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  • Pine Avenue of Chiryu
    Pine Avenue of Chiryu
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  • Worship Hall of Chiryu Shrine
    Worship Hall of Chiryu Shrine
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  • Tahoto Pagoda(Important Cultural Property)
    Tahoto Pagoda(Important Cultural...
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Chiryu Things to Do

  • Ariwara Temple

    Yatsuhashi Tip: Yatsuhashi area of Chiryu has some historical sites which have been paid visits by learned people since ancient times. Ariwara Temple is one of them. The temple was originally built as the house for guarding the burial mound of Ariwara Narihira one of the most respected poets in ninth Century often depicted as a Don Juan like...

  • Jokyoji Temple

    Yatsuhashi tip: When you start walking toward Ariwara Temple from Muryojuji Temple along Kamakura Road, you will find a nice Buddhist temple on your right side. The temple, originally founded as a Tendai sect temple in 1194 by Kan'nou who once was the warrior named Suzuki Shigetoki, was converted to Jodo Shinshu in 1486 by the influence of Rennyo...

  • Muryojuji Temple: Overview

    Originally built as Keiunji in 704 A.D. The temple was moved to the present place in 822. The temple is best known for its Iris Garden with rabbit-ear irises which bloom around late April to late May. The temple precinct is filled with monuments related to Ariwara-no-Narihira legendary tanka poet around early 9th century and notable visitors who...

  • (Mikawa) Yatsuhashi Overview

    Yatsuhashi is an scenic site located near the border between Chiryu and Toyota. It has been popular since ancient times for the beautiful iris laevisgata(rubbit-ear iris) flowers(kakitsubata in Japanese) blooming in the marshland. Since the poem in The Tale of Ise, the collections of Ariwara-no-Narihira poems with stories attached published more...

  • Chiryu-juku Overview

    Chiryu-juku is the thirty-ninth post station of Old Tokaido Road located between Okazaki(#38) and Narumi(#40) about 330 kilometers(210 miles) from Nihonbashi, Edo(Tokyo). The name Chiryu derived from the carps swimming in the pond of Chiryu Shrine over which the old bridge is crossed: Chi(Pond),Ri(Carp), Fu(Carassius).The post station was also...

  • Chiryu Shrine

    The shrine ranked as the second of Mikawa Province is said to have been there at least 1,500 years ago. It was founded by 12th Emperor Keigyo before the Prince Yamato-takeru's campaign to the Eastern region of Japan. (Scholars estimate around 4th century in Kofun Period). The name of the post station Chiryu came from the carps in the pond over...


Chiryu Hotels

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  • Hotel Route Inn Chiryu

    5 Kobayashi Yamamachi, Chiryu, Aichi Prefecture, 472-0006, Japan

    Good for: Couples

  • Iris Inn Shiretoko

    2-45 Shiretomi, Chiryu, Aichi Prefecture, 472-0047, Japan

    Good for: Couples

  • Chiryu Saintpia Hotel

    I've stayed here 3 times. It's an elegant, well maintained hotel with nice Japanese decor. The rooms...


Chiryu Nightlife

  • dland007's Profile Photo

    by dland007 Written Aug 4, 2006

    Mebae is located in a small upstairs room down a narrow alley just across from the Meitetsu station in Chiryu Japan. I was last there in April 2006. The staff is excellent! It's basically a karaoke bar, but there's much more than just music there - of course there's plenty of that though. Great drinks, snacks, and all the conversation (Japanese or English) that you could possibly want. I'm sure that Mama-san, Daisy, and Junko would appreciate your visit.

    Dress Code: I'm not sure there's an actual dress code, but it is a classy use your best judgement!

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Chiryu Shopping

  • taigaa001's Profile Photo

    by taigaa001 Written Jan 24, 2013

    When you are visiting Chiryu you may not find a place to dine. Cairn Izuhara is located at the convenent place along the Old Tokaido road. It is a nice place to buy some buns and some sweets. I bought a burger type bun and one with eggs and hams inserted. It cost about 310 yen combined. Not bad for a lunch.

    Fancy Bakery and Sweets shop in Chiryu Nice buy for a lunch
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Chiryu Off The Beaten Path

  • The Ruins of Chiryu Old Castle

    Chiryu Old Castle was originally built as the residence for Nagami clan who ruled the Chiryu Shrine area about 800 years ago. During Warring States(Sengoku) days after Imagawa Clan was defeated at the battle of Okehazama in 1560 the castle fell to Oda Clan who defeated Imagawa Clan. During late 16th century the palace was built by Mizuno clan who...

  • Chiryu Bishamonji Temple

    There are some nice Buddhist temples around Chiryu Shrine, Chiryu Bishamonji Temple is very small temple but it is worshiped by local people. Bishamonten is Japanese name for Four Heavenly Kings or Vaisravana. I guess this temple worship Vaisravana. Also this temple seems to adhere to Kukai, Esoteric Buddhsit priest during early 9th Century better...

  • Chiryu Hotels

    4 Hotels in Chiryu

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