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  • Natsepa,clowdy view to south east from toko rujak
    Natsepa,clowdy view to south east from...
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  • Northeast coastline of Ambon Bay with Batu Capeo
    Northeast coastline of Ambon Bay with...
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  • Ambon, south coast, on the way down to Pintu Kota!
    Ambon, south coast, on the way down to...
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Map of Maluku Province

Pulau Saparua




Pulau Ambon




Pulau Morotai


Kei Kecil


Pulau Seram


Pulau Ternate




Pulau Buru


Pulau Yamdena

Pulau Haruku




Pulau Tidore




Pulau Latalata


Pulau Halmahera


Pulau Banda Besar


Pulau Saparua

See all 57 Pulau Saparua Tips
  • My small packing list to Saparua

    Pulau Saparua What to Pack

    In special the bag(s) should be ready to transport with a ship- dont forget the islands are reached only with a ship. With ferry special the new speed ship is no such great problem - If there is it at speedboat you can congratulate if it is packed it with to think at this. Ever is the baggage shold be handle easy and the best if it is a little...

  • How is the saparuan meal in family

    Pulau Saparua Local Customs

    If you at guest in family you will soon like the local eating. But see the photo.In Maluku special different to other areas of Indonesia- at every day at lunchtime it will give fresh fish. And the special of Saparua is of course: Sagu cake and Papeda. Papeda is a real special- Oko likes to see, that we real try Papeda. Papeda is special- you eat...

  • Going from Saparua to Seram

    Pulau Saparua Transportation

    Going to Seram is easy from North Saparua. I myself not yet time enought to do, but it is easy going by speedboat of fishery boat from Iwataka to Rumakay in Saparua. Here at Photo of Seram from north Saparua, seen from "Jembatan"- the seabridge of Ihamahu: "Evening clouds over the wild mountain woods of Nusa Ina". NUSA INA is the old malukan name...



See all 27 Bandanaira Tips
  • Catching a ferry to Bandaneira

    Bandanaira Transportation

    Pelni ferries travel from Ambon to Banda, Banda to Tual (in the Kei Islands), Tual to Banda, and Banda to Ambon. There are a number of classes on the ferries 'ekonomi', 'kelas tiga', 'kelas dua' and 'kelas satu' depending on the ferry. If travelling on a budget, the ferry is much cheaper than the plane and takes about 8 hours for the Ambon-Banda...

  • Snorkelling the Lava Flow of Gunung Api

    Bandanaira Sports & Outdoors

    Gunung Api, right opposite Bandanaira, erupted in 1988. The lava flow is now home to some amazing coral gardens and an abundance of fish. I was amazed that there has been such incredible growth in such a short period of time. Ask a boat driver to take you around to the north east tip, opposite tiny Pulau Karaka, then drift back around towards...

  • Great views on Banda Besar

    Bandanaira Things to Do

    Take a trip over to Lonthoir on Banda Besar for a chance to see a very relaxed village and some great views. Up the steep main street and then a turn right, you will find 'Kuching' well, a cat-shaped well with crystal clear water fit to drink. Further east you reach Benteng Hollandia. The old fort walls and archways, covered in moss, make a great...


Pulau Ambon

See all 52 Pulau Ambon Tips
  • Natsepa Beach in northeast Ambon

    Pulau Ambon Things to Do

    Natsepa is the traditional beachside of Ambon,the Ambonese people like it very much- and of course at sunday very much people here.It is quite good sand beach here, quite flat, seems nearly free of coral stonesbut at times of south seawind it can be quite cold in this southern beach. If so or rainy, it is good to sit under the blue planes of the...

  • Batu Chapeo - a must to see at ambon...

    Pulau Ambon Things to Do

    One of the great sightseeing points in Pulau Ambon is the "Batu Chapeo" - the free standing stone at beachside with upper side like a hut.Here at Photo seen at noon and at low tide, in the background the view to Laha Airport of other side of Ambon Bay.The hight of Bato Capeo is so about 6 m over ground.. Like in other Ambon places too there is...

  • Rujak in Pantai Natsepa Ambon

    Pulau Ambon Things to Do

    "Rujak" - a special fruit salad- is a local ambonese special: Every People of Ambon knows.One good point to find it is in the Pantai Natsepa- in the places between beachroad and beachside.See the photos- the first show how the Ibu works to make it the second Shows the Variation of fruits for this special- and show the place of the toko Rujak...



See all 26 Ambon Tips
  • Jalan jalan di Ambon

    Ambon Things to Do

    Ambon is the centre of Province Maluku. But more a small city comparing with the great citys of Java.So it is nice to jalan-jalan (walking) in the inner city- special without the smog and dust that is the problem of the great Indonesia citys now.Here in the Photo is seen the Jalan Pattimurah, one of the main roads of Ambon inner city.But if in...

  • Amans

    Ambon Hotels

    Penginapan Patra in Laha village is quite terrible, there is a lot mosquitoes, even with aircon...

  • Pustaka Rumphius in Ambon

    Ambon Off The Beaten Path

    If you are in the city of Ambon, near the Rumpius Monument, you will find the "Pustaka Rumpius" (library) near the great Catholic Cathedral.If you are interested in the History of Amboina, take the time and ask for to see the reprints of the historic "Amboinisch Kruidboek - Beschrieyving van demeest bekende Boomen, Heesters, Kruiden, Land- en...


Pulau Morotai

See all 16 Pulau Morotai Tips
  • Jakarta to Ternate by Garuda

    Pulau Morotai Transportation

    One could take Garuda Indonesia Airways direct flight from Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport to Sultan Babullah Ternate Airport which would take about 3 to 4 hours....or indirect flight from Jakarta to Makassar then to Ternate or from Jakarta to Manado then to Ternate.... From Ternate Kota Baru seaport sailing by boat to Halmehara Sofifi seaport would...

  • Boating Tobelo - Daruba

    Pulau Morotai Transportation

    Take a boat from Tobelo which located on the northern part of Halmahera island would take about one to two hours to reach Daruba seaport in southwest of Morotai, cost 100,000 rupiah.... it would be better to take a morning boat, the sea calm and the wave still the noon or afternoon a big sea wave would rock a boat and would take more...

  • Boat Taxi from Kota Baru to Sofifi

    Pulau Morotai Transportation

    Take a boat taxi from Ternate Kota Baru seport to Sofifi seaport on west side of Halmahera island would take about 45 minutes, cost IDR 50,000, .....then take a sharing mini van taxi from Sofifi to Tobelo which would take about 4 to 5 hours, cost 100,000 rupiah..... from Tobelo take a boat taxi to Daruba seaport on the southwest side of Morotai...


Kei Kecil

See all 14 Kei Kecil Tips
  • Sit under a tree to resolve disputes...

    Kei Kecil Local Customs

    Probably not something that tourists are going to do, but rather than go to the authorities, the heads of villages in the Ohoidertawun and Ohoililur area sit under a 'sacred' tree to resolve disputes. It is said that the tree provides the villagers with the wisdom to think through conflicts logically and come up with a resolution to suit all....

  • Take a trip to southern Kei Kecil

    Kei Kecil Things to Do

    Hire a motor bike and take a day trip to the great beaches in south Kei Kecil. Thevillage of Ohoidertulu and Madwaer village, slightly north west around the cove, have picture-perfect beaches. The locals are ready for a chat and photo shoot. When I arrived with a fellow traveller, a young man promptly climbed a coconut tree, cut two down, sliced...

  • Streets lined with flags

    Kei Kecil Things to Do

    Take a trip to the picturesque village of Debut. Here the streets were lined with flags and the locals ready to have a chat. It is at Debut where you can cross by ferry, by motorbike or by foot to the narrow western arm of Kei Kecil - cars cannot yet get across because the bridge is not finished. It is the short way down to the southern villages of...


Pulau Seram

See all 2 Pulau Seram Tips
  • meiyergani's Profile Photo

    by meiyergani Updated Sep 3, 2012

    From Ambon downtown, take a bus to TULEHU Ferry Port, then take a Fast Ferry to Amahai Seaport at Eastern Seram

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Pulau Ternate

See all 8 Pulau Ternate Tips
  • Boat TAXI from TERNATE to TIDORE

    Pulau Ternate Transportation

    A motorized Boat Taxi is a common public transportation in TERNATE and all islands nearby. A trip from TERNATE to TIDORE island would take less than an hour by a boat taxi, there is no fix schedule, a boat Queue for their trip departure at the jetty and leaving after they have 8 to 10 passengers.You could take a motor boat taxi from TERNATE's...


    Pulau Ternate Things to Do

    From Sultan Babullah airport to the South you would find DUFA DUFA seaport, this is a very important seaport if someone would take a trip to SIDANGOLI or JAILOLO at the island of HALMAHERA


    Pulau Ternate Things to Do

    PULAU MAITARA is very fascinating island with its green mountain when attendants watching this scenery from Ahmad Yani Harbor or From Bastiong seaport or at a very close distance at KALAMATA Fortress, the island is stand elegantly in front of Pulau Tidore


Pulau Buru

See all 1 Pulau Buru Tips
  • h4pp1's Profile Photo

    by h4pp1 Written Dec 3, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    this only one speed boat is d'best trasnportation 2 buru island, it will take 4 hours in clear weather, but need more time in bad condition. from ambon 2 buru @ 02.00 pm & @ 08.00 am from buru 2 ambon, if u miss the time, i've 2 wait d following days. the fare is Rp. 155.000/person for executive class, Rp.180.000/person for vip class

    speed boat ambon-baru
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Pulau Haruku

See all 4 Pulau Haruku Tips
  • Views of Haruku on the way with...

    Pulau Haruku Off The Beaten Path

    Here some Photos on the way, view to south coast in the late morning from Ambon, some from start from Tulehu to Pulau Saparua, and other on way at early morning from pelabuhan Haria to pulau Amboina.

  • With ferry "Matahari" around Pulau...

    Pulau Haruku Transportation

    Haruku, the first of "Pulau Lease" between Saparua and Ambon..As said at last travel I had not the opportunity to visit Harauku..."belum",but much seeing from the tour to Saparua and back from ferry Matahari, like in the Photo.Here along the south landfall the south west cape of Haruku came in sight, together with a very small island, more a cliff,...

  • Start from Tulehu to Lease Islands

    Pulau Haruku Transportation

    A good start place for travel with boat is the little harbour of Tulehu.Here at photo in the morning, see the far mountains of blue Pulau Seram and the green nothwestside of Haruku in the mirror like Lease sea.Without sunday shure at every day one finds the boat to go for the two lease Islands. But as I know, only one destination Saparua or Haruku...


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