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    Juanda airport at Surabaya

    by gwened Updated Jan 21, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is the second most busy airport in all of Indonesia . As per the Offical Airline Guide the route Surabaya Jakarta is the 5th most frequently flown in the world.

    it is small very easy to manouver, took Air Garuda from here to Jakarta too,and in and out from France on both occassions. There is taxis and buses outside with a great parking area with toll.

    More in English at link with better explanations here,

    outside Juanda airport leaving T2 at juanda airport tarmac the parking across st from airport exit juanda out  paying tolls to airport juanda airport surabaya arrival at terminal
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    Airport Departure Tax

    by explore_discover Written Dec 21, 2014

    Indonesia Airport Embarkation Tax is not included in the Ticket Price
    passengers are required to pay Cash in Indonesian Rupiyah, at Check In counters and retain the receipt (usually a sticker is pasted on the boarding pass) and show on demand by Authorities

    The Current Tax from Various Airports are given below.

    A. International flights departing from:

    IDR 115,000-00 BANDA ACHE BTJ



    B. Domestic flights departing from:
    IDR 50,000-00 MAKASSAR UPG
    IDR 45,000-00 LOMBOK LOP
    IDR 40,000-00 JAKARTA CGK: IDR 40,000-00
    IDR 13,000-00 ~ 30,000-00 ALL OTHERS NOT LISTED ABOVE

    1. Children under 2 years, provided not occupying a seat in the aircraft.
    2. Transit passengers in possession of through tickets and continuing their journey the same day (not applicable in Jakarta unless passengers stay within customs area/ transit room).
    3. Officials on duty - with a travel order - of the Directorate General of Air Communications.
    4. Official guests of the Indonesian government.
    5. Crew members.

    Notice of Payment At CGK
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  • Hiring of private car at Bali

    by JessieChia Updated Jul 13, 2014

    Recently we went to Bali for holiday and hired a private driver to bring us around Bali. The driver was Ketut Pica, he was at the airport waiting for us when we arrived. We had booked a hotel at Sidemen, a resort place up in the mountain. Ketut is friendly and helpful, speak English fluently. He shared with us that he had worked in Europe for many years in the service industry. After his first day of service, we were happy with his service and decided to continue to hire his car for the next 3 days in Bali.

    He would recommend us to visit places of interest and would wait patiently for us.. He would accompany us inside the holy shrine and other places so that he can ensure our safety as compared to other drivers who will just wait in the carpark. His kindness to ensure the safety of his charge is precious and very assuring. He even go to the extend to arrange a home cooked bali-ness food for us at Sidemen. The food was yummy and tasty as compared to the restaurant. Knowing that we are durian lovers (durain is a kind of tropical fruit), he bought it at the local market and brought it to the resort for us to eat. We were very touched and impressed by his service, always doing that extra mile for his customers. We had a photographer friend travelling with us. Ketut would patiently stopping at every location for him to take pictures. Ketut is reliable and punctual. He always arrived on time to pick us at our destination and even if we were late, he will always wear a smile.

    I plan to visit Bali again next year and will definitely hire his service!
    His email address is,
    Whatsapp +6287761627714

    Jessie (Singapore)

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    airport taxes

    by fred60 Updated May 1, 2014

    Don't forget: the airport taxes are not included in the price of the tickets, after check-in you go to a separate desk to pay.

    airport taxes for Ngurah Rai Bali from last april
    international: 200,000 rp
    national: 75,000 rp

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  • gwened's Profile Photo

    Soekarno-Hatta airport Jakarta

    by gwened Written Feb 3, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The airport is name Soekarno-Hatta, opened in 1985, and named after Soekarno the first President of Indonesia and Hatta the first VP. They were the ones who gain independance from Holland in 1945.

    It is very modern and vast but easy to navigate. It was my first time here and I found it easy. I first took Garuda airlines coming from Surabaya here and then left from here to Singapore. All was very easy.

    At T2 you have arrivals in first floor and departures in second floor. in all there is a vast hall and the gates are with hallways around gardens to the planes. It is about 20 kms from city center Jakarta.

    outside jakarta airport 1 outside jakarta airport 2 ceiling at jakarta airport D gates hallways secure area shops airport going to E gates
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  • lmkluque's Profile Photo

    Singapore Airlines The Best!

    by lmkluque Updated Nov 25, 2012

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I flew Singapore airlines and it was an exceptional way to fly.
    Remember that--for some of us--the Indonesians drive on the 'wrong' side of the road. :-) This is especially important when making a right turn or passing a car!!

    I went into shock the first time our driver made a left turn. Luckily there was always a driver that came with the car so my friends and I were spared the hassels of driving in the horrendous town traffic. This also made it possible to enjoy the charming views along country roads.

    Touring the Countryside
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  • a professional smily guide around indonesia

    by mfrancoise Written Oct 14, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    a goup of guide in indonesia
    maderibek and his friends can take you all around indonesia
    you ll take the small road, go to not touristic places, they look for you to find ceremony and they modifiate your programm if they ear nice things to make your trip very nice, they are all profesional

    you can email him
    sure you ll be happy

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  • angela_bangetzz's Profile Photo - Indonesian Flight Finder

    by angela_bangetzz Updated Jul 6, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness is one of great website that give you information up to date for all kind of Indonesian Airline. It make easier, because we dont have to klik every airline website to find the cheapest one,,,
    ps : In you can also book a Hotel ;)
    so what you waiting for,,

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  • hanspeter_W.'s Profile Photo

    travelife - tour agent

    by hanspeter_W. Written Mar 12, 2012

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    if yu search for a reliable economic tour agent in Indonesia i can suggest you
    T R A V E L I F E

    Letjen S Parman 107, Malang 65141
    East Java - Indonesia
    Tel. +62.3415441991
    Fax. +62.341409122

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  • DennyP's Profile Photo


    by DennyP Updated Sep 10, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I was departing Bali for Java I had taken a "bemo" local small bus to the small coastal town of Gilimanuk to make the ferry crossing from the port of exit in Bali at Gilimanuk..The Ferry across the straits takes about 40 minutes before arriving at the Java side in Banyuwangi the point of entry into Java..This is a very straightforward crossing only costing a few dollars..The bus station is a five minute walk to the ferry office where tickets are easily purchased and there are many ferries leaving every twenty in the town of Banuwangi the train leaves for the city of Surabuya.

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  • quincey0722's Profile Photo

    Jakarta Taxi

    by quincey0722 Updated Jun 21, 2011

    When taking a cab look for BLUE BIRD (blue car) it has a radio . You can also hail E-Express (white) and Taxiku ( yellow) but most of the drivers doesn't speak English. The other taxis are not so reliable as they will bring you around and around (jalan-jalan).

    Order by phone (24 hours) :
    BLUE BIRD & PUSAKA, Regular Taxis : (021) 79171234 / 7941234
    SILVER BIRD, Executive Taxi : (021) 7981234
    GOLDEN BIRD, Limousine & Car Rental : 7944444
    BIG BIRD, Charter Bus: (021) 7980808

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  • ullfri49's Profile Photo

    Enjoy flying to and in Indonesia

    by ullfri49 Updated May 23, 2011

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are in Indonesia in Bandung or Jakarta or Bali, it is from my experience in last years easy to book a domestic flight there inside. So you can plan your travel quite easy. Of course make shure that is not greater ceremonys like Lebaran are in the next- than maybe all transportation will be difficult to plan...

    If You that over the clouds, take time and if able try to see from window!
    If clear sky you can search the vulcanos at Java-
    if are cloudy, look, maybe you can see some Heros of the Javanese Wayang Shadow Play-
    like here in the Photo -
    I´m conviced we meet some - look at photo it seems like Arjuna, Laksmana, Hanuman and other there,
    seems they making a round table meeting ....

    But more to earth problems: I had even no difficulties to pay with the creditcard. Sometimes in the travel offices the flight cards filled with hand, sometimes printed, but I had no problem with it.

    If you in an Indonesian Travel office booking, they will shure first offer the budget lines.
    It maybe no problem with it, but be in one very shure - in the budget lines you will offered nothing to eat- only a bottle of aqua/water!! If you have some proviant by yourself it is quite good.

    Another advice: If you maybe have an transit in Jakarta, chose better a line connection come /go the same terminal. If you come to terminal 2 and want start at terminal 1 you have an problem (2006 maybe today better but not shure).
    Be shure that you take a real taxi of a taxi company. Much people (suddenly coming from nowhere) will offer you a cheap transportation and - together with this - all taxis seems suddenly away-
    But no worry, simple wait to next taxi, be shure it will come sometimes.

    Flying over Indonesia-Java clouds like Wayang Play
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  • meggy88's Profile Photo

    Local transport around Bali

    by meggy88 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Whilst you will not have any problems finding transport in Bali it sometimes can be hard to find a reliable driver. We use Sanny Bali Tours, the owner Sanny worked on cruise ships in the Carribean for nearly ten years so his english is excellent . He is good for shopping tours is very friendly and helpful with having an eskie stocked with ice cold drinks. Additionally he has a proper baby seat which came in very handy for us on our recent trip with a 6 month old baby. Let him know that you were recommended by Meg and Louise from Aust.

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  • sikky's Profile Photo

    Travel from Australia to Europe without flying

    by sikky Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Get to Darwin in Australia and Perkins Shipping Group Pty operate a barge that runs Darwin-Dili-Singapore (and reverse) 3 times a month. check their website at for schedules and contact details, you would have to ring up and arrange in advance for passage. This is not a luxury boat - it is a freight barge, sorry, I have no idea how much passage would cost.

    You could take this barge straight to Singapore (takes 13 days) or if you want to stay in East Timor for a while then get off at Dili and you can continue overland by taking a 12 hour bus from Dili to Kupang in Indonesian West Timor (check conditions to see if the border is open) and get on a number of boats leaving Kupang and heading to other Indonesian islands (check for routes, timetables and prices).

    Continue using Pelni ships island hopping your way through Indonesia (and buses on larger islands such as Java and Sumatra) until you reach either Batam or Bintan in the Riau Archipelago where you can get on ferries to Singapore or Johore Baharu in Malaysia, or Dumai on Sumatra where you can get a ferry to Melaka in Malaysia or Medan on Sumatra from where you can catch a ferry to Penang.

    From Penang you can get another ferry to Langkawi and then another to Satun in Thailand or you could get a ferry to the Malaysian mainland (Peninsula).

    Once you are on the Malaysian peninsula continue north by either bus or train to Thailand.

    If you want to go overland to Europe from Thailand you will have to go through China (crossing borders either via Laos or Cambodia and Vietnam as all land borders with Myanmar are closed to foreigners).

    From China there are many options:
    (mainly ending up either in Moscow or Iran)
    To end in Moscow:
    - The Trans-Mongolian Railway leaving Beijing, going through Mongolia and ending in Moscow. Or the Trans-Manchurian (same route but going around rather than through Mongolia), or cross the border into Russia from north east China and catch the Trans-Siberian Railway from Vladivostock to Moscow.
    From Moscow you can travel either by bus or train to pretty much anywhere in Europe you desire (with connecting stops).

    To end in Iran:
    - Head west to Urumqui in Xinjiang province and continue overland through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan into Iran (note: It may be difficult to arrange a visa for Turkmenistan in particular). Or;
    - From Xinjiang take the Karakorum Highway into Northern Pakistan and continue south crossing the border into Iran where you get on that same train. Or;
    - Apparently the border between Tibet and Nepal recently re-opened while I was there (Nepal) in 2007, so you could get yourself to Lhasa in Tibet (The railway from Beijing is now complete), then cross into Nepal and continue into India where you can gross the only open border into Pakistan at Wagah (Between Amritsar and Lahore in Punjab), then continue through to Iran. (Note: the border between Pakistan and Iran has been described as dangerous but it is open).

    Getting from Iran to Europe there are a few options too:
    - The easiest by far is to get on the Tehran-Istanbul train which operates weekly and takes 2 days. Or;
    - Go to Georgia either via Azerbaijan or Armenia and cross into eastern Turkey and get a bus from Trabzon to Istanbul. (Note: the border between Georgia and Russia is closed). Or;
    - You could even get on a boat to the gulf states (Qatar, Bahrain, UAE) and continue through Oman into Yemen from where you could get on a boar to Djibouti in Africa and continue through Ethiopia into Sudan, Egypt, Libya and then Tunisia from where you could get on a boat to Sicily in southern Italy but this is a very long way around.

    From Istanbul there are trains heading pretty much everywhere in Europe going via Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and others.

    These routes could obviously also be done vice-versa.
    And there are also many other possibilities for overland travel from/to Australia and Europe, these are just the easiest ones I could think of.

    I have found a very useful tool for overland travel.

    Good luck and have a great journey.

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  • sukalejong's Profile Photo

    Train in Indonesia

    by sukalejong Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Hi fellow travellers,
    To seek informations about schedule and fare of the train in Indonesia, please go to this site
    It is an official site from PT Kereta Api.
    ps: The site is in Bahasa Indonesia, so these are some hints to help you:
    kereta api ---- train
    asal ---- departure station/city
    tujuan ----- arrival/destination station/city
    stasiun ----- station
    cari ----- search
    jadwal ----- schedule
    tarif ----- fare

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