Riau Province Travel Guide

  • Pulau Batam
    by girladventure
  • The Pagoda in Galang Island
    The Pagoda in Galang Island
    by venoth
  • Buddha Statue, Batam
    Buddha Statue, Batam
    by rafighi
Map of Riau Province

Pulau Batam



Pulau Bintan



Pulau Karimun Besar



Pulau Lingga












Pulau Singkep



Pulau Rangsang









Pulau Jemaja










Pulau Batam

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Pulau Bintan

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  • Clubbing and Beach Parties

    Pulau Bintan Nightlife

    I was at Bintan Lagoon Resort, its not brand new but spacious and alot to do. Similar to Singapore prices, the beach is amazing. I Love clubbing and Bintan Lagoon Resort, its the only Night Club in the whole of the Lagoi area. Good Live Music and clean fun. SILK as its called opens i think at 7pm till 3am, there is also a decent Karakoe Lounge at...

  • Nikoi Island

    Pulau Bintan Hotels

    A short ferry ride from the main island of Bintan, Nikoi is a small island that caters up to 50...

  • Fast Ferry to Bintan

    Pulau Bintan Transportation

    Bintan Island is just an hour away from Singapore by Fast Ferry.The ferry company is run by Bintan Resorts. The ride is very comfortable, ferry has airplane like seats, coffee and tea available, and plenty of luggage room. It leaves from Singapore Cruise Centre, and tickets can be purchased at the Cruise Centre or any tourist office in the cbd...


Pulau Karimun Besar

  • Ferry to Karimun

    Pulau Karimun Besar Transportation

    To Karimun: by ferry from Spore (Harbour Front) and P. Gudang (Malaysia).Ticket from Sproe cost you less than SD 40 (I dont remember) and there are few ferry company provide this service. Mentioned them Tg. Balai, instead of Karimun.get around: Hired one taxi to bring you ... DEAL before you use their taxi .. its should be cheap (less than Rp 200k...

  • Gambling

    Pulau Karimun Besar Warnings and Dangers

    OK..talk about gambling. REMEMBER, now gambling is illegal in Indonesia! Dont try to come here and gambling, either in your hotel's room. I heard (when I was there), there a few groups from Msia and SPore were caught by police bcoz of this activities. When you get caught here, no matter either you are tourist or not, its difficult to deal with...

  • Enjoy

    Pulau Karimun Besar Nightlife

    Karimun, is life at night .. city never sleep. Many things you can do .. After having a good dinner at seafood restaurant (facing a sea), just go to any nightclub or karaoke..depends on 'what' you want a do. Seriously, there are two types of tourist here. One, looking for a cheap goods ... and another one, single or enjoyable person. The worker...


Pulau Lingga

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  • Important Things to Note

    Pulau Lingga Warnings and Dangers

    Because the Lingga Islands are very remote, below are some important things to note:- Check the boat and plane schedule carefully because they are irregular and mostly only once a day. Delays can happen so travel with an open mind.- Most of the locals do not know English, therefore it is important to find some locals to be your guide.- It is very...

  • Going to Lingga Island by Speed Boat

    Pulau Lingga Transportation

    Super Jet has daily speed boats carrying passengers from Tanjung Pinang at Bintan island to Dabo at Singkep island with stop-overs at Cempah Island and Jago (at northern part of Singkep Island). There is only 1 boat per day leaving Tangjung Pinang at 11.30am to Dabo, and the return from Dabo to Tanjung Pinang leaves Dabo at about 7am. The return...

  • Beautiful and Untouched Beaches & Reefs

    Pulau Lingga Favorites

    Because the Lingga Islands are so remote, some of the beautiful beaches with soft white sand and beautiful sea virtually remained untouched by humans. If you can get to these islands, you will literally have the whole beach to yourself ! Needlessly to say, the coral reefs here must also be filled with rich marine life.



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  • Must Haves for Travelling in comfort

    Tanjungpinang What to Pack

    Fold up backpack and fold up tog bag & a cotton or drifit money beltCotton sleeveless loose t-shirts & shorts as well as yoga shorts in cottonPowder, toilet paper, tissues, wet wipesCotton sleeping bag zip up Your own pillow for sleepingMelotonin tabs for acclimatizingSandals with back straps and confortable for walkingExtra large backpack for main...

  • Hotel Laguna

    Tanjungpinang Hotels

    Jln. Bintan No. 51, Tanjungpinang, Indonesia

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Business

  • Buddhist Temple with Panaromic view

    Tanjungpinang Things to Do

    There is a buddhist built on a hilltop with many Stone Sculptures Statues of 500 arahants, guanyin & etc.It's very relaxing and windy with nice view and we can see many nice art piece in this open air concept.The locals said that they feel very relaxing whenever they visit the temple and they feel happy.



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  • Regent of Bengkalis

    Bengkalis Local Customs

    Bengkalis regency is one of the regencies in Riau Province, with the capital city of Bengkalis. Bengkalis Island has many natural resources such as petroleum or plantation, agriculture, animal husbandry and tourism. With the rich of natural resources and strategic location, the Bengkalis regency is trying to attract investors to this island.

  • Noise from the swallow birds

    Bengkalis Warnings and Dangers

    Because harvesting of swallow bird nest is big time in Bengkalis, be prepared for the noise from the swallow birds during the daytime all the way to early evening. The whole town can be filled with swallows flying in the sky above.

  • Water supply, simple life & language...

    Bengkalis Warnings and Dangers

    One of the biggest problem in Bengkalis is the lack of fresh water supply especially during the dry season. Some places still use underground water, and there is a smell in the water which you may not get used to. For drinking, please buy bottled mineral water for safety reason. Another problem is that Bengkalis is a simple town with simple life,...



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  • Dumai Express ferry

    Pekanbaru Transportation

    From Pekanbaru I headed to the port by bus and then I caught the boat to Batam Island. The journey was long, practically I was a whole day on the orad, but I enjoyed it.

  • Ibis Hotel

    Pekanbaru Hotels

    The hotel is located within 15 minutes taxi drive from the airport. Quite away from downtown, and...


    Pekanbaru Transportation

    The slow boat goes down the Siak River and reaches Batam or Bintam Island where you can catch a fast boat that will get you to Singapore in 45 minutes. The slow boat will take around 36 hours and may stop somewhere in between for a couple of hours. Stock up on food and drinks as the food on the boat leaves much to be desired.


Pulau Singkep

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  • Minivan fm Jago to Dabo

    Pulau Singkep Transportation

    The ferry we took left Tg Pinang at 1130 and arrived at Jago at 330pm. Lots of minivans "Kijang" types, and motorbike taxis at jetty to take you 28km to Dabo. We paid 30000rp each. Best way to see the island is to rent a motorbike or cycle like we did. A round trip took 80km and was fascinating.

  • Jago

    Pulau Singkep Things to Do

    Jago is a small seaside village located at the northern end of Singkep Island. The speed boats from Tanjung Pinang (Bintan Island) to Dabo will normally stop here to alight some passengers. The water at Jago is very calm because it is protected from strong waves by surrounding islands. On a clear day, you can see the tall mountains of the...

  • Traditional Villages (Part 2)

    Pulau Singkep Local Customs

    More photographs of the traditional villages and scenery at the suburbs of Dabo town at Singkep Island.


Pulau Rangsang

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  • Local food

    Pulau Rangsang Favorites

    One of my fondest memories of Selatpanjang is the cheap, tasty and unique local food such as the wanton noodles (see photo, which are somewhat different from other places), seafood including the mud lobsters and some fishes which are seldom found eslewhere, tasty avocardo juices etc.

  • Bird's Nest

    Pulau Rangsang Things to Do

    Like other parts of the Riau Islands e.g. Bengkalis and Karimun Island, bird's nest is big business at Selatpanjang. The bird's nest is actually made from the hardened saliva of the swallow birds and it is an expensive delicacy of the Chinese. The swallows actually build their nests inside the houses, and many locals design the top floors of their...

  • Water supply, power failure, noise etc

    Pulau Rangsang Warnings and Dangers

    Fresh water supply can sometimes be lacking at Selatpanjang, especially during the dry season so be prepared. Also, there are occasional power failure here. Since there are many swallow birds around town due to the booming birds nest harvesting, it can be quite noisy around town from morning till early evening. Lastly, Selatpanjang is a simple town...



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  • Great Nasi Padang

    Dumai Restaurants

    Restoran Pak Datuk serves very nice and authentic nasi padang (Indonesian rice with dishes). When seated the waiters will present you with many plates of Indonesian dishes. Just tuck in and you'll be charged according to what you have taken. Ayam pop, curry chicken and fried fish (don't know what's the name of the fish, but it's very small but...

  • Comfort Hotel Dumai

    Dumai Hotels

    The hotel was quite old and some of the facilities are worn out. Internet access is quite slow. Good...

  • shopping of extraordinaire, food, sex

    Dumai Things to Do

    Purchase of items only available in that particular country so can be a show off or served special purpose. Taste the local cuisine, try what the local people normally eat which is their culture. Book a female companion for the night to explored the secret of the host countries.



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  • Local beef!

    Duri Off The Beaten Path

    Buying beef in the traditional market in Jalan Sudirman is quite an experience.Here you can buy tenderloin, sirloin, chuck, shank. brisket, flank, round, leg, etc., all without bones, at one single price. But buying your choice beef cut (tenderloin = "khas dalam") requires you to go there early, else you ran out of choicest cuts.People does not go...

  • Duri Hash House Harriers

    Duri Things to Do

    Run the hash with the DHHH - 'a drinking club with a running problem'.Duri Hash House Harriers is a diverse mixed background/nationality/employment status Hash, adults only except on the first Monday of every month, when Hashers are allowed to bring someone of less than adult age.Runs every Monday 17:15. Gathers at the hash house and runs an A - B...

  • Ramayana

    Duri Shopping

    Ramayana opened shop July 2008 and the first building with escalators in Duri.Catering to the DEF market.Supermarket.Compared with other branches (Pekanbaru, Dumai, Jakarta) the place is also hot - Pekanbaru is the hottest. They installed escalators but did not bother to install centralized AC. They use packaged type AC which is sometimes turned...



See all 1 Bagan Tips
  • thuya's Profile Photo

    Library in Bagan

    by thuya Updated Jul 22, 2006

    MOst of the people come to bagan to appericaite the thousand of pagodas/ temples , religious monuments and digging old palace site etc...
    But less people think what is important for the people from bagan .. you know what , we have no liberary in bagan . That's most important thing ...to have good environment , we should have enough knowledge to decide / to keep all our heritiage..
    so , http://kuthodaw-library-bagan.blogspot.com/ is doing for that .. if you are in bagan , pls don't visit only pagodas/ temples etc etc but also visit our library and make contribution may be some books ..some , idea... whatever .. so it will be another spot for the guests who is looking for the furture..

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