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  • gowhere's Profile Photo

    Transportation/Car rental to Yogyakarta,Java Tours

    by gowhere Written Oct 16, 2010

    I really have fantastic travelling to java-yogya-bromo-ijen-bali (7 days)on last June 2010.
    Starting from airport jogja,the driver pick up us with nice smiling and carefully.Next to Prambanan temple (The biggest hindust temple). The driver's helpfull and have knowledge to informative about story of Prambanan temple.That's very impressing to us.
    Lunch at Timbul Roso (indonesian food restaurant) the taste is very good with reasonable price.Just IDR.85K for two person. Visit to Kaliadem,Mt.Merapi is point view summit Mt.Merapi with greatfull view and next destination to Borobudur temple driving above 1 hour and nice plantations on the way. Borobudur temple is The biggest budhist temple in the world. They have local guide just IDR.75K with very informative about story of borobudur temple.
    Check in Hotel at Phoenix Hotel (colonial sytle).

    Just IDR.400K for pay rental car (driver+gasoline).Satisfaction services,helpful for everthing.Driver's can speak english is very good and polite.He's name Jodi with company name www.jogjarentcar.com.He also sevice for overland tour to Mt.Bromo-Mt.Ijen-Bali.
    The condition car is very clean,cool air conditioning and fully comfortable car.

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    by wcl Updated Jun 4, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are in Yogyakarta and want to make some daytrips, within Yogya or out to surrounding tourism attractions like Borobudur Temple, or Dieng Plateau, or Mount Merapi, look up www.yogyadriver.com
    The driver Ukhi is, as his email address suggests, an excellent driver and guide; he speaks some English and is warm and friendly and very helpful. He knows the area well and is able to take you to your destination by small country roads, giving you the best views of Central Java.

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  • kokoryko's Profile Photo

    Becak is the popular transportation means here.

    by kokoryko Written Oct 12, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Not only tourists use the becak
    4 more images

    Apart your feet, you certainly will use the becak (Indonesian version of rickshaw) to get around in Jogja; among locals or tourists, it is a very popular and convenient transportation means. Sun, rain, wind, this is an all weather vehicle and the driver (pedal pusher) will take you where ever you want, in the narrow streets, on the wide avenues (picture 4), up hill, down valley, and most important, the drivers know their city very well and take you where ever you want. Just be sure to fix the price before you start, if you ask “berapa?” (how much?) only on arrival, you may spend lots of time trying to reduce the price of the fare which will be astronomical figures, if not worse. . . ; so, agree on price before start! It is not because they are tired (second picture), or they look old and tiny (picture 3) that the “tukang becak” (becak drivers), are not strong and hard in business! Agree on price before you start your trip!
    Goods and passengers are well protected when it rains, as you can notice on picture 5. Becak is a very good, cheap transportation means; for 5000 Rupiah (1/2 dollar) you can make two times the long Malioboro street, to give an idea.

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  • kokoryko's Profile Photo

    Try all transportation means

    by kokoryko Written Oct 12, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In the mini bus to Kali Urang
    4 more images

    If the becak is the favourite transportation means in the city centre, if you want to go to the suburbs of Jogja, or even further, you may either take the taxi, or if you are really on budget, or like me, you like to travel with locals and feel a bit the local atmosphere, you can use mini buses or buses.
    Mini buses (picture 1 and 2).
    Most mini buses would not be allowed on the streets of western Europe or North America, but what? No problem here, and it is not because they look sometimes like rolling ruins, are in miserable condition that it is unsafe to take them! The drivers and the passengers do not want to die, so, at least they are not suicide cars, you are safe! Safe also because they generally do not drive fast, stop every half km to load new passengers, unload others, and it is just nice to be among all these people! The biggest difficulty with the mini buses is to figure out their routes, and generally, you have to find them on the main road leading to the destination, and change bus at the road crossing if you leave the main road. . . To go to Kali Urang, for instance, you have to find them on Jalan kali Urang, and then, enjoy your ride; 5000Rp, for 20 km.
    Buses (picture 3)
    In Jogja is a modern bus system, and they are easy to use, as there are route maps at the stations; most of them go through Jalan Malioboro, and there you can board them for destinations in the outer area of the city; 2500Rp

    Taxi (picture 4)
    Very easy, wink on the road side, they stop and get you where you want, given you tell the name of the destination in Indonesian (except for most tourist spots); just make sure the driver puts the meter on, as some have the tendency to “forget” to put it on and then may “calculate” for you, “good price mister”! Metered taxis are cheap: 10.000 Rp (1 US$) for about two km.

    Dokar (picture 5)
    Ah! There are still horse carriages in Jogja! I did not take one, but it looks very nice and exotic to travel in the traffic in a horse carriage; a bit “romantic” may be? More expensive than a taxi , but with fine weather it must be very enjoyable, and doing it once is certainly a must do for a small group of travellers; locals still use it.

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  • nusabali's Profile Photo

    Transportation in /around Jogjakarta

    by nusabali Written May 12, 2009

    The taxis in Jogja do not use metered fare. So you have to fixed the price when boarding.
    Best to check with the reception how much it usually cost to get to the places you are going.
    From the airport a fixed taxi fare where you pay at the counter of the arrival hall to Mutiara cost Rp.60,000 per way and from the hotel to the airport cost Rp.65,000 with an additional Rp.3000 for entering the airport area.
    There is also the trans-jogja bus that cost Rp.3000 each from airport to Marlioboro and the bus stops is just a few meters from the hotel.
    We book a Toyota Avanza (sits 5 ppl) for a tour to Borobudur, Kraton, Kotagede etc.
    The cost was Rp.350,000 for 10 hours inclusive of driver+gasoline. I booked and arrange with Jogja rentacar before my trip and everything was punctual and I paid at the end of the trip.
    The car condition was good, clean and driver was knowleageble and polite.

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  • THLIN's Profile Photo

    Now Everyone Can Fly... with Air Asia

    by THLIN Written Apr 18, 2009
    2 more images

    The best budget airline in Asia zone, Air Asia operates one daily flight flying between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. The ticket is cheap, the service is not bad, but the aircraft is certainly not THAT new. Yet, food selling on board at a reasonable price is not so bad comparing with its competitors like JetStat and Tiger.
    What I really want to complain about this airline is they do NOT offer enough counter at Changi Airpot for check-in. We queued for more than 50 minutes and did not have a chance to enjoy shopping facility in one of the best airport in the world.

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  • kyoub's Profile Photo

    Smooth flight

    by kyoub Written Jan 30, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    We booked our flight from Bali to Yogyakarta before we left home also.
    We booked with a travel agency in Bali. After we arrived we went by the office and picked up our plane tickets.

    Our flight was aboard Garuda Indonesia. I read mixed reviews about the airline but our flight was flawless. On our flight back to Bali there was a delay but not long.

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  • esfie's Profile Photo

    motorbike rental in yogyakarta

    by esfie Written Nov 10, 2008

    Hi, if you want to rent a motorbike, you can contact Ratna (081807067365).
    Cafe de coral
    Jalan Mosesgatotkaca B1
    Mrican, Yogyakarta

    I've never rented a motorbike, but I heard the cost is about RP 30,000/day. It's cheap, isn't it? Compared to rent a car, the cost is about Rp 250,000/day.

    I hope this info is helpful.

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  • stamporama's Profile Photo

    Travel with a reputable tour company

    by stamporama Written Oct 28, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Angsa Indonesia Tours & Travel is a company that can provide a rental car with a driver to take you to the sights at your own pace. When we stayed at the Ibis Malioboro Hotel, Angsa happened to have an office at the hotel lobby and since this company was recommended by an Indonesian friend of mine (who wouldn't lie to me if they didn't deserve it), I decided to book with them.

    As of Oct. 2008, their 10-hour rental was Rp 650,000 inclusive of gasoline, driver's fee (but we also tipped him for a good service) and food allowance, and parking fees. The driver spoke English, gave short impromptu info about the sights you pass by, would only recommend stores when you wish to buy something specific, and will not bring you to stores you're not interested in. Considering the prevailing cost of fuel, I thought it was a reasonable deal for my wife and I.

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  • MeToTheWorld's Profile Photo

    Jakarta - Yogyakarta - Bromo - Bali

    by MeToTheWorld Updated Jun 16, 2008

    This page I create for my travel plan on TRANSPORT from Jakarta - Yogyakarta - Bromo - Bali
    for 7 days
    Trying survey the lowest budget as possible:
    Jakarta - Yogyakarta --> definetly using airlines

    Yogya - Bromo - Bali -->

    Bali - Jakarta --> definetly using airlines

    Trans Bus Jogja: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/indobackpacker/message/23036
    Selengkapnya ada 6 trayek Trans Jogja :

    1. Trayek A-1 : Terminal Prambanan - Bandara Adisucipto - Stasiun Tugu -
    Malioboro - JEC (Jakarta Expo Center).
    2. Trayek B-1 : Terminal Prambanan - Bandara Adisucipto - JEC - Kantor Pos
    Besar (dekat dengan Kraton)- Pingit - UGM.
    3. Trayek A-2 : Terminal Jombor (terminal bus dari/ ke Magelang, Semarang) -
    Malioboro - Basen - Kridosono - UGM - Terminal Condongcatur.
    4. Trayek B-2 : Terminal Jombor - Terminal Condongcatur - UGM - Kridosono -
    Basen - Kantor Pos Besar - Wirobrajan - Pingit.
    5. Trayek C-3 : Terminal Giwangan (terminal induk) - Kotagede - Bandara
    Adisucipto - Ringroad Utara - MM UGM - Pingit - Malioboro - Pojok Beteng
    6. Trayek C-3 : Terminal Giwangan - Pojok Beteng Kulon - Pingit - MM UGM -
    Ringroad Utara - Bandara Adisucipto - Kotagede.

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  • fachd's Profile Photo

    Becack the best way toget around Jogja city

    by fachd Written Jun 13, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Around the city of Jogja becak is the best transport. It's cheap and on it you'll get a good view of the city (see my video). There are many becak in Jogja, it is very easy to find one. It is the norm to negotiate price of destination, but please don't bargain too hard, remember you are o'seas tourist and you earn a lot more than the becak driver.

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  • Trans Jogya Bus -- what a god send

    by oerkenbo Updated Jun 11, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Trans Jogya Bus - you'll love it!
    2 more images

    In all likelihood you'll be going up and down Jalan Malioboro many times. Instead of worrying about haggling with becak drivers or being taken for a ride by taxi drivers, you can take the Jogya bus. It has a fairly extensive network and stops about every 1/4 mile or 1/3 mile. It costs only 3,000 IDR (or 0.33 USD). They have a map posted at every station so you know where to get off and there'a conductor of sorts on the bus who can help you as well. Best of all, it's AIR-CONDITIONED! You really can't beat this for convenience!

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  • Taxi from Yogya airport

    by oerkenbo Written Jun 9, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There's a taxi service right at the exit of immigration/customs. The one-way fare to Yogya is about 70,000 IDR or about $8. If you can arrange for a pickup by your hotel, it'll probably be cheaper. The Grande Mercure for instance, arranges for one-way transfers for only 30,000 IDR. If you are a bit adventurous, there's another taxi stand at the airport. Once you leave the customs area, go left past the entrance to the departure airport, and past all the restaurants. You'll find another taxi stand there.

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  • sukalejong's Profile Photo


    by sukalejong Written May 15, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    while in Yogyakarta you can getting around easily with Transjogja. Right now they have 6 route, but the perfect one for sightseeing is number 1A. This bus also go to Prambanan temple and Adi Sucipto Airport.
    The fare for 1 trip is Rp 3.000, and as long as you dont go out from the shelter, you dont have to pay for the next ride.

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  • From solo to jogja

    by Didik23 Written May 15, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    Just want to share my experiences. I used to travel from Solo Arrport to Jogja. As more than once I fly to Kl than to Solo with airasia. After arriving at the airport I took a ride with taxi and paid 50.000 rps. Than I took Pramex (prambanan express). Its so cheap as just 7.000 rps. Its a kind of commuter train between jogja and solo. SO economical and it goes every 2 hour.
    Check this out, you will find the schedule and even the picture of the train. http://www.friendster.com/photos/13490700/253223835/61037
    If you want to travel around the city just take TRANSJOGJA. its air conditioned, and so concevnience bus. Similiar to BRT. with 3000 rps you can go to Prambanan temple. Shopping area. And stop at Jombor bus station to change bus to Borobudur. At malioboro street there are 2 shelters. Check this out to see the line. www.transjogja.net

    About jogja, check this out
    Or even for more city www.my-indonesia.info.

    If you want to stay, I recommend you to stay at the Tourist street named Prawirotaman Street. As its safe, and more quite. The hotel mostly accomodated with swimming pool and airconditioned. But along Malioboro street is also nice.

    Have a nice trip

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