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  • Cikaso waterfall
    Cikaso waterfall
    by apple-melati
  • Things to Do
    by apple-melati
  • Things to Do
    by apple-melati

Sukabumi Things to Do

  • Curug Cikaso

    Cikaso waterfall is hidden at the rural of Surade sub-district. Once we reach the village where we can park our car, we'll continue by small boat to get to the waterfall, actually it's only around 5 minutes on the boat and we can hear the water drop from the distance. The waterfall is amazing.

  • Surfing at Ujung Genteng

    Ujung Genteng beach is perfect for surfing. The waves are always high. Some people surf at around Pangumbahan beach not too far from the location where we can watch the sea-turtles laying eggs at midnight. Unlike Bali, there's no place to rent surfing boards of any kinds so if you wanna surf you must bring your own surfing boards. Best time for...

  • Cigangsa Waterfall: Little Niagara

    Cigangsa waterfall is one of the most attractive waterfalls in Sukabumi. Some people said it's the little Niagara fall. The waterfall is surrounded by green rice fields. Takes a little effor to go down because the route was slippery and pretty far. Not to mention the way back up was very exhausting. But the view from below was stunningly beautiful.

  • Watching Sea Turtles Laying Eggs on the...

    At Pangumbahan beach we can watch the sea turtles laying eggs at midnight. These sea turtles dig holes on the sand to hide their eggs. During the turtles laying eggs, we're not suppose to make noise and light. We should watch them in silent and minimum lights. The local said that noise can distract the turtles and scare them away. The size of these...

  • Night Caving at Buni Ayu

    This was my first time going down into a cave. I was a little nerveous when we started the caving at 2am in the morning. The guide said it's the best time to go down there because if we do it during the day, it will be very hot inside the cave. We went 30 meters down to the cave on a rope. From there we walked on foot exploring the cave for about 5...

  • Cibereum Fall

    Cibereum fall or curug cibereum is located in Pondok halimun, about 20 minutes from Sukabumi downtown. Can be reached by angkot. It is a good place for people who like hiking. Pondok Halimun is reserved rain forest, where there is stream and camping ground. It is situated on the hill, where we will pass tea plantation. Scenery is amazing. To reach...

  • Sudirman Bus Terminal

    The terminal is located at Sukabumi City Center, from here one can go to any destination: To Bogor, Jakarta, Bandung, Cirebon, Pelabuhan Ratu beach resort


    LIDO Resort is a Lake Resort, Golf, an outbond activities, swimming and camping ground, a hotel and week end enjoyment

  • Lido Lake and Floating Restaurant

    It's a nature lake which situated nearby Lido and Ciawi, Bogor. You can find easily on the left side --by direction from Jakarta. A lake surrounded by greenery area and we can rent a boat there and enjoy Sundanese eateries at a floating restaurant.

  • Bale-bale at Nusa Traditional Cottage

    Bale-bale means a big-open place for sitting, made by wooden and bamboos. We can sit here for eating, playing cards, trying wine and talking to each other.Here I take picture with my Indonesian fellow journalists in motorsport. Hafiz, Rida, Boim, Salim, Sinyo and ... Arif, Kudrat with Teleng on the fartest :) Meanwhile, the guy behind me is Willy,...

  • Nusa Traditional Cottage

    All of rafting activity in Arus Liar always start from Nusa Traditional Cottage. The buildings there are made by wooden or bamboos, like this small house on the main entrance.

  • Rafting with Arus Liar

    Great-superb-cool adventure called 'arung jeram' (rafting) on Citarik, Sukabumi, 144 km from Bandung, west Java and 120 km from Jakarta. The name of the company is 'Arus Liar' (means Wild Streams).


Sukabumi Hotels

See all 3 Hotels in Sukabumi
  • Selabintana Resort Hotel

    Jalan Selabintana kilometer 7, Sukabumi, 43100, Indonesia

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Couples

  • Inna Samudra Beach

    JLN RAYA TISOLOR KM 7 PALABUHA, Sukabumi, WE 43365

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Couples

  • Kampoeng Padi Boutique Villa

    Desa Pawenang, Nagrak,, Sukabumi, 43356, Indonesia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Sukabumi Restaurants

  • GURAME FISH Barbeque

    The Restaurant is situated at the street On the way to Sukabumi from Bogor (vise versa). CITRA RASA means The Image of Taste. Gurame Bakar or Tilapia Barbeque with a sweet taste, sayur asem or a sour taste of vegetable soup, Gado-Gado, a pickles called Pete (roasted, fried or boiled), fried Tahu Tempe (Tofu and Soybean)

  • Tahu Sumedang, ubi Cilembu to tape...

    Along the way to Sukabumi, there are many hawker stalls which selling tahu [tofu] Sumedang, ubi Cilembu [sweet potatoes], bentoel, bengkuang and tape singkong [fermented cassava]

  • Es cendol

    It's a traditional mocktail, content of coconut milk, brown sugar syrup and small jelly made from rice flour. Added with ice cubes and sometimes diced jackfruit. From hawkers to hotels has this es cendol.

  • White water fish so crunchy :)

    Hot steamed fish wrapped of banana leaf with traditional spices is my fave food in Lido. Served with hot steamed rice and several assortment like fresh vegetables and sambel trasi (chilli sauce with belacan or shrimp paste).

  • Sayur asem so cool :)

    Here, my favorite menu; steamed rice, sayur asem, sambel trasi, ayam goreng, ikan asin, tempe and vegetables. Can you see the dishes, bowl with spoon and fork? A friend of mine, Robert, who so addicted with hi-tech giving comment; "@rie, I think we're back to the Flinstones era!" Hahahahhaa, for these forks and spoons, Yuni especially order them...

  • Lunch by the river

    Before rafting, we get our lunch. You can find here; steamed rice, sweet-sour light soup (sayur asem), salty fish (goreng ikan asin), chilli belacan sauce (sambel trasi), fried chicken (ayam goreng) and tempe, fresh vegetables and fruits. But euhh, Sigit (one of my friend), why you make this views so unclear with your face? :) Anything at Nusa...


Sukabumi Transportation

  • APV goes to Ujung Genteng

    Driving a car is the most convenient way to get around in Sukabumi because the public transportation here are not reliable in terms of punctuality. There's no fixed schedule of buses or small buses (angkot or elf) so you need to be very flexible if you go by public buses. The prices are cheap though.

  • Getting around in Sukabumi

    The most common transportation around town is by angkot (the small car with various colour with number for various destination around town, cost Rp.2.000,-), also delman (cost around 10.000rupiah). Rented car available for Rp. 250.000,- (contact Mr. Heri in SMP Yuwati Bhakti).Sukabumi is a small town, to get around the downtown, best is on foot....

  • Solo to Sukabumi

    The most convinience transportation from Solo to Sukabumi is by bus, Rajawali bus runs daily at 5.00pm from Solo bus station to Sukabumi station. Try to buy the ticket a day or two before departure in the station, we can have more choices for the best seat we want. The travel time around 12 hours, stop over in Kebumen for a simple supper (arrived...


Sukabumi Local Customs

  • apple-melati's Profile Photo

    Transporting Sheeps to the Market on a...

    by apple-melati Written Sep 2, 2009

    People usually go to the market to sell their stuffs or to buy daily needs. When the market is too far from where they live, some go by motorbike. Besides it can go faster, it can also be multi functions such as for transporting sheeps to the market. They make a sack bag and put it on the motorbike then they put the sheeps in. Poor animals...!!

    poor sheeps

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Sukabumi Off The Beaten Path

  • Tea Walk

    Take "Angkot" - a small car public transportation, go to Pondok Halimun tea plantation. Walk around, or do the hiking to the rain forest.

  • Terracota

    Beside bamboos, Nusa Traditional Cottage using terracota or ceramic ware for daily stuffs. Like dishes, bowl, jar and bath-tub.

  • The bridge of River Kwai :)

    To reach the Nusa Traditional Cottage, we have to pass a traditional bridge, made by bamboos. And imagine how romantic this views in the evening, because the roomboys will put candles at several places. Maybe it's not an important thing whenever pass it through, but for myself, it's a part of traditional life which can not be found easily in modern...


Sukabumi Sports & Outdoors

  • Eco Challenge

    Greenery and hilly areas around Lido, Ciawi, Bogor and Sukabumi makes some automotive manufactures like to arrange special events here. Like testing for new cars and time rally. One of these attractions is "Eco Challenge" by Honda Prospect Motor. On June 2003, me and my photographer Kodrat 'Kodjang' Arif Kuncoro were colaborated to 'answer' this...

  • White water activity (arung jeram)

    See the description about Arus Liar at "must see activities" section in this page. Sandals or sport shoes, swim suit added with t-shirt and short pants.

  • Sukabumi Hotels

    3 Hotels in Sukabumi

Sukabumi Favorites

  • Shoreline, wild waves rafting or...

    I prefer all of these; go rafting to Citarik, chill-out in Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, also go canoeing to lake Lido. Truely cool :) The weather is nice, cooler than Jakarta. And I think less of pollution, that's sounds great :) At we can choose anything we want; to the edge of the beach, rafting or relaxing at the lake. Or all of them!!!

  • Jakarta - Sukabumi by Lido, it's a...

    It's a nice trip for a getaway of hectic-busy-skyscrapers Jakarta. Especially if we go on the right time; whenever not so many people go to the same direction. It means we can enjoy lush-greenery Sukabumi along the way. My trip with friends along the way Jakarta - Sukabumi to visit Lido, Pelabuhan Ratu or go rafting to Citarik, always nice. I...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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