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  • Hiking in Matsudo
    Hiking in Matsudo
    by robertbaum
  • Enshōji (圓勝寺)
    Enshōji (圓勝寺)
    by robertbaum
  • Kezōin (花蔵院‎)
    by robertbaum

Matsudo Things to Do

  • Hiking Shinkeisei 42: Matsudo Station"

    A hiking course south of Matsudo Station on the Shin-Keisei Line operated by Shin-Keisei Electric Railway. The tour and poster is from an organised event held on November 30, 2013 and recognised by the Japanese Volkssport Association (JVA) (日本市民スポーツ連盟 - Nihon shimin supōtsu...

  • Matsudo Edogawa Fireworks

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! I was always fascinated by the fireworks at Tokyo Sumidagawa and Tokyo Bay, but annoyed by either the felt narrow streets there or the millions of other spectators. HOWEVER, in 2012 I discovered a firework that can easily challenge the two while offering not only visual highlights but a splendid arena to enjoy the spectacle in...

  • Kezōin temple

    Kezōin (花蔵院‎) is a Buddhist temple of the Shingon Buddhism Toyoyama group, located in Matsudo's Iwase area behind Seitoku University to the East of Matsudo Station.Japanese Information:

  • Enshōji temple

    Enshōji (圓勝寺) is a Buddhist temple of the Shingon Buddhism Toyoyama group, located in Matsudo's Kogasaki area near the Edogawa river.Japanese information:

  • Forest and Park for the 21st Century 1

    This park as wide as 50.5 hectares was built in the center of the city as function ass green belt of Matsudo city and for remaining the nature.

  • fireworks

    Held on the Edogawa Riverbank in August every year, Matsudo's fireworks have become part of the summer activity of the citiy.


Matsudo Restaurants

  • Katsuo-type Chūka soba

    The speciality of this noodle restaurant is Chūka soba, with an intense broth made from katsuo (bonito fish). You can eat the soba noodles served in the broth or order noodles and broth separate. The meat serving is proper and much better than in cheaper chain stores. Chūka soba (中華そば) - noodles in broth - 630...

  • Yakitori at its best.

    The Yakitori sauce is just delicious. Of course Yakitori, but beside that they offer some specialties.Try Daikon mochi - small rice dumplings filled with grated daikon - 400 Yen.

  • Chinese restiurant

    Chirai - Famouse with its Chinese Dumpling (Gyouza) and Higawari Set. At the last week end of everymonth, this restourant has an offer to attract client : Buy 1 get 1 free.Tori Fuku Ramen - Famous with its queqe, you may simply need to spend longer than 20 minutes on lining just for a lunch. It is always crowded with people.


Matsudo Nightlife

  • Pachinko

    There are more than 20 of Pachinko shops and games centers in such small city of Matsudo. The reason is Matsudo seems to be the richest city in Japan because of its Cycle Racing Court and Hourse racing Court, so the inhabitants income tax and business tax is the lowest in japan.

  • Summer Night

    Fireworks competition festival organized by Matsudo city hall. This seems to be the biggest event in every summer.

  • Street Singer

    There is few University in Matsudo City, one of them produce a lot of famous street singer such as 'Yuzu'. They all sing in front of Matsudo Station west Exit on public open space. If you are bad luck enough, you can hear someone shouting on the street for nothing and this is really torturing.


Matsudo Transportation

  • Chiyoda Line

    From Tokyo Station, it takes 30 minutes to reach matsudo. My office is located in Otemachi and if you use this line to work, you got a big chances to meet because we are using the same train.

  • Jouban Line

    From Ueno, It takes not longer than 18 minutes to reach by jouban Line, 3rd station to get off the train. It cost 290 Yen.

  • Matsudo Hotels

    0 Hotels in Matsudo

Matsudo Shopping

  • o00o's Profile Photo

    by o00o Written Sep 17, 2002

    In such small city, you can fine D-Mart, Ito Yokado and Isetan with lesser that 3 minutes on walking distance both from my house and Matsudo Station.

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Matsudo Local Customs

  • robertbaum's Profile Photo

    by robertbaum Updated Mar 25, 2013

    The appreciation of cherry blossoms (Japanese: 桜 - sakura) as a welcoming of spring ceremony is a very well known and very alive Japanese tradition. Festivals around parks and alleys lined with cherry trees are organised every year around the beginning of April. People go to these areas for picknick or long strolls while viewing cherry blossoms (Japanese: 花見 - hanami).
    There will be at least seven festivals in the Matsudo city area on the weekend of April 6/7 in 2013.

    1. Tokiwadaira Sakura Matsuri (常盤平さくらつり)
    South of Tokiwadaira Station on the Shinkeisei line (see map on the attached image), with appr. 600 cherry trees along the Sakura-dori street towards Shinkeisei Goko Station.

    2. Yabashira Sakura Matsuri (八柱桜まつり)
    South of Yabashira Station on the Shinkeisei line and Shinyahashira Station on the Musashino line along the 500m long Sakura-dori alley.

    3. Yabashira Reien Sakura Matsuri (八柱霊園桜まつり)
    The Reien park is a large park and cemetary, well used for family activities on weekends; a 20 min walk southwards from Shinkeisei line Yabashira Station and Musashino line Shinyahashira Station.

    4. Mutsumi Sakura Matsuri (六実桜まつり)
    West of Mustumi Station on the Tobu Noda line, in the Rokkodai area along a straight and broad alley with appr. 200 trees.

    5. Hachigasaki Sakura Matsuri (八ヶ崎桜まつり)
    East of Mabashi Station on the Joban line near the Hachigasaki Post Office.

    6. Kokubugawa Sakura Matsuri (国分川桜まつり)
    Northwest of Higashimatsudo Station on the Musashino line, Keisei Narita Sky Access line and Hokuso line.

    7. Kuriyama Sakura Matsuri (栗山桜まつり)
    Southwest of Yagiri Station on the Hokuso line.

    Tokiwadaira Sakura Matsuri Yabashira and Yabashira Reien Sakura Matsuri Mutsumi Sakura Matsuri Hachigasaki Sakura Matsuri Kokubugawa and Kuriyama Sakura Matsuri
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    • Hiking and Walking
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Matsudo Warnings and Dangers

  • o00o's Profile Photo

    by o00o Written Sep 17, 2002

    In you ever walk in the back street especial at the west exit of Matsudo Station, you can feel yourself at any other Exortic Asian country.

    From 20*00 - 05*00 24x7x364, you can see night butterfly stands on the street looking for someone for special service.

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Matsudo Favorites

  • Matsudo Station JR

    I use this station - Matsudo Station JR West Exit twice a day. If you stand near by the exit, you got big possibility to see me coming in or out from this station.

  • Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama

    You will be supprised to know that Matsudo is located at the joint of Tokyo Metropolitan, Chiba and Saitama Perfectures.

  • Edogawa River

    Edogawa river at the west of Matsudo city devides it from Tokyo Metropolitan and Saitama Perfecture.


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