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  • The surfing tower at Pantai Lakey on a calm day.
    The surfing tower at Pantai Lakey on a...
    by Daihappydai
  • Crab on the beach, Pantai Lakey
    Crab on the beach, Pantai Lakey
    by Daihappydai
  • Timid crab on the beach, Pantai Lakey
    Timid crab on the beach, Pantai Lakey
    by Daihappydai

Pantai Lakey Things to Do

  • Walking west along the beach

    Once you pass the accommodation stretch, there are clean, broad beaches to walk along heading west to the surfing point called 'Periscope' and further on towards Hu'u.One overcast afternoon I walked for two hours west, the beach was almost deserted apart from a few locals still collecting and drying seaweed.But is was a busy time for crabs - many...

  • Walking east along the beach -...

    Walking along the beach in an easterly direction from Pantai Lakey is more difficult than walking west as the pahs are less used, overgrown, and large parts of the retaining wall are crumbling away. The beach itself is strewn with rocks.Nevertheless, it is still a pleasant walk, probably best undertaken in shoes than thongs.It seemed that this...

  • Walking along beach paths 1 - beware the...

    For long stretches around Pantai Lakey, both to the west and to the east, there are paths above the high tide mark where walking is easier than on the beach sand. Heading west back towards Hu'u, sandy paths are used by both motorcyclists heading for the waves of Periscope and pedestrians. They are also frequented by water buffalo!The first time I...


Pantai Lakey Off The Beaten Path

  • Fishing at Sore Ado

    Sore Ado is an old harbour about 10kms from Hu'u where large vessels used to dock to drop off supplies and pick up produce. Now, most produce is transported by road.The harbour is quite picturesque, even on an overcast day. The locals come to relax and fish. You can easily appreciate why - it is a calm, well sheltered inlet, with little traffic...

  • Along the back roads from Hu'u to Dompu

    If you have your own motor bike, or if you hire an ojek driver for the day, it is well worth exploring the back roads between Hu'u and Dompu.There are some great views as you climb the hills and some quaint little villages where the locals wouild love to meet you.The roads are in fair condition. I really enjoyed passing along the tree lined streets...

  • At Kanchira Waterfall

    The 45 minute walk from Desa Daha, often through thick, muddy, jungle was well worth the effort. From a distance, the waterfall looks like a gentle slope into a series of pools, but up close you see the drop is quite sheer. With care, it is possible to climb part way up the narrow steps and stand under part of the cascade - very refreshing after...


Pantai Lakey Favorites

  • Early morning visitors to Pantai Lakey...

    Each morning when I got up and headed across the garden to the restaurant at Pantai Lakey Inn, I would come across the early morning visitors - large monitor lizards stealthily moving through the garden. Where were they headed out in the open in full view? Seeking out a duck egg I suspect - a small coop was a fixture on the other side of the...

  • Brilliant Insects

    If you enjoying watching vibrant insects, then walking along the beach paths at Pantai Lakey is a treat. Huge dragon flies drift around, butterflies flutter from flower to flower, and fat bluish bees buzz around seeming most attracted to the pink beach blooms.There are relatively easy walking paths to follow for a couple of kms heading west from...

  • Herding the cattle

    One of my fondest memories of Pantai Lakey is hiring an ojek to take me along the back roads heading from Hu'u to Dompu. There are some great views and quaint little villages with very friendly locals who would love you to stop for a chat.As we were heading from the coast road back to the main Hu'u - Dompu road, we passed through a small village...


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