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  • Jakarta
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  • Smiles at Sunda Kelapa
    Smiles at Sunda Kelapa
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  • A bad and a good character; wayang kulit.
    A bad and a good character; wayang...
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Jakarta Highlights

  • Pro
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     Enjoy the Shopping, Food, Nightlife, and Good Price... 

  • Con
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     the heat, the traffic jam, the mess! 

  • In a nutshell
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     A sleepless capital with so many attractions and stories 

Jakarta Things to Do

  • Old Batavia - Kota

    The old kota Batavia is not as busy as in the 17th century any more. There are less business activities. There are only hawkers selling local food on their moving vehicles. The old bridge is across the canal.

  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

    Bali is no doubt one of our dreamland. In 2009, we visited Bali in TMII, touched the buldings and the crafts, looked at the architecture by close, and of course had some photos. Our friends thought we have been to Bali island. Later, we made it twice, in 2011 and 2013, travelled to Bali, more are coming as we love Bali.

  • National Monument - Monas

    We visited MONAS one evening in DEC 2009. This is a must visit place I suggest while you travel to Jakarta. It is a big park with hugh car park and a hawker centre attached to it. There are hawkers selling Indonesian food, you can buy your souvenirs at this centre too.. People in the park are mostly local residents and they are in family. They...


Jakarta Hotels

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Jakarta Restaurants

  • Indonesian

    The space is very nice but the food was not that amazing. They mixed up my plate bring me another thing, one of the chicken plates that came was not properly cooked and the fruit they gave as compensation at the end was not all good.

  • Cafe Batavia

    This is one of the places I really recommend for you to see! Café Batavia is a very unique restaurant facing the Museum Fatahillah. It’s an old restaurant and bar that serves local and international cuisines. At first glance, it looks like a classy and ordinary resto but when we get inside.. whoah! A lot of pictures are hanging on almost every...

  • Street Food

    Gria Astika Jl. Lamandau 4/16-18 Kebayoran Baru,Jak-Sel T. 0888 1611 200 Bintaro taman barat F1/1 Sek. 1, Bintaro Jaya T. 0856 8308 001 Ruko Versailles FA/1 Sek. 1.6 BSD T. 021-5374040, 538 4141 Kios Taman Pondok Labu B/1 Jl. RS Fatmawati No. 72 Pondok Labu 021-7590 3444 Delivery Service: 736 2592/0813 8141 2222


Jakarta Nightlife

  • Kemang Area

    i absolutely love kemang area. that's one of the best place to be while you're in jakarta. loads of cafes, lounge, restaurants, etc. the nightlife there are often lurked by teenagers. and it's also a great place to just chill out and hang out with some friends. it's a fun place. if you're looking for some clubs you'd rather go to bedroom or bros...

  • Tanamur & JJ

    It is very old and still kicking nigtlife spots in Jakarta. Attended mostly mix of expat and also 'ladies' :) They have ladies night! But every night is full with 'ladies', if you know what i mean. So you know the direction ;) Casual smart is ok.

  • Hard Rock Cafe

    Hard Rock Cafe is packed with locals and tourist alike when I was there. The band is really good but only starts to play from 10 pm onwards. Like all the other Hard Rocks Cafe's around the world, this one really rocks...


Jakarta Transportation

  • Transjakarta Bus

    I really would like to experience to ride the bus in Jakarta like what most of the locals do. However, we find it hard to converse with the locals since only a few of them can speak English so it will be inconvenient for us to try it. Transjakarta busway is a series of bus lines operating on certain routes. I noticed that you have to cross...

  • Choose the right taxi!

    Easiest way of getting around Jakarta is to take a taxi. Please take caution in choosing a taxi especially in the airport. If you encounter informal agents outside the airport and will offer you to arrange or find transportation for you, ignore them. They will only expect you to be paid by both of you and the taxi driver. I just want to share what...

  • Gambir Station

    Gambir station is the one of the important railway stations in Jakarta- ever a good adress for a tour to Bandung with Parayangan or Argo Gede Train..Here at photo a view from visitors platform of nearby MONAS (Monumen Nasional) at the roof of "Stasion KA Gambir".see one of the silver KA train under the roofs. Gambir staion is the greatest KA...


Jakarta Shopping

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  • Appreciate art decorations in shopping...

    During Chrismas 2009 while I am in Jakarta, I visited many big shopping malls. I saw they put in effort to decorate their premisses, to promote the products according the theme and to celebrate the festive seasons. To people who love arts and lightings, you can goto the shopping malls too.

  • Cheap Cassettes, Back in the day

    Duta Suara was a must visit destination on my journeys to Jakarta in the 80s and the 90s. Not so much since, given the availability of all sorts of music, at reasonable prices on the web.So I'd take the bus from Rawamangun Terminal (where my wife's parents lived), to Jl Thamrin, where Minuk and I would check out the shopping at Sarinah Thamrin,...

  • Next door to Atlet Century Hotel

    One consideration in choosing a hotel is the availability of restaurants in its vicinity so you won't be a 'hostage' to the hotel's higher-priced offerings. And for those who'll stay at the Atlet Century will be glad to know that this mall is less than 5 mins. away on foot. There are lots of restos that serve both Western and local cuisine, ATM...


Jakarta Local Customs

  • Jakarta:Little house with garden-kebun...

    Find out the real Jakarta!Special in the great Megapolis Jakarta the "Ibukota JABOTABEK" (Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi), in the Jakarta biru,behind the hight modern buildings the very most people live in flat houses complexes the "kerumahan"- most named as "kompleks xxy.."mostly of the little houses have to street side a little garden - the...

  • Are you married?

    I found many Indonesians would practice their English with me. They tended to have a set of questions which they asked by rote, and often didn't seem to understand the answers. Typically when answering "no" to the question "are you married", the next question would be "what is your wife's name?"If you are male and over 25 it's probably best to...

  • Indonesians don't like to say "no".

    I found that many Indonesians didn't like to say "no". Even if they didn't understand me I'd often find they'd nod "yes" to my questions, just to be polite. I found a good way to make sure they understood what I was saying, and weren't just nodding out of politeness, was to add the question: "is that where the penguins are?" If they nodded yes to...


Jakarta Warnings and Dangers

  • Be carful at the "Banjir" (flood) time...

    Maybe it is not new but avoid the raintime in West Java area around December until April.The reason is the potential danger of "Banjir " in Jakarta, the rain flood in some parts of lower Jakarta or near the greater rivers, connectet with usual traffic chaos. The reason is cause the great area around Jakarta is like a big bawl, so at strong tropical...

  • Travellers Cheques

    When travelling to Indonesia rather bring Cash and Credit Cards with you but Do Not Bring Travellers Cheques with You as it`s not widely accepted in Indonesia. You`ll have a really hard time trying to change them as most of the banks and money changers Do Not Accept them. The Banks will all tell you try there Head Office in Sudirman. I eventually...

  • Taxi scams

    Below are several types of taxi scams in Jakarta:(i) fake argo-meter, sometimes the taxi driver modifies the meters and passenger has to pay more than its ordinary price. (ii) robery.To avoid the above matters, try to find taxi in the reliable hotel. Another solution is booked the taxi by phone from reliable taxi operator.


Jakarta Tourist Traps

  • Macet jalan tol Jakarta- traffic jam at...

    Somtimes on the way in Jakarta at highway to Bandung- all fine - but sometime that remembers to home"Macet at Jalan Tol"- traffic jam at highway in Jakarta .So it is not so other at photo like home in Europa...

  • In case of trouble ...

    General recommendation in Jakarta- if sometimes in case of trouble: Yes, in case of trouble in this big Megacity Jakartatry to be calm!- and remember the oldie song ...."don´t worry , be happy..."simply try to change your plan, if time needs it make a new, or better take a rest... See the photo just seen an advice at an overpass in Jalan Thamrin in...

  • Fixed price on taxi

    Go by meter. Probably always cheaper.Why? Because you can newer know excactly how far it is. And to judge what is best you have to know. They would not suggest a fixed price if it is not higher than what they get by meter.You can order Bluebird taxi from a counter on yhe right side just after imigration on Soekarno Hatta airport. They offer various...


Jakarta What to Pack

  • Packing Tips : Explore JAkarta

    Backpack or Rucksack serve you well on this place due to its simplicity and mobility. bring along some additional little backpack if you want to explore the city because it serve you well. Jakarta was hot, but sometimes "things" happen. If you're planned to go to Jakarta on November - March, please bring along some jacket, umbrella or raincoat in...

  • Digitally yours

    Do not need to bring big luggage/many bags, because many places offer/selling clothes at reasonable prices. When you come with 1 small bag you will going home with 3 big bags.. especially for shopaholic. Just DIGITALIZED your money ! , all major CREDIT CARD are accepted for shopping. Its tropical but dynamic climate (global warming effects), hot...

  • packing for the tropics

    Normal-sized luggage and bags should be okay. If you plan to go crazy shopping, bring an extra large bags. If you have fancy suitcases, do cover it with some kind of protection as Jakarta Airport's baggage handlers are notoriously known to be rough. Light cotton clothing is the most suitable for hot and humid Jakarta. Comfortable footwear is a...


Jakarta Off The Beaten Path

  • A Surprise: Erasmus of Rotterdam in...

    Maybe it is a surprise- to see Erasmus of Rotterdam in Jakarta? but you can find him-Erasmus, the good friend with liberal views in Renaissance, a time long time before, but modern as well todaysee his picture of Erasmus von Rotterdam in a coloured glass window in the entrance hall of the "Oasis Restaurant" in the Jalan Raden Saleh, See the Photo...

  • Tour of the Jakarta Institute of Art

    Sri took me on a short tour of the school. We came to the Mosque. (I had never been in one and she, a Muslim, said it would be okay for me to see it.)Out side of the prayer room there was a walkway and on the left the wash room. (Muslims wash before praying.) So, between the Mosque and wash room there was a covered walkway. We had gone no more than...

  • Jakarta Institute of Art

    Pusat Kesenian Jakarta Taman Ismail Marzuki, also known as Taman Ismail Marzuki or T.I.M., is the place for the pursuit of cultural activities in Jakarta. T.I.M. is the largest art center in Southeast Asia, consisting of exhibition halls, theaters, an academy of arts, an archives building and a planetarium, which happened to be closed the day I...


Jakarta Sports & Outdoors

  • Running in Jakarta

    Despite pollution, traffic jam and hazardous sidewalks, city running in Jakarta becomes more and more popular. If you dare to run in Jakarta, you will be surprised about the insigts you get and the possibilities you have:Ragunan Zoo has an area of 5 km around, without traffic and smog. After paying the entrance fee of Rp. 3.000 you can run and...

  • Waterpark

    Need some physical refreshments? Slide down fast through the continuous tube run and splash yourself into the water. Adjacent to Pondok Indah Mall in South Jakarta, Pondok Indah Waterpark can be a good choice to have fun splishing and splashing... or swimming in the Olympic-size swimming pool.Otherwise, in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol the amusement park...

  • Klub Golf Senayan

    The Senayan Golf Club is located in Central Jakarta just opposite the Senayan Plaza... Designed by J. Michael Poellet, the par-70 course plays to 6,158 yds from the blue tees... The First Nine plays to 3,207 yds while the Second Nine to 2,951 yds... The course is short and rather tight due to its city location... It's fairway is of cow grass and...


Jakarta Favorites

  • Thamrin Street

    Exploring the three main roads in the downtown to see Jakarta in modern side. Their names are; Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jalan Mohammad Husni Thamrin and Jalan Gatot Subroto. Many new skycrapers as trade-mark of the city are situated there. Gedung (gedung means building) Danamon at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Deutsche Bank at Jalan Diponegoro (close to...

  • Jakartans

    shopping...at Block M batek crafts and others well..i went there to attend a close friends' wedding ceremony which was very much done in traditional ways of royal jawa style....(raden). It is very interesting and full of rituals and custom and so colourful. other than that we went to so many shopping malls and some sightseeing.

  • Museums

    My friend and I learned a lot about the rich value of Indonesian culture through the various displays of wayang (puppets) with the guidance of Daniel, the owner of the Musuem Wayang. These shadow puppets were used by Daniel when he performed a show in South Africa through an invitation of the United Nations. I remember the time when he shared this...


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