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  • Pulau Lingga
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  • The high mountains of Lingga Island, Indonesia
    The high mountains of Lingga Island,...
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Pulau Lingga Things to Do

  • Pulau Cempah

    Pulau Cempah is a small island of the Lingga Archipelago with a coastal village made up of traditional wooden houses on long slits. During the speed boat journey to the Lingga Islands, this island will be a short stop-over for people to board and alight from the speed boat. During the stop, you can spend sometime admiring this beautiful coastal...

  • Pulau Lingga: Istana Dammah

    This used to be the Malay sultan's (king) palace but only the remains can be found. Apparently, it was made of wood and burnt to the ground by the Dutch invaders.

  • Pulau Lingga: Bukit Cening Fort

    This was once a fort overlooking the entrance of the Daik River but now only the foundations remain. Some 18th century cannons were found from the ground and put on the foundations pointing towards the sea. The fort was used by the former Malay sultans during the wars with the Dutch invaders. This fort can be reached from Daik via a trail.

  • Pulau Lingga: Daik

    The main town of Pulau Lingga (Lingga Island) is the village of Daik located next to a river. This is a small fishing village which can be reached via boats from Jago and Dabo on Singkep Island.

  • Pulau Lingga (Part 2)

    Here are some more photos of Pulau Lingga taken from both the sea and air, showing the beautiful coastline and high mountains of this island. The sea photos are taken from the boat trip from Bintan island to Singkep island, the the aerial views are from the flight from Singkep Island to Batam island (see my tips on transportation).

  • Pulau Lingga (Part 1)

    Pulau Lingga (Lingga Island) is one of the biggest islands of the Lingga Archipelago together with Pulau Singkep (see my VT Pulau Singkep page). Lingga Island is very remote and can only be reached by boats from Pulau Singkep (see transportation section). I have not been on Lingga Island but managed to see the island both from the sea and from the...

  • Pulau Singkep

    Pulau Singkep (Singkep Island) is the major island of the Lingga Archipelago, and this island is the southern most of all the islands here. The main town is called Dabo and it is a lovely seaside town with very friendly people and simple lifestyle. There are many clean and untouched beaches on Pulau Singkep. The interior is mostly flat and hilly,...

  • Where are the Lingga Islands?

    The maps here will give you a good idea where the islands are located. The map highlights Lingga Island, but all the islands surrounding it make up the Lingga Archipelago, which is about 150km south of Singapore, below the Riau Islands (another big group of islands), and sandwiched between the big islands of Sumatra (to the west) and Kalimantan...

  • Hiking

    We had planned to go hiking with Maslan through the jungle to see some waterfalls, but just as we started out it began raining very heavily, so we decided to abandon the trip. I'm sure it would have been very enjoyable though.


Pulau Lingga Transportation

  • Going to Lingga Island by Speed Boat

    Super Jet has daily speed boats carrying passengers from Tanjung Pinang at Bintan island to Dabo at Singkep island with stop-overs at Cempah Island and Jago (at northern part of Singkep Island). There is only 1 boat per day leaving Tangjung Pinang at 11.30am to Dabo, and the return from Dabo to Tanjung Pinang leaves Dabo at about 7am. The return...

  • Going to Lingga Islands by Air

    PT Sabang Merauke Raya Air Charter (SMAC) is a small region airlines which offer flights from Batam island's Hang Nadim airport to Pulau Singkep via Bintan island. The fight from Batam to Singkep is three times a week (10am on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays) and flight time is about 1 hour. Return flights from Singkep to Batam are at 11.30am on...

  • Pulau Lingga Hotels

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Pulau Lingga Warnings and Dangers

  • Important Things to Note

    Because the Lingga Islands are very remote, below are some important things to note:- Check the boat and plane schedule carefully because they are irregular and mostly only once a day. Delays can happen so travel with an open mind.- Most of the locals do not know English, therefore it is important to find some locals to be your guide.- It is very...

  • Police Registration

    Maslan was very insistent that we had to go to the police station to register with the police as foreigners. Since they don't see very many visitors here, I suppose they're a little suspicious of them and like to keep tabs on them. He also kept saying that we had to pay some sort of registration fee; I think he said something like 20,000 rupiah...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Pulau Lingga Favorites

  • Beautiful and Untouched Beaches & Reefs

    Because the Lingga Islands are so remote, some of the beautiful beaches with soft white sand and beautiful sea virtually remained untouched by humans. If you can get to these islands, you will literally have the whole beach to yourself ! Needlessly to say, the coral reefs here must also be filled with rich marine life.

  • Crossing the Equator

    During the journey to the Lingga Islands, you will cross the Equator which is located near the northern-most tip of Lingga Island itself. The main Lingga Island and Singkep Island are located south of the Equator, whereas most of the smaller islands are slightly north. This photograph is taken at the Equator point, on board the speed boat going to...

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