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  • Fort Marlborough main gate at sunset
    Fort Marlborough main gate at sunset
    by adriansyah
  • Mt. Kaba Trekking - Bengkulu
    Mt. Kaba Trekking - Bengkulu
    by adriansyah
  • One of arrow headed bastions of Fort Marlborough
    One of arrow headed bastions of Fort...
    by adriansyah

Sumatra Things to Do

  • Fort Marlborough - an impressive piece...

    Set on a hill overlooking the Indian Ocean fort Marlborough is an interesting place to visit. Dating from 1714 and approached through massive walls, it is an impressive and well-maintained piece of history, reputedly the strongest fort constructed by the British in the east after George Fort in Madras (city in southeastern India). The fort is...

  • Go for the Lake!

    Sumatra is home to the amazing Lake Toba, a large natural lake which is about 100 kilometers long, 30 kilometers wide and up to 500 meters deep. A must see destination in Sumatra.

  • Tracking Megalithic Sites in Pasemah...

    Geographically located in Pagaralam district, South Sumatra province. The highlands are famous for the mysterious Megalithic remains. Many ancient sites and places are to be found here surrounded by dramatic highland scenery that provide the jewels of prehistory. The Megalithic monuments were set in place around 3000 years ago, but Archaeologists...

  • Top Things To Do In sumatra

    Sumatra offers great things to do:Relaxing a few days on the cool shores of impressive blue Lake Toba in North Sumatra province. Lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia, covering an area of 1707 sq km.Retreating for few days in small tourist town of Bukit Lawang that offers great orangutan-viewing center, and hiking around the cool hill...

  • Natural Beauty of Bukit Daun

    Another area of awesome natural beauty in Sumatra, Bukit Daun is a nature conservation surrounded by mountains on all sides and rich with traditional Rejang culture. It is home to endangered species such as, honey bear, Rafflesia arnoldii, the world’s largest flower, and Amorphophallus titanium (locally known as bunga Kibut), the world’s tallest...

  • Rent a moped on Lake Toba

    You'll see a lot of people renting out mopeds on Lake Toba, just look around first to make sure they're not overcharging, and get the best deal you can. The moped will come with a full tank of fuel and you're presumably allowed to use it until it runs out, which can give you a good few hours. The views you'll see are amazing. This is a great way to...


Sumatra Hotels

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Sumatra Transportation


    The common Indonesian means of transport such as angkot (public city transport), ojek (motorcycle riders who take passengers), and becak (pedicab) are available in many places in Sumatra. Most angkots serve a standard route, picking up and dropping off people anywhere along the route, angkot base fare is Rp. 2,000 – Rp. 3,000 per person. You can...

  • A cheap way to move arround

    You can get to this small buses to go to small villages, there are not spacious but you can manage if you carry a small backpack.

  • Sumatra Hotels

    16 Hotels in Sumatra

Sumatra Local Customs

  • Arial_27's Profile Photo

    Roti Cenai vs. pancakes

    by Arial_27 Written Feb 11, 2012

    If you ever order pancakes, don't expect to get pancakes. There is a famous local dish in Indonesia and Malaysia called "Roti cenai." (pronounced ROTEE CHEN-EYE) They can make it in several flavours, with berries, bananas, syrup, cheese or vegetables, anything really. It's a sort of flatbread that they fry, so its similar to a Western pancake.

    Thing is, every time I saw "pancake" on a menu, I thought it would be a real pancake. I'm warning you now that it never will be so you don't get your hopes up. Roti cenai is good, just don't expect it to be like a pancake at home. Most restaurants will call it roti cenai, but often they use the word "pancake" so foreigners can have a better understanding. There is very little western food in Sumatra, so youll get your fair share of Indonesian food.

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Sumatra Warnings and Dangers


    Be prepared for long delays while travelling in Sumatra during the rainy season. This photograph was actually taken in South Sumatra in 1983 but conditions can be the same in more remote parts of the island. I experienced similar problems in 1993 in North Sumatra. Bets not to travel in the rainy season

  • Chloroquine-resistant malaria

    Chloroquine-resistant malaria has been reported on Nias – Northern Sumatra province, so be sure to take appropriate precautions.

  • Responsible Trekking

    If you are going to spend the night at the summit of mountain, take a stove so you don’t need to deplete the limited supply of firewood. Depending on open fires for cooking can cause rapid deforestation. If you must light a fire, use an existing fireplace. Use only minimal, dead, fallen wood. Make sure that you totally extinguish a fire after use....


Sumatra Tourist Traps

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    Not too many tourists hence not too many...

    by daddygila Written Apr 16, 2003

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    Since I was there during the "Crisis monitor" I didn't see many tourists at all. Other than the usual transport touts that congregate around bus and taxi stations worldwide "jaded" tourist help was not a problem.

    Unique Suggestions: Remember when shopping in markets bargaining is expected of you. It's an acquired form for most BULE but also a necessity if you want your funds to stretch farther.

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Sumatra What to Pack

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    Packing Tips For Your Hiking Trip (Oct &...

    by adriansyah Updated Jan 9, 2014

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    Luggage and bags: Locks for your luggage to protect your important item & travel documents from theft. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: In most part of Sumatra, the wet season falls from October to April, the wettest months are January and February that can make travel more difficult. The weather is still hot and more humid in the coastal areas, but at higher elevations tend to be cooler. On January to February rains can come in sudden tropical downpours, and or it can also rain nonstop for a whole day. Bring plenty of socks to wear while wearing shoes, folding umbrella, a light waterproof rain jacket (heavy plastic raincoat might be too warm for the humid tropics), long pants and/or jeans, shorts, T-shirts, flip flops.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: First Aid Kit, anti Malarial tablets, analgesic pills, Antihistamine pills for any allergic reactions, toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper for the eventual emergency, and anti-bacterial gel for use afterwards.

    Photo Equipment: Bring extra batteries and SD cards, in case you go someplace where you can’t buy replacement stocks. Zip locks bags for use in protecting your camera equipment, travel documents, etc. It’s good to bring a transformer or adapter if your devices don’t play nice with the local electricity.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Flashlight, mosquito repellent, pack at least two bottles of water per day.

    Rafflesia trip in Bengkulu Surf trip in Bengkulu Lil VTers are ready for a long walk One of megalithic sites in Pagaralam South Sumatra
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Sumatra Favorites

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    by Arial_27 Written Feb 11, 2012

    Favorite thing: Medan is the capital city of North Sumatra and has a population of over 2 million. It's the 4th largest city in Indonesia. There's a big shopping centre that has a McDonalds, but thats pretty much the extent of any Western food you'll find. There's a lot of food Indonesian food, on the street and in restaurants. Tons of internet cafes. We found accomodation here for around $6/night and had a taxi take us from here to Bukit Lawang our next destination for $5. I wouldn't say its by any means worth a stop, but it might be on the way between places for most people since most buses and public transit connect here.

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