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  • Haratai waterfall
    Haratai waterfall
    by Rinjani
    by meiyergani
  • Floating Mart
    Floating Mart
    by meiyergani

Banjarmasin Things to Do

  • MUARA KUIN "Queen Estaury"

    The Floating Market of Banjarmasin is a traditional market at the estuary of the Kuin river, a tributary of the Barito. The existense of settlements along both side of Kuin River which was begins since many centuries ago is one of fascinating view of Banjarmasin city.

  • "BARITO" A Big River

    Barito is one of a big river on the island of Borneo, its split Banjarmasin into two part, one part where the site of Banjarmasin downtown as an administratif of South Kalimantan Province, the other site is the jungle with its shaw mills logging along the river banks. The Barito River is the longest river in South Kalimantan with its length of 600...

  • Floating Market

    Floating Market or Pasar Terapung is a traditioil market on the river of Barito, this is a trading activities of peoples who live along the Muara Kuin (Queen Estuary) where buyers and sellers use a small canoe or JUKUNG towards Barito river and undergo their transactThe transaction is open from very early morning at about 05.00 AM and lasting at...

  • visitting floating market at dawn

    Muara Kuin on the Barito River, Banjarmasin is one of two floating markets in this planet. To experience Banjarmasin you must take to the river, either by “klotok“ (river bus), or a speedboat for longer trips. At this market we can buy many variuos fruits and vegetable. One of the fabulous character of this river tourism market is “jukung” or...

  • Martapura

    Martapura is another busy city in South Kalimantan. The city is known as “Gem city” due to their famous stone mining. You can actually visit the stone mining in Cempaka, a small town that can be reached by detour of Banjarmasin-Martapura main road, before Banjarbaru. If you use public transportation, just tell the driver that you want to visit...

  • Admiring Mandau, Dayak Traditional...

    Mandau is traditional weapon of the Dayak people, native tribe in Kalimantan. That day, en route from Haratai to Loksado, I stopped by at one of villagers house who is generous sharing his family Mandau collection and the story behind them. The family inheritage Mandau is different from those which are sold in the market for souvenir.I learned that...

  • Visiting Haratai Waterfall

    What I find interesting from the Haratai waterfall is the way to reach there. I have to pay Rp 50,000 for motorcycle rent and have an interesting off the beaten path motorcycle road through slippery rocks and wonder whether I could manage to see the waterfall or having fall off the motorcycle. You will pass the forest and breathtaking streams. The...

  • Malaris Waterfall and Cinammon

    What I find interesting from the Malaris waterfall is the way to reach there. I have to pay Rp 50,000 for motorcycle rent and have an interesting off the beaten path motorcycle road through slippery rocks and wonder whether I could manage to see the waterfall or having fall off the motorcycle. You will pass the forest and breathtaking streams. The...

  • Visit Dayak Malaris Village

    The village is very close to Loksado. You can hire motorcycle or walk to reach the village. The village is quiet in the morning and noon, as villagers going to work in the field. I love the sight of wooden houses in the village, pigs and chicken roaming around and women weaving basket or arranging cinnamon. Cinnamon is one of agro forestry...

  • Bamboo rafting in Loksado

    This is must do activity in Loksado. The crystal clear water from the river flows in Loksado will seduce you to have a dip. Bamboo rafting is most popular activity. To rent bamboo raft, the cost is Rp 200,000 for 2-3 hours raft from Loksado to Tanuhi. Just ask the hotel or lodge where you stay or ask the villagers near the entrance of Loksado...

  • Lok Baintan Floating Market, Trade on...

    There are several floating markets around Banjarmasin, although the famous are Pasar (market) Lhok Baintan and Pasar Kuin. I was suggested by the boatman to visit Lhok Baintan instead of Pasar Kuin. I got Pak Madi’s name from an acquaintance who lives in Banjarmasin ( If you are interested in hiring Klotok (boat), the...

  • Monkey Island

    If you're renting a boat to see the floating market you can extend the trip and go to see the monkey island. There is also a temple on the island and a sort of tropical forest area too.You can buy nuts at the entrance, but unless you concentrate the monkeys will probably very quickly steal the whole bag off you.

  • Floating market

    You can see a real functioning floating market (not the tourist trap in Bangkok). Hire a boat from by the Belhotel and go early (ie 6-7am). Look out for the boat selling refreshments (see picture) - this seems to be the one making the most money. You're unlikely to see many, if any, other tourists around.

  • Everyday activity

    We also can see the local people who live around the Barito River, in the morning they will take a bath in the river...:) so if you feel so hot, you just can jump to the river and swimming...:) or need toilet???


    The market start from 3 am to 9 am, so if wanna go to the floating market better at 5am, here we can see people from all village around Banjarmasin, will selling, buying all their everyday need.

  • barito "san fransisco" bridge

    from banjarmasin to direction marabahan, there's a long bridge connected two areas that divided by barito river. looks like san fransisco bridge at the night!

  • exploring the canals

    banjarmasin, mainly tradings among locals happened on the rivers. so does the transportation, one to another connected by bridges and canals. then how about houses? also by the rivers. so exploring through the canals will be nice and feel how lively the rivers' life there!

  • floating market kuin and lokbaintan

    these are nice floating markets where the sellers in canoes gather around and sell many kinds of fruits, veggies, meals and snacks. if you're interesting just order and pull up the canoe beside the seller's.


Banjarmasin Hotels

Banjarmasin Transportation

  • Reach Banjarmasin from Jakarta and to...

    From Java, Banjarmasin city can be reached through Jakarta, Surabaya and Semarang. Airlines are Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya, CityLink and Lion Air. Garuda Indonesia flies three times a day from Jakarta to Banjarmasin. From Jakarta, the ticket starts from Rp 450,000. The flight duration is about one and half hour. From the Airport to City CenterFrom...

  • Kelotok Hire for Floating Market

    To visit floating market, you can hire Klotok or boat. The boat can take up to 15 passengers and the price can be shared. But, if you want to arrive early in the market, you can consider to hire Klotok for yourself for Rp 250,000. Usually, departure time is at 4.15 am if you want to go to Lok Baintan, the famous floating market, that will take you...

  • Motorcycle in Loksado

    To go around Loksado, it’s practical to rent motorcycle. The Ojek charges around Rp 30,000 to reach Haratai waterfall, as the road is rock and slippery. Or, you can rent for Rp 50,000 so that you can reach Malaris, a Dayak small village with waterfall on the back of the village.


Banjarmasin Shopping

  • The real batik...

    It is the only real banjar batik shop we have found.The canvas itself is imported from another island but the motifs and technics are banjar.They sew the patterns on to the bandanna and then plunge it into water with pigment. The sewed together parts stay white.The type I bought was named 'paris' and the canvas was silk. You can see business is...

  • This is amazing.....

    This is not a shop. This is a man sitting on the street who makes stamps. As a matter affect there are a few men having a stand in this straat.The amazing fact is they cut the stamps with nives. The letters , the logo , the curves...All in a few houres. A stamp. What else.Just walk arround and watch the stamps they have already made and see what...

  • Never seen somebody sewing so fast

    Well in the middle of the department store a guy with a sewing machine caught my attention. For 20 000IR he sewed the name off my organisation an a cap. Price of the cap included.Indonesian people use the service to sew the puma logo on a shirt for example.


Banjarmasin Local Customs

  • by TheSentinel Written Dec 26, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you hire a boat to see the floating market, you'll notice many of the people who live in wooden huts by the river washing there.

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Banjarmasin Warnings and Dangers

  • Lack of alcohol

    It's very difficult to get a drink, since this is a Muslim area. You can get a glass of beer in the top hotels but it will be served in a glass covered by paper, so no-one else can see it is beer. That's islam for you.

  • Just to prepare you on what to expect

    From sunrise till late in the evening a stream of motorcyclists , cars , kijangs , busses...passes by. And the benzine they use is undoubtedly without an ecologic label.The smell is immensely...As for the motorcycles and so on...they appear to be going nowhere. It seems they have the greatest fun to drive arround..Also , their driving manners seems...

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Banjarmasin Tourist Traps

  • Rinjani's Profile Photo

    by Rinjani Written Jan 8, 2011

    If you use public transportation in Banjarmasin, prepare to have lot dosage of patience. Our travel includes waiting two hours in terminal, two times flat tire of the car.

    Fun Alternatives: Dont wait in terminal. Wait outside and ask around car from Banjarmasin to Kandangan without getting to terminal. For this you have to wait or walk outside terminal (500 meter to 1 kilometer)

    If you feel that the driver is not practice safe driving or you sense that something wrong with the car, calm and gentle reminder from you is necessary. If not, get out of the car and wait for other car to pass you by. The risk is that you have to wait for another car that may take time (again), but safety is still safety that needs to be prioritized. Listen to your gut instinct.

    first flat tire then another one
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Banjarmasin Off The Beaten Path

  • The local zoo...highlight

    Luckely the zoo hasn't got a large collection.Apart from a camel , some birds , three sad orang utans , a few probiscus monkeys , a leaf monkey , a casuaris and a cat...Just one animal I should mention.THE BELGIAN CHICKENS...The main attraction if you ask me.(but of course you didn't)Some ethics? Can I go to a zoo that doesn't treat his animals to...

  • The local zoo...

    Just adding another give you an idea how the sunbears are living.The most amazing story and thing I've ever seen was a cage where they had kept a Python , an otter and a lizard together. The story was that they had a bit off an argument at the beginning , who is going to be boss...but then everything went just fine.NO , I DIDN'T ASKED...

  • The local zoo....

    There are always a few things I want to see. And the zoo is one of those things. I think how people treat animals tells a lot about cultural differences. What do you see when you take a deep look into this youngsters eyes? Al the animals here are in very small cages build above a dirty smelly creek. They don't get much attention...they where not...


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