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  • lindyz's Profile Photo

    General shopping in Kuta/Legian

    by lindyz Updated Jun 16, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I can only tell you where we shopped back in 2004, I do NOT know if these shops are still around or not.

    For CD's/DVD's - Star DVD which was in a back street between Legian and Kuta, close to the Melasti.

    Matahari Dept Store - when the heat gets to you, GO HERE! Air conditioned comfort and no haggling over prices. I bought a lot of kids clothes here.

    We bought most of our stuff in Legian Street and Double Six Street shops plus shops in and around the Melasti, stuff was a bit nicer quality in Legian.

    We thought it was funny that every time we asked "How much?" the shop-owners would always be "How many?"

    What to buy: Anything you want!!!

    Thankyou for your purchase! Scary roadworks on Legian St! Typical Family outing in Bali How much? How many?

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  • lindyz's Profile Photo

    Star Disc Music Center: Best place to buy dvds and cds

    by lindyz Written Jun 1, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This shop was recommended to us by our travel agent as being the best place to buy dvds and cds. Not only did it have an extensive range, but great service and prices. We bought all our dvds and cds from here, as it was also very close to where we stayed, at the Melasti.

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  • Manga Dua: shop till you drop

    by wishfulaquarian Written Oct 20, 2007

    If you want to shop the way the locals do, go to Manga Dua. It's a massive complex of buildings, set on both sides of the road and each is packed full of small shops selling everything you can think of, a bit like an indoor market. If you can't buy it there, they don't make it! Don't expect to find genuine designer goods, it's all fake but some of the quality is very good. DVD's are a good buy, and they will play them so you can see the they work.

    But be prepared to haggle hard (with a smile), as they are less inclined to drop the price when they see a foreigner! Even so, there are some great bargains to be had. Just don't go during ramadan, as it's so packed you can't move! And give yourself plenty of time there, this place is a huge rabbit warren full of goodies.

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  • balisunshine's Profile Photo

    Moesson Antik: Be Cautious!

    by balisunshine Updated Sep 3, 2007

    If you are an exporter
    or doing some kind of
    business in Indonesia,
    you’ll eventually learn that
    not all suppliers are created equal.

    Some will make endless promises,
    collect your money and
    once things are shipped,
    you’re in for a BIG surprise.

    One such supplier is,
    Moesson Antik.
    Or lets say Mr. Heijsttek.
    Don’t get me worng,
    this guy does have some
    very interesting antiques
    and is passionate about
    his collected items.
    But if you are doing business
    with him as an agent,
    be extremely careful.

    He does not always keep his word.
    And by the time you realize it,
    it may be too late.

    And yes, you can try calling him
    to chase him down,
    but eventually he’ll ignore your calls
    and never respond.

    So, if you plan to buy from him,
    make it an item or two,
    from one of his several shops on the street.
    But don’t get into filling containers with his stuff.

    It may cost you in the end.

    Try one of the other antique shops located in Indonesia.
    Yellow Pages

    What to buy: Single items, but definately, don't go filling a container with this guy!!!

    Give me back my money, you thief!!!
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  • meiyergani's Profile Photo

    Sarinah Department Store Jakarta: Buy Indonesian Souvenir

    by meiyergani Written May 25, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You can buy various kind Indonesian souvenir originated from various kind Indonesian regions at Sarinah Department Store

    What to buy: There are so many Indonesian souvenir you can buy at this Department Store, Traditional handycrafts, ceramics, paintings, silverware, gems stone, insects and butterflies in a frame, wood puppets, angklung music instruments, Batik dress for ladies and gents, T Shirts, hand bags, travel bags, etc

    What to pay: As much as you can, pay in cash or by credit cards, in indonesian rupiah or in dollar/any foreign currencies

    Wayang, a wooden made puppet, Srainah DeptStore
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  • meiyergani's Profile Photo

    PLAZAINDONESIA: Shopping Extravaganca

    by meiyergani Written May 25, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    PlazaINDONESIA is an exclusive shopping mall where one can find almost everythings, electronic gadgets such as digital camera, vcd player, handycam, mp3, mp4, computer. One also can find Brand name boutiQues with international designer names such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Versace etc. Plaza Indonesia also wellknown with its food vaganza, Hard Rock Cafe, Local and International Cuisine, Bread Talk, Coffee Bean etc

    What to buy: You can buy almost everything: digital camera, handycam, fashionable boutiQues, cosmetics, Perfumes, Mobile Phones, Memory cards etc.

    What to pay: It was on your pocket money, you can pay cash or credit cards, local currency or international curreencies

    Plaza Indonesia- Jakarta
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  • tere1's Profile Photo

    Nyoman Partha: Beautiful Silver Jewellery

    by tere1 Written Jul 25, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place is located on the way from Nusa Dua to Ubud, in Gianyar. They have beautiful jewllery pieces as well as special beads you can buy. Their prices are less expensive than in most jewllery places. You can also see them working and making the gorgeous pieces. I bought a lot of things here! To go there, give the address to your driver or guide and ask him to take you there.

    making jewellery
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  • lindaboniarti's Profile Photo


    by lindaboniarti Updated May 20, 2006

    u can find good thing and antiques and the price u can bargain

    What to buy: all off indonesian culturething, they are unique and there are 36 provence and a lot of regional culture that u can find in antiques shops

    What to pay: depend on yours

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  • worldkiwi's Profile Photo

    Pasar Dua Mangga.: Jakarta's most well known market.

    by worldkiwi Written May 15, 2004

    When I visited Pasar Dua Mangga in 1989 when I was 17, I was almost overwhelmed by the maze of stalls, the smells, the people, the smoke!
    I believe this Jakarta institute of shopping has changed significantly over the years, but as I really don't wish to brave Jakarta's notorious pollution, corruption, and general urban chaos any time soon, I guess I won't find out first-hand.

    What to buy: Clothing seemed to be the big draw card and in 1989 it was cheap denimware that attracted the rupiah of foreign visitors like us.

    Pasar Mangga Dua, Jakarta, 1989.
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  • Wiley_Coyote's Profile Photo

    Jeans Street in Bandung

    by Wiley_Coyote Written Mar 29, 2003

    Bandung is a place where a lot of western clothes are produced. Actually if you see a "Made in Indonesia" tag on your clothing, chances are that it came from Bandung. Jeans Street here has outlet stores where you can buy the stuff directly from them. It's not as dirt cheap as I expected, but the quality is rather high and choices are mind boggling.

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  • Jamu lady

    by iwent Written Dec 17, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nyonya Meneer. Meneer is a Dutch word and means gentleman. Nyonya is Bahasa Indonesia and means Mrs. So Mrs. Gentleman. I was determined to find out what Nyonya meneer is.

    I soon found out that Nyonya meneer is a factory which produces ‘jamu’. Jamu is a herb drink which can cure minor ailments. It consist mainly of vegetable substances supplemented with dried ingredients. Approximately 150 different plants are may be used - everything from eucalyptus oil, tamarind, turmeric, to acacia and ginger. Spices and sweeteners such as cinnamon, fennel, mint and palm sugar are often added for flavour, as the mixtures can be bitter. So now you know!

    ’Jamu’ is used as a cure for minor ailments like colds, headaches, and fatigue. It also alleviates specific problems such as a man’s desire to better satisfy his wife or increase stamina. Jamu might be effective against most minor ailments, skin diseases, it improves sexual performance, it alleviates female problems associated with menstruation, childbirth.

    So if you feel under the weather drink some jamu.

    You will often see the "women with bottles" wandering down the streets carrying a heavy basket of colourful liquid in bottles. This is the ‘jamu lady’. She serves your drink in glasses which she carries along with her home-made brew. You don't know the composition of the jamu, nor do you order specific mixtures. The jamu lady knows which tonics are intended to alleviate your minor ailments.

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  • Street vendors: Shopping in Bali

    by iwent Written Dec 17, 2002

    "Excuse me. You wanna buy a watch?”

    I hesitate

    "I give you good price.”
    He opens up a big box full of watches.
    "No, thank you, Alex".

    "How you know my name????"

    Not so difficult as it is written inside his box.

    "You now buy a watch?"
    "No, thank you, not now."

    Next time he'll see me he'll remind me of my "maybe" promise.

    In the end I bought two watches, they never worked properly, I didn't mind. I made him happy and whenever he saw me again, he greeted me as his best friend. It is easy to make people happy with only a small amount of western money.

    It's best to approach these vendors in a friendly way. If you ignore them or if you are rude they keep on pestering you and may even be aggressive. Besides they are human beings just like you. They simply try to earn a living, like you, albeit in a differrent way.

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  • SirRichard's Profile Photo


    by SirRichard Written Nov 25, 2002

    There are a lot of wonderful handicrafts to buy in Bali: fine paintings, hand carved wooden statues and screens, silver work, hand-woven and painted cottons and silks, batiks, embroidery and garments for casual wear, leather and cotton bags, bone carvings, shell ornaments, masks, pottery, ceramics, basketry, sandstone statues, bamboo furniture....

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  • Sharrie's Profile Photo

    Kueh Lapis

    by Sharrie Written Nov 10, 2002

    This is one of the favorites of all the Kueh-kueh available in Indonesia. It's the Indonesia version of the Chinese "thousand layers cake" where each layer is painstakingly added to the next layer while baking & it takes lots of time & effort to make. I've seen my cousin baking this & will never attempt to do so myself. Too much work & hence is only widely available in Indonesia where it's labor intensive. It's also sold in Singapore but the price is at least twice or triple those you'll have to pay in Indonesia.

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  • DeirdreM's Profile Photo

    Bali: Bring Big empty Bags

    by DeirdreM Written Oct 21, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Everything in Bali is Dirt cheap!! Bring big bags so you can stock up on everything from fake designer lables to wooden mobiles!

    What to buy: Wooden crafted good are amazing but alot of Countries will not let you import then! So be wary!!

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