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  • salty fish (c) ukirsari
    salty fish (c) ukirsari
    by ukirsari
  • Local Crafts shops along side the beach
    Local Crafts shops along side the beach
    by apple-melati
  • Shopping
    by belgianchocolate

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    DURIAN: Durian, Green Stinky Fruit

    by RoyJava Updated Apr 4, 2011

    The durian fruit comes from the durian tree, found in the jungle rainforest (Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia). I love the brown to green fruit, always taking care of the strong sharp thorns. Especially when split (mostly 5 parts) and watching the creamy, yellow pulp. I know a lot of people dislike the smell and overpowering aroma, making the durian an infamous fruit of the tropics ...

    See the best Fruit-lover ever!

    What to buy: It's forbidden to bring the durian into hotels and public transportation (see Singapore) and the cry "Tastes like heaven, smells like hell!" got famous for it.

    Also in Pangandaran I was lucky to get durian, where you could eat this remarkable fruit undisturbed on the terrace of our accommodation ... and sooo cheap ...

    What to pay: You have to tawar, ie. bargain, offering one third of the offered price. So you can pay 1000 Rp. or 2000 Rp. Depends ...

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    any hawker stalls at jalan jaga lautan: crispy salty fish

    by ukirsari Updated Aug 19, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    along jalan jaga lautan at the east coast of pangandaran you can see many hawker stalls which sell kind of salty fish. their specialities are ikan jambal roti [red snapper type look-alike] and rebon or ebi [small shrimps] which are dried using salt methods.

    i think this is the best you can have from shopping activity! or another option is dried seaweed to make jelly and pudding.

    i would never recommend about another souvenirs just like giant turtle [oh no! it's prohibited i think and there's a conservation area nearby? :(] or baby sea horse in the plastic bag! and for sea shells themselves, i am not sure about death shells which can be found along the shoreline or it's caught for a purpose.

    What to buy: definitely salty fish. it's so crispy whenever fried at home and served with hot steam rice and chili sauce!

    What to pay: depend how much [in kg] you like to buy. from idr 10,000 - 100,000

    salty fish (c) ukirsari
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    Puppets With Movable Heads: WAYANG GOLEK

    by RoyJava Updated Apr 18, 2007

    Once avoiding these 3-dimensional wooden puppets I love the weird-looking figures. And always sneeking into the shops around where you can buy these, even the common touristy ones. Better ask around for someone who can take you to a privat puppet master, Northerly of Pangandaran. Beautiful exceptionally fine Wayang Golek puppets!!!

    What to buy: These 3-dimensional wooden puppets probably originated on the North coast of Java and are particulary popular in West Java. See the beautiful details and exceptional refinement, hand-made cotton clothes and, symbols all over!

    What to pay: From 10 to 100 Euro for some fine Wayang Golek

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    Gula Aren - Palm Sugar: GULA JAWA - Coconut Sugar

    by RoyJava Updated Apr 18, 2007

    Traditionally almost all of Indonesians uses red & white as their sacred colours (Indonesian flag is red-white), resembling the colour of sugar (red in colour because the sugar comes from palm-sugar, "gula aren" = palm-sugar) and rice (white in colour). So you always can find rice and sugar in the daily Indonesian cuisine.

    The Javanese "gula jawa" (coconut palm), however, is more well-known as "gula aren" (sugar palm). It is used on a daily basis as a sweetener. Did you know the sweet sap from various palms is used to make "toddy", which is the well-known "arak" and tastes like white rum?

    What to buy: I've watched how palm sugar (gula aren) got extracted from the coconut flower or aren palm and, boiled and packed into molds to make sugar with a faint caramel taste. Remarkable is that the Orang Baduis (original West-Javanese race) produce the best "gula aren" which you can buy on the market, or sometimes along the road. It is that ridiculously cheap (some Eurocents) so I got the chance to buy a lot of Orang Baduis-gula aren near Pantai Batu Keras. I knew I had to "tawar" (bargain) and felt so embarrassed to do ... read some more with VT friend BelgianChocolate >>>

    How to make palm sugar

    What to pay: Some Eurocents a piece ... unbelievable

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    Souvernirshops...: I've reported it...

    by belgianchocolate Updated Jun 4, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We saw them all over town ,
    but in this little street it was the worst.
    Prepared sea turtles. I think it is sad to see
    these endagered species varnished and
    sold as a souvenir.

    For your information , it are illegal souvenirs.
    They are illegal on Java so IF you get them out
    of the country , chances are little that you'll
    get them into yours.

    I know there are people who think that
    C.I.T.E.S-law is a lot of bull.
    And it probably isn't perfect.
    I think it would be sad to loose a magnificient
    species like this , just because some people
    think they look better on a wall.
    (and because of some profit made by selling them)

    What to buy: NOTHING!

    Not knowing things is not an excuse
    Ignorance is a disease that can be cured.

    I hope in the feature the government can
    work out a plan to offer alternative ways of
    getting an income. Most likely it will be
    foreign organisations that will set up some
    aid program.

    %cb Sea turtles

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    Beach - Galery Bakery: We want to go picnicking...

    by belgianchocolate Written Jun 4, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A lot on the sign was trying to convince us
    this was a tourist shop with a lot of
    international goodies.

    Well we did find some things we found
    acceptable. Everything has got that holland
    bakery feeling. Meaning , rubber ,
    But it was okay.
    I think it was quit fresh also. Fresh from the
    oven they say themselves...and it had real
    butter in it. That is rather a rare ingredient overhere.

    What to buy: Donuts , rolls with banana in it and chocolate....

    What to pay: Donut , 2500ir

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    The market.: A lot of local flair...

    by belgianchocolate Written Jun 4, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One day we went to the market...
    I got a perfect orientation feeling. So we first
    did our walk through the fields and
    the we went searching for the market we
    saw the day we arrived , not that far from
    the bus stop.

    It looks like every other market in Indonesia ,
    a lot of wooden stalls , some food corners ,
    a bit muddy , a ....

    What to buy: Whatever you feel like buying.
    Food , music , soap , sweets.....

    What to pay: verry little , this is not the tourist shop.
    This is were the locals come shopping.

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