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  • Himeki Shrine Grants Wishes About Love
    Himeki Shrine Grants Wishes About Love
    by taigaa001
  • The shortcut to the castle
    The shortcut to the castle
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  • Washing money hoping for multiple return.
    Washing money hoping for multiple...
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Inuyama Things to Do

  • Inuyama Castle

    Inuyama Castle dates back to 1537 and is one of the twelve castles in Japan with an original donjon. It's also a National Treasure. It was built by Oda Nobuyasu.Immediately upon entering the castle, there is a great view of its inner stone base. Like many castles, they have a variety of artifacts from the castle and its former owners, including...

  • Momotaro Shrine

    Far from Okayama, where the Momotaro story is believed to have originated, this shrine is dedicated to the famous folk hero. Those familiar with the story will recognize all of the characters leading up to the shrine. At the beginning of the road you'll find the three friends that helped Momotaro, the monkey, pheasant, and dog along. There's also a...

  • Urakuen Garden

    Urakuen Garden is a garden famous for its teahouses built by Oda Uraku, brother of Oda Nobunaga, in 1618. Uraku was a student of Senno Rikyu, one of the historic masters of the tea ceremony, so he himself was also known as one of the great tea ceremony masters. The garden's name "Urakuen" comes from his name "Uraku", meaning "Uraku Garden".Uraku...

  • Karakuri Museum

    Karakuri are mechanical puppets (in Japanese they call them dolls). They can make them do a variety of things. The most stereotypical is the tea-serving puppet which can walk forward with tea and bow before you take your tea cup. They have one of these puppets at the museum that they demonstrate at 10:30am and 2pm on weekends.Some of the others on...

  • INUYAMA festival

    Every year on the 1st saturday and sunday of APRIL, the INUYAMA FESTIVAL is held at the HARITSUNA JINJA with 13 floats decorated with gorgeously embroidered drapes .....and parades down the streets ...while the cherry blossoms are in bloom...Each float has a KARAKURI NINGYO and the puppets present colorful dancing act with flutes and drums.......At...

  • URAKU-EN garden and JO-AN TEA CEREMONY...

    Jo-an is highly renowned as one of the 3 BEST TEA CEREMONY HOUSES and was designated as a NATIONAL TREASURE in 1936..In 1972, the building was resettled in this URAKU-EN garden which was named after ODA URAKU...HISTORYJo-an tea ceremony house was built in 1618 by ODA URAKU, one of the great masters of Japanese tea ceremony..After the OSAKA winter...

  • Attached turret and armor room

    This is the projection located on the South east corner, constructed for the purpose of offense and defense...It commands a good view of the far scenery through the 2 wooden frame windows below...The area is about 15square meters( or 8 tatamis)During recent reconstruction work, turret corner was completely restored because 2 of them had been...

  • The view of naritasan

    When you climb the first few steps of the Inuyama castle, look to you right toward the mountains....and you will see a set of many buildings......This is NARITA-SAN TEMPLE!! not chiba. city ."naritasan".......but naritasan of inuyama....In 1953, an offshoot of the principal Buddah Image of FUDOH-MYO-OH(from the head temple NARITA-san...

  • Inuyama cormorant fishing on the kiso...

    From june 1st to september 30th each year, Cormorant fishing on the kiso river should not be missed.....Its called Inuyama Ukai. Ukai is a kind of fishing. The fishermen train many cormorants and make them catch smelts that are attracted to the torch at the head of a small boat on the river. The fishermen dressed in traditional costumes skillfully...

  • City around Inuyama Castle

    INUYAMA town is noted for historical sites ,the center of the town was built by a warrior general, Nobuyasu Oda, in 1537. The history of the town, however, goes back to the ancient `Kofun` period, when people built many gigantic mound-like tombs.Road leading to the outside of the castle town were made curved and provided with a gate to protect the...

  • Koran room

    This is called KORAN(high rails) room, on the 4th and last floor...of the castle..It has a great view from the round veranda....Seems to be used as the lookout stand or the conning tower in the age of wars..This room had some very interesting designs.....The karahafu curved chinese shapes gables are located NORTH AND SOUTH...and the plover...


    The castle has 4 floors and many little rooms thru out ...the Jodan No MA,This is the room inhabited by the lord NARUSE, its on the second floor.....The next room on this same floor is the ISHI OTOSHI NO MA(pic#2)This is called the STONE DROPPING DEVICE place...They dropped stones from here to avoid their invaders scaling the walls from the moat...

  • OOSUGI sama

    After all that climbing and viewing ,,:) you will finally get to the castle...but beside the castle the big fern tree you will see at one side is about 650 years old....and 24 meter tall before ....Its been here since INUYAMA CASTLE was built...and it was as tall as the tower of the castle...The fern tree as been a protector of the castle...during...


    Inuyama Castle, a NATIONAL TREASURE, stands at the center of the city, which still retains the atmosphere of an old castle town built in the 16th century. Inuyama Castle, also known as Hakuteijo Castle, named after the famous Chinese historical castle,was built in the late 16th century, and is the only PRIVATLEY OWNED castle in Japan. Its...

  • Main Gate to Inuyama castle

    After climbing the stairs and just before you pay the fee......the main gate on Inuyama castle will be in view...(pic#2)I put this picture here to remind everyone that comfy shoes are a must for traveling to japan.....Most castles , shrine, temple are built on mountains, there are a lot of climbing and walking....Fee ..500 yen adult and 100 yen...

  • Inuyama city prize house

    This zone was awarded, THE YEAR 2001 PRIZE for beautifulCITYSCAPES.....A selection of 100 outstanding urban landscapes....and THE YEAR 2001 PRIZE for HANDMADE HOMETOWNS.....


    IN HISTORYSurrounding the castle built by the lord are residential houses of Samurai warriors to guard the castle. Trademen and merchants gather to live in the town to promote trades. This is how old castle towns developed, and Inuyama is one of the old castle towns developed in ancient days of Japan.Near the MEITETSU INUYAMA LINE there are one of...

  • old town in INUYAMA city

    walk down the main street infront of INUYAMA castle and you are into a treat for the old town. there are many little stores...mostly sake brewer or stores selling local stuff...


Inuyama Transportation

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    by Rabbityama Written Oct 23, 2012

    Inuyama can easily be reached from Nagoya.

    From Meitetsu Nagoya Station, it takes only about 30 minutes to reach Inuyama Station or Inuyamayuen Station.

    Meitetsu Railway is the only railway with stations in Inuyama, so no matter where you are coming from, you must transfer to a Meitetsu station in order to get here. There are no JR stations.

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Inuyama Local Customs

  • Koki (Imperial Year Calendar)

    Koki or Imperial Year Calendar is out-of-use Japanese calendar system based on Japanese imperial legends starting from what they say the foundation of the government of the first emperor JIMMU, 660 BC.There are monuments celebrating year 2600 of Koki (1940 A.D in Gregorian Calendar) throughout in Japan. The monument at Inuyama shrine is one of...

  • Washing Money at Sanko Inari Shrine

    Sanko Inari Shrine at the entrace of Inuyama Castle has been known as a place to bring money luck by dousing money with a dipper. Such money-washing shrine actually refers to ZENIARAI BENZAITEN one of the in-house shrines of Sanko Inari shrine. To wash money at the shrine you buy a candle at the administrative office for 100 yen and put it on fire...

  • Inuyama Hotels

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Inuyama Off The Beaten Path

  • Inuyama Shrine

    Inuyama Shrine was originally built in 1717 as the shinto shrine guarding for Naruse Family, the clan who had been serving as lords of Inuyama Castle until recently. All the castle lords since Masanari Naruse who was first delegated this castle in 1617 are enshrined there. It is also the shrine to mourn the war dead for Sino-Japanese,...

  • Sanko Inari Shrine

    Sanko Inari Shrine is one of the shinto shrines built as the guardians of the Inuyama Castle. The shrine serves as one of the approaches to the hilltop area where main keep of the castle is located. The shrine grounds are attached with minor shrines touted as granting wide variety of wishes. One of the most well-known is Zeniarai Benzaiten the...

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Inuyama Favorites

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    Favorite thing: Tourist Information Office in Inuyama is located near the parking space for Inuyama Castle visitors. They have leaflets on Inuyama Castle in English, Korean, Taiwanese and Pekinese.

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