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  • see the bridge Ampera
    see the bridge Ampera
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • woman selling spices
    woman selling spices
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  • interesting museum
    interesting museum
    by jorgejuansanchez

Palembang Things to Do

  • The River

    I am not really sure what is the attraction of Palembang. But, most of talk about Palembang will be on the bridges that across the famous river, Musi. The river of Musi is the 'heart' of the people in Palembang. Many daily activities as bathing, washing, fishing and many more that contribute to water pollution happened from long time ago. The...

  • Floating Coffee Shop

    If one strolling along the River Bank of Musi, there are many floating coffee shop with which one can enjoy Musi River and tasting local coffee and cuisine, in front of Benteng Kuto Besak or go across the river by small but free of charge when you visit Warung (cafe) LEGENDA at the other side of Musi River

  • Santo Yosep's Catholic Church

    This is one of Catholic Church in town, situated at the crossroad of Sudirman Street, Vetran Street, and Kapten Riva'i street, just in front of CHARITAS HOSPITAL

  • PUNTI KAYU Forest Park

    It was a jungle, a conservation and recreation park at the middle of Palembang City, This Park situated 7 km meter from Ampera Bridge, which can be reached by public transportation with the destination to KILOMETER 12 ( Twelve Kilometer site) from a terminal in front of MONPERA Monument with the fare of IDR. 2,000,- (two thousand rupiahs). The...


    Located at the middle of Musi River, PULAU KEMARO or KEMARO ISLAND , the island is never get flood even though the inundationcome, There is a Buddhist Temple on the island .One can visit the island by water transportation like what local peoples called Getek, a small boat, or by speedy boat From Kuto Besak Fortrees with the fare of less than US.$....

  • KERTAPATI RailWayStation

    This Railway station was built by the Dutch company in 16 century, when VOC paly an important Role doing A Tropical Spices business for importede into European Countries, Now it was the Rail Way which connect Palembang to Lampung Province, or from Palembang To Lubuk Linggau

  • A Renovated Msjid Agung

    Not far from AMpera Bridge, head on to Water Fountain at Sudirman street, Mesjid Agung just face to face to Sudirman street Square, itwas an old mosque renovated many many times, and now standing elegantly in front of Water Fountain


    Ogan River is one of Musi River Tributaries, if one traveling by Train, then get off at The KERTAPATI Railway Station, just in front of The station, one can see JEMBATAN SUNGAI OGAN or OGAN RIVER BRIDGE, compare to Ampera Bridge, OGAN BRIDGE is older than AMPERA Bridge, there are two bridges line, a Metal Line is a new one, and A SEMICIRCLE one is...

  • MONPERA Monument

    Located at one compound of Benteng Kuto Besak, Museum Palembang, not far from Ampera Bridge, MONPERA is stand still and it was the symbol of peoples striving force for their independence. MONPERA is an abreviation of Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat,

  • Jembatan Ampera

    Take a walk on Jembatan Ampera is a great experiences, one can see Musi River with its daily life, small and big ship, regular and speedy boat, seeing Pasar enam belas from above, and walking from one side to another side of the bridge through 2 stairs available on each side of the bridge

  • The Bridge Over the River MUSI

    Every one who visit Palembang, coming and see AMPERA BRIDGE is a must, nobody can't miss it, a huge bridge on the very busy water traffic of Musi River with its great Panorama of floating boat and ship

  • Hutan Wisata Sanding Putri

    A lush-greenery forest of Pinewood and Cedar nearby Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II airport. Fresh and cool :)

  • Mesjid Agung [Grand Mosque]

    Built by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I in 1740 and restored completely. The area around Mesjid Agung was the former capital of Islamic Sultanate ‘till the first occupation of Dutch against Sultan Ahmad Janamuddin, the last sultan here.

  • Benteng Kuto Besak [Fort Kuto Besak]

    This fort also known as the center of Palembang Darussalam Sultanate. The idea to buid this fort appears by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I [1724 – 1758] and continued by Sultan Mahmud Bahauddin [1776 – 1803]. Build since 1780 with unfamiliar design, the Chinese architects used limestone as the cement. These limestones taken from the hinterland of...

  • Rent a boat to explore Sungai Musi

    As happened at Bangkok, where do I enjoy going to klong almost the whole day, I also trying to explore Sungai Musi by rent a boat [ohh, my time was soooo limited!!!]


Palembang Hotels

Palembang Restaurants

  • Night market

    In Ilur, after dark, warungs in tents and shops light up Jalan Demang Lebar Daun west of its intersection with Jalan Jenderal Sudirman. Most sell a dish centred on one recipe, usually fish (ikan) or chicken (ayem), beautifully prepared. Among a few warungs a hundred metres south of the intersection, on the western side of Jalan Jenderal Sudirman,...

  • Pempek is fantastic

    I found this super clean, tidy, restaurant in Palembang which spelializes in the local food PEMPEK. I have tried some before but not like that of Cafe Nawa. They also offered 1st class Indonesian and Chinese food. My 7 days eating in Palembang was at this fantastic restaurant. Oh yeh, great staff and a humorous owner. Worth the trip just to meet...

  • 24 hours Musi RiverFloating Restaurant

    Situated at the Bank of Musi River, just going down from Ampera Bridge, or one can go From Benteng Kuto Besak, in which, the restaurant give a free charge boat service across Musi river from a small port in front of Benteng , it will take no more than five minutes boating. Warung Legenda is a boating cafe which open 24 hours, with kind waiters,...

  • One of the main reasons to go to...

    There are plenty of pempek restaurants in Palembang, but Pempek Dempo 310 became the choice of some native pempek lovers. They ordered tons of pempek to be brought to Bandung. The pempek survived the long journey. Pempek is usually eaten with black hot vinegar sauce made of palm sugar, tamarind/vinegar, chillies, shallots, and garlics. You dip your...

  • A filling treat

    Mie celor is thick noodle with creamy coconut sauce garnished with slices of egg, prawns, fried shallots, spring onions.It is not my favorite noodle, but those who love it really enjoy it. Mie celor

  • The best noodle I have tasted

    Headquarter:Jl. Dempo Luar No. 410/APalembang 30124Tel. 0711 354934According to the locals, the taste of the noodles at the Jakarta branches are not as delicious as the ones at the Palembang headquarter.Branches: Kelapa GadingJl. Kelapa Kopyor Raya Blok M 1/7Tel: 021 4508646Mobile: 0821 9737902GrogolJl. Muwardi Raya No. 36Jakarta BaratTel: 021...


Palembang Shopping

  • Selendang Batik

    Palembang has several local crafts. Such as gold, kain songket [long clothes for women], sarung and selendang [scarf]. I'd got scarf with beautiful batik pattern, each Rp 20,000.

  • International Plaza

    This is the big and famous shopping centre in Palembang. If you come to Palembang, just ask IP everybody would very glad to show this place. Handycraft, Clothing etc

  • Palembang Hotels

    8 Hotels in Palembang

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Palembang Local Customs

  • Personal Space

    If you are a white foreigner (locally known as bule) you tend to get stared at in places where few white foreigners go, but overall, Indonesians stand back and look, rather than gather around you. Those who do come right up to you are usually kids. The other habit which altogether ordinary to Indonesians is touching between those of the same...

  • “Hello Mister” Fatigue

    This is the universal greeting given to white foreigners regardless of whether the person who is addressed is male or female. The less advanced English students know only “Mister” and “how are you”, which they will enthusiastically yell at white foreigners many times.

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Palembang Warnings and Dangers

  • Pickpocket Annoyances

    Keep in mind the pickpockets in Palembang are notorious. Be particularly careful around public places especially at any shopping malls, any transport stations and any market areas. A lock on your backpack is strongly recommended. Many of the pickpockets are young kids who work in well-organized groups. The old trick, whereby one person bumps into...

  • Becareful in crowded places!

    Theft can be a problem. If you are mindful of your valuable things and precautions, the chances of being ripped off are small. Most thefts are the result of carelessness or naivety. The chances of theft are highest in crowded places and when traveling on public trains, buses and bemos. Pickpockets are common in big cities including Palembang, and...

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Palembang What to Pack

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    Background: Ampera bridge

    by adriansyah Written Dec 11, 2011

    Luggage and bags: Locks and cover for your luggage – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: In Palembang and in most part of western Sumatra, the wet season falls between October and April, the wettest months are January and February that can make travel more difficult. The weather is still hot and more humid, but the January to February rains can come in sudden tropical downpours, and or it can also rain nonstop for a whole day.

    Bring plenty of socks to wear while wearing shoes, folding umbrella, a light waterproof rain jacket (heavy plastic raincoat might be too warm for the humid tropics), long pants and/or jeans, shorts, T-shirts, flip flops.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Anti malarial tablets, analgesic pills, Antihistamine pills for any allergic reactions, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo.

    Photo Equipment: Extra batteries & zip lock bags for use in protecting your camera equipment, travel documents, etc.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: flashlight, mosquito repellent, & sarong.

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Palembang Off The Beaten Path

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    by rosmci Updated Apr 4, 2011

    The Museum of South Sumatra stands a few miles north of the Ampera Bridge, a couple of hundred metres west of Jalan Jenderal Sudirman. This is no concrete sarcophagus to a dead past. In its galleries and grounds a city on the Musi travels in time, and stones where scribes chiselled regal stories live on into their second millenium.

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