North Sulawesi Province Things to Do

  • one of nimanga's rapid
    one of nimanga's rapid
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  • view to the beach
    view to the beach
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  • the village
    the village
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North Sulawesi Province Things to Do

  • Roaming Bunaken

    After a morning of snorkelling or diving, take a walk around the island. Decent tracks make it easy to cross from one side to the other. Along the way you might come across a game of football, the locals are likely to invite you to join in. There is a large church that the islanders financed for themselves. There are great views of Manado Tua, an...

  • Snorkelling off Pulau Buanken

    Don't let your lack of diving experience stop you from visiting Pulau Bunaken. There is amazing snorkelling to be done just metres from the shoreline. I found the water on the east side to be a lot clearer than on the west (which tends to suffer from rubbish floating in from Manado). Access through the mangroves is easy from places such as...

  • Tangkoko Nature Reserve # 2 - Tarsiers

    Tarsier time is dusk. This is when the incredible animal climbs down through the hollow trunk of their 'home' after spending the day sleeping and hidden away from the outside world. Tarsiers have the most amazing eyes, so huge that they can't rotate in their eyeballs. But they can turn their heads almost 360 degrees and spot flying insects in the...

  • White rock on black sand at Batuputih

    Perhaps the simplest access to Tangkoko reserve and a visit to the tarsiers and black macaques is from Batuputih village. The name means 'white rock' which at first seemed strange to me as when I walked to the beach from my homestay, the beach initially appeared all black. As I got closer I noticed collections of almost pure white rocks amidst the...

  • Tangkoko nature reserve # 1 - Black...

    Tangkoko nature reserve is a sizeable national park on the north west tip of Sulawesi. You need to take at least two trips into the 'jungle'. One should be at dawn. It is at this time that you have the best chance of spotting a troup of black macaques having an early morning feed. My guide told me there were two large troups in the park, Rambo Satu...

  • Chat to the locals in Tomohon

    Tomohon is truly a town of flowers. In few other places in Indonesia have I seen so many flower stalls lining the roads. Take a walk down the main street and chat to the locals. Visit the market where, amongst other things, fresh bat and fresh dog are for sale. I stuck to the bananas and had a great time chatting to a couple of ladies selling them....

  • Climb a mountain in Tomohon

    There are two active volcanoes in the Tomohom area: Gunung Lokon and Gunung Mahawa. Both offer incredible views of the surrounding are, with Mahawa easier to climb than Lokon. Ask at your accommodation for advice about climbing - Mahawa is easily accessed by a road next to the market and then sign posted trail. The climb is fairly easy although...

  • Tomohon's Traditional Market

    If you are in Manado or nearby, it is worth a trip to Tomohon. It is known as the Flower City and there is a huge flower festival during the first week in July. However, there is a market there year-round which is also worth the trip. I went on Saturday, late-morning. It seemed as if the entire world was there shopping. People were stocking up on...

  • Bukit Kasih, Kanongan, Minahasa

    Bukit Kasih Monument located around 50 km to the south of Manado. This hill is a pure sulfur hill. There, you can see the sulfur smoke is still actively spreaded. This hill is so cool since located in a very high hill. The situation there is so fun yet calm where you can see at one spot there is a 5 places to pray for the 5 religions in Indonesia....

  • Garden Sea of Bunaken

    Bunaken Sea Garden located in Manado Bay. This island is part of Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi. This sea garden has one of the highest sea biodiversity in the world. Diving and snorkling are some of the activities you can do here.

  • A Unique Market of Tomohon

    Tomohon is a a cool and breeze small town in North Sulawesi, it was beautiful small city at the Foot of Gunung(mount) Lokon, an active volcano in North Sulawesi. Tomohon is Unique with its Tomohon Market where one can see the peoples selling dog meat for RW Cooking, Bat meat for Paniki Cooking and Rat meat

  • Sam Ratulangi Air Port- Manado

    Sam Ratulangi is the name of the Air Port which located at Manado, it was about 20 km to the city center, Sam Ratu Langi is an International Air Port

  • Manado, Capital City of North Sulawesi

    Manado is Capital City of North Sulawesi, it was the seat of Provincial Government, A State owned Sam Ratulangi University, it was also A Business center, and one of Indonesian Tourist Destination where one can go to Bunaken island for diving, snorkeling or just for enjoyment

  • Minahasa Highland

    There are many places to visit such as Tondano lake; the bigest lake in north Sulawesi located in Tondano, Linow lake; a sulfur-changing colour lake (colour change depends on the reflection of clouds, grass ect. Woloan village; where the Minahasan Style Houses being built, knock down style, ready for delivery or shipping. Last but not least Temboan...

  • Pasar45, Central Market in Manado

    Pasar 45 is the central market of peoples in Manado, the peoples get their daily need from the market, very crowded market almost everyday


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North Sulawesi Province Things to Do

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