Pulau Saparua take a trip to Ouw and see pottery made by hand, the traditional way, without any mechanical devices. A friend and I were lucky enough to meet a teacher who was born in Ouw, and for a small fee, he took us to Ouw where a charming elderly woman showed us how pottery was made and gave us an opportunity to try it ourselves. She...

  • Wood-Carving, pacifik frigatebirds,...

    It is nice to see the people are interest to hold the Tradition- here in the renovation of old Baileo in some villages of Saparua. Here in the photo good to see against the light, the wood carving in the renovated Baileo in Ihamahu. It here seems to show the pacific frigate birds (frigata minor) on long way sailing over the see- it remembers with...

  • Visiting a baileo in Saparua

    From the Architecture in Saparua it is interest to visit a Baileo, once and today the traditional meeting house in the villages. Mostly every village have it, mostly situatet at a good central place in the village.See here at the Photo the Baileo in the Village Ihamahu. In behind the view to northwest coast and the mountains of near Pulau Seram.


Pulau Saparua Transportation

  • Going from Saparua to Seram

    Going to Seram is easy from North Saparua. I myself not yet time enought to do, but it is easy going by speedboat of fishery boat from Iwataka to Rumakay in Saparua. Here at Photo of Seram from north Saparua, seen from "Jembatan"- the seabridge of Ihamahu: "Evening clouds over the wild mountain woods of Nusa Ina". NUSA INA is the old malukan name...

  • New Ferry Ambon - Saparua and back

    The ferry to Pulau Saparua is much more comfortable as a speedboat and is starting in Haria harbour. But there is (Mai 2012) some new to report: The old ferry Matahari was quiet seen at the waves of quai in Tulehu. The connection Haria- Tulehi p.p. seems now full replaced by the new ferry "Express Bahari".. The new ferry seems 3 times greater- and...

  • Start from Ambon to Saparua

    From Ambon to Saparua is a good start from Tulehu.Here see the Jembatan Tulehu (Seabridge) at the morning - at horizont in front the Pulau Haruku.If you will get e good place it is good to come very early at sunrise. The boat will start so about 8 o clock and arrive so an hour later in Iwataka(north Saparua) or a little longer in Haria (south west...


Pulau Saparua Local Customs

  • How is the saparuan meal in family

    If you at guest in family you will soon like the local eating. But see the photo.In Maluku special different to other areas of Indonesia- at every day at lunchtime it will give fresh fish. And the special of Saparua is of course: Sagu cake and Papeda. Papeda is a real special- Oko likes to see, that we real try Papeda. Papeda is special- you eat...

  • Papeda and Rheologie: How to put it on...

    Makanan Papeda - without try eating Papeda you never been real in Maluku.The other is- how to manage the papeda from the earhen pot on the plate?Try it and you will see, is nearly not able for a tourist - it seems to need a year long try.Ibu Fien show how it is well done - and the photo flash shows the reason: It seems to be the Rheologie of...

  • Greetings in old language at villages in...

    Usually the people speek the maluku version of Bahasa Indonesia. But at special local events or ceremonys it is used the old laguage of the ancestors. It is a language which remembers at the pacific/melanesic origins of maluku people (Maluku Uttara borders at long waves of Pacific Ocean!).Here at photo an evening view of the door to the area of the...


Pulau Saparua Warnings and Dangers

  • Be carful in the sago palm wood in...

    In the tropical garden around the villages in Saparua usually is peacefully - but it is frome the people said sometimes to be carful: Try to avoid "babi hutan" (Wildschwein- Wild Boar) but I don`t know special about it-if there is some on the way, quick remember the good advices of the foresters about it here in north Europa - it will shure meet...

  • Seeigel(Sea urchins)Be careful at...

    If you see the tropiceal beaches of Ambon and Saparua its nothing that seems dangerous. But look the people- mostly they don´t lose the sandals while going to boat, and not so much people goes simple bathing. At the Seebridge at Tulehu waiting for the speedboat we look a little around- and real what was that! At the ground there was not only...

  • Going with speedboat

    If you want to take a speedboat, choose a good one. Be careful, cause the fuel tanks are in the backside, mostly under the back seats near the two or more Yamahas!If the people are allowed to boarding, put the baggage at the space you want to sit or better let you help from someone. Don`t forget to thank him for the help so about 10.000 Rp. The...


Pulau Saparua Tourist Traps

  • ullfri49's Profile Photo

    by ullfri49 Updated May 17, 2008

    It all quite fine in Saparua,
    but if you in a village you must be shure you can`t sleep long at the morning- you will very early waked up!

    First of all the little black white rooster in the garden will wake up you - and be shure he likes to call the new day very early!
    See the photo!

    Second, if the rooster is seaching his breakfast, somebody in the near will find out it is the right time for wakeup his motocycle - and he likes to test it loud and long, o yes , seems he likes the sound of motor...

    And third if the motor is just sleepy again, somebody in the near neighbourship will find out its now the right time to switch on his new music jukebox - first very loud (carful, to test the power) then medium- for luck are this the sweet Amboinas music..

    An in this sequence every morning and everyday- and after the third day you will like it and be shure you will miss it- later, if at home again.

    Wake up call in Saparua
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Pulau Saparua What to Pack

  • ullfri49's Profile Photo

    by ullfri49 Updated Apr 27, 2014

    Luggage and bags: In special the bag(s) should be ready to transport with a ship-
    dont forget the islands are reached only with a ship.
    With ferry special the new speed ship is no such great problem -
    If there is it at speedboat you can congratulate if it is packed it with to think at this.
    Ever is the baggage shold be handle easy and the best if it is a little waterproof.
    Remember you must over the plank ore the ladder on and offbord.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: 1. Shoes: Sandals for ever! It is a hot area and so as I am know, not greater dangerous deers there.
    I guess good tied sandals. Ankle socks (in Bahasa Indonesia: kaos kaki) are useful.
    Dont forget the special open sandals for the mandi!

    2. Clothing: The usual clothing you need in Indonesia.
    Cotton shirts (more usually, it is very quick wet from heat!).
    Long trousers (celana panyang).
    In village or tour with canoe long shorts too.
    And at least one warm pullover. Special if you to drive with an "ojek" or so -
    in the the driving wind even only 40 km/h it can be cold special in morning at the way to ferry start. (Hati2 masuk angin- be careful not to catch cold.)

    3. Weather: Have the "Payung" - the Umbrella EVERY time with you. From full sun within 15 Minutes can come a tropical rain in Saparua!

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Not other than usual for Indonesia, and the usual advices for travellers.
    Mosquito net is recommended (but in the villages with constant sea wind) seems only in rain time real need).
    An good Apotheke is in Kota (town) Saparua - there also is able to contact a Doctor.
    Recommended is a ANTIBIOTIC CREME to treat moskito bites. A good creme like Nivea or Florena gives good protection agains little and greater ants (semut).
    I myself not recommending insectizides (the side effects are in the end to great) - by the way, most Moskitos seems to be not disturbed by that.
    Weather is hot so 30 (+/-5) degrees Celsius and the humidity is usually quite hight- it is good idea to have a little traveller weather station with you.
    In Saparua (if I `m right from the ground is a coral bank) the ground water is very "hard"- it should be remember when washing with soap and so on.

    Photo Equipment: More than two cameras!
    Additional with Handphone too! Look for a flatrate data pack in Jakarta or Ambon. In 2013 much more Telcom towers at the Islands. So in villages usually good signal. I had no problems to send MMS with photos!
    And, but not new- be careful with photo equipment in wet area and weather at any time.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: At unknown beach bathing only WITH sandals! Sea urchins (wandering- can find suddenly near Jembatan) Sharp coral shells!

    Miscellaneous: Don`t forget a little surprises (oleh-oleh) for your friends.

    And last - but not least.... Have sufficient free time! Special if your 30 day visa in near the end, have 3 days or more as buffer for return to Airport Jakarta.

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Pulau Saparua Off The Beaten Path

  • Mighty Mango and Durian trees over the...

    I like the big trees in the forest garden around the north villages in Pulau Saparua, here in the photo seen from a hight plave in Ihamahu. Left in the photo seems to be a Durian tree, right it is a Mango tree seen over the roofs of the village Ihamahu. The in mid seems to be a Kanari tree.In the photo you can imagine the hight of this honourable...

  • Naik Perahu - go with traditional boat...

    The "Perahu" this is the traditional boat in Saparua. It is with zoom - see at beachbridge photo so far away this little perahu is real- the sea is like a mirror...Here at photos in the north coast, seen at Jembatan (Seabridge) of village Ihamahu at good weather, people go fishing quite far of the coast between the Islands, or row from one village...

  • Old Bamboo raft at the village

    While jalan jalan at the beach wall of the village we saw this traditional bamboo raft. It is real a boat I was assured at my question shure it is a little difficult to row with,it but it is shure a good help if there is some to do near the coast are in case of a tide or other..


Pulau Saparua Sports & Outdoors

  • ullfri49's Profile Photo

    by ullfri49 Written Mar 9, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The two swiss diving enthusiasts Mr. Kurt and Mrs Eliane Gross have since two years ago starting to build up a professional diving resort.

    On the webside you find much interesting about the start and the planned mission.

    It is working since last year but of course it is much to do.

    So on this place much good wishes for the next steps!

    view from the capepaperu diving resort to Saparua Beach of the capepaperu diving resort
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Pulau Saparua Favorites

  • ullfri49's Profile Photo

    by ullfri49 Updated Jul 16, 2012

    Favorite thing: Some of my favorite places I should name here-
    it is a nice little Island under the sun,
    and shure a traveller will find out ever new his special favorite places!

    From my last travel here I like to remember...

    - walking around the wall of the old Fortress "Duurstede" near Kota Saparua in the wuthering wind from Banda sea to south beach, watching out to island roundup, to the blue Banda See waves, the near coast wall over the bay to Paperu and the far shimmering blue island "Nusa Laut" at horizont - all this in remembering history of this place,

    -at the "Jembatan", the sea bridge in the northern village Ihamahu at sunday morning, while the young people of village like fishing, or at evening the fishery boats, all that with view to Saparua north coast and "Nusa Ina" the white clouds over near Seram Island,

    -at wall of the "Baileo" of the nice northern village in the sun of late afternoon,

    and last but not least-

    - the nice place for "Siesta" at hight noon, siesta at hight noon, or sitting at the shadowed desk behind the house of bapak family, with the wind whispering storys in the yellow green leaves of banana garden, under the hight "Pohon Kenari" tree...
    (a very little impression may be given by the two photos here - and some othere photos at VT there)

    Fondest memory: Nice fare Island under the equatorial sun,
    remembering peoples and places of pulau Saparua,
    the eastern island of the two central Maluku "Pulau Lease",
    "naik terus atas ombak-ombak tujuh laut biru"-
    rolling home over blue waves of the Seven Seas.

    Jembatan Ihamahu - evening sun over Seram in Mai Nice place for siesta at high noon behind house Bright green Banana garden high noon behind house. Saparua, hight noon, siesta view open window Seebridge Ihamahu Saparua, nice place at evening
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