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  • Restaurant Nahaban Tei- at the desk
    Restaurant Nahaban Tei- at the desk
    by ullfri49
  • Restaurant Nahaban Tei- together at the desk
    Restaurant Nahaban Tei- together at the...
    by ullfri49
  • takigawa roll
    takigawa roll
    by BeeTea

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  • ullfri49's Profile Photo

    Nanaban Tei: Interestic Japanese Restaurant near Jl Thamrin

    by ullfri49 Updated Apr 17, 2015

    Interestic restaurant with Japanese cuisine background, but with more specials (not only Sushi).

    With this I was invited by friends (in spring 2013) , and so follow (after they assured it will be no Sushi)...

    At "Nanaban Tei" Restaurant is Special, that you can compose the own menue (the raw ingredients) a side bar. And than cooking by yourself, quite comfortable at the cooking pot at the desk. Maybe at first views it a little strange! See the Photos, very nice.
    But all together nice, special when with friends or Family, cook together, come in talk together- maybe this was the best in my remembering.

    Restaurant Nahaban Tei- at the desk Restaurant Nahaban Tei- together at the desk
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  • JulieS73's Profile Photo

    Kopih Mihl: All restaurants are good and spicy

    by JulieS73 Written Sep 23, 2013

    The coffee was wonderful, the loempia, the ambience, the cleanliness and the service. It is a wonderful restaurant with a very reasonable price. When you get inside, you will be taken back to the saigon days. I love this place.

    Favorite Dish: Loempia and coffee and the spicy noodles.

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  • hermansavio's Profile Photo

    Bandar Jakarta: Sea food with beach atmosphere

    by hermansavio Updated Nov 2, 2010

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you have a chance to visit Ancol in Jakarta, you must try this restaurant. The prices are very reasonable and the foods are good. Its very crowded especially on weekend, you need to take a long line but its worth it.

    Favorite Dish: Try their grilled fish, crabs and prawns

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  • BeeTea's Profile Photo

    Sushi Tei, Poke Sushi, and all of them...: Eat sushi while you're in Jakarta

    by BeeTea Written Nov 4, 2008

    My favorite sushi restaurant in Jakarta would be :
    - Sushi Tei : tasty and cheaper than others but there's always a long queue to have seat
    - Takigawa : nice place and unique sushi
    - Poke sushi : when I want 'all you can eat' sushi package with some friends

    hope this list would be expanded :-)

    Favorite Dish: always salmon sushi...

    takigawa roll
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  • dewigotama's Profile Photo

    Apollo: Yummy Hainan Chicken Rice

    by dewigotama Written Jun 19, 2008

    Their Hainan chicken rice is really the best one in Jakarta, they serve original recipe with fresh steamed chicken, crispy salty pork,sweet red pork and an egg. The chicken rice isn't too garlicky.
    It's not a big fancy restaurant though, it's independent restaurant. Seating capacity is around 50. I think it's positioned as a family restaurants. Price/pax I guess Rp. 22.000 - 24.000

    Dress code : casual

    Favorite Dish: Hainan Chicken Rice
    Lo Mie Ebi
    Chicken Porridge
    Soto Ayam Medan

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  • aalayaa's Profile Photo

    sushi tei: the most popular place for sushi

    by aalayaa Written Jan 29, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    probably this is the most popular sushi restaurant in jakarta.
    you can find the restaurant in plaza indonesia, plaza senayan, and pondok indah mall 2.
    just some tips: they charge you for the wet tissue and ocha, the japanese tea is free and refillable!!

    Favorite Dish: sushi, of course :)
    i love their dessert too

    sushi tei
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  • p_yenyen's Profile Photo

    Notch Rice and Noodle Bar: Thai and Japanese Food

    by p_yenyen Written Dec 25, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The food in this restaurant is really authentic. They served Japanese and Thai Food. Price there is not very expensive.

    Price :
    Ocha 11,000 rupiah
    Soft Shell Crab Belacan 45,000 rupiah
    Prawn Tom Yam Soup 26,000 rupiah
    Chicken with Belacan 37,500 rupiah
    Fried Caimiao 29,000

    Favorite Dish: Soft Shell Crab Belacan and Chicken with Belacan

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  • cylvia_su's Profile Photo

    The Duck King Restaurant, Senayan City: Delicious Duck - Yummy Yummy!!

    by cylvia_su Written Nov 20, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Duck King Restaurant is located within the Senayan City Shopping Complex, Jakarta.
    Senayan City is rated as A-class shopping complex in Jakarta and can find most of the branded shop here. The interior design of this building is really amazing and there is a big RED stiletto holding the ground floor escalator.

    Favorite Dish: Duck meat!! We ordered the Honey Fried Duck and it taste so delicious... yummy...
    You can find duck dishes that use cooking method like fried, steamed, grill and etc etc in this restaurant.

    Apart from duck dishes, there are wide variety of vegetables, poultry, pork, seafood, taufu, noodles, rice...oh ya, the rice (not white rice) is extraordinary delicious!!!

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  • lukluk_wal_marjan's Profile Photo

    Chow King Restaurant: Have a meal or two here....

    by lukluk_wal_marjan Written Nov 20, 2006

    Slef service kind of thing. You enter the restaurant and place your order at the cashier. The cashier will anounce you order tru a mic which I believe is connected directly to the kitchen.

    Once u have paid for the price, u will be given a recipt & a small solid stand with numbers on it.

    Its a nice place either when u r alone or with friends & family.

    The staff are friendly and will recommend the menu if u r not sure what u wanna have for your meal.

    Favorite Dish: I have tried:

    Fried rice
    Vegi spring rolls
    Fried Meehoon

    All are tasty. Based from what I have seen, all dishes are recommended. They also serve wantan soup noodle, char siew chicken with rice.

    Its where u place your order Fried rice & at the end there are the spring rolls Selection of desserts as displayed on the wall
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  • black_mimi99's Profile Photo

    Jpanese Restaurant: Too Nice To Be eat...

    by black_mimi99 Written Oct 1, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Located at Borobudur Hotel...

    Favorite Dish: They have several package, beef, chicken, seafood. For me i can't finish all the food at the end....cos to many they serve it...:)
    And this one look so nice to be eat, and its an appetizer....

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  • aalayaa's Profile Photo

    Asian: pho 2000

    by aalayaa Written Aug 15, 2006

    it's a vietnamese restaurant on the 5th floor of senayan city.
    the food is good and they have room for non smoking people.
    all the dish are with noodle or with rice

    Favorite Dish: the view! (sorry not the dish)
    if you seat near the window, you can see the scenery of plaza senayan from above!

    chicken curry at pho 2000 interior of pho 2000
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  • aalayaa's Profile Photo

    poke sushi: yummi sushi

    by aalayaa Written May 15, 2006

    a sushi restaurant.
    you can get free refill for ocha.
    they don't have photos in the menu so sometimes it's hard to imagine the food just by the name and description.
    usually crowded during the weekend.

    Favorite Dish: all kind of sushi

    poke sushi poke sushi
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  • aalayaa's Profile Photo

    Asian: beppu

    by aalayaa Written Apr 20, 2006

    japanese restaurant specialize in ramen (japanese noodle).
    you can find ramen with variation of topping in 2 size: regular & large.
    nice interior restaurant (see the pictures)

    Favorite Dish: i don't really like the ramen too much but i love the milk shake green tea

    beppu beppu ramen at beppu
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  • biawak's Profile Photo

    Pondok Kakap Seafood Restaurant: Excellent Crab in North Jakarta

    by biawak Written Aug 1, 2005

    This restaurant is a branch of the same restaurant in Pontianak, West kalimantan and features interesting and typical dishes.

    When we were there it was quite empty but they can be very busy on weekends for dinner so you might want to call ahead at (021) 651 0641
    Pricewise it's not a cheap place to eat. Those with cholesterol problems should not eat here very often but the Smoked crab is worth the visit!

    Favorite Dish: We tried the famous Smoked Crab (Kepiting Asap) at Rp. 70000 (USD. 7.15) per kg which comes down to Rp. 49000 (USD 5.00) for a medium sized male crab. Jana really loved the crab!
    The Nila Mango (a large African cichlid similar to a Tilapia or LouHan/Flower Horn in mango sauce) was also nice but not spicy enough for Jana also at Rp. 49000.

    Jana enjoying the crab

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  • latte18's Profile Photo

    Bee Bim Bap - Simply Korean: affordable korean

    by latte18 Written May 31, 2004

    I love Korean cuisine, but too bad, in Jakarta Korean food are notoriously known as expensive. What's more, a lot of times you even have to cook your own food :) Needless to say, I long for a place which serves affordable Korean food and where I don't have to cook my own food.

    Well, my wait seems to be over. Bee Bim Bap opened shop in the new futuristic looking Entertainment X'nter and they serve affordable Korean food. The standard dishes are all there: Bulgogi, Kalbi, Squid Bokum, Jap Chae, etc and they are all pretty tasty. Too bad, the portions are all on the small side, but nonetheless the restaurant offers good value for money.

    The restaurant itself is quite small, but they still squeeze so many chairs and tables. The service also has a room for improvement, a lot of times it takes very long for our orders to be served despite the restaurant not being very full. However, they're all minor stuff.

    Bottom line if you're looking for an affordable Korean cuisine, Bee Bim Bap is not to be missed.

    Favorite Dish: All the standards:
    - The restaurant's namesake: Bee Bim Bap
    - Bulgogi and Chicken Bulgogi
    - Kalbi
    - Bokum dishes
    - Kim Chee

    the restaurant is located in this futuristic mall

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