Indonesia Off The Beaten Path

  • ITB Bandung south gate early afternoon
    ITB Bandung south gate early afternoon
    by ullfri49
  • Ambon, south coast, on the way down to Pintu Kota!
    Ambon, south coast, on the way down to...
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  • Off The Beaten Path
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Indonesia Off The Beaten Path

  • Visit the sacred cemetery at Trunyan

    It is not easy to get to the ancient Balinese cemetery near Trunyan village. It’s accessible only by boat and even under a bright Balinese sun, the voyage can be an eerie one. Giant monitor lizards, big as crocodiles, inhabit the lake...I covered this unique spot in a report for CNN Traveller. Here's the story:...

  • Museum zoo of TMI park

    This is a laberinth of cages with ponds trees, and plenty of birds in a protected environment. You see here interesting birds such as peacocks,eagles,hawks and plenty of other speciies. It has a lake where fish come to eat from your hand and ducks.It is a great area to bring the kids, and it is Inside TMI park a huge heritage complex with plenty to...

  • Museum Penerangan

    this is a unique museum in the middle of the biggest park in Jakarta and all gear towards preserving the heritage of the country. This is Inside TMI park.a bit of historyThe Museum was built in the neighborhood Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta with an area of 10.850 square meters and wide bangunanannya 3,980 square meters. This development on the...

  • Climb the Mountains and Cool Off!

    Drive out of the city and see the beautiful country of Indonesia. Here is a terrace of tea plants, a most effecient use of the mountian side. Not far from Jakarta near Bogor there are plenty of interesting things to see or do and one of the most enjoyable journeys of my trip was getting to Puncak Pass Restaurant. This place was actually a resort...

  • soak in the tropical sun of Kanawa

    Hi everyone,I recently found myself in Labuan Bajo, Flores after visiting Komodo and Rinca. I had a few days to kill and didn't want to stay any longer in the busy town of Labuan Bajo. I headed for an idyllic island about 40 minutes from the coast called Kanawa. The island is pure bliss with crystal waters, great marine life and wholesome food....

  • Sekupang

    The village of Sekupang is the main town and port of entry on the island of Batam, one of the islands that make up the Riau Archipelago, located about 12 miles (19 kilometers) across the Malacca Strait from Singapore. Sekupang has been inhabited for many centuries. It was part of the Riau Lingga Kingdom until 1911, when the Dutch East Indies...

  • Indonesias Heaven: Bosscha Observatory...

    In Indonesia under the southern Sky....If interesting in Astronomy is a must, to view the Bosscha Observatory of the ITB Bandung, situated in Lembang, in the mountains over the big city Bandung. Special on the Bosscha Observatory is the history. Bosscha is compared to the big observatorys of the world today a small one- but it has is own special...

  • Waterfall tour on Lombok

    I went on a waterfall tour. Driver picked me up from Puncak hotel and long drive to mountain area to waterfall. bring swim suits and good walking shoes for hiking. I went with a guide hiking over bridges into streams with slippery rocks to get to waterfall.along the trail i saw a monkey it seem more afraid of me. my guide pointed it out did not...


    I went on a white water rafting day tour. I forgot which on there are 2. the one i went on is closer to Bali. This river is not as hardcore as the other one but guide said this one has better scenery and waterfalls. We bumped into many other rafters from other companys spalshing water at them also swimming in and under the waterfall area. Grreat...

  • Maluku and the nice eastern islands of...

    If you come to Indonesia, so shure you arrive in the great city Jakarta, and you shure have chose a good place.But if you have time and interest for Indonesia now for the moderns and even for traditional away from great tourist centres, it is a good idea to visit some days the nice eastern Islands of Indonesia. Under them I recommend at first...

  • Indonesia nices landcape- lotos pond in...

    Special in Indonesia is the tropical landscape in the wet areas, like here the mid of Bali. At photo a nice place at great Lotos Pond in Ubud.It is seen from a well known Cafe at the main street in Ubud (westward of palace).In the background a little temple.Nice place for recreation.The Cafe is half around the pond under the roofs.In the back the...

  • Hell, Mount Krakatau is Alive!!!!

    After searching in internet a while about unusual trip to volcanoes in Indonesia, I choose to spent one day trip to the famous Mount Krakatau (see for further information). Ive heard about this volcano so many times in my life about its devastating kamikaze self destruct erruption on 1883.cruising with speed boat, I saw this...

  • Surprise at little river in Bali at...

    "Of the beaten path" can be even at unusual time-so I suggest to go the usual way at early morning, and shure you are surprised-like here at a bridge at little river in Ubud- the women are washing clothing. It is in Bali like other islands in Indonesia- it is no washing machine in a Balinese house- so this work goes in traditional way like...

  • Try to be a villager in Indonesias...

    If you have a little more time, so try to make a tour around and try to be a villager.Real a great experience. Maybe easy in touristic Bali.But my advice if interest and open for the so other cultural roofs of "Insulinde", the "Tanah Air"- so don´t care, take a good guide or travel office and make a two or for day stop at the village. I good...


    Traveling by land transportation from North Sumatra to West Sumatra vise verse would crossing an EQUATOR Line Monument at BONJOL Village, West Sumatra, at the moment I had a trip from Sibolga North Sumatra to Bukitt Tinggi, West Sumatra by using a minivan sharing taxi which load 12 persons. It was a long trip and I asking to minivan driver to stop...


    Traveling by land transportation from North Sumatra to West Sumatra, enjoy the view of KOTA NOPAN, a small town in MANDAILING NATAL district, at the border line between two provinces. In both side road we could see a green field of paddy field and Bukit Barisan Mountain Range, the stream of the river between hillside.


    PANYABUNGAN is a small town located at MANDAILING NATAL DISTRICT, the most southern parts of North Sumatra, the land trip fom North Sumatra to Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra would stop a moment for Lunch or diner at Panyabungan.

  • SIBOLGA, North Sumatra, a gateway to...

    SIBOLGA is a port city located at North Sumatra Province, a tranquil small town and the gateway to NIAS island at the west side of North Sumatra Province. The town itself there were were many tourist attraction, the beach, the island, TANGGA SERATUS (a hundreds step uphill stair) a steep hill to climb where we could see the beauty of Sibolga down...


    Lake TOBA is a popular tourist destintion and is the largest Lake in South East Asia. Lake Toba is an immense volcanic lake covering area 1707 sq km with Samosir island in the center. According to the history, the lake is formed by a gigantic volcanic eruption some 70,000 years agoMedan is the gateway to Lake Toba , it takes approximately more than...


    DANAU LAUT TAWAR is a fascinating lake resort worth a visit, a crystal clear blue water, the green of its mountain range and a cool place located at small town Takengon, Central Aceh district.Takengon with its Danau Laut Tawar was located 350 km from Banda Aceh to the South and could be reached by land transportation.


    WEH island and SABANG is located at Aceh Province could be raech from Ulee lheue Banda Aceh seaport, it was beautiful island with so many beaches and rain forest: Iboih, Gapang, Rubiah fishing island, and you could visit Indonesian Zero Kilometer at its most northwest point.

  • Central Java: Dieng Plateau

    Dieng Plateau; rain, fog, rain fog again. . . . fog, fog, fog. . . . . I spent one day on the area, could see very little; I write a tip here despite the wet experience (rain is part of life, after all. . . ) because it is really a place worth to visit for somebody who likes the not too much beaten places and some special ambience in the deep...

  • Central Java: Imogiri, the sultans...

    This is not a place beaten by tourists feet; the sultans graves are located in a place called Imogiri, 40 km south of Yogyakarta. It is a small village and the graves are located in an old palace situated on a hill dominating the village; to get there two things are compulsory:1) you have to climb up more than 300 stairs in the equatorial heat. . ....

  • ProbablySchmutzer is a Big Primates...

    Schmutzer is a primates Center on which the visitors can see a few species of Primates such as Gorilla, one of the largest non human ape in the world, an Orang Utan and some other species of primates which were still alive in this universe. If one visit Indonesia, don't miss to visit the Center, probably it was a big Primates Center in the world...

  • A Beautiful SUNSET

    Some tourist places in Indonesia offering a stunning silhouette, a beautiful panorama of sunset,among others are: Kuta Beach and Tanah Lot in Bali, Senggigi Beach in Lombok, Mount Merapi view in Yogyakarta, Losari Beach at Makassar-South Sulawesi and as seen in the picture is a sunset at Sunda Street when the sun going down behind Mount RajaBasa...



  • Nice beaches inThree GILI islands-Lombok

    If You visit Lombok island West Nusa Tenggara, don't miss to call on Three Gili Islands, GILI TRAWANGAN, GILI MENO and GILI AIR, these was the islands with nice beaches, crystal clear blue water, where you can go boating, snorkeling, diving and surfing. The island with complete accomodation, Music Cafe, Restaurant, Villa, internet cafe. Itwas good...

  • Hire a driver for the day...

    When you hire a driver for the day, ask him to take you to his village and show you his home. It's a great experience to learn how they live and their habits.Hiring a driver for a day is very cheap , you pay about 30USD.We had a great driver, Wayan Sueta, very good person and knowledgable of Bali. He took us to places we could never have discovered...

  • Seeking out the Wild Life

    Because of the history of the evolutionof the land mass of Indonesia,this country has to offer some of the most diverse, unique species in the world.A true National Geographic!With it 13,000 islands +,the species that live on these islands haveprogressed in to fine examples of what Charles Darwin’s theories were all about.During the ice age,the...

  • Nusa Tenggara: Pero, Sumba

    Pero is a one-street fishing village on the west coast of Sumba. The coastal scenery is beautiful here; our favourite beach was a little secluded cove that can be reached by wading across the river, or kids will offer to paddle you over in a boat. There are also some great kampung (traditional villages) within walking distance along the coast; the...

  • Nusa Tenggara: Spider Rice Fields

    The view from above is definitely needed to get the whole effect of the so-called spider-rice fields near Ruteng in Flores. Instead of plotting the rice field in squares or rectangles they divided it like a pie. From the hills above it appears like a spider web pattern. Their origin is interesting. Apparently the Manggarai people, who inhabit this...

  • Nusa Tenggara: Wae Rebo

    From Ruteng we hired a local high school student named Stephan to be our guide to Wae Rebo, an extremely remote Manggarai village. We first rode in the back of a large truck for five and a half hours over a very bumpy unpaved road to a village called Denge. The lighter you are, the more you bounce, and when you're sitting on a wooden plank the...

  • Climbing Mt. Rinjani

    Senaru on Lombok is the base from which you can climb to the crater rim of Gunung Rinjani. Perhaps we did not realise before we started the climb how difficult it would be. We started at 600m above sea level at about 9:30am, and seven hours of constant uphill climbing later, we got to the rim, at 2641m. It was one of the hardest things I've ever...

  • Bali: Mass Cremation Ceremony

    If you find yourself in Bali in August, ask around to find out in which villages mass cremation ceremonies (Ngaben Massal) will be held while you are there. It is an event that only takes place once a year in August in each of the various regions around Bali, and all the people who died in the previous year are cremated. The process at the ceremony...

  • Kalimantan: Tanjung Pitang

    Tanjung Pitang National Park was a different experience from our other jungle trips, and by far the best one. The only access to the park is by river, so instead of trekking up mountains like before, we were able to hire a small boat and crew and cruise up a narrow river for two days with jungle on both sides of us. There is an Orang-Utan...

  • Kalimantan: Loksado

    Loksado is the largest town in its area but is in fact a tiny, but picturesque, one-street village with both a mosque and a church. Almost as soon as we got there we were invited to a wedding reception, with lots of well-dressed people eating rice with their hands. Within walking distance of Loksado there are two even smaller towns, both with...

  • Kalimantan: Tambung Malahoi

    Tambung Malahoi is a tiny traditional village - the most beautiful little town I have seen in Indonesia - with a fantastic 50-metre longhouse in which the majority of the villagers live together. The village also has other traditional architectural features such as isandungs which are mausoleums built high on stilts in the form of miniature houses....

  • Kalimantan: Banjarmasin

    The major highlight of Banjarmasin is its floating market. Unlike other 'floating markets' that have turned into souvenir markets for tourists, such as the ones near Bangkok in Thailand or on Inle Lake in Burma, this one is still authentic. To get there, we had to wake up before 6am and go down to the river to hire someone to take us to the market,...

  • Riau: Tanjung Pinang

    Many people dismiss the Riau Islands as tourist resorts for golfers and rich Singaporeans, but there are more than 1000 islands that make up the chain, and only four resorts. Bintan Island is much more authentic than nearby Batam Island, and Tanjung Pinang was as Indonesian as any city we've been to in the archipelago. It has a great covered market...

  • Sumatra: Kerinci-Seblat National Park

    Treks in this park can be organised in Sungai Penuh and are highly recommended. There are several options to choose from; in the past the climb up the Kerinci volcano has been a popular choice, but this was closed in 2004 due to rumblings and fear of an eruption. We chose to hike up to Seven Mountains Lake and then base ourselves there for a few...

  • Sumatra: Bengkulu

    Bengkulu, a small, pleasant city in the bottom half of Sumatra, facing the Indian Ocean on the western coast. It's large enough to have a few sites of interest, but not so large that it has all the noise, pollution, and chaos found in all big cities in Indonesia. The 7km strip of white sand beach is one of its major attractions. There is also a...

  • Sumatra: Krui

    Krui is a tiny fishing town with a laid-back atmosphere, a bit more character than Kota Agung, and a nicer beach (apart from the dead goat we saw washed up on the shore). As a daytrip from Krui we went back into Bukit Barisan National Park to visit these waterfalls that we'd heard about. We tramped through the mud for awhile until we lost the trail...

  • Sumatra: Bandar Lampung

    Bandar Lampung is a city of about 700,000 people in southern Sumatra. I don't think much of big cities in Indonesia in general; they're noisy, smelly, chaotic, and hardly picturesque. This one didn't seem to be much different, until we got ourselves lost in the mazes of alleyways down near the harbour and were adopted by all the children of the...

  • Java: Cipanas: Hot Springs

    There are several towns named 'Cipanas' throughout Indonesia, as the name simply means 'hot springs,' and the volcanic landscape ensures that there are plenty of those in the country. The one we went to was a very small village in West Java that is often called the 'Switzerland of Java,' at least according to the Rough Guide. There is a much larger...

  • Java: Ujung Genteng: Surf and Turtles

    Ujung Genteng is a tiny fishing village in West Java, about three hours or so from Pelabuhan Ratu. It is known by some surfers for its waves, but otherwise it receives very few visitors. There is basic accommodation in a group of bungalows run by a woman known to the surfer crowd as "Momma." Just ask anyone with a motorcycle for Momma's and they...


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