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Aomori Things to Do


    Aomori is located north of Tokyo , about a 3.5 hour trip on the Super Komachi Shinkansen.Aomori's big attraction is the Showo Daibutsu ( outdoor Buddha Statue - 21.55 meters high).Just outside the train station there is the Aomori Tourist office. Note: This is not the Shin-Aomori station which is located west of the city about a 20 min. train...

  • Aomori Nebuta

    August 2nd - 7thElaborately, colourfully decorated giant floats, pulled and pushed by tens of people, peraded around the city centre.This is the largest festival in Aomori, attracted people from far and wide.

  • Nebuta Matsuri

    If you have a chance in August, head to the Nebuta Matsuri. It's a huge parade of handmade giant paper floats. Most have a warrior theme to them. As with any festival in Japan, there will be plenty of food, beverages, and stalls where you can buy just about anything. Also traditional dancing, costumes and the best people watching.

  • Hanami season at Hirosaki-Jo

    Hanami in Japan is not to be missed! This is the quintessential Japanese tradition. Anywhere you go is absolutely fantastic and even the smallest little hamlet is likely to have a big do during this brief time. Hanami means cherry blossom viewing and the Japanese have this down to a fine art. The trees blossom briefly for about a week. If you watch...


    There is one of world haritage area.A report is necessary to climb a mountain in interior. Anyone can go a walk course of 120 minutes. Autumn is the best.I went after studying in a visitor center ,gate of corce to a anmon waterfall.

  • If you are into jacuzzies,...

    If you are into jacuzzies, you've got to try the Onsens (hot baths). It'll be an experience you'll never forget.If you dont mind being nude in a crowd, its for you. I probably cant post the pictures but I'll describe it for you. Imagine a jacuzzi with scenery like a lake, Hawaiian waterfalls or a beautiful botanical garden. A serene atmosphere with...

  • Towadako.

    Embark on a 40-min boat ride from Nenokuchi to Towadako (the town). The sceneries around the lake is spectacular (especially during Fall).

  • Lake Towada.

    TOWADAKO (LAKE TOWADA): A beautiful crater lake at the center of the Towada-Hachimantai National Park with shores of beech forests that turn beautiful shades of yellow and red in autumn every year. Depth = 327 m.Circumference = 53 km.

  • Oirase.

    OIRASE: A stream whose source is in the lake. Within a thickly wooded valley, this is a great place for the Fall momiji viewing. One can hike, bike or take a leisure stroll down the 9 km promenade between Nenokuchi & Ishigedo. It takes about 3 hours or so to complete the trails. There's also buses that ply along this route but they are irregular &...


Aomori Hotels

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Aomori Restaurants

  • Teledude's Profile Photo

    Can't remember the name sorry: Woodfired Pizza/Italian

    by Teledude Written Feb 18, 2005

    The food was very good but the portions were Japanese size, that is to say they were tiny! We ordered the Lazagna, mixed grilled veggies, Pizza, spicy penne and some deserts...all were very small portions but very tasty, well the Lazagna was just OK really. Italian restaurants are supposed to be large portions and you just don't get that here in Japan...and I've been to many Italian places here. But the food is good, just don't expect real "Italian Family SIze" meals and expect high prices.
    Actually, I think we were still hungry when we left

    Favorite Dish: I would say the Dessert was very good..I had the Tirrimisu adn it was small but tasty, Robbie had a Pear pie or something and Melanie had a Chocolate mouse cake that was REALLY tiny and not at all worth it.

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Aomori Transportation

  • Hakkoda Ropeway

    Hakkoda Ropeway station is located on the way to Sukayu Onsen Ryokan 60 minutes from the Aomori city center by public bus. The service sometimes stops in winter because of heavy wind. You can check the service available in the homepage in Japanese. The homepages are also supplied by other languages, for example, English.

  • Bus runs just three times a day

    The bus runs from Aomori city center to Sukayu Onsen Ryokan just three times a day in winter season. If you arrive at the airport, firstly you go to the city center, then go to the Ryokan. And if you stay at the Ryokan, the private bus service is available. It is necessary to reserve the bus seat in advance. Recently, taxi sharing service from the...

  • Bullet Train

    As of the end of 2010, Aomori is now connected to Tokyo by the bullet train. The Shinkansen network now extends from Kagoshima in the south to Shin-Aomori in the north, a distance of over 2000km.


Aomori Local Customs

  • "Ekiben" Rail Station Box Lunch

    This is similar to "ikameshi" cuisine native to nearby Hakodate across the strait in Hokkaido. "Ikameshi" is boiled squid stuffed with rice boiled in squid broth. On the other side is broth-flavoured rice topped with steamed scallops sprinked with "ikura" salmon eggs, with pickles on the side.Generally, it is available for purchase only in this...

  • Food Culture.

    FOOD CULTURE: For a taste of Aomori, please proceed to

  • Kokeshi Dolls.

    KOKESHI DOLLS: Generally termed Kokeshi when they are of a joined wooden cylinder and sphere. They were originally made as the souvenirs of the Tohoku hot springs area since 1800. Well know hot spa areas often have their own Kokeshi. Kokeshi dolls have become popular for their gentle features embodying an ideal of femininity. In the 6 prefectures...


Aomori Warnings and Dangers

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    Web Resources.

    by Sharrie Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


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Aomori Tourist Traps

  • A bus stop is sometimes covered with...

    A bus stop is sometimes covered with snow. A bus stop with the roof is also, because heavy snow falls in winter every day. When I stayed there, it was three hundred and twenty centimeter high. According to the Inn manager, Snow falls more than four hundred centimeter high every year. But no anxiety. The bus driver will stop if you want to ride it...

  • Coffee of Oirase.

    Coffee of Oirase. Thought it's refreshing to have a drink named after a place. Taste ok but nothing great. Just something to capture the attention of tourists, I guess. Same price as all the other canned coffee.

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Aomori Off The Beaten Path

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    The Terrible Mountain

    by Mr.Sparkle Written Sep 25, 2007

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    No trip to Aomori prefecture would complete without a visit Osore-zan, the terrible mountain. So called because of its dismal surroundings, this is truly a place that is an eerie spectacle. The mountain is a dormant volcano so the landscape is charred and dead. The foul smell of sulfur hangs in the air, adding to visual assault of the lifeless landscape. On top of that it’s a bit of a haul from Aomori city with almost no real public transportation to get there. If you are willing to brave all that you will find an interesting outing, with blind mediators who will converse with the dead, for a price, multi colored pool (ranging from blood red to yellow to green), bubbling and steaming ground and stacks of rocks made by the souls of dead children. Truly a unique experience.

    In order to go on the mountain you have to pay 500 yen to enter Osorezan-Bodaiji (may to Oct 6am to 6pm) the shrine on Osore-zan.

    Osore-zan’s summer festival is held on July 20-24.

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Aomori Favorites

  • What's this?

    Wonder... what are being planted here? I noticed stretches of these while on the JR train enroute to Aomori.

  • Apples.

    This apple tree is found in the middle of the city indicating how important this crop is to the people of this area.

  • Apples.

    Try its apples. Apples are very popular in Japan. There's over 600 varieties! Northern Tohoku is famous as an apple-producing district. Being the most important crop, many events such as the Apple Marathon (A civic marathon where athletes run through apple orchards) & the Apple Party (featuring apple cuisine) are held to celebrate this crop.


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