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  • my lunch at pangandaran (c) ukirsari
    my lunch at pangandaran (c) ukirsari
    by ukirsari
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    by belgianchocolate
  • Restaurants
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Best Rated Restaurants in Pangandaran

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    Relax: hmmmmm....

    by belgianchocolate Written Jun 4, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are sometimes a lot of tourists here.
    Some local , often foreigners.
    The place kept it's own character...but did also
    some concessions to tourism.

    Lucky me... lol.

    Favorite Dish:
    In the evening everything was abit slow because
    it was rainy season. Not that many people
    staying here....

    'Pangandaran kiss'
    Chocolate fudge ice , marachino cherries , whipped cream.
    Quit unique to find it here , made so well.
    It isn't easy I guess in this climate.

    They also had a range of international and
    local dishes. A healthy mixture , a nice terrace,
    friendly and modest service....

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    Scandinavian restaurant: It is not all in the name...

    by belgianchocolate Written Jun 4, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We were staying in a very nice cabin ,
    but no breakfast so....
    In our search for food early in the morning
    we ended up at the scandinavian...
    I must say I did not spot much scandinavian
    on that menu but , at least something I really
    would love to eat that moment.

    A sandwish with cucumber , egg , tomato...
    Perfect... sitting on the bar , outside ,
    it was alreday HOT , hot , hot.
    Waiting for the day to start.

    In general Indonesian people often eat
    nasi goreng for breakfast.

    The street scenes were for free.
    As well as the mama of the kid who got
    a little mad because son-cook didn't found
    the cheese , neither the butter.

    (those are expensive things! lol)

    %cb hmmmm

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    Myrrah!: Don't miss the fresh seafood!

    by belgianchocolate Updated Jun 4, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you walk down the east beach you will first
    see meet one fish market..
    There are some restaurants here that didn't appeal to me. I'm very sensitive concerning smells.
    I do get sick easely.

    But the second fish market near the forest at the
    end of 'Jalan Pantai Timur' did had some restaurants
    that made me curious.
    The fish was really fresh and the vieuw was right
    into the harbor were the fishers boats were
    wiggling up and down.

    Favorite Dish: There are a few neighbouring restaurants here...
    It goes like this. Point out the fish or the lobster
    you'd like to eat. Ask for grilled , cooked , baked...
    A sauce , some vegetables , a drink...

    This is by far the best food there is overhere.
    It is delicious. Fish is a lot cheaper then lobster.
    Still a bargain compared to the prices
    you'll pay at any European supermarket.
    (and much more delicious)

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    from resto to hawker stalls: seafood heaven!

    by ukirsari Updated Aug 19, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    located at the southern part of java island, direct to indian ocean, pangandaran unarguably enriched with abundant fresh seafood.
    amongst the most popular here are: lobster, prawn, cuttle fish/calamari, crab and kind of fish. my choice goes to prawn which looks so yummy!

    Favorite Dish: what kind of place do you want to have to enjoy seafood? it's up to you. within a resto, seems more enjoyable. but we have to pay the service, including nice seat facing to the sunset or sunrise. and as i am going in backpacking style, my option goes to a very simple 'warung' [small and basic resto]. just choose the fresh seafood and order to cook as we prefer. then enjoy them under the semi open place with sea breeze around. still enjoyable and so yummy!!!

    my fave are: prawn in butter sauce and prawn in sweet and sour sauce. added with deep fried calamari and steam rice. and a bottle of beer.

    my lunch at pangandaran (c) ukirsari
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    by RoyJava Updated Aug 12, 2008

    It's almost worth making a trip to Pangandaran just to sample the tropical fruit. Ofcourse some are not that unusual in the West, like pisang/banana, the nanas/pineapple and the mangga/mango. Durian, my favourite, is the most infamous tropical fruit, included because of the juice that leaves a permanent stain on your clothing. In Pangandaran you donot need to go to the market or a fruit-shop. All kind of fruit wil be served to you right at your staying ...

    Favorite Dish: Try the manggis/mangosteen, a small purple-brown fruit enclosing pure-white segments with an indescribably fine flavour. The zurzat/sirsak, sometimes called white mango, is known as custard apple or soursop. The sawo, a brown skinned fruit, looks like a potato and has a honey flavoured flesh ... And the golden brown duku,... growing in clusters with a thin, leathery skin. Sometimes the duku is mistaken as the langsat, a very similar fruit ...
    it's all in the Pangandaran-lady her basket (see pic)

    Meet VT Bigbenda Fruitlover

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